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  • Super Mario Bros

    Relive some old school nostalgia with this epic, classic masterpiece for the NES starring Mario and Luigi!

  • Super Mario Bros 2

    Play the classic Nintendo game Super Mario Bros 2! Choose between Mario, Luigi, Toad, or Princess.

  • Super Mario Bros 3

    Super Mario Bros 3 is one of the greatest games ever made. 8 Worlds and many bosses and challenges await you.

  • Super Mario Kart

    Play the SNES rom Super Mario Kart! Choose from 8 characters and try to beat all 4 cups.

  • Super Mario World

    The original SNES game Super Mario World is here. This game has become an all time classic.

  • Super Mario All Stars

    Remastered Super Mario 1, 2, 3 and Super Mario the Lost Levels all combined into one game. Nice!

  • Extra Mario Bros

    A brand new Mario game based on Metroid and with a cool, dark space theme to it. New enemies, powerups, and final boss.

  • New Strange Mario Bros

    A fantastic rom hack featuring all sorts of new strange worlds to explore

  • Mario 2 The Lost Levels

    This is the real Super Mario 2 that was released only in Japan. It is TOUGH! Be prepared to die a lot.

  • Crazy Mario World

    A crazy snes rom hack of Super Mario World. This game really does keep you on your toes!

  • Super Mario Kart 8

    This rom hack sort of emulates Super Mario Kart 8 but also has many never before seen tracks to race on

  • Super Mario Rpg

    Super Mario but in RPG form. A novel idea and a fun game all in one. Save the Princess while battling RPG style.

  • Mario Around The World

    A fun sega genesis hack featuring a desert themed world and the usual line up of baddies

  • Mario Chronicles

    Mario Chronicles is an awesome and challenging remake of Super Mario Bros 3 for the Nintendo

  • Mario Kart Super Circuit

    Choose from 8 different characters and race in 5 different cups in this awesome Mario Kart rom

  • Classic Mario Brothers

    Play Classic Mario Brothers for the Nintendo Entertainment System. It’s the game that started it all!

  • Super Mario Advance

    This rom is actually 2 games in one. Choose between Super Mario 2 or Mario Bros Classic.

  • Super Mario Bros 3 Mix

    8 new worlds, new bosses, new enemies, new music, and play as Mario, Luigi, or Toad. Another fantastic SMB 3 hack.

  • Brutal Mario World

    Brutal Mario World is one of the better known hacks of the SNES game Super Mario World. Warning: very difficult!

  • Banzai Mario World

    An easy mode Kaizo hack for players of all skill levels featuring new levels, music, sprites, and unlockable worlds

  • Super Mario Arcade

    No overworld or backward scrolling in this hack. Grab all the lives you can because there are no continues!

  • Dr Mario World House Calls

    Toad is sick and only Dr. Mario can save him! A whole new game featuring new worlds and enemies like flying shyguys!

  • Mario Adventure

    A fantastic SMB3 hack featuring new enemies, music, money mushrooms, Kuribo shoes, invisible Mario, and time stopping potions!

  • Super Mario World Hack

    A fun hack featuring the 8 secret levels to play from Super Mario World

  • SUPER MARIO WORLD – Play the rom online for FREE!


















    The original SNES game Super Mario World came out in 1990. It was typically packaged with the Super Nintendo system itself meaning every kid in your neighborhood owned a copy. This game became an instant classic and is still one of the best Mario games ever made. New pal Yoshi makes his first appearance and new items like the cape feather allow Mario to fly!

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    • Super Mario Bros Deluxe

      Play the original Super Mario but zoomed in and with a map. Once you complete a level, you can replay it from the menu.

    • Mario World Buried Treasure

      A fun, desert themed Mario hack featuring new enemies and stages to explore as you look for the treasure!

    • Dr Mario Dx

      This hack colorizes the original Dr Mario for the GameBoy. It is otherwise the same game.

    • Luigis Chronicles

      Luigi must save the Mushroom Kingdom from the devious Ghosts! Features zombies, phantoms, and spooky music.

    • Princess Peach Minus World

      Just like Mario, Princess Peach can also experience the dreaded Minus World. Be careful which path you choose!

    • Mario 3 Coin Jump

      Mario 3 but you get an extra jump if you collect a coin midair. Otherwise, the same as Mario 3.

