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#bl #舌吻 #直播精華 #Nammio

10.5K Likes, 322 Comments. TikTok video from ᶫᵒᵛᵉᵧₒᵤﻬ雲ঞ (@anna._.0613): “#bl #舌吻 #直播精華 #Nammio”. 原聲 – ᶫᵒᵛᵉᵧₒᵤﻬ雲ঞ.


原聲 – ᶫᵒᵛᵉᵧₒᵤﻬ雲ঞ


Theo Carow

Share before it gets deleted

134.6K Likes, 836 Comments. TikTok video from Theo Carow (@theocarow): “Share before it gets deleted”. I NEED YOU TO – Tobe Nwigwe.


I NEED YOU TO – Tobe Nwigwe



lo encontré x ahí #wlw #video #series #🛐🌈

26. 7K Likes, 41 Comments. TikTok video from Black (@wblue2_x): “lo encontré x ahí #wlw#video #series #🛐🌈”. sonido original – Black.


sonido original – Black



c’était coller serrer ce live🤣 #pourtoi #viral #billiesetbouboula #fyp

3.7K Likes, 67 Comments. TikTok video from 🇦🇱 (@cnr_noham): “c’était coller serrer ce live🤣 #pourtoi #viral #billiesetbouboula #fyp”. BILLIES ET BOUBOULA
LIVE son original – 🇦🇱.


son original – 🇦🇱


Săn_Trai 😈

Chiến thế 🔥🔥
#BoysLove #asiangay #handsome #boykiss

1.4K Likes, TikTok video from Săn_Trai 😈 (@asianboyg): “Chiến thế 🔥🔥 #BoysLove #asiangay #handsome #boykiss”. nhạc nền – Săn_Trai 😈.


nhạc nền – Săn_Trai 😈


Adin Ross

Adin Ross and Corinna Kopf kiss on live stream 💋#adinross #corinnakopf #twitch #halloween #trickortreats

48.1K Likes, 124 Comments. TikTok video from Adin Ross (@adinrossyt): “Adin Ross and Corinna Kopf kiss on live stream 💋#adinross #corinnakopf #twitch #halloween #trickortreats”. original sound – Adin Ross.


original sound – Adin Ross


M + L = ❤

Le soupir de leane au début ma fais rire ! #live #livebisou #maeletleane❤️💍 #pourtoii #meilleurecouple #bisoumignon @leanemarts @maelplat. off

4.1K Likes, TikTok video from M + L = ❤ (@tocalifes_roblox): “Le soupir de leane au début ma fais rire ! #live #livebisou #maeletleane❤️💍 #pourtoii #meilleurecouple #bisoumignon @leanemarts”. tocalifes_roblox | Ils sont trop KIKI
vrmt je les aime😭❤ son original – M + L = ❤.


son original – M + L = ❤



#viralvids #chyanne #ohmygod #loz #kipzy #peoplekissing #tiktoklive #whatisgoingon

3K Likes, 159 Comments. TikTok video from LatestDrama (@latestdrama2): “#viralvids #chyanne #ohmygod #loz #kipzy #peoplekissing #tiktoklive #whatisgoingon”. Loz posted but soon deleted it 🤔🤔🤔 | Rebound???? original sound – LatestDrama.


original sound – LatestDrama



#fyp let me know if yal wanna see the whole live #juilanbarbozakissingbrii

1. 2K Likes, 29 Comments. TikTok video from 🍵 (@teaaaalives): “#fyp let me know if yal wanna see the whole live #juilanbarbozakissingbrii”. Princess Diana – Ice Spice & Nicki Minaj.


Princess Diana – Ice Spice & Nicki Minaj

    Paul Stanley: One Live Kiss (Video 2008)

    • Cast & crew
    • User reviews


    • Video
    • 2008
    • 1h 52m






    Paul Stanley: ONE LIVE KISS, filmed during his first ever solo tour while supporting his widely acclaimed solo album LIVE TO WIN. ONE LIVE KISS, was shot at Chicago’s House of Blues on the 2… Read allPaul Stanley: ONE LIVE KISS, filmed during his first ever solo tour while supporting his widely acclaimed solo album LIVE TO WIN. ONE LIVE KISS, was shot at Chicago’s House of Blues on the 2006 tour for LIVE TO WIN. Highlights include not only KISS favorites such as “Lick It Up,”… Read allPaul Stanley: ONE LIVE KISS, filmed during his first ever solo tour while supporting his widely acclaimed solo album LIVE TO WIN. ONE LIVE KISS, was shot at Chicago’s House of Blues on the 2006 tour for LIVE TO WIN. Highlights include not only KISS favorites such as “Lick It Up,” “Love Gun” and “Detroit Rock City” but also songs from his hit solo album. Backed by the … Read all

