Mac 2023 air: MacBook Air 13- and 15-inch with M2

MacBook Air 13- and 15-inch with M2

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Impressively big.
Impossibly thin.
The new 15‑inch MacBook Air makes room for more of what you love with a spacious Liquid Retina display. And with the 13-inch MacBook Air, you have more reasons than ever to choose Air. Supercharged by the M2 chip — and with up to 18 hours of battery life1 — both laptops deliver blazing-fast performance in an ultra-portable design.

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34.46 cm (13.6″)

View MacBook Air 13” in AR

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Four stellar colours.

Your options are out of this world — and each one comes with a matching MagSafe charging cable.

colour picker

  • Midnight

  • Starlight

  • Space Grey

  • Silver

section-performance” data-reverse=”true” data-start=”a0t-85vh” data-anim-type=”slide” data-y=”-4px” data-duration=”0.5″ data-ease=”0.1″ data-ease-function=”easeOutQuad”>Performance

Incredible speed and battery life?

Up to1.4xfaster than MacBook Air (M1)2

Up to12xfaster than fastest Intel‑based MacBook Air3

Up to18 hrbattery life1

The M2 chip brings more speed to everything you do — whether you’re editing a video for class, collaborating on a business plan or streaming a show while you shop online. And with all-day battery life, you can leave the power adapter at home.

Compared to a PC laptop with an Intel Core i7 processor, MacBook Air delivers up to 2x faster performance,4 up to 50% faster web browsing5 and up to 50% longer battery life.6

More about M2 chip and Performance

Take flight.

Apple silicon has transformed the Mac lineup with its blazing performance and power efficiency. The breakthrough system on a chip (SoC) architecture combines the CPU, GPU, memory and more on a single chip so everything runs much faster — while requiring much less power.

The M2 chip is built using an enhanced second-generation 5‑nanometer technology. It features over 20 billion transistors — 25% more than M1. And its 16-core Neural Engine is capable of executing up to 15.8 trillion operations per second to accelerate machine learning tasks. Up to 24GB of high-performance unified memory gives the CPU and GPU shared access to a larger memory pool. And the 100GB/s memory bandwidth — 50% more than M1 — makes multitasking and running multiple apps super fluid.

M2 chip


Let’s do this.

The 8‑core CPU on M2 is up to 18% faster than M1.7 So you can zip through everyday tasks like creating documents and presentations, or take on more demanding workloads like developing in Xcode or mixing tracks in Logic Pro with Spatial Audio.


Make it pretty. Fast.

With up to a 10‑core GPU, M2 delivers a big boost in graphics performance — up to 35% faster than M17 — for everything from colour correcting photos to editing 4K and 8K video.

See how

M2 makes everything speedier.

Compared to M1- and Intel‑based MacBook Air
  • Video editing
  • /

  • Image filters and effects
  • /

  • Gaming
  • /

  • ProRes video transcode
  • /

  • Image upscaling

Faster video editing performance8

MacBook Air with M2

MacBook Air with M1

MacBook Air with dual‑core
Intel Core i5 (baseline)

Faster image filters and effects performance9

MacBook Air with M2

MacBook Air with M1

MacBook Air with dual‑core
Intel Core i5 (baseline)

Faster gaming performance10

MacBook Air with M2

MacBook Air with M1

MacBook Air with dual‑core
Intel Core i5 (baseline)

Faster video transcode performance11

MacBook Air with M2

MacBook Air with M1

MacBook Air with dual‑core
Intel Core i5 (baseline)

Faster image upscaling performance12

MacBook Air with M2

MacBook Air with M1

MacBook Air with dual‑core
Intel Core i5 (baseline)

Compared to a PC laptop with Intel Core i7
  • Video editing
  • /

  • Image filters and effects
  • /

  • Web browsing
  • /

  • Video conferencing
  • /

  • Code compiling

Faster video transcode performance13

MacBook Air with M2

PC laptop with Intel Core i7 (baseline)

Faster image filters and effects performance14

MacBook Air with M2

PC laptop with Intel Core i7 (baseline)

Faster web application responsiveness15

MacBook Air with M2

PC laptop with Intel Core i7 (baseline)

Longer battery life when video conferencing16

MacBook Air with M2

PC laptop with Intel Core i7 (baseline)

Faster project build performance17

MacBook Air with M2

PC laptop with Intel Core i7 (baseline)

All your go-to apps

fly on macOS.

