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Little Tikes Cook ‘n Learn Smart Kitchen Companion App!

A fun educational app that pairs with the Little Tikes Cook ‘n Learn Smart Kitchen toy. It features free-play, game, recipe, and music modes, as well as Toddler and Preschool modes. The app responds to designated food and cooking items that come with the kitchen play set, elevating traditional kitchen play to a magical interactive experience.  App teaches letters, numbers, colors, and fun food facts!

*This app requires a kitcen toy set that pairs via Bluetooth BLE 4.0 to the app.
**iPad 2 does not support Bluetooth BLE 4.0; Smart Kitchen does not support iPad 2**

We value your feedback! Tell us what you think by emailing us at [email protected]

Version 1. 0.5

This app has been updated by Apple to display the Apple Watch app icon.

Updated app title.

Ratings and Reviews

76 Ratings

In theory, this is great

I downloaded the app and for two sessions, it worked perfectly. I think this is such a genius idea. The next day, I tried to connect my phone to the app and have my son play again, but the sound doesn’t work. I have tried now for three days and the sound still does not work. I have checked my settings on my phone, i’ve uninstalled and re-downloaded the app twice and it still doesn’t work! I’m not finding any support or help with this issue either which is really crappy.

Hi there, we are sorry to hear about the issues you are experiencing with the app.

Could you please try two things for us to see if this helps resolve the issue?

First please slide the Sound button to the ON position on your phone.
Second please swipe up to reach the phone control center and swipe to the right to reach the audio controls. Please make sure the volume control slider is not at the far left but instead if somewhere in the middle to far right.

If neither of these solutions resolve the issue then please email us at [email protected] so that we may troubleshoot further.

Thank you.


My Samsung Galaxy Note 8 won’t connect so I had to use my older iPhone 6 Plus. It only worked for a few minutes before it lost connection.

While it was connected I was incredibly disappointed in the app. I expected there to be sound that gave instructions to help my daughter learn associations with items… but all it did was give a checklist of what to do in writing on the screen.

Step 1 put the pan on the stove
Step 2 put it in the pan (it didn’t say eggs even though we were making eggs… it just said “it”
Step 3 turn the stove on

When we completed all 3 steps there was no celebration to reward her… just a sticker board to drag a sticker on, but it disappeared before she could use it because it lost connection.

Also, the kitchen itself is poorly designed. The plates and other accessories won’t stay on the shelves. They are constantly falling down. And the screw holes for the tablet holder don’t line up properly.

I wish we would have bought one of the nicer looking wood kitchens instead of this all plastic piece of garbage. The concept is great… but the execution is a joke.

Hi there and apologies for the delayed response. Could you please contact us directly at [email protected] so that we may better help troubleshoot and resolve this issue? Thank you!


The only reason I’m even giving this 1 star is because I have to, the toy kitchen itself is wonderful, my kids absolutely love playing with it. But I have tried on 3 different devices to get the app to work, even went through the troubleshooting video on their website, and it still wont work. NONE of the 3 devices will connect to the app, Bluetooth is on, but devices will not connect. The WHOLE point in this kitchen was to use the app with it, which doesn’t actually work, I am incredibly disappointed, and will not be suggesting anyone buys this toy for their children. It was a waste of money if my children can’t even play with it how it was advertised!!

Hi there we’re sorry to hear about the problems you are having connecting your device to the Smart Kitchen. Please note that the Smart Kitchen requires a Bluetooth LE 4.0 connection. Older devices such as iPad 2 do not support Bluetooth LE 4.0 and so will not connect to the Smart Kitchen. We are here to assist you further. Please email us at [email protected] so we may help troubleshoot the issue. Thank you.

The developer, MGAE, has not provided details about its privacy practices and handling of data to Apple. For more information, see the developer’s privacy policy.

No Details Provided

The developer will be required to provide privacy details when they submit their next app update.


MGA Entertainment, Inc.

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Age Rating
4+, Made for Ages 0–5

© 2016 MGA Entertainment, Inc.


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Cook ‘n Learn Smart Kitchen™ : Kitchens and Workshops : Little Tikes

The Cook ‘n Learn Smart Kitchen has an engaging and unique play experience that kids will love! The kitchen has interactive accessories that come alive with the integrated App that is downloaded to your tablet with iOS7 and above or 4. 3 or higher Android mobile device. Made in USA with US & imported components.

Kids will love how the kitchen “magically” recognizes and interacts with some of the accessories.


