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“Who am I? I’m Batmeme.” At least that’s what each of these memes would say on this list of the best Batman memes that have ever graced the Internet. Whether it’s Chris Nolan’s Dark Knight trilogy, Tim Burton’s gothic Batman, Joel Schumacher’s Cirque-du-Soleil Batman, or the animated cartoon and comics, there’s a good funny Batman meme from every source. Hell, we even got cats and alleged “adults” in cosplay in on the act. So slip on that cowl, strap on the utility belt and hop in the Batmobile headed for the Batcave full of Batmemes.

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    The Dark Side Rises






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    Walked Right Into That One






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    And It Already Comes In Black






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    Before, He Was Just A Cat, Man






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    That’s Hitting Below The Utility Belt






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    Nothing But Sound Logic






10 Memes That Perfectly Sum Up Batman As A Character

Christian Bale recently stated that he would only play Batman again if Christopher Nolan directed the movie and after the extraordinary work of both in Batman Begins, The Dark Knight, and The Dark Knight Rises fans can only hope these film geniuses team up again for another unforgettable movie.

Many fans can agree that Christian Bale has been one of the best actors to play Batman, but throughout the years Bruce Wayne has been depicted in numerous pieces. His comics, live-action movies, tv shows, video games, and animated films and series have given fans all there is to know about Batman, but here are some memes to sum him up as a character.

He Has Peculiar Enemies

Source: Instagram

Batman has many enemies and most of them seem to have identity crises that lead them to try to be someone or something else. It’s a mystery why Gotham City drives its superheroes and villains to identify themselves as animals, plants, objects, or any other thing that is not human, but their chosen aliases can be pretty funny.

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The villains in Batman’s universe are as deadly as they are random, and their peculiar identities can be hilariously oversimplified. Penguin, the Joker, Mr. Freeze, Poison Ivy, and Scarecrow’s personas could really be reduced to the silly images the meme shows.

He Has A Secret Identity

Source: Instagram

In almost all the movies, series, and comics, Bruce Wayne keeps his identity hidden and fights crime as Batman. Nobody in Gotham City knows their most acclaimed superhero is in fact the most famous billionaire in the United States, Bruce Wayne, although a lot of times it is pretty obvious.

Bruce Wayne drops an unbelievable amount of clues and hints about his true identity, however, the citizens of Gotham City seem to be inattentive to all of them. The Wayne Tower does not have a pair of pointy bat ears but even if that was the case, nobody would guess his identity anyways. Although the few times somebody has found out who he is, Batman has been one of the superheroes who regretted revealing their secret identities.

There Are Multiple Batmans

Source: Twitter

Marvel is not the only one to have multiple realities. In DC there is a multiverse, megaverse, and dark multiverse, among others, where different Bruce Waynes and Batmans hang and fight crime. The movies have also cast many different actors who have played Batman so the franchise is not that different from Spider-Man’s.

Peter Parker has been played by Tobey Maguire, Andrew Garfield, and Tom Holland. Even though people complain about Spider-Man’s actors constantly changing, it doesn’t come close to the number of actors that have incarnated Batman. So fans can only hope for a No Way Home type of movie to sort this out.

His Sidekick Is Robin

Source: Reddit

Batman’s romantic life has been depicted in different ways throughout his comics, movies, and series. He has experienced the life of a billionaire playboy; the love and tenderness of his relationship with Rachel Dawes; the heat and excitement of being kissed by Catwoman; and the toxicity of loving and hating Talia Al Ghul.

But none of his romantic interests can come close to the tight bond that he has with Robin and he is definitely Batman’s best sidekick. The iconic duo is inseparable, so it is not a crazy idea to imagine Batman doing another mission with Robin, while one of his lovers wonders if he is out seducing other women.

He Is An Orphan

Source: Reddit

Thomas and Martha Wayne were murdered by Joe Chill in front of eight-year-old Bruce Wayne after they were exiting a movie theater late at night. As fans know, Joe mugged the couple and shot them, and for one reason or another, Bruce was left alive.

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Witnessing the death of his parents brought him a lifetime of grief and sorrow that fueled his superhero persona. Although it is a sad moment for most fans, others find the humor in it and make fun of their death. Although these types of fans are probably admirers of the Joker and not Bruce Wayne.