    • Director
      • Louis Antonelli
    • Stars
      • Paul Stanley
      • Sasha Krivtsov
      • Jim McGorman
  • See production, box office & company info
  • Photos

    Top cast

    Paul Stanley

    Sasha Krivtsov

    Jim McGorman

    Paul Mirkovich

    Rafael Moreira

    Nate Morton

    • Director
      • Louis Antonelli
    • All cast & crew
    • Production, box office & more at IMDbPro


    Did you know

    • Soundtracks

      Live to Win
      Written by Paul Stanley, Andreas Carlsson and Desmond Child

    User reviews1


    Featured review



    Paul Stanley: One Live Kiss

    This will be a controversial opinion, I’m sure, but I’m going to put it out there nonetheless: the music of KISS has never sounded better than it does on this 2008 concert film with Paul Stanley backed by the superb House Band from the Rockstar: INXS and Rockstar: Supernova shows, and who have gone on to be a crucial part of The Voice’s continued success. Paul Mirkovich, Jim McGorman, Rafael Moreira, Sasha Krivtsov and Nate Morton are – as referenced by their work on the Rockstar shows that led Stanley to calling up and inviting them to be his backing band for the Live to Win tour – are as tight a music outfit as there is in the world. With Stanley out front vocally flawless, they breathe new textured life (especially with Mirkovich’s keyboards) into KISS songs.

    Sure, there isn’t the same theatrics as you get at a KISS show, but if musicianship is what counts, then you’re taking Sasha K over Gene S, Nate M over Peter Criss/Eric Singer…and you get my point. These guys can – as Duck Dunn so aptly said in The Blues Brothers – turn goat piss into gasoline. So many brilliant versions of KISS songs that are both hits and more obscure album cuts. I was fortunate to see an iteration of this tour in Australia in 2007 and it was sensational. I’ve seen at least one show on every KISS tour in Australia since. Non compare to the musical product I saw with Stanley and the House Band.



    • allmoviesfan
    • Jan 22, 2023

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    • Release date
      • October 21, 2008 (United States)
    • Country of origin
      • United States
    • Language
    • Filming locations
      • Chicago, Illinois, USA
    • Production companies
      • Paul Stanley Music
      • Quadrama/Film
    • See more company credits at IMDbPro

    Technical specs

    • Runtime

      1 hour 52 minutes

    • Color

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    12 facts about kisses that will turn your world upside down


    It would seem that you can learn something new about an ordinary kiss. But do you know how long the longest kiss lasted? Why is kissing useful and on which side do the kissers bow their heads?
    We will tell!


    Interesting Facts

    voice compilation


    1. The longest kiss lasted over 58 hours. Ekkachai Tiranarat and Laksana Tiranarat from Thailand joined in 2013 in a passionate kiss that lasted 58 hours, 35 minutes and 58 seconds. The record was included in the Guinness Book of Records and has not yet been broken. You have every chance!

    Do not self-medicate! In our articles, we collect the latest scientific data and the opinions of authoritative health experts. But remember: only a doctor can diagnose and prescribe treatment.

    2. A kiss is “alive”. During a 10-second kiss, you transfer about 80 million bacteria to each other. Couples who kiss at least 9 times a day have the same bacteria living on their tongues, according to a study published in the journal Microbiome.

    3. Half of the women prefer beardless. According to William Kane, author of The Art of Kissing, 53% of women prefer kissing clean-shaven men. However, those who are too lazy to shave every day should not be upset either: 33% of women will not refuse to kiss men with stubble every day.


    4. Most people remember their first kiss better than their first sex. John Boannon of Butler University asked 500 people to share their memories of important life experiences. It turned out that it is the memory of the very first kiss that overshadows all other memories…

    5. One kiss uses 146 muscles to coordinate movement, including 34 facial and 112 postural ones. The muscles that are most involved in kissing are the “circular muscles of the mouth.” When kissing, our mouth mirrors exactly the actions of a baby who drinks milk.

    6. Two-thirds of people tilt their heads to the right when kissing. Yes, yes, in childhood we all wondered where to put our nose during a kiss, but now we know. Neuropsychologist Onur Günturkün observed kissing couples for 2.5 years. After watching more than 120 kisses, he concluded that 2/3 of people prefer to tilt their heads to the right rather than to the left. It will probably take him another 2.5 years to figure out why.

