Mini 3 pro dji: DJI Mini 3 Pro – Fly Mini, Create Big


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DJI Mini 3 vs Mini 3 Pro: what are the differences?

After the Mini 3 Pro, DJI offers us a new version of its latest Mini, the Mini 3. With the removal of the “Pro” extension and a more affordable price, you may suspect that this is a less advanced model, but you’re probably wondering: how is it different? In this DJI Mini 3 vs Mini 3 Pro comparison, we will point out all the differences between the two drones. In a few minutes you’ll be unaware 😉

Table of contents

DJI Mini 3 vs Mini 3 Pro: the design

  DJI Mini 3 DJI Mini 3 Pro
Weight < 249 g < 249 g
Dimensions (folded, without propellers) (L x W x H) 148 x 90 x 62 mm 145 x 90 x 62 mm
Dimensions (unfolded, with propellers) (L x W x H) 251 x 362 x 72 mm 251 x 362 x 70 mm

The differences between the DJI Mini 3 and the Mini 3 Pro start on the physical aspect. Although they are very similar, with almost identical weights and dimensions, there are some features that allow you to tell them apart at a glance.

First of all, the landing gear. The Mini 3 Pro is equipped with two extra feet, located under its front arms, which the Pro version lacks. These two extra legs give the Mini 3 the advantage of being slightly more stable when placed on the ground.

The second difference is the appearance of the nose of the two drones. Indeed, the Mini 3 lacks the omnidirectional obstacle detection system of the Mini 3 Pro, and therefore does not have sensors for this purpose, which slightly changes its appearance at the front.

Thus, the two very round “eyes” located at the front of the Mini 3 Pro are replaced by pentagonal-shaped air vents. Less visible, the sensors located under the Pro version are simply absent from the Mini 3, where we find only the infrared sensors.

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DJI Mini 3


DJI Mini 3 vs Mini 3 Pro : batteries

  DJI Mini 3 DJI Mini 3 Pro
Drums 2453 mAh 2453 mAh
Autonomy 38 minutes 34 minutes

The DJI Mini 3 and DJI Mini 3 Pro come with the same battery. Advantage: the battery with a capacity of 2453 mAh can be used on both drones, without any problem.

However, although both models have the same battery, their autonomy is not identical! Indeed, due to the absence of obstacle detection and/or simply the improvement of the technology, the Mini 3 is able to fly 4 minutes more than the Mini 3 Pro, for a total of 38 minutes for the first, against 34 minutes for the second.

Note that both drones are also both compatible with the optional 3850 mAh high capacity battery available in some countries. With this battery, the Mini 3 will be able to reach a record autonomy of 51 minutes, against 47 for the Mini 3 Pro.

DJI Mini 3 vs Mini 3 Pro: remote controls

  DJI Mini 3 DJI Mini 3 Pro

The DJI Mini 3 is compatible with two remote controls:

  • the standard DJI RC-N1 remote control, already delivered with other drones such as the Mini 2, which does not have a screen and to which you connect your smartphone to obtain the image captured by the drone.
  • the latest DJ RC radio control with its bright 5.5-inch screen, released at the same time as the DJI Mini 3 Pro.

The DJI Mini 3 Pro is also compatible with its two remote controls, plus the DJI RC Pro, DJI’s top-of-the-line remote control available alone and also offered with the DJI Mavic 3.

DJI Mini 3 vs Mini 3 Pro: the camera

  DJI Mini 3 DJI Mini 3 Pro
Sensor 1/1.3 inch 12MP CMOS 1/1.3 inch 48MP CMOS
Max photo resolution 12MP 48MP
Max video resolution 4K / 30 fps
2,7K / 60 frames/s
FHD / 60 fps
4K / 60 fps
2,7K / 60 frames/s
FHD / 60 fps
Idle time No 1080p at 120 fps
ISO range Photo : 100 to 3200
Video: 100 to 3200
Photo: 100 to 6400
Video: 100 to 6400
Video format MP4 (H. 264) MP4/MOV (H.264/H.265)
Max bit rate 100 Mb/s 150 Mb/s
Color profiles Normal Normal

Both drones are equipped with the same camera with the same sensor, except that the Mini 3’s is “limited” to 12MP, while the Mini 3 Pro’s can go up to 48 MP. So we have a better photo quality on the Pro version.