He Has The Batmobile

Source: Reddit 

Bruce Wayne’s superpower is being intelligent and rich, and therefore all his super abilities are thanks to his inventions. He designed and upgraded his suit and weapons, but most importantly he created the batmobile. It’s shiny, fast, almost indestructible, and suitable for all kinds of dangerous missions.

There are multiple versions of the car, however, each one of them, including the best Batmobiles ever, were invented by Wayne. The car may not be as impressive as naturally flying or having superhuman speed, but it can keep up with other supernatural abilities of other heroes and villains, although sometimes it may need to stop for gas.

He Has An Iconic Phrase

Source: Reddit

There are not many superheroes that have a quote as iconic and memorable as Batman’s “I am vengeance! I am the night! I am Batman!” and most people, fans or not, can recognize it anywhere. He always says this line with a deep, dramatic, and dark tone which makes it all more unforgettable.

The way he says it with confidence and threatening seriousness can only be compared to Stanley’s quote in The Office “Did I stutter?” which he says when his boss, Michael, asks him to join a brainstorm that he refuses to participate in. Facing someone powerful in that manner is definitely Batman’s approach.

He Is A Recruiter

Source: Reddit 

Batman has a history of taking minors under his wing, training them, and making them vigilantes or sidekicks. That was the case with all the Robins (Dick Rayson, Jason Todd, Tim Drake, and Damian Wayne) and Cassandra Cain (although she had already been raised to be a deadly weapon).

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Batman’s past made him have a soft spot for orphans or children who live in precarious conditions. He understands better than anyone what it is like to not have parents and apparently he thinks that every orphan’s solution is to become a superhero. If Batman was playing UNO with the meme’s rules he would definitely prefer keeping all his cards instead of winning.

He Is Vengeance

Source: Reddit

Bruce Wayne was never able to get over the death of his parents. His painful upbringing provoked by the loss of his mom and dad motivated his personal mission to fix Gotham City’s corruption. Every time he goes into the world to fight crime as Batman, he is doing it in the name of his parents.

More than anything, he wants to avenge their death and therefore includes in his iconic phrase how he refers to himself as vengeance. The eyes are the window to know under what substance people are on, but in Batman’s case, they are truly the window to his bitter, angry, and weary soul.

He Has A Wise Butler

Source: Reddit

Besides Robin, Bruce Wayne has another faithful iconic companion that never leaves his side. Alfred Pennyworth, his butler, is famous for giving him the best advice, honest opinions, and witty sarcastic comments. That is why it would be no surprise that he made an observation such as the one mentioned in the meme.

Alfred and Wayne’s friendship, love, and protection make them unforgettable partners in crime. They deeply depend on one another and Alfred always knows what to say. His reflections on life are especially appreciated, not only by Batman but also by DC’s fans.

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15 Savage Batman V Superman Memes

Superhero movies have evolved a lot in recent years. The introduction of the MCU resulted in a unified movie universe that had never happened before. Eventually DC comics started their own movie universe, the DCEU, starting with the release of Man of Steel.

In 2016, the DCEU finally began to take off, introducing Batman and Wonder Woman to the DCEU in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice . The film’s release garnered mixed reviews, but it also introduced more of the DC Universe, expanding on characters such as Lex Luthor and Doomsday, as well as cameo appearances from future members of the Justice League.

Despite the film’s mixed reception, the arrival of two major DC players on the big screen had a noticeable impact. Whether people liked it or not, the film still served an important purpose. This was able to open up a new wave of pop culture references.

An example of this contribution is a swarm of new memes about the film’s highlights and memorable quotes. Batman v Superman has been responsible for creating some of the best memes in superhero culture to date.

Here is 15 Wild Batman vs Superman Memorial .

15 Batman v Superman: Dawn of the Chins

The argument about who is the best hero between these juggernauts is something fans have been discussing for ages. The debate over who is the more popular actor between Cavill and Affleck is also a popular topic.

As a result, this leads to arguments among fans about who has more style and appeal. The above meme is an example of an off-screen debate. Both actors have their own designs, but it’s not just their costumes that draw attention. Another aspect that stands out is the chiseled frames of their chins.

