Logitech tablet keyboard: Logitech Tablet Keyboard for iPad review: Logitech Tablet Keyboard for iPad

Logitech Tablet Keyboard for iPad review: Logitech Tablet Keyboard for iPad

While it’s technically possible to write on an iPad, for most people, laptops are still the mission-critical writing machine of choice. It’s all about the keyboard: a virtual keyboard simply can’t cut it.

Keyboard cases help, but they come with their own compromises. The Logitech Keyboard Case by Zagg was one of our favorites, but the slightly compressed keys might turn off serious writers.

Enter the Logitech Tablet Keyboard for the iPad. Like Apple’s own white Bluetooth keyboard, Logitech’s keyboard is a standalone Bluetooth device that can technically be used with any computer. It looks a lot like Apple’s Bluetooth keyboard, too, except cast in black plastic instead of white. Like Apple’s keyboard, Logitech’s runs on batteries instead of using a charger (four AAAs).

What makes this keyboard iPad-specific, then? Well, the Tablet Keyboard wasn’t just made with iPads in mind; Logitech in fact sells another version for Android tablets with slightly different buttons. But the advantages here come in terms of the keyboard’s set of iOS-specific buttons, as well as the keyboard’s ingenious convertible case/stand.

The microfiber-lined plastic shell magnetically opens up, and a small plastic stand clicks between both halves, forming a sturdy tabletop stand for portrait or landscape mode, with either the iPad or iPad 2. The stand’s roomy enough to accommodate some back shells we’ve used. A slide-out tray gives the iPad extra tilt, which was fantastic for at-the-desk writing with the keyboard in our laps. In normal stand mode, my iPad 2 was elevated like a picture frame. In the extended-out stand mode, the iPad viewing angle changes to nearly 45 degrees.

Across the top number keys are a set of iPad-specific functions, activated by holding down Fn on the lower left and pressing. The 5 key doubles as a picture-gallery shortcut; the 7, 8, and 9 keys alternately rewind, play/pause, and fast-forward music tracks; volume controls are on the end. These basic functions mirror what’s on other iPad keyboards, including Apple’s. A search button is tucked away to the right of the Option key, and it launches Spotlight search. Alas, you can’t keyboard-click searched-for apps and documents–you’ll have to tap on the screen. A Home key on the top right works like the one on the iPad.

You could also use the Logitech keyboard with an iPhone, if you so choose; iOS 4.3 supports keyboards, and we were able to use it on our iPhone 4 without a hitch. Music and volume controls worked, too. You could even rest your iPhone on the elevated stand. It’s an odd pairing, but doable.

Logitech’s keyboard is high-quality, too. We used it to write this review, in fact. It feels great, with every key being where it should. The direction-arrow keys also enable zipping through docs without reaching up to touch the screen when making line edits. That’s the difference in our opinion between a keyboard case and a full keyboard like this one: writing on a full keyboard makes the experience feel nearly indistinguishable from sitting at a computer.

The fact that we wrote this whole review on it and never got tired is the best recommendation we can give. At $69, this keyboard’s well worth the money, unless you prefer Apple’s solution
and don’t mind forgoing the stand. Think carefully about that choice, though; a stand matters more than you think.

Logitech Universal Folio Tablet Keyboard


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Logitech Universal Folio Tablet Keyboard


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Logitech Universal Folio Keyboard Case

With Universal Folio, you can enjoy laptop-like typing anywhere you take your tablet. Universal Folio locks your 9-10 inch tablet at an optimal angle for typing and holds firm on any surface from a café table, to a desk, or even your lap.


Works with most 9-10 inch tablets A unique 4-point grip holds most 9-10 inch tablets securely and elegantly, including iPad®, Android and Windows tablets. This adaptable grip feature is so innovative, we’ve patented it! Universal Folio also features an integrated stylus holder to keep your stylus or a pen within easy reach as you swap in and out of tasks.

A comfortable laptop-like experience Enjoy hours of comfortable, flexible typing thanks to large well-spaced keys stretched edge-to-edge so your hands won’t feel crowded. Key travel of 2 mm (0.078 in) provides the optimal depth for speed and comfort. Dedicated function and shortcuts keys for iPadOS®, Android or Windows let you control the tablet without leaving the keyboard.

Type on your desk or your blue jeans With Universal Folio all you need to do is open the case and start typing. Your tablet is locked in the perfect typing position and stays firmly in place, even when typing on uneven surfaces like your lap.

Solid build, long-lasting protection Over 20 years of typing innovation goes into every keyboard Logitech makes so your keystrokes are fluid, natural, and accurate. Built for years of everyday use, it features durable materials that hold up to constant use and occasional mishaps. A special strap securely closes your iPad and keeps it closed while being jostled around in your bag.

Two year battery life Keep working, watching, or playing without having to worry about short battery life. Thanks to a smart-power management system, the replaceable coin cell battery lasts up to 2 years before needing to be replaced.