    • Mario Pinball Land

      When 2 Goombas capture Peach at the funfair, it is up to Mario to save her with the Spherasizer Pinball device!

    • Battle City Mario

      Mario and his friends must battle against the evil hordes of Goombas in this hack. Who will take the city?

    • Mushroom Nightmare

      Can the brothers Mario save the Mushroom King? Mario can jump higher but stops more slowly than Luigi in this rom hack

    • Mario Kart Crazy Tracks

      These are some of the wackiest, craziest, zaniest tracks you will ever race on!

    • Mario Party Advance

      Starring Mario, Luigi, Princess Peach, and Yoshi as they collect minigames and gaddgets from Shroom City

    • Mario In Midgard

      Mario enters the land of Midgard expecting to find Bowser. However, he finds something MUCH worse…

    • Dr Mario

      Plays like Tetris. Doctor Mario must use his pills to eliminate the viruses and avoid overfilling the bottle.

    • Gywalls Super Mario World

      A Mario World hack featuring Rainbow Road but with a vast array of enemies in your way. Can you beat this level?

    • Super Metroid

      Ridley is back and has stolen the Metroid. Samus Aran must track Ridley down and once again trek to Tourain.

    • Excite Bike Bun Bun Mario

      Play as 5 characters: Mario, Luigi, Peach, Wario, or Toad in this Excitebike clone but featuring Mario characters

    • Marios Moon Adventure

      Altered physics with lower gravity for jumps as well as lasers instead of fireballs!

    • Kola Kingdom Quest

      While Mario, Luigi, and friends were vacationing in the Kola Kingdom, Bowser captured the Mushroom Kingdom!

    • Super Mario Bros 2

      Play the classic Nintendo game Super Mario Bros 2! Choose between Mario, Luigi, Toad, or Princess.

    • Mario Rescues Golden Mushroom

      A hack where Mario must seek out Bowser, get the Golden Mushroom back, and save the Mushroom Kingdom

    • New Super Mario Bros

      Explore 8 worlds of 80 levels. Use the Blue Shell and Super Mushroom to aid your rescue of Princess Peach.

    • Super Mario 2D Land

      Help Mario! Princess has been kidnapped by both Bowser and Captain K. Rool in this Super Mario World hack

    • Super Mario Omega

      Princess has been kidnapped and taken to the mysterious Gemtoa region. Mario must battle the Koopa Kids to save her!

    • Sonic Epoch

      In the future, Sonic disappears and Robotnik gains full control of Mobius. Only Sonic can return and set things right.

    Cult games: Super Mario

    Mario is a name that many people think of as a jumping mustachioed man in overalls and a red cap. And this is not surprising, because Super Mario is not just the legendary series of Nintendo games, but also the image that became the forefather of the platformer genre.

    Despite the fact that 35 years have passed since the first appearance of the famous plumber, people all over the world continue to this day, together with Mario, to save Princess Peach and jump on evil mushrooms. So in February 2021, the updated version of Super Mario 3D World + Bowser’s Fury blew up the British gaming charts and confidently took first place, overtaking FIFA 21, Minecraft (Switch) and Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold.

    But let’s fast forward 35 years with you and see how the Nintendo legend was born and why Mario conquered the world.

    The birth of a legend

    0.0.0″> Mario is already 35 years old!


    Today we are used to the fact that an interesting game is a beautiful picture, and game mechanics, and multi-levels, and a story – and all this at the same time. And at the dawn of the 80s, this was very difficult in video games for arcade machines. In those days, it was fashionable to create the same type of races and “shooters” with very simple mechanics of interaction within the game. There was no question of a full-fledged plot with a self-sufficient story.

    But everything changed when Nintendo, or to be more precise, Shigure Miyamoto, presented his brainchild – Donkey Kong, in which the plot came out on top, which in many ways interested the players of that time. In the game, we had to save the beautiful Paulina from the captivity of a large gorilla (the prototype of King Kong). The main role was played by a carpenter, who at first was called Jumpman – in order to save Paulina, it was necessary to climb up the scaffolding and pass various obstacles.

    Donkey Kong original for arcade


    The game immediately attracted the attention of gamers, because it combined what served as a further secret to the success of the future Super Mario series:

    • A simple but complete and understandable story – there is a hero, a villain and a beauty that needs to be saved.

    • Easy but addictive gameplay – knock down barrels and other obstacles.