Learn more about app compatibility on macOS

MacOS Compatibility

Compatibility. With thousands of apps optimised for Apple silicon, all your favourites will run lightning-fast on macOS, including Microsoft Excel and PowerPoint, Adobe Creative Cloud, and Google Suite. And regular, free macOS software updates keep things running smoothly.

New to Mac?

  • Mac + iPhone.

    Mac is designed to be just as easy to learn as iPhone. And whether you’re chatting with friends in Messages, transferring files with AirDrop or locating devices with Find My — when you use Mac with iPhone, they work even better together.

  • iCloud.

    With iCloud, you can store all your photos, contacts and documents so they’re available on all your devices. Start a to-do list on your iPhone and check off items on your Mac — and so much more.

  • Migration Assistant.

    Easily move files, apps and more from your old PC or Mac. And if you need any help, Apple Support is always just an online chat, phone call or in-store appointment away.

  • Powerful apps built in.

    Mac comes with apps like FaceTime, Freeform, Photos and Keynote that let you get to work creating and collaborating on your next big idea.

    • Easy
    • Powerful
    • Amazing
    • Mac does that.

    Yep, Mac does that.

    It’s not just MacBook Air. Every Mac is designed to be this easy, powerful and amazing.

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Display, camera and audio

A clear winner.

Learn more about the Liquid Retina display

Liquid Retina display

500 nits of brightness

Work comfortably in a range of lighting environments.

P3 wide


Enjoy a more accurate and vivid range of colors for viewing and editing photos and videos.

True Tone technology

True Tone adjusts the warmth of your display to match the ambient light, for a more natural viewing experience.

The Liquid Retina display on MacBook Air is a sight to behold, with support for 1 billion colours and up to 2x the resolution of comparable PC laptops. Photos and videos pop with rich contrast and sharp detail, and text appears super crisp for easy reading.

High-definition camera.

Look your best with the 1080p FaceTime HD camera, whether you’re catching up with friends and family or collaborating with co-workers around the globe.

Learn about the speakers


Come through loud and clear on calls wherever you are, thanks to the three-mic array with advanced beamforming algorithms to capture clean audio.

Immersive sound system.

The speakers on MacBook Air support Spatial Audio along with Dolby Atmos, so you can enjoy three-dimensional soundstages for music and movies.

Learn more about the speakers


The 13-inch MacBook Air comes with a four-speaker sound system — combining two woofers with two tweeters for entertainment on the go.

The 15‑inch MacBook Air has a six-speaker sound system — combining two pairs of force-cancelling woofers with two tweeters for twice the bass depth.18

1″ data-ease-function=”easeOutQuad”>Magic Keyboard with Touch ID

Just your type.

Touch ID

Learn more about the Touch ID

Touch ID on Magic Keyboard

Touch ID. One touch is all it takes to securely unlock your MacBook Air, sign into apps and websites, and more. Touch ID also helps eliminate the need to remember passwords.

Unlock your Mac

Sign in to apps and websites
with passkeys

The comfortable and quiet backlit Magic Keyboard comes with full-height function keys and Touch ID, which gives you a fast, easy and secure way to unlock your Mac and sign in to apps and sites — all at the touch of a finger.

5″ data-ease=”0.1″ data-ease-function=”easeOutQuad”>Connectivity

Keep plugging away.


Two Thunderbolt ports

Headphone jack

The MagSafe charging cable easily attaches and detaches with magnets, preventing any unintended flights. Two Thunderbolt ports let you connect high-speed accessories and charge your Mac. You can also connect up to a 6K display. And the headphone jack supports high‑impedance headphones.

Use AR to see

MacBook Air in your workspace.