    7. The most expensive kiss in the world cost $50,000. That’s how much Joni Rimm paid at a charity auction to be able to kiss actress Sharon Stone, who agreed to participate in the auction, the funds from which went to free food for those infected with HIV.

    8. The custom of the wedding kiss dates back to Ancient Rome. According to Karen Hersh’s book A Roman Wedding: Ritual and Meaning in Antiquity, it was kissing that married couples tied their lives together.

    9. The first screen kiss took place in 1896. The film lasted 23 seconds and was regarded by critics as pornographic. The film was commissioned by Thomas Edison and captured the moment of feelings between actors May Irwin and John Rice. Kissing in public was taboo in those days. Reporter John Sloan wrote: “The actors were repulsive looking. Even in life size it was unpleasant to look at, and even the many times enlarged version on the screen caused complete disgust.


    Click and watch

    10. Kissing has many positive effects. In particular, kissing helps lower the stress hormone cortisol, increases dopamine and oxytocin, and lowers cholesterol. Kissing stimulates the adrenal glands, causing them to release epinephryl and norepinephrine into the blood, which affects the cardiovascular system – the heart begins to beat faster. But you won’t be able to lose weight this way: a passionate kiss burns about 2-3 calories per minute.

    11. The Eskimo kiss is not actually a kiss. Did your parents ever tell you when you were little that Eskimos don’t kiss, but rub their noses against each other because their mouths are closed? In fact, kunik (namely, this is the name of this process) among the Inuit is a way to express tenderness for members of their family or loved ones. During kunik, one presses his nose and upper lip to the cheek or forehead of another person and inhales the air, so that the skin of the “kissed” is, as it were, sandwiched between the nose and upper lip of the one who kisses. In fact, this is not an erotic act at all, although it is quite an intimate act. Some other peoples (Maori, for example) use a similar practice.

    12. The average person spends about two weeks kissing. Experts have estimated that the average person kisses for 20,160 minutes in their entire life.

    9 awkward kisses from books

    July 6th is World Kissing Day. We, too, sometimes cringe at the sight of voluptuous couples huddled in the corners. Therefore, we decided to remember that kisses are not only hot and unforgettable, but also nasty and shameful. The kisses in these books are so awkward that you want to take a shower, go to bed and forget about them forever. Do not try to repeat them at home!

    In the midst of the kiss, the heroine was given advice


    Kiss of the Night Leah Stenberg

    Neia’s first kiss was passionate and clumsy at the same time. The heroine moved to the northern town of Rennwind, where her mysteriously disappeared mother was born. The girl hoped that these cold picturesque places would open the veil of secrecy for her. At the new school, she met a charming and sophisticated classmate in love affairs.

    When Neya started kissing him, he guessed that she had never done it before. Then the guy told her not to do anything, not to worry and just stand still.

    “What a disgrace… I try to reciprocate to hide my inability to kiss, and he bites me in no time! And besides, he offers to do nothing. What is “doing nothing” anyway? Don’t open your mouth? Don’t move your tongue?”

    During the kiss, the heroine’s arms were almost torn off

    Midnight Sun by Stephenie Meyer

    Edward and Bella’s first kiss was supposed to happen during one of the walks in the meadow. The girl was ready, but the vampire hesitated. He was still tormented by doubts about how successful they were as a couple. When Bella decided to act and leaned over to kiss Edward, he suddenly twitched and sped off to the other end of the meadow with supernatural speed.

    “I recoiled from her. Madness did not affect my legs, and they instantly carried me to the far edge of the meadow. I took off so quickly that I didn’t even have time to carefully release my hand from Bella’s fingers and pulled it out with a jerk. The first thing I thought about as I sat down in the shade of the trees was her hands, and relief washed over me as soon as I was convinced that they were still in the same place.

    The heroine was kissed ‘almost bruised’ after she vomited

    Laura Thalassa’s Pestilence

    The heroine of this novel became a prisoner of the rider of the Apocalypse. Pestilence is one of four creatures sent against humans in the near future. With him, War, Famine and Death came into the world. Sarah tried to kill More, but it turned out that he was immortal. As a punishment for her insolence, the horseman left her alive so that she could see how others were dying. But the longer the couple was together, the more they were attracted to each other.

    One day Sarah had pancakes for breakfast, and then went on a ride with Pestilence on horseback. The girl was rocked. It was at this moment that the rider decided to give free rein to his feelings. Moreover, as befits a villain, he kissed the girl roughly, “almost to bruises.”

