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Table of Contents

  • Table of Contents

  • Section 1: Getting Started

    • Key Items in Your Box

      • Topics

      • Key Items in Your Box

      • Your Lively Flip

    • Your Lively Flip
    • Charging the Battery

      • Turning Your Phone on

      • With the Charging Dock

    • Inside Screen Overview

    • Outside Screen Overview

    • Main Menu
    • Status Bar

    • Navigation Buttons

    • Title Bar

  • Section 2: Learning the Basics

    • Turning the Phone On/Off

    • Adding a Contact

    • Making a Call
    • Dialing a Phone Number

    • Sending a Text Message

    • Calling an Existing Contact

    • Taking a Photo

    • Setting up Your Voicemail Greeting

    • Connecting to Wi-Fi

    • Calling Urgent Response

      • Phone Calls

      • Phone Overview

      • Missed Calls

      • Voicemail

      • Contacts

      • Call History

      • Dial Number

      • Blocked Numbers

      • To Unblock a Number

      • Answering or Ignoring a Call

      • Speakerphone

      • Adjusting the Call Volume

      • Adjusting the Ringer Volume

  • Section 4: Text Messages

    • Text Messages Overview

      • Text Messages Overview

      • Reading and Replying to Text Messages

      • Sending New Text Messages

    • Checking Emergency Alerts

    • Typing Text Messages with the Keypad

    • Sending Photo Messages

    • Deleting Text Messages

  • Section 5: Photos & Videos

    • Photos & Videos Overview

    • Taking a Photo

    • Recording a Video

    • Viewing Your Photos and Videos

    • Deleting Your Photos and Videos

    • Sharing Your Photos and Videos

  • Section 6: Lively Voice

    • Setting up Alexa

    • Setting up Lively Skill

      • Using Alexa

      • Ask Alexa a Question

      • Disabling Alexa

      • Helpful Tools

      • Flashlight

      • Magnifier

      • Set the Alarm Clock

      • Deleting an Alarm

      • Use the Stopwatch

      • Calculator

      • FM Radio

  • Section 8: Changing Settings

    • Mobile Support

    • Changing Settings

    • Contacts Sort

      • Urgent Response Service

      • To Enable or Disable the Urgent Response Button

      • To Place an Urgent Response Call

      • Volumes & Sounds

      • Changing the Ring Tone

      • Turning Keypad Sounds on or off

      • Adjusting the Ring Tone Volume Level

      • Adjusting the Call Volume Level

      • Adjusting the Headphone Volume Level

      • Adjusting the Alarm Volume Level

      • Locking the Exterior Volume Buttons

      • Adjusting Volume Levels with Locked Volume Buttons

      • Notifications

      • Turning Text Message Notifications on or off

      • Turning Voicemail Notifications on or off

      • Text Mode

      • Contacts Sort

      • Connecting with Bluetooth

      • Accessibility

      • Changing the Text Size

      • Turning Read out on or off

      • Turning Real Time Text (RTT) on or off

      • Turning Hearing Aid Compatibility on or off

      • Changing the Phone’s Language

      • Emergency Alerts

      • Selecting the Types of Emergency Notifications

      • Color Options

      • Changing How Emergency Alerts Are Received

      • Additional Information

      • Brain Games

      • Getting Information about Your Phone


Thank you for choosing the Lively



The intuitive Lively Flip is an easy-to-use flip phone with a large screen, big buttons,

simple menu, and a loud, clear speaker. Its refreshed, simpler experience includes

enhanced features, voice calling with Amazon Alexa, and exclusive 24/7 Urgent

Response Service to help you stay connected, safe and healthy.

This guide contains everything you need to get started with your new phone. And

for step-by-step how-to cards and videos, you can visit

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Table of Contents

Summary of Contents for Lively Flip

Lively Flip / Jitterbug Flip2 User Manual

Discover the right way of using this flip phone. The Jitterbug Flip2 is a definitive resource for new users to get the idea behind the device they will use.

The Jitterbug Flip2 is a flip phone specifically aimed at the elderly or people with disabilities. No wonder this phone has many features suitable for its targeted customers. For a new user, it will be hard to keep up.

Thankfully, there is help for this situation; a user manual. The manual is a document that provides important information about the entire phone’s features and functions. Even more, it gives you the proper instructions, to begin with.

A user manual often comes in technical yet complex terms. It’s kinda frustrating for some people. That’s why we compiled all the information in the manual and summarized it into simple and easy-to-understand explanations.

Page Contents:

  • Download User Manual
  • Getting Started
  • Learning the Basics
  • Photos and Videos
  • Amazon Alexa
  • Helpful Tools
  • Additional Information

Download User Manual

Start this journey by downloading the full version of the Lively Flip / Jitterbug Flip2 user manual. This is a recommended first step before digging into this article. You can download the manual now or later after you’ve done this.

➡️ Download Jitterbug Flip2 User Manual (PDF)

Getting Started

A great start comes with a better understanding. That is why the first chapter of the user manual is important. It not only located all of the phone’s parts and buttons but also helped you to figure out some basic configurations.

There is some information about charging the battery and an overview of the internal and external screens. Also, there is an overview of the main menu, status bar, title bar and navigation status.

Learning the Basics

How to turn on and off the flip phone? How to add some contacts and make a call? How to take a photo? What do I need to do to activate the Wi-Fi and call for an urgent response? These inquiries will be answered shortly in this Learning the Basic chapter.

Photos and Videos

If you’ve looked at your Jitterbug Flip2, you will notice that this flip phone has two cameras; front and back. Don’t waste this amazing feature. This chapter will discuss all the important information regarding the photos and videos in depth, from taking pictures and videos to sharing them all on other devices.

Amazon Alexa

The Jitterbug Flip2 phone is impressively supported by a voice assistant called Amazon Alexa. It becomes proof of their claim to be accessible to everyone. Here is the recap for those with zero ideas about using Amazon Alexa.

In this chapter, you will be informed about how to set up Alexa and the Lively Skill. You will also get tutorials on how to use Alexa and how to disable this feature as well.

Helpful Tools

Lots of helpful tools come in handy with the Jitterbug Flip2 phone. What are those, and how to utilize them all? This chapter provides the answers to your curiosity. There are explanations about Flashlight, Magnifier, Clock, Calculator, FM Radio, and Mobile Support. These all not only be described well but also complete with structured instructions.