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colour picker

  • Midnight

  • Starlight

  • Space Grey

  • Silver


Explore Mac accessories.


Designed with

the earth in mind.

Recycled materials. A greener supply chain. Responsible packaging. MacBook Air was engineered to be as light on the environment as it is in your hands.

Learn more about Apple and the environment

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MacBook Air 13″ M1 chip


33.74 cm (13.3-inch) Retina display19

Apple M1 chip

8GB or 16GB 
unified memory

256GB to
2TB storage20

Up to
18 hours battery life21

Touch ID


Learn more

New 15″ model MacBook Air 13″ and 15″ M2 chip


34. 46 cm or 38.91 cm
(13.6-inch or 15.3-inch) Liquid Retina display19

Apple M2 chip

8GB to 24GB 
unified memory

256GB to
2TB storage20

Up to
18 hours battery life1

Touch ID


MacBook Pro 13″ M2 chip


33.74 cm (13.3-inch) Retina display19

Apple M2 chip

8GB to 24GB 
unified memory

256GB to
2TB storage20

Up to
20 hours battery life22

Touch Bar and Touch ID


Learn more

MacBook Pro 14″ and 16″ M2 Pro or M2 Max chip


35.97 cm or 41.05 cm
(14.2-inch or 16.2-inch)
Liquid Retina XDR display19

Apple M2 Pro or
Apple M2 Max chip

16GB to 96GB 
unified memory

512GB to
8TB storage20

Up to
22 hours battery life23

Touch ID


Learn more

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New MacBook Air | M2, 15-inch, 2023

Apple is always working to improve its existing product lineups, so rumors about the next release are nearly continuously leaking out from the secretive company. The new MacBook Air rumored previously was announced in June 2022 during Apple’s WWDC conference.

The M2 MacBook Air wasn’t the colorful redesign initially expected, but MagSafe charging and a notched display were added to the model. The information below shows what was rumored for the updated M2 model, which could still arrive in the future 15-inch model now being leaked.

Rumors suggest the larger model could be revealed during WWDC 2023.

New MacBook Air Features

A 15-inch MacBook Air running an M2 processor would likely be a larger version of the 13.6-inch model with few other changes. However, Apple could introduce more colors or other features for more differentiation.


Rumors surrounding the new MacBook Air indicated it would take on many of the same design elements as the 24-inch iMac. However, it ended up looking closer to the redesigned 14-inch MacBook Pro and 16-inch MacBook Pro.

A new color like purple could be introduced with the 15-inch MacBook Air

The tapered case was traded for one with a uniform thickness throughout. It is thinner overall than the previous design but thicker than the thinnest point. It is just thick enough to accommodate the USB-C ports.

Apple was expected to use the same color range as the iMac but only announced four options. It isn’t clear why Apple chose several vibrant colors for the iMac and settled with four muted colors for the MacBook Air.

Rumors had suggested the bezels around the new MacBook Air display would be off-white. Instead, they are black, like the MacBook Pro.


The M1 MacBook Air has a 13.3-inch display, which was pushed up to 13.6 inches in the M2 model. If rumors are correct, the display will increase to 15.5 inches in a larger model.

The increase to a 15-inch display likely won’t herald other new features

Analyst Ming-Chi Kuo expected the display to remain 13.3 inches and possibly use a mini-LED backlight. The technology is relatively new at Apple and is used in the 12.9-inch iPad Pro and 2021 MacBook Pros. While it wasn’t included in the 2022 model, mini-LED could still arrive in the 15-inch MacBook Air.

Using mini-LED instead of LED backlights enables more uniform lighting thanks to more dimming zones and light sources. It isn’t quite as efficient as OLED, but it is much better than LED.

While mini-LED backlighting could trickle down from high-end devices, ProMotion will not. This feature allows a variable refresh rate of up to 120Hz for smooth animations and scrolling but likely is too expensive to make the cut for Apple’s budget laptop.

Rumors surrounding the display size haven’t changed much. An update in December 2022 suggested that the new MacBook Air would have a 15.5-inch display instead of a 15.2-inch one.