In video, both the Mini 3 and Mini 3 Pro can shoot 2.7K and Full HD video at up to 60 frames per second. In 4K on the other hand, the Mini 3 Pro can go up to 60 fps, while the Mini 3 will not exceed 30 fps. The Mini 3 Pro also features a 1080p slow motion mode at 120 frames per second, an option that the Mini 3 does not have.

Other differences to note:

  • The Mini 3 Pro can shoot MP4 and MOV video formats with H.264 and H.265 encoding, while the Mini 3 will only shoot MP4 encoded in H.264.
  • Regarding the ISO, the Mini 3 Pro can go up to 6400 ISO in photo and video, against 3200 for the Mini 3.
  • the Mini 3 has a maximum bit rate of 100 Mb/s, compared to 150 Mb/s on the Mini 3 Pro.
  • The Mini 3 has only the Normal color profile, while the Mini 3 also has the D-Cinelike profile, which offers more flexibility in post-production.

DJI Mini 3 vs Mini 3 Pro: features

In creating the Mini 3, DJI also removed some features from the Mini 3 Pro to make them exclusive to the Pro version and thus justify its higher price. So you’ll find a few more modes on the Mini 3 Pro, whether it’s photo and video modes, or in-flight features. Please read carefully before purchasing, in case one or more of these functions is absolutely essential for you.

Photo and video modes

  DJI Mini 3 DJI Mini 3 Pro
Photo modes Unique photo
AEB (3 pictures)
Unique photo
AEB (3 or 5 images)
Video modes QuickShots (Dronie, Spiral, Rocket, Circle, Boomerang) QuickShots (Dronie, Spiral, Rocket, Circle, Boomerang, Asteroid)
Panoramas Sphere

On the photo modes side, there are the classic Single Photo mode, AEB (which takes 3 shots in burst at different exposures to create an HDR effect), and the Interval mode (taking several photos at regular intervals). Note that the AEB mode will be limited to 3 shots where the Mini 3 Pro will be able to take either 3 or 5, and that the Burst mode will be present exclusively on the Pro version.

Regarding the video modes, we find the famous QuickShots, these modes that allow the drone to fly automatically to create an original video. The Dronie, Spiral, Rocket, Circle and Boomerang modes are present on the Mini 3, the Asteroid mode is reserved for the Pro version. Same thing for the MasterShots (combination of QuickShots modes with music) and Hyperlapse (timelapse effect in motion), absent from the Mini 3.

Finally, if we find the Sphere, 180° and Wide Angle Panorama modes on the Mini 3, the Vertical mode is only present on the Mini 3 Pro.

In-flight features

  DJI Mini 3 DJI Mini 3 Pro
Obstacle detection Downwards Forward, backward and downward
Follow-up of the subject No Yes

The absence of an obstacle detection system on the DJI Mini 3 means that all the modes that rely on its sensors to work are, logically, also absent on this new model.

This is the case, for example, withAPAS 4.0 (or Advanced Pilot Assistance System), which allows the drone to correct its trajectory as it detects obstacles in its path. If this feature is essential for you, you should opt for the Mini 3 Pro.

Also, no subject tracking on the Mini 3, while the Mini 3 Pro features FocusTrack, a suite of three modes (ActiveTrack 4.0, Spotlight 2.0 and Point of Interest 3.0) that allow you to track a moving subject in different ways.

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DJI Mini 3 Pro


DJI Mini 3 vs Mini 3 Pro: the price

  DJI Mini 3 DJI Mini 3 Pro
Drone alone 489€ 739€
Drone + DJI RC-N1