    • A pixelated but funny carpenter in overalls who transforms from an ordinary worker into a savior hero.

    Donkey Kong made such a splash after the release that Nintendo did not have time to install arcade machines with the game, and the mustachioed carpenter received after not only a new name, but also its own separate independent game.

    In 1983, Jumpman will change his name to the famous Mario, and the profession of a carpenter to a plumber. And together with his suddenly appeared twin brother Luigi (in green overalls) he will go to save not the beautiful Paulina, but the city sewer from annoying turtles, crabs and flies.

    But it is the next series of the game, Super Mario Bros., that will bring real success and world fame to plumber Mario, which will become a benchmark in the platformer genre and will subsequently acquire cult status.

    Iconic Super Mario Bros.


    Super Mario Bros. will become so popular that it will enter the Guinness Book of Records – video game sales will exceed 40 million copies. The famous plumber will also be ranked #1 on EGM’s “200 Greatest Video Games of Our Time” list. Mario would later become not only a symbol of Nintendo, but also one of the most famous game characters in the world.

    Super Mario is a super hero

    Not all heroes wear capes

    © Igromania

    But what is the secret of the popularity of an ordinary plumber without superpowers, who cannot throw lightning and a hammer (but can, if anything, fight off with a turtle) ? This is where the essence of the mustachioed plumber is concentrated – not all heroes wear raincoats. Some of them wear overalls and a cap, and instead of superpowers, they have super jumps and simple human motives. For example, save your princess from the hands of villains.

    And if you put this whole fairy tale story in the Mushroom Kingdom, fill it with hostile mushrooms and a turtle boss, add 8 different worlds with 4 levels each, let the plumber fight, jump, run, while setting a timer and adding secrets – a good platformer turns out even for modern games, right? Now imagine how Super Mario burst in 1985 and literally turned the entire gaming industry upside down at that time.

    Many people began their acquaintance with the world of games through the Mario universe. And the Super Mario Bros. theme song is probably the most recognizable of all video games so far.

    From Pixels to 3D Worlds

    Evolution of Mario


    A banal, but familiar from childhood story of saving a beauty will always be clear to each of us. Just like the desire to become a superhero. And Mario just proves to us that it is not necessary to be a prince or a superman to save his beloved – just jump higher. Realizing this, Japanese developers will not stop at Super Mario Bros. and a couple of years later they will release the second part of the game. It will be followed by the third part. And this list is endless, because the adventures of Mario include more than 200 games with his participation!

    The following parts of the game will also continue the rescue operation of Princess Peach. True villains, worlds, scenery will change, as well as the appearance of Mario. Only the noble motives of our plumber hero will remain unchanged.

    How Mario has changed over the course of 35 years


    Today, Mario, along with his brother Luigi and friends, travel through 3D worlds where he can turn into a cat, fight bosses in arenas, swim between islands and race dinosaurs. For fans of the classics, the Japanese developer released Super Mario Bros. specifically for the 35th anniversary of the series. 35 where you can compete online with up to 34 other players in the classic platform game.

    Find out what part of Mario you are the same age as


    And if you want to get to know the Mario character from different periods, then Nintendo prepared a chronicle of the Super Mario universe, where you can find out how old you were when different parts of the series. Enter your year of birth and go on a historical journey with Mario.

    Nintendo stops releasing Mario games on mobile devices. The experiment is winding down

    Nintendo decided to revise the policy for releasing games on different platforms. The Mario franchise will no longer visit mobile devices

    Nintendo has announced that they are no longer releasing mobile Mario games on mobile devices. Since 2016, we have managed to launch several franchise games, the income is not very impressive.

    For example, Super Mario Run made $60 million in its first year, Mario Kart Tour made $300 million (for comparison, Mario Kart 8 made $3 billion). There was also Dr. Mario World, which was closed.

    Game designer Shigeru Miyamoto explained to reporters: the primary goal is to develop games for the Nintendo console]. Intuitive controls are part of the gaming experience.

    When we explored the possibility of making Mario games for mobile—the more mainstream, universal devices—it was difficult to define what that game should be. That’s why I took on the role of Super Mario Run Development Lead to be able to bring this [game experience from Nintendo hardware] to smart devices “.

    Naturally, Shigeru was asked when a new full-fledged Mario game might come out. He chuckled and suggested keeping an eye on future Nintendo Directs.

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