Lighter heater for car: Portable car Heater That Plugs Into Cigarette Lighter 12V Car Heater Defroster 150W 30 Seconds Fast Heating for Winter, Upgraded Car Vehicle Ceramic Heater Air Cleaner for Cars (Red) : Automotive

Portable car Heater That Plugs Into Cigarette Lighter 12V Car Heater Defroster 150W 30 Seconds Fast Heating for Winter, Upgraded Car Vehicle Ceramic Heater Air Cleaner for Cars (Red) : Automotive

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  • 【Design for Winter】 The car heater is designed to quickly clean the frost, fog, mist on your car, windshield, side and rear window, provide an clear view for your driving and you can safely and comfortably get on the road and get to your destination. Let you enjoy the warmer driving in cold winter!
  • 【Fast Heater and Air Cleaner】 Portable car heater plug in with 3 outlets with powerful output design, ensure a fast heating or cooling effect, clear air in the cards, Can quickly be heated within one minute, fit for all 12V Vehicle Cars.
  • 【Easy to Use】 Just Plug-in car’s cigarette lighter and Power On, 360 Degree Rotating stander for free adjustment which is very convenient and practical. Equipped with strong adhesive 3M tapes. No other tools or accessories required.
  • 【Premium Quality】 Updated of premium quality material and pure copper cable, no more damage to the battery or wiring, which is thicker and longer than most of the other brands, support for heating your car during long time driving.
  • 【Fit Most Cars】 great for Car, SUV, Truck, Vans and more vehicles.This item is only for use with a 12V cigarette lighter port and does not have the same power level as the heater in the car. This is to be used for defrosting and slow car heating for the output is only 150W.

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Note: Products with electrical plugs are designed for use in the US. Outlets and voltage differ internationally and this product may require an adapter or converter for use in your destination. Please check compatibility before purchasing.

5 Best Portable Car Heater Reviews & Buyer’s Guide In 2023

Most car heater cores are very hard to replace as they require high labour charges and are very expensive. Some technicians also offer to bypass the heater core but that is not the ideal solution. So, the best alternative is the portable car heater. It helps you to survive the winter months easily without burning a hole in your pocket.

There are some basic things that you need to consider when buying a portable car heater.

  • Type: There are three options when it comes to the types of portable car heater. However, the safest and best option is the 12V portable car heater as it can easily draw power from the car and is least likely to start a fire.
  • Power: You need to consider the power required for the portable heater. The portable heater should be able to draw the required power from the car itself.
  • Size and weight: It is important to know the size and weight of the portable car heater. It needs to be lightweight and the size should be such that it fits easily inside the car.

In this guide, we have listed the best portable car heaters with their best features, advantages, and disadvantages.

Below, you will also find a detailed “Buyer’s Guide” on how to select the best car heater inclusive of all the factors and considerations that one must keep in mind while shopping for a car heater.



Best Portable Car Heater 2023

Name Voltage Wattage Cooling method Buy Now
AZLIXLH Portable Car Heater 12 volts 150 watts ABS material Check On Amazon
TONSAN Portable Car Heater 12 volts 150 watts Plastic Check On Amazon
Qidoe Portable Car Heater 12 volts 150 watts Plastic Check On Amazon
Hxeredue Portable Car Heater 12 volts 150 watts ABS polymer Check On Amazon
HAIGEZS Portable Car Heater 12 volts 150 watts ABS material Check On Amazon

Best Portable Car Heater Reviews


AZLIXLH Portable Car Heater

AZLIXLH is a popular automatic interior heater brand that manufactures various portable heater options for cars.

This 12V 150-watt car heater has sturdy & durable ABS material construction and has 1.4 meters long power cord for easy usage. Its small, compact, lightweight, and portable design does not occupy much space or block the vision.

It uses ceramic PTC heating technology that starts heat emitting heat inside the car within 3 seconds (fast heating), efficiently, safely, and quietly. Its adjustable wind mode (hot wind & natural wind) will blow natural or hot air to provide clear driving vision and thereby aids in safe driving. This cooling and heating device is suitable for defrosting and defogging/demisting to have a clear windshield and windows in the winter and offer a natural cool breeze in the summer, thanks to its multi-functional features to use in multiple seasons.