    “The kiss is hard. Angry. Almost domineering. I suspect that this is the only type of kiss that can suit us. Only after this thought, another one stuns me: More kisses me, his lips are pressed to mine, he feverishly presses me to him.

    Partner’s lips smelled like the lamb he ate for dinner

    Helen Hoang’s “Kissing Ratio”

    The heroine of this book will not forget one of the suitors who climbed up to kiss her with greasy lips. Thirty-year-old Stella is a business-like, straightforward woman and a successful economist. In reports and calculations, she ate a dog, but her personal life leaves much to be desired.

    Stella suffers from Asperger’s syndrome, which makes it difficult to get along not only with men, but with others in general. However, she does not give up and continues to go on dates.

    “He asked directly if Stella wanted to have sex with him and took the girl by surprise. She hated to say no, so she agreed. Then there were kisses that she didn’t like at all. His lips tasted like the lamb he ate at dinner. She didn’t like lamb. The smell of cologne made Stella sick.”

    07/01/2021 Books

    At the moment of kissing, a man was bitten by a cat

    Nina Hill’s Book Life by Abby Waxman

    The romantic atmosphere in this book was broken by a jealous cat that grabbed onto the ankle of its owner Nina’s suitor. For this girl, there was only one center of gravity – books. But at some point, everything changed drastically. A lot of people broke into Nina’s life, including an annoying colleague who surprisingly turned out to be a nice guy.

    “He pressed her to him, intensifying his embrace, and almost lifted her off the floor. Suddenly, a sharp pain flared up in his ankle, and he pulled away with an exclamation.

    The Kissers Turned Out to be Brother and Sister

    “Under the Pendulum of the Sun” Jeannette Ing

    Reverend Laon Halston and his sister Katherine arrived in Arcadia, the magical land of the Fae. He came here to preach Christianity to the wonderful people, despite the fact that this region is dangerous. Navigators discovered it quite recently and did not have time to study the customs and customs of the locals. In addition, the previous preacher who was sent here was missing.

    The cunning fairies did not want to heed the word of God and began to plot. They convinced the young people that they were not related to each other. Yielding to temptation, the reverend kissed Katherine, whom he had dearly loved since childhood.

    Immediately after the kiss, the man was beaten

    “The Duke and I” Julia Quinn

    The Viscount’s daughter Daphne Bridgerton and Duke Hastings began to pose as a couple on mutually beneficial terms. She, a debutante in the new secular season, wanted to attract the attention of enviable suitors. And he, an eternal bachelor, dreamed of driving away the crowds of mothers who were wooing his daughters.

    But the trick got out of control. Young people became attached to each other. And Daphne’s brother, who from the very beginning considered the duke a shameless Don Juan, caught a couple kissing in the garden. Young people were not yet engaged then.

    “About ten feet away, the dark figure of a brother appeared. He approached and immediately rushed at Simon, uttering some kind of wild, primitive war cry.

    01/15/2021 Books

    Kiss interrupted by angry mother

    Emma Lord’s “War and Peace on Twitter”

    Pepper and Jack are Romeo and Juliet in the foodservice world. The girl’s family owns a network of popular restaurants “Major League of Burgers”. And Jack works in the gastronomy of his parents “Mom’s Toast”. When a famous burger joint steals their family recipe, Jack decides to take revenge. He unleashes an information war with Pepper on social networks. While they are laughing at their unusual couple on the Internet, young people communicate in an anonymous application and really fall in love with each other.

    The lovers had their first kiss at Jack’s house. At this exciting moment, Pepper’s mother burst into the room, angry that her daughter had contacted their business competitor.

    The kiss was so nasty that I wanted to go home and go to bed

    Elena Ferrante’s Lying Adulthood

    “This time he kissed me, but he had a nasty tongue – thick, rough, trying to push my tongue deep into my throat” .

    Giovanna’s world turned upside down when she became a teenager. Her intelligent and affectionate parents turned out to be rude and bitter people. They were no different from the downtrodden inhabitants of the poor districts of Naples, from whom they tried to fence off their daughter all their lives.

    Giovanna dropped out of school and, in spite of her parents, contacted a company from the slums of the city. Out of curiosity, she kissed one guy she didn’t like at all. When he touched and kissed the heroine, she was so hurt and unpleasant that “I wanted to go home and go to bed.”

    02/11/2021 Books

    12/14/2020 Books

    10/16/2022 Books

    02/07/2020 Books

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