A rumor shared in February points to an April 2023 release date, suggesting mass production has already begun.


The second generation of Apple Silicon has arrived with M2. This processor series will likely occupy Apple’s Mac lineup in a few years of updates, so it will probably be used in a 2023 15-inch model.

Apple is expected to use the M2 in the 15-inch MacBook Air

The M2 is up to 18% faster than the M1 and has the Media Engine for improved video editing. It does not increase Thunderbolt capabilities, so the one-monitor limit still remains.

Since the MacBook Air is a consumer-grade device, it is unlikely that Apple would include an M2 Pro in the 15-inch model. There also may be a limitation in what processor is used since the MacBook Air is meant to be fanless.

One incredibly sketchy rumor suggested that Apple would release an updated 13-inch model and 15-inch model in late 2023 with an M3 processor. It doesn’t seem likely that Apple would update the MacBook Air so quickly, and the M2 generation hasn’t been fully released either.

An April rumor from Ming-Chi Kuo paints a clearer picture, with the 15-inch MacBook Air launching in 2023 with M2 processors. It would offer two versions of the base M2, likely one with binned cores, for a lower price.

Ports and Webcam

The new MacBook Air ports include two Thunderbolt ports, a MagSafe connector, and a headphone jack. These will likely be the same ports used in the larger 15-inch model.

The new MacBook Air uses MagSafe

The two Thunderbolt/USB 4 ports support transfer speeds up to 40Gbps and can fast charge the MacBook Air. The headphone jack supports high-impedance headphones.

The webcam is upgraded to 1080p with a crisp image thanks to the M2 image signal processor. Apple did not include Center Stage, but did introduce a feature in macOS Ventura that connects the iPhone camera to the Mac as a webcam.

New MacBook Air Price and Release Date

Apple kept the M1 MacBook Air around at $999 to ensure its best-selling MacBook didn’t get priced out of the education market. The 13.6-inch M2 model starts at $1,199 with 8GB RAM and 256GB of storage.

Apple could introduce more colors in a new MacBook Air update

Customers can configure it up to 2TB of storage and 24GB of RAM for a maxed-out price of $2,499. While this price is above an entry 16-inch MacBook Pro, it provides much more storage and RAM than that base pro machine.

The rumored 15-inch MacBook Air would be priced marginally higher than the existing model. Even though the base price could be as high as $1,399, it will be positioned as a fan-less MacBook with a large display which isn’t available in any other model.

Mac Pro – Apple (UK)

Just a monster.

Meet the most impressive Mac ever. Amazing performance, incredible system expansion and custom configurations. With Mac Pro, for many pros, the impossible becomes possible.

Open in augmented reality

Open in augmented reality

View Mac Pro technical documentation


Processor and memory

Supports up to 28 cores. And any great ideas.

Mac Pro is designed for professionals who want the best performance possible. Whether you’re doing complex rendering, playing hundreds of virtual instruments, or simultaneously simulating an iOS app on multiple devices, it’s up to the task. The heart of this system is an Intel Xeon processor with up to 28 cores. This has never happened before on a Mac. And a hefty amount of L2 cache and shared L3 cache, as well as 64 PCI Express lanes, provide excellent throughput to and from the processor.

To the fullest. Anytime.

Squeezing the maximum performance out of the processor means giving it the maximum possible power. In this case, it is more than 300 watts. Sophisticated heat dissipation technology keeps the system cool, allowing it to run smoothly. Special tubes take hot air from the processor and distribute it among the rows of aluminum plates. And three fans with enlarged blades keep the air moving inside the system.

Forget everything you knew about memory.

A multi-core workstation processor requires huge memory resources. Mac Pro supports up to 1.5 TB. It has six channels for ultra-fast ECC memory and 12 physical DIMM slots. Processing large projects, analyzing huge amounts of data, or working in several professional applications at the same time – everything will be done faster than you did before. Unlike conventional system units, where memory modules are difficult to get, the Mac Pro uses a double-sided logic board for easy access to them.