This heater offers a 70° wide-angle air supply, along with a free angle adjustment base of 360° horizontal rotation and 60° vertical rotation to meet your different needs. It is quite easy and simple to install – wipe the area you need to install this heater, tear off the double-sided tape of the base, install the unit in that place and press it firmly. Plug it into a 12V and then you can adjust the direction of the air outlet. Also, it is widely used in cars for camping or traveling and gets charged with the cigarette lighter.


  • Power – 150 watts
  • Type – 12V Portable Heater (Cigarette Lighter Car)
  • Input voltage – 12V
  • Material – ABS
  • Features – Fast heating, defrosting, and demisting
  • Angle Adjustment – 360° horizontal rotation & 60° vertical rotation
  • Airflow Area – 70°
  • Cooling Method – Air
  • Suitable for – Mostly cars
  • Dimensions – 3. 46 X 4.52 X 1.37 inches
  • Color – Black
  • Weight – 290 grams
  • Cable Length – 1.4 m

What we liked:

  • Versatile option with a quiet operation
  • Quick heating for defrosting and demisting
  • Adjustable wind mode for multiple-season usage.
  • Sturdy ABS material construction with multi-angle rotating base.
  • Small and compact design offering a wide heating area of 70°.
  • Easy to install and safe to use

What we didn’t like:

  • Nothing much

Buy Now From Amazon

2. TONSAN Portable Car Heater

TONSON is a known brand that brings various portable heater options to the market. Among them, this 12V 150-watt car heater is multifunctional that comes with both cooling and heating modes. Thus, it is perfect for demisting or defrosting the windscreens and windows in winter, and also as a cooling fan in summer.

Its 180° rotational strong suction cup holds the glass and allows you to install the heater easily or place it on a non-slip mat. It uses the car’s cigarette lighter socket to heat the inside car quickly. All you need is to adjust the holder at your preferred angle. With its 10 seconds quick heating feature, it produces hot air for a clear windshield and defogs/defrosts to prevent blurred vision.

The additional features like built-in fuse, anti-voltage, automatic power-off, low-energy consumption, safer use, low noise, natural/hot wind, and strong wind add to the advantages of the product.

The dual adjustable wind modes not only bring warmth but also freshens the air inside the car along with preventing frost/fog from the windshield for a safe and comfortable journey. It is widely compatible with cars, taxis, trucks, jeeps, and SUVs.


  • Power – 150 watts
  • Type – 12V Portable Heater (Cigarette Lighter Car)
  • Input voltage – 12V
  • Material – Plastic
  • Features – Fast heating, defrosting, and demisting/defogging
  • Angle Adjustment – 180° rotation
  • Cooling Method – Air (two modes – hot & cool)
  • Compatibility – Car, jeep, truck, taxi, or SUV
  • Dimensions – 6. 02 X 5.63 X 3.35 inches
  • Color – Black
  • Weight – 13.2 ounces
  • Cable Length – 1.5 m

What we liked:

  • Offers multiple protections for a safe and effective usage
  • Energy-saving and durable alloy heating wire
  • Defrosts and demists in 10 seconds
  • Multipurpose and widely compatible
  • Easy to install and simple to use
  • 180° rotational base to adjust the direction

What we didn’t like:

  • Does not have 360° rotational movement.
  • A bit expensive product

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3. Qidoe Portable Car Heater

Qidoe is a known professional car accessory brand in the auto parts field, and they manufacture high-quality products. This 12V 150-Watt multifunctional car heater is one of their best product that is preferred by most people.

With its adjustable wind mode and dual setting modes (heating and cooling), you can use this portable heater all year to demist/defrost in winter, and as a cooling fan in summer. It solves most of your problems while driving on the road like foggy windows, cold, frost, snow, bad smell, or rainy weather.

Since it is made of high-quality material and long copper cable, it operates with less noise to keep your pets or kids stay warm and comfortable. It comes with a large air outlet design to remove fog/frost quickly and keep your windshield clear without blur vision. In addition, it can be used as a handheld heater, thanks to its hidden ergonomic handle design.

Coming to its angle adjustment, it has a 360° rotating bracket that allows you to adjust the angle along with moving up and down as per your requirement. It uses a cigarette lighter plug design having a built-in fuse and offers various safety protections like automatic power-off protection, & anti-voltage.

This car heater/defogger is widely compatible with all 12V vehicles like cars, SUVs, trucks, vans, and jeeps and is installed anywhere in the vehicle, as it won’t block sight.