While not critical to the overall influence of Batman and Superman in the DCEU, it remains an important topic. After all, it’s hard not to look at Affleck or Cavill with chins like theirs.

14 Critics can’t see the big picture

Batman v Superman has received equal amounts of praise and criticism. Criticism mostly talks about the twisted plot and Martha’s moment behind the Batman-Superman truce.

However, one important aspect of the film is that it produced some memorable lines. Jesse Eisenberg plays Lex Luthor, and despite the youth and inexperience he brought to the character, he also brought a lot of memorable quotes with him.

In one of these quotes, Lois Lane calls him a psychotic, to which he replies: “it’s a three-syllable word for ideas too big for small minds.” This quote is also perfect for arguing against critics who claim the film is terrible.

In a sense, he defends the film, arguing that it is only a small part of the big picture. Using a catchy quote as an argument, this meme also managed to make a statement.

13 His name is Baba Yaga

A year after the release of Batman v Superman, another memorable movie soon followed. John Wick 2 received an extremely positive response. According to Rotten Tomatoes, the film reaches an 89% approval rating, about 62% higher than Batman v Superman.

John Wick has recently earned his own comic book series by telling his origins before he became the dreaded Baba Yaga. Since both movies now feature comics, it can be argued which comic book movie is better, but that would draw disapproval from fans.

This meme illustrates a point that should have been made clear when we first saw the legendary assassin on the big screen. You don’t hook up with a guy crazy enough to take on the underworld himself. Unless you want to be the next person, Vic pencils you to death.

12 Behind every great man stands a great Martha

Throughout the film, Batman and Superman make it clear that they don’t trust each other. Superman disapproves of Batman’s vigilance and brutal methods of dealing with Gotham’s criminal element. On the other hand, Batman doesn’t trust Superman after the destruction inflicted on Gotham in his fight against Zod. Basically, the vigilante and the alien have completely different philosophies.

Due to Lex Luthor’s interference, both Batman and Superman fight with the intent to destroy the other. With his technology and kryptonite spear, Batman manages to get the better of Superman. When Superman thinks he failed to save his mother, Martha, he asks Batman to save her.

Seeing that Batman’s own mother is also named Martha, his heart strings are taut enough to form an alliance with Superman. The March meme was born to capture this incredible moment.

11 He’s Batman!

Given that this movie is a sequel to Man of Steel, it’s rather unusual that Batman’s name comes first in the title. Many fans took the opportunity to create a meme to make fun of this situation. However, people unfamiliar with the franchise may question the relevance of this meme.

While you might argue that it reads better than Superman vs. Batman, this meme is only joking because it’s Batman. The movie may be a sequel to Superman, but it’s also a big moment for Batman. This is the moment when Batman reminds Superman and the audience not to underestimate him despite the fact that he is just a human.

Ultimately, Batman manages to bring Superman to his knees. So, whether you’re a hero or a villain, it’s important that you never make an enemy out of Batman.

10 The Ultimate Enemy

When it comes to Batman v Superman, Lex Luthor isn’t the movie’s main threat, nor is it the end of the world. The real villain is Rotten Tomatoes. For many films in the DCEU, aggregate ratings are extremely low. To be sure, the DCEU doesn’t have the same critical success as the MCU.

Rotten Tomatoes considers the consensus of people’s reviews and presents a percentage rating based on positive reviews. While Batman v Superman may spark important political and philosophical debates, those aren’t the only things fans take into account.

In other cases, it also depends on how the audience connects with the characters on the big screen. If they find that the characters they admire are misrepresented or not up to their reputation, the lack of enthusiasm spreads.

9 Year of the Villain

The same year Batman and Superman was released, Marvel also released Captain America: Civil War. Both films are united by the theme of two opposing groups of heroes fighting each other over conflicting ideologies. Batman v Superman and Captain America: Civil War symbolized 2016 as a year of conflict between heroes.

Ironically, while the heroes were busy fighting, the villains had to make up the slack. This is where the Suicide Squad comes in. A team of criminals is assembled by high-ranking government officials to deal with a serious threat.

Where the heroes failed in their duties, the villains managed to save the day. As a result, villains have risen to power to be the saviors we need.

8 Drop

The main battle in Batman v Superman is an important event in the history of comics and cinema. The first time fans heard Batman utter the words “Are you bleeding?”, they knew the gauntlet had been officially dethroned.