Up to 2933 MHz DDR4 ECC memory

Memory bandwidth up to 140 GB/s

6-channel memory system

  • Logic Pro
  • Adobe Photoshop 2020
  • Autodesk Maya
  • Wolfram Mathematica
  • Assembly time
  • Final Cut Pro

28-core Mac Pro

6.5x 6.5x more Amp Designer plug-ins 1

18-core iMac Pro

12-core previous generation Mac Pro (base)

28-core Mac Pro

5.3x Dynamic simulation 5.3x faster 2 90 003

iMac Pro 18-core

previous generation 12-core Mac Pro (base)

28-core Mac Pro

4.7x Multithreaded filters 4.7 times faster 3

18-core iMac Pro

12-core previous generation Mac Pro (base)

28-core Mac Pro

3.9x Arnold rendering 3. 9 times faster 4

18-core iMac Pro

12-core previous generation Mac Pro (base)

28-core Mac Pro

3.4x 3.4x faster processor performance 5

18-core iMac Pro

12-core Mac Pro previous generation (baseline)

28-core Mac Pro

3.0×3.0x faster build with Clang, LLVM, compiler-rt and Ninja 6

18-core iMac Pro

12-core Mac Pro previous generation (base)

28-core Mac Pro

3.0x ProRes conversion 3.0 times faster 7

18-core iMac Pro

12-core previous generation Mac Pro (base)

Extension options

Eight PCI Express expansion cards. Configure.

When designing the Mac Pro, we took into account that you might need even more bandwidth. Four double-width slots, three single-width slots, and one half-width slot with the Apple I/O card pre-installed—that’s twice as many slots as the previous Mac Pro system unit. Now you can configure and expand your workstation in a whole new way.

half-length slot


double-width slots

Graphic processor

Phenomenal performance. As expected.

For many, high graphics performance is critical. Especially when working with 3D animation, creating 8K scenes and realistic game worlds. To take graphics to a new level and provide the highest possible performance, fundamentally new solutions were required. Introducing the Mac Pro Expansion Module – MPX.

MPX ConnectorUp to 475W Power

Standard PCI Express x16 SlotUp to 75W

Thunderbolt 3Up to 40 Gb/s Data Transfer

Radeon Pro W6800XUp to 16 teraflops processing power 90 003

The performance of our most powerful graphics card. Multiplied by two.

If you want the best possible performance, you can install two Radeon Pro W6800X Duo MPX modules on your Mac Pro. Four GPUs provide up to 60.4 teraflops of processing power combined with 128GB of high-bandwidth memory to run. With this incredible performance, you can run the most demanding multi-GPU applications.

Chilled. Quiet. Capable.

Most GPUs are designed separately from the system, so they need their own cooling system. The MPX module was designed as an integrated component of the Mac Pro. Its form factor allowed for an even larger heat dissipation system, working with internal airflow to dissipate hot air silently. There are no noisy removable fans in the design, so the system runs quietly and heats up little.

  • OTOY Octane X
  • Blackmagic DaVinci Resolve Studio
  • Maxon Cinema 4D
  • Final Cut Pro

Mac Pro with two Radeon Pro W6800X Duo modules,
connected via Infinity Fabric Link

11xRendering 11 times faster 8

iMac Pro with Radeon Pro Vega 64X

Previous generation Mac Pro with two FirePro D700s (baseline)

Mac Pro with two Radeon Pro W6800X Duo modules,
connected via Infinity Fabric Link

6. 9xEffects rendered 6.9x faster 900 51 9

iMac Pro with Radeon Pro Vega 64X

previous generation Mac Pro with two FirePro D700s (baseline)

Mac Pro with two Radeon Pro W6900X modules,
connected via Infinity Fabric Link

6.5x Real-time 3D processing 6.5 times faster 10

iMac Pro with Radeon Pro Vega 64X

previous generation Mac Pro with two FirePro D700s (baseline)

Mac Pro with two Radeon Pro W6900X modules,
connected via Infinity Fabric Link

3.3xRendering 3.3 times faster 11

iMac Pro with Radeon Pro Vega 64X

previous generation Mac Pro with two FirePro D700 (base)

Video operation

Apple Afterburner. 8K video without intermediaries.