  • Power – 150 watts
  • Type – 12V Portable Heater (Cigarette Lighter Car)
  • Input voltage – 12V
  • Material – Plastic
  • Features – Dual purpose, defroster, heater, mute run, and purifying the air.
  • Angle Adjustment – 360° rotation
  • Cooling Method – Air (two modes – hot & cool)
  • Compatibility – Car, jeep, truck, van, cab, or SUV (all 12V vehicles)
  • Dimensions – 3.5 X 4.7 X 1.5 inches
  • Color – Black
  • Weight – 11.7 ounces
  • Cable Length – 1.4 m

What we liked:

  • Cigarette lighter plug design
  • 2-in-1 car heater – cooling fan and heating heater
  • 360° rotary base and handheld design
  • Purify the air in the car to clear the bad smell.
  • Low energy consumption
  • Mute run for silent/low-noise operation.

What we didn’t like:

  • Takes a bit longer time to warm inside the vehicle.

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4. Hxeredue Portable Car Heater

Hxeredue has come up with an ABS portable car heater that provides warmth in winter months and cool air during summertime. This portable car heater comes with four main features – heating, cooling, demist, and defog. Thus, it clears the mist, fog, and frost on the rear/side windows along with the windshield of the car to have a safe and quick destination.

With its 360° rotary holder, you can adjust the heater to any direction as required and the high-temperature air outlet ensures rapid heating with a 70° wide airflow area within 30 seconds. It is quite easy to install, as you need to place the heater on double-sided tape or a non-slip mat. Plug it into a 12V cigarette lighter socket and press the cool and heat switch to start working, making it suitable to use for all 12V vehicles in all seasons.

Its ABS and polymer hard plastic and pure copper cable work fine without harming the car battery or its overall circuit. This single heater can solve various problems like cold, frost, foggy windows, and bad smells to enjoy the fresh air.


  • Power – 150 watts
  • Type – 12V Portable Heater (Cigarette Lighter Car)
  • Input voltage – 12V
  • Material – ABS Plastic & Copper
  • Features – Dual purpose, defroster/ heater, and purifying the air.
  • Angle Adjustment – 360° horizontal rotation and 90° vertical rotation
  • Cooling Method – Air (two modes – hot & cool)
  • Compatibility – Radiator
  • Airflow area – 70°
  • Dimensions – 6.5 X 4.9 X 3.3 inches
  • Color – Black & Red
  • Weight – 13. 7 ounces
  • Cable Length – 1.6 m

What we liked:

  • Silent functioning and dual purpose
  • Adjustable direction for a comfortable driving
  • Suitable option for both winter and summer
  • Compact, durable, rapid heating, convenient, and versatile design
  • 360° rotating base with adjustable direction

What we didn’t like:

  • The heating time is a bit more.
  • Not compatible with all vehicles.

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5. HAIGEZS Portable Car Heater

HAIGEZS is a portable car heater that can be used for heating and cooling. Easy to use – just connect it to the car’s cigarette socket and switch to heat fan mode.

The 360-degree rotating base can be adjusted to direct the airflow. The resulting gas is stable, providing rapid heating in just 10 seconds. It is made of polymer heat resistant durable plastic and fits all 12V vehicles, making it perfect for camping and hiking.

It has a maximum output of 150W and a cord length of 4.9ft. The device is designed with safety in mind, with features such as overheating protection, built-in fuses and automatic cutoff protection. Low energy consumption, low noise does not drain the car battery. It is an ideal gift for family or friends.


  • Power – 150 watts
  • Type – 12V Portable Heater 
  • Input voltage – 12V
  • Material – ABS material
  • Features – Dual purpose, defrosting/demisting, mute run, and purifying the air.
  • Angle Adjustment – 360° rotation
  • Cooling Method – Air (two modes – hot & cool)
  • Compatibility – All 12V vehicles
  • Dimensions – 7.3 X 3.4 X 3.4 inches
  • Color – Black + white
  • Weight – 12. 6 ounces
  • Cable Length – 4. 9 ft

What we liked:

  • ABS material construction with alloy heating wire
  • Universal 360° rotation to adjust up, down, right, and left.
  • Heats and cools the area quickly
  • Widely applicable to all 12V vehicles
  • Easy installation and simple to use
  • Suitable for demisting or defrosting windscreens and windows

What we didn’t like:

  • Heater can be noisy.
  • Heater can drain the car battery if used for an extended period.