This line has produced quite a few memes that point to similarities between Batman and Superman. They both suffered heavy losses, but on different scales. It takes the dark element and turns it into a competition to see who can make the other suffer the most.

While Batman’s parents were killed before him, his billionaire status means he has the choice to live whatever life he wants. Superman has no choice but to start a new life on the planet. Very weak blow, Batman.

7 The Real Batman v Superman

One of the first depictions of the confrontation between Batman and Superman was in Superman: The Animated Series. In the three-part episode “World’s Finest”, Luthor attempts to hire the Joker to kill Superman.

This resulted in the villains partnering up and forcing Superman and Batman into their first ever joint conflict. Once they successfully defeated their respective supervillains, the heroes realized they made a good team and they formed the Justice League.

This animated series demonstrates how TV adaptations of DC characters and their arcs are often more successful than their movie counterparts. This serves as a reminder of the many conflicts between Batman and Superman that took place during their complicated relationship.

6 Lost lot!

Another reason for the poor critical response to Batman v Superman was her plot. The film felt like the plot was shifting in several different directions, with no clear path.

While the film did have a story, it was an overall confusing experience for the audience. Especially when you consider the film’s many questionable moments, such as the previously mentioned Martha scene. Another important factor to consider was the way the scenes were performed.

The movie’s poor direction seems to be unable to connect the plot. When Batman and Superman fight, the idea that such an intense conflict ends because their mothers share the same name is enough to confuse anyone. It doesn’t even mention Lois’ plot, which had her running around getting nowhere.

5 Bane knows best

There are many fans who express skepticism about Affleck’s portrayal of Batman. In fact, according to a Variety poll, fans still prefer Christian Bale to portray the Dark Knight over Affleck.

This doesn’t mean that Affleck is going out of his way to give us the Batman we deserve. However, when both the hero and the villain of a movie can agree on something, then you know there’s definitely something wrong. What better way to critique Batman v Superman than the agreement of the hero and his enemy on the horror of the film?

That’s why the image of Bane and Batman looking like old friends is so powerful. While obviously comedic, it also delivers a hit on Snyder’s film.

4 Superman started it

The infamous quote: “Are you bleeding?” it’s an unforgettable quote, to be sure. The line references Batman’s desire to knock Superman off a few pegs and remind him of his own mortality. However, his inspiration to say that this is the result of what happens to him in the minutes before this meeting. While pursuing a group of suspects, Batman turns a corner and crashes headfirst into his Superman.

As a result, Batman is sent flying and his vehicle is reduced to a burning wreckage. In the ever-growing conflict between these two moments, this moment is based on how easily Superman perceives Batman as a threat. That’s why it’s so funny. Superman taunts him by stealing his quote and using it to prove his point that Batman is just a masked dude.

3 Doomsday Trolling

Doomsday’s presence in Batman v Superman has received both positive and negative criticism. One thing that makes it such a mixed topic of discussion is its origins. As in the comics, Doomsday is born through the hacking of Kryptonian DNA using alien technology.

However, in the movie, Doomsday was created after Luthor used alien technology to combine his blood with General Zod’s corpse. The result is a monster of unimaginable horror.

Doomsday is an abomination in every sense of the word and has more than enough power to destroy everything around it. Comparing him to a rampaging cave troll isn’t that far off. While this meme recognizes Doomsday as a threat, it also indicates that its design is very similar to the troll from The Lord of the Rings.

2 Blood Tale

Before Batman, Affleck donned another superhero costume. His first portrayal of a superhero dates back to 2003 when he played Matt Murdock in the film adaptation of Daredevil. In the film, Affleck’s now ex-wife Jennifer Garner played the role of Elektra.

According to Affleck, his feelings towards his character were less than stellar. He claimed that he hated playing the role. Affleck’s decision to take on the role of Batman was to give him another chance to play the hero and hopefully do it right.

With the release of Batman v Superman, the opportunity for Superman to remember one of his biggest failures becomes too good to pass up. The idea of ​​taunting Affleck for his negative experience with Daredevil and the shooting of his ex-wife makes this one of the wildest films ever.

1 guy in red suit

Batman’s famous quote “Are you bleeding?” associated with a tense and serious atmosphere.