Afterburner revolutionizes film and video workflows. Now you can go to the timeline and work with 4K and even 8K video in normal mode right after shooting. No re-encodings, overflows, time losses and export errors. Say goodbye to proxy media files.

Leap to new horizons.

Afterburner is a hardware graphics accelerator based on FPGA or programmable ASIC. Using over a million logical cells, it can process up to 6.3 billion pixels per second. On a Mac Pro, it can drive up to six ProRes RAW 8K streams or 23 ProRes RAW 4K streams. This means that the power of processor cores is released for even more tasks.

Up to 6 ProRes RAW 8K video streams at 30 fps 12

Up to 23 ProRes RAW 4K video streams at 30 fps

Up to 16 ProRes video streams 422 4K at 30fps

Security and data storage

Great progress in the field of security.

Mac Pro is the most reliable system unit we’ve ever built. The Secure Enclave coprocessor provides the Secure Boot feature and is responsible for storing encrypted data. Your work, code and intellectual property are well protected. We thought about security so that you can think about work calmly.

Apple T2 Security Chip.

Mac Pro data is protected by the Apple T2 Security Chip. It combines discrete processors into a single board. In addition, it ensures that the lower-level software has not been modified and that only operating system components that comply with Apple requirements are loaded when the computer starts.

Drive up to 8 TB.

Mac Pro comes with a flash drive for unprecedented speed. The base version uses a 256 GB SSD, but you can choose from 1 TB, 2 TB, 4 TB, or 8 TB. Data on any SSD is encrypted using the T2 chip.

High speed I/O ports

Against connections.

Mac Pro’s many I/O ports deliver incredible performance. The base model has four Thunderbolt 3 ports, two USB-A ports, and two 10 Gigabit Ethernet ports. Each new MPX module expands your possibilities. Connect up to 12 4K monitors or up to 6 Apple Pro Display XDR monitors and view your project in over 120 million pixels. Now you have a place to turn around.

Rear expansion ports.

Mac Pro supports up to 12 Thunderbolt 3 ports. It’s not just more room for them than other Macs. Ports integrate perfectly with each new module.

Upper housing.

Two convenient ports on the top of the case make it quick and easy to connect Thunderbolt 3 devices.

Rack version

Rack Monsters.

Same incredible performance and configuration options as the vertical Mac Pro, plus rack-mountability. The rackmount Mac Pro features a large airflow grille and stainless steel handles on the front. Instead of legs or wheels, it is equipped with steel rails, which require no tools for installation.

See what a Mac Pro will look like in your workplace in augmented reality.

Open this page in Safari on your iPhone or iPad.

Look in augmented reality

Look in augmented reality

Aimed at accomplishments.

Learn more about Mac Pro design



Pro Display XDR.

The perfect partner for Mac Pro.


Apple Mac Pro Rack Ultra/64GB/1TB 2023 (Z172)

The all-new Apple Mac Pro combines the high performance of Apple silicon processors with PCIe expansion options, ideal for specialized workloads. And every configuration comes with the impressive M2 Ultra, the most powerful Apple chip ever built.

Apple Mac Pro – no equal

The new Apple Mac Pro is simply unmatched when it comes to power and performance. Its operation is based on Apple silicon – an innovative technology designed specifically for maximum efficiency and speed. Thanks to this processor, every task is performed with incredible speed and accuracy.

However, the new Mac Pro not only offers amazing performance, but also features PCIe expansion options. This means you can connect a variety of external devices such as graphics cards, RAID drives and audio interfaces to maximize your potential and realize the most demanding projects.

But that’s not all. Every configuration of the new Mac Pro is equipped with the M2 Ultra, the most powerful chip Apple has ever built. This chip delivers incredible performance and features beyond your expectations. It is capable of handling the most complex tasks with ease, delivering flawless performance and unparalleled quality.