Buy Now From Amazon

Things to Consider When Buying a Portable Car Heater

When selecting a portable car heater, there are several things that you need to consider. From the voltage required to the weight and the size, we have listed some of the basic factors that you need to consider when buying a portable car heater.



  • 12V portable heaters: The safest and best alternative to the factory heater are the 12V heaters which are specially made for use in the car. They usually work after drawing power from the car after plugging in the cigarette lighter socket of the car. The portable car heaters should have an inline fuse for safety and should be wired directly to the battery.
  • Residential portable heaters: These heaters can be used in the car, but they are not designed for enclosed and small spaces. Also, it can be fatal by causing a fire as the manual asks to keep inflammable objects far from the heater. One more issue with the residential portable heater is the required wattage.
  • Portable propane heaters: These heaters come with a higher risk of suffocation and fire. Therefore, they should not be used in such enclosed spaces as cars.

2. Power

Power is a crucial feature when you are considering any portable car heater. This also depends largely on the size of the car you are using. For instance, a 12V portable car heater is sufficient for small cars but does not work well for larger cars or motorhomes.

3. Weight

As you need to carry the portable heater around, the heater must be lightweight. The lightweight structure of the portable car heater will allow you to carry it easily from the car to your house and back without any fatigue. The lightweight design will also make it easy for you to store when not in use.

4. Size

Before investing in any portable car heater, you need to check its dimensions. This is a very crucial step as you need to see if the portable car heater fits easily inside the car. It will become a useless investment if the heater is not suitable to use in the car.

5. Functionality

You need to decide why you need a portable car heater. Whether you need to keep the whole car or RV warm or for the windscreen to melt the frost or a heated cushion that is capable of warming your whole body. Different portable car heaters are suited for each function, so you can choose the one you need accordingly.

6. Compatibility

You need to make sure that the 12V lighter port in your can handle the portable car heaters. These heaters mostly use the lighter port to draw the power from your car. If the lighter port is not sufficient then you will need an inverter to draw power.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Are portable car heaters safe?

Ans: If the portable car heaters are used properly, they are extremely safe. For example, many 12V car heaters have an inline fuse for safety. However, residential heaters, even portable ones, are not safe for the car.

2.Do portable car heaters work well?

Ans: The portable car heaters that are charged by the cigarette lighter outlet cannot suffice for the full heating system of the vehicle while a 12V charger by a battery is more able to provide warmth with an inline fuse. A universal heater that relies on coolant is the best attendance, but they are expensive and very difficult to install.

3. Are propane heaters suitable for cars?

Ans: No, using propane heaters in the car is a very bad idea, especially with the windows closed. Along with the harmful propane exhaust, they also emit water vapour and moisture. Therefore, without proper ventilation, the oxygen levels might be reduced and pose a fire risk.

4. How to heat the car without a car heater?

Ans: You can heat the car without a car heater by carrying a blanket or keeping a hot water bottle. If you want to keep the whole car and not just yourself, you can use portable car heaters, but they are not as powerful as the air conditioning system. Further, the car can get heated up quickly if you park under the sun for long hours.

5. What kind of portable car heater is the best for your car?

Ans: This answer depends on various factors. Your car size generally decides the power that you need for the car heater.

Final Words

The bottom line is that portable car heaters can be used in case the factory heating system has failed, but they are not as strong. Replacing the real car heater system is expensive and requires a lot of installation work. Thus, this 12V 150W portable car heater is sufficient for the whole winter season.

  • Our first recommendation is AZLIXLH Portable Car Heater, as it uses ceramic PTC heating technology that heats the car inside area quickly and efficiently. It is multi-functional that demists and defrosts in winter and cools the air in summer. It offers a wide 70-degree airflow area and a 360-degree rotational base to adjust the angle as required.

  • If you are looking for an ultra-portable design, then go with TONSAN Portable Car Heater. It is widely compatible with all 12V vehicles and is multi-functional that can be used as a defroster, demister, or heater that can be adjusted easily.

  • In case if you are looking for a handheld yet get fitted on the vehicle, then go with Qidoe Portable Car Heater. It comes with a high-quality design that offers both heating and cooling to use in all seasons. Its portable ergonomic handle allows you to use it as a handheld heater.

If you have any further queries, you can contact us through the comments section given below.

Which heaters heat better? – Roskontrol

/ All materials

Why buy a heater?

What types of heaters are there?