  • Kids will enjoy the realistic play features
  • Kitchen has sizzling and cooking sounds
  • Kids can “cut” the fruits and veggies to make a meal
  • Oven light goes on when the door is opened
  • Kids can “grow” fruits and veggies in the kitchen pots
  • The interactive kitchen App includes 4 modes of play
    • Free play-Traditional role play, the app recognizes and responds to the item they are using with fun animation, encouraging phrases and fun food facts
    • Recipes-Open the app’s recipe book and follow the steps to make one of many delicious meals
    • Music-Choose from classic nursery tunes, each with special written lyrics that teach letters, numbers, and how different plants grow and become food
    • Games -There are both toddler or preschool modes and three different games to play in the app
  • Kids can keep track of their progress with fun stickers and trophies that can be located in Reward Fun
  • The App must be synced to the kitchen every time kids play.
  • 46 accessories included
  • On/off switch on burner
  • Requires 4 “AA” alkaline batteries (not included)
  • Tablet pictured is not included
  • Assembly Required
  • The Cook ‘n Learn Smart Kitchen™ will launch and run on all Android devices 4.3 or higher and all Apple devices running iOS7 and above. Devices must support Bluetooth LE for the app to sync with the kitchen  
  • Please note: The kitchen and accessories may vary from what is pictured on the carton                                                                                                                       

  If App is not recognizing an object:

  • Check to be sure it is an item with an RFID chip. These items are: frying pan, pot, chopping knife, spatula, tomatoes (2 halves), apples (2 halves), carrot, broccoli, corn, egg, cheese, pizza, hamburger and apple pie.
  • Be sure the item is placed correctly on the burner or cutting board, towards the center for it to be recognized.
  • That should be enough to get you cooking in no time! For further instructions and more details on the setup and use of your Little Tikes Cook & Learn Smart Kitchen, be sure to consult the instruction manual found below.
  • Click here for a complete list of compatible devices
  • To update app click here: Firmware Update Video
  • Click here for common issues and how to fix them:  Troubleshooting Video


2 + years
Product Size
30.00”L x 14.00”W x 39.50”H — Weight: 20.00lbs.
Carton Size
22.00”L x 17.00”W x 30.00”H — Weight: 22.00lbs.

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Riddle No. 2

There are two coins on the table, in total they give 3 rubles. One of them is not 1 ruble. What are these coins?

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Answer: There are 2 rubles and 1 ruble on the table. The condition says that only one of the coins is not a ruble.

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What can’t even fit in the biggest saucepan?

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Answer: The lid of this pot 🙂 Don’t go to the kitchen and check – it will definitely get stuck!

Riddle №4

What can stand and walk, hang and stand, walk and lie at the same time?

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Answer: Clock.

Riddle №5

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Riddle №6

I am water and I swim on water. Who am I?

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Answer: Ice floe.

Riddle No. 7

3 turtles are crawling. The 1st turtle says: two turtles are crawling behind me.
2nd turtle says: one turtle is crawling behind me and one turtle is crawling in front of me. And the 3rd turtle: two turtles are crawling in front of me, and one turtle is crawling behind me.

How can this be?

Show answer

Answer: Turtles crawl in circles!

Riddle #8

There were 2 horses, 1 rabbit, 1 puppy, 1 cat, a pig and a pig, a cow and a calf, a turkey and a goose on the farm.
The owner came with the dog. How many legs did the farm have?

Show answer

Answer: 26. Why? Because only humans, horses, pigs and cows have legs. Other animals have paws.

Riddle No. 9

Where was the potato first discovered?

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Answer: The answer is extremely simple – in the ground.

Riddle No. 10

Strange rain sometimes falls: it beats up in hundreds of jets.

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Answer: Fountain.

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Riddle #11

You say “don’t come!” – still comes. Say “don’t go!” – still leaves. What it is?

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Answer: Time.

Riddle No. 12

You are sitting in an airplane, a horse is in front of you, and a car is behind you. Where are you at?

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Answer: You are riding a carousel.

Riddle #13

The more you take from it, the more it becomes. What is this?

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Answer: Pit.

Riddle №14

What belongs to you, but others use it more than you do?

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Answer: Your name.

Riddle #15

How many eggs can you eat on an empty stomach?

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Answer: no, the size of your appetite has nothing to do with it. On an empty stomach, you can eat only 1 egg, because all the following will not be eaten on an empty stomach.

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