High performance

The powerful M2 Ultra processor is specifically designed to power every Mac Pro. Its GPU has a large amount of shared memory, allowing it to do things that other GPUs can’t. In addition, the M2 Ultra media engine delivers performance comparable to seven built-in Afterburner cards. This means professionals can now complete the most complex workflows with incredible speed and efficiency.

M2 Ultra is the true embodiment of power and innovation. Its unique features ensure fast data processing, smooth task execution and flawless graphics. Thanks to the large amount of shared GPU memory, the M2 Ultra is capable of handling even the most demanding graphical applications and games with ease.

Program optimization: aerobatics

Apple chips are revolutionizing software, and thousands of professional programs are already optimized for their capabilities. The macOS operating system is specifically designed to take advantage of Apple’s chips, and the M2 Ultra in Mac Pro provides a huge breakthrough in performance and software capabilities. There are a huge number of programs that are optimized to take full advantage of the power of Apple chips.

Whether you need to render – special effects, compose 8K scenes or analyze massive datasets, your important software runs faster and smoother than ever before. With the power of the M2 Ultra and integration with macOS, you can get the most out of your projects and reach new heights in your professional life.

Top interfaces

Discover new horizons. For the first time in history, the unique combination of high performance Apple chips and the flexibility of PCI expansion is a reality. The new Mac Pro has seven expansion slots, six of which feature PCIe Gen 4 technology, providing twice the bandwidth for audio, video, networking, and storage cards. The latest PCIe Gen 4 SSD cards are astonishing in their performance – they can reach speeds up to 26 GB / s.

Lightweight and functional combined in an aluminum housing that can be easily removed to access internal components. This design not only maximizes airflow, but also creates a strong and durable structure.

Special attention is paid to the two HDMI ports capable of supporting data rates up to 48 Gbps, which guarantees incredibly high throughput. Now you can enjoy resolutions up to 8K and refresh rates up to 240Hz, immersing yourself in stunning detail and fluidity. Your viewing and working experience will reach a new level of quality.

And that’s not all! To meet all your wireless needs, Mac Pro supports the most advanced technologies. WiFi 6E opens the door to wider frequency range and high data transfer speeds. The latest Bluetooth 5.3 guarantees a stable and fast connection with all your devices. Whether it’s wireless headphones, a keyboard or a mouse, you can enjoy flawless communication and work comfort.

Apple Mac Pro – always cold

The innovative cooling system operates virtually silently, keeping PCI cards and other internal components at optimal temperatures even under the most intense workloads. You can enjoy worry-free operation and amazing performance without worrying about system overheating.

Rack mount

Ease of use is what sets the Mac Pro apart. Now you can mount it in a rack, ideal for rooms with a preference for shelving design. This remarkable solution retains all the performance and configuration features of the tower version.

Mac Pro’s stand features 3D mesh for maximum airflow and efficient system cooling. Stainless steel front handles add convenience and style to the rack while providing easy access to the unit.

Beautiful design that makes you forget about everything in the world

Cutting-edge technology seeps into the Mac Pro, making it look and feel amazing on the inside. Thanks to the revolutionary M2 Ultra, Mac Pro retains its signature stainless steel space frame, detachable aluminum chassis, and advanced thermal management system. This ensures that your Mac Pro is strong and stable, even when reconfigured or moved.

Particularly impressive is that the Apple chips used in the Mac Pro are highly energy efficient. This means the new Mac Pro runs even cooler and quieter, even during intensive workloads. You can focus on your work without worrying about system overheating or noisy cooling. Mac Pro becomes the ultimate workstation that’s always ready to work alongside you.

Buy Apple Mac Pro with Pro Display XDR

Look at the greatness of power. The Mac Pro and Pro Display XDR are designed to be the ultimate workstation, and they pair perfectly together. The stunning 32-inch 6K Retina display, with an incredible 1,000,000:1 contrast ratio and up to 1,600 nits of brightness, combined with perfect Pro modes, makes Pro Display XDR an essential part of professional workflows.