Oil-filled radiator

One of the most common types of devices in everyday life. According to the principle of its operation, it resembles a conventional central heating battery. The oil cooler is a sealed metal case filled with mineral oil. It, heated by an electric spiral, transfers heat to the metal, which, in turn, heats the room.

How to choose the power of the heater?


  • Ability to maintain the set temperature for a long time
  • Do not burn oxygen
  • Comparatively low power consumption after entering the operating mode


  • Large dimensions and floor placement only
  • Slow room heating

Fan heater

The most budget type of devices, which enjoys stable popularity among consumers. The design of this heater is simple: a heating element is installed in its body, behind or in front of which there is a fan. Working together, they form a stream of hot air that spreads throughout the room.


  • compactness
  • Rapid air heating
  • Low price (against the background of oil and, especially, convection heaters of comparable power)


  • Burns oxygen or greatly dries the air
  • Constant noise during operation


By the principle of its operation, it is similar to fan heaters, with one significant difference: in convectors, air enters the heating element in a natural way, avoiding “acceleration” by the fan. In this type of device, a metal pipe or a module with an additional radiator acts as a heating element. The air, passing through this element, heats up and, becoming lighter, rushes up, and a “cold front” comes in its place.


  • High room heating rate
  • Uniform space heating
  • Quiet operation


  • Budget models have the effect of “burning oxygen”
  • Specialists are required for the organization of the heating system
  • High price

Infrared heaters

A lamp that generates infrared rays is used as a heater. These devices do not heat the air, but objects around, and those, in turn, transfer heat to everything else. Infrared heaters have the function of zone or spot heating, the principle of which is to heat an object, not the entire room.


  • Silent operation
  • Fast, targeted heating
  • Possibility of outdoor use


  • High price
  • Some models emit annoying light
  • Inability to heat a large room
  • Not always pleasant physiological sensations from the operation of the infrared heater
  • The health debate hasn’t stopped.

Air curtains

Although this type of heater is designed to create an optimal temperature near doors, gates or windows, it can easily heat a small room. Typically, this directional fan is installed on the side or top of the doorway, blowing warm air over the entire area.


  • Ability to work in summer, to protect from warm air
  • Heating power
  • Significant reduction in heat loss


  • High price
  • High power consumption
  • Difficulty of installation
  • Typically very significant noise during operation

Electric fireplaces

This category of devices is bought primarily for aesthetic reasons, relegating the heating function to the background. Electric fireplaces consist of an electric furnace and a decorative body – a portal. There are two types of electric fireplaces – built-in and freestanding. The first ones imitate a real fireplace and are mounted in a certain place. Free-standing fireplaces do not require special installation, and if desired, it can be placed anywhere.


  • Safety
  • Aesthetic appeal
  • Do not burn oxygen


  • Dimensions
  • High price
  • High energy consumption

Fire regulations

Pay attention


Power regulator: will allow you to select the optimal mode of operation of the device.

Thermostat : will allow the appliance to keep heat generation at one set level.

Overheating protection system: is activated when the device reaches critical temperatures.

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How to choose a car interior heater from the cigarette lighter?

The harsh Russian climate dictates its own rules and requires much more patience, endurance and skill from car owners compared to motorists living in “warmer lands”. In addition to the inconvenience of moving on slippery roads, drivers have to deal with the main enemy – severe cold.

Everything, starting with the engine, suffers from frost. finishing running. In addition, there is an unpleasant moment in the form of an interior that is frozen through and through, in which you really don’t want to sit down in the morning … Every morning, most of us have to spend a lot of time and money on a long warm-up of the engine and interior, and if the first one has already more or less warmed up and allows you to start moving, then the second one remains cold for a long time. This phenomenon is detrimental to health, as well as to the wallet, because if you start moving without waiting for warm air to enter the cabin, you can get sick or catch a cold … On the other hand, prolonged engine warm-up until the stove starts blowing pleasant warm air entails a corresponding monetary cost of fuel.

How to get out of the situation and solve this issue? In fact, there are quite a few solutions, the main thing is to decide which one suits you best. Alternatively, you can store the car in a heated garage. Covered secure parking is also a good alternative. An excellent, but by no means cheap option would be to install a preheater, which I already talked about in previous articles … And, perhaps, the most budgetary of all and the simplest solution to the issue of interior heating will be to use a car interior heater from the cigarette lighter. This option is inexpensive, allows you to solve the problem of a cold cabin and frozen windows, and besides, it is installed quickly and easily.