Easy setup, reliable connection Advanced Bluetooth 3.0 provides a reliable connection between tablet and keyboard. Setup is easy—get going with your Universal Folio after three simple steps that take about a minute to complete.


  • Connectivity: Bluetooth
  • Compatibility: Windows, iOS/iPad OS, Android
  • Fits 9-10 inch tablets of these dimensions: 9-10.3″H x 6.2-7.3″W x up to .38″T
  • Dimensions: 10.59″H x 8.31″W x .98″D
  • Weight: 16.40 oxz

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Top bluetooth keyboards for tablets in 2023

Using wireless keyboards with your computer allows you to free your desk from wires. After connecting a hardware keyboard to the tablet, work with texts is significantly accelerated. In our top list you will find popular and unique devices.

Delivery of Bluetooth keyboards from the USA

In 2023, it will be easier to order any electronics on Amazon. Prices for gadgets in the US are traditionally low, and the quality of electronics is uncompromisingly high. How can residents of Russia pay and order delivery of things from America? Both issues are easily solved with the help of Parcel services.

Create a personal account on the site, and you do not have to register in foreign online stores. Orders in the United States are processed through the Purchase Assistance service. In Banderolka, you communicate with customer service in Russian. Any ruble cards or transfers in cryptocurrency are suitable for payment.

In the USA it is profitable to buy not only new gadgets, but also things in the secondary market. We have detailed the benefits of shopping on eBay, and also explained the benefits of buying refurbished Apple appliances.

Universal Keyboard Case for Tablets

Tablets can be upgraded over the years, but you don’t have to worry about repurchasing all the accessories. There are Bluetooth keyboards such as the Logitech Universal Folio compatible with various iOS, Android and Windows tablets. In this model, the clips on the cover allow you to fix a device with a screen diagonal of 9-10 inches.

Inexpensive case also doubles as a stand and stylus holder. The advantage of the Logitech Universal Folio is the icons printed on the buttons with special functions for Windows and iOS. This allows you to quickly get used to the new keyboard.

Bluetooth Keyboards for Tablets

If you’re looking to buy a full-sized external keyboard for your tablet, you need to consider portability. There are models optimized for daily wear, and conditionally “office”. The former fit easily into a small handbag or backpack, while the latter are more convenient to keep on the same table all the time.

A portable tablet keyboard can be cheap and functional at the same time. The Arteck HB220B model is synchronized with three devices, after which the keyboard is connected to a tablet or smartphone with one button. A rare feature in the budget segment is the presence of backlighting. The user has seven colors and two brightness levels. Lots of perks for a $19 device.

There are folding keyboards for tablets. iClever BK08 is one of the best models of this type. When folded, the device is commensurate with the iPhone 7 Plus smartphone. Thanks to the aluminum case, the gadget turned out to be durable and lightweight. The Bluetooth keyboard has regular-sized buttons and even a small touchpad. The touchpad is not compatible with iOS devices, so iClever BK08 can be recommended for Android and Windows users.

A real hit on Amazon was the Logitech K380 tablet keyboard. The device has two features. The first is obvious – this is the color: along with the popular ones, there are lilac and light beige. Secondly, the keyboard is powered by two AAA batteries, which is still typical for Logitech keyboards. The rest of the models on our list come with built-in batteries.

Large Bluetooth keyboards

The Logitech catalog has a keyboard equipped with a stand for a tablet or smartphone. It is intended for use in a single office. The addition of a digital block significantly affected the dimensions of the Logitech K780. But if necessary, it will be possible to place both a tablet and a smartphone on the stand, and connect the keyboard to the equipment through configured buttons. Logitech K780 remembers synchronization with three devices.

It’s easy to buy an ergonomic Bluetooth keyboard in the US. Among full-size models, the Logitech Ergo K860 is popular. the keys are not only arranged in an arc, so that the brushes are less strained during prolonged work. The central part of the keyboard rises above the plane of the table to further reduce the load on the hands.

Some models do not have a digital block, but it is fair to consider them large due to their weight. nuphy Air75 is heavy for a Bluetooth keyboard (520g) as it belongs to the rare category of devices with mechanical key switches. Old-school in both content and design, the nuphy Air75 is equipped with RGB lighting and a powerful 2500 mAh battery.

Bluetooth Keyboard for iPad

Most keyboards for Apple tablets are made in the format of a magnetic cover. The ZAGG models for iPad and iPad Pro are designed with or without a trackpad. Choosing ZAGG will allow you to stop buying an Apple accessory and save a lot.

In the US, you can easily buy the right Bluetooth keyboard at a discount or find a unique gadget that is not available in Russian retail. Register in Banderolka and order high-quality equipment with delivery to Russia.

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Logitech Multi-Device K480 Keyboard, price.

Color black

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