Today I will tell you about what a car cigarette lighter heater is, what are its advantages and most importantly, how to choose a car cigarette lighter heater.

Car cigarette lighter fan heater or car interior heater is a compact device that can quickly and efficiently heat the car interior to the desired temperature. The device works from the cigarette lighter and allows you to use it locally, that is, for one or another part of the cabin. The device of the heater is simple, but at the same time effective, a heating element is located inside the case, through which the air flow blown by the fan passes. Passing through the heated element, the air heats up quickly, and due to the rotation of the fan blades, it is evenly distributed throughout the cabin. Special thermal sensors do not allow the device to overheat, and also prevent the body from melting. Also, the car interior heater from the cigarette lighter has a minimum set of settings, including a heating intensity regulator, as well as an air flow control, curtains or blinds to adjust the direction of the flow of warm air. A car interior heater saves time and fuel that you have to spend every day waiting for the engine, coolant and stove to warm up. This usually takes from 5-10 minutes to half an hour, depending on the type of engine, fuel, and ambient temperature.

The advantage of this device is that it starts working as soon as you turn it on. A coil or other heating element heats up very quickly and from the first minutes of its operation allows you to effectively heat the air, and with it the entire interior of the car.

Note! This device should not be taken as a full-fledged replacement for the standard interior heating system, a miniature cigarette lighter fan heater is just an auxiliary device that can speed up the process of warming up the interior, taking over part of the work of your stove.

Before choosing a car fan heater, you should understand what types of these devices exist. Car heaters, as a rule, differ from each other by the type of heating element, most often these are:

  • Spiral car heaters;
  • Ceramic fan heaters;
  • As well as infrared car heaters.

Spiral heaters work like a hair dryer, a nichrome or tungsten filament heats up and heats the air passing through it. Recently, they are less common due to the fragility and low efficiency of the spiral. The big disadvantage is the fact that when heated, the spiral burns through the air.

Ceramic, as the name implies, uses ceramic as a heating element, which heats up due to high resistance. Ceramics do not burn the air, which is very important in terms of health and fresh breath. More popular and economical compared to the first option.

The third type using infrared rays is quite rare due to the high cost, as well as the features of the device. As a rule, such a car heater is used to heat a separate small section of the cabin.

How to choose a car heater?

Before you buy a car interior heater from the cigarette lighter, you should take into account some parameters, which will be discussed later.

  • First of all, you should decide on the power. You should not chase powerful devices, as they put a lot of stress on the battery wiring, as well as the generator. Devices from China quite often offer high-performance devices that, despite their reasonable price, have not been tested for compatibility with automotive electronics and wiring. As a result, buying and connecting such fan heaters, you risk damaging the electrical network of your car. Power should be in the range from 150 to 300 watts.
  • As for the heating element, perhaps the best option would be a interior heater with a ceramic heater, it is both efficient and at the same time safer compared to spiral counterparts.
  • It is also desirable to have a temperature controller, as well as an automatic shutdown sensor, this will allow you to adjust the temperature regime, as well as avoid overheating of the device.
  • Look for devices that have a long cord, good build quality, and have a quality certificate.
  • Manufacturer. Try to buy products only from a manufacturer that is more or less known and has a certain popularity. This will give you at least some guarantee that you will not buy a Chinese one-time stamping.
  • Warranty. It is desirable that the store provides a guarantee for its product, this will be confirmation that the manufacturer vouches for its products and it will work, and not “die” on the first day or month.
  • Mount. Pay special attention to the way the device is attached. The lack of a reasonable solution in this case will lead to the fact that the car heater will have to be held in your hands or puzzled over how and where to fix it.

Can you be more specific?

There are good models of interior heaters from the cigarette lighter on sale, don’t take it as advertising, among these we can distinguish YF-800 (China), 160 W, Sititek Termolux 150 W (joint production of Russia and China), Alca 150 W ( Germany), Warmup Termini (Norway), AVS Comfort (joint production of Russia and China) Carcommerce (Poland).

That’s all for me, write in the comments what you think about these devices, share your operating experience, and also tell us which, in your opinion, car interior heater from the cigarette lighter is better to buy and why. We will also be grateful to everyone who shares this article with friends on social networks, for this special buttons are provided below. Thank you for your attention, see you soon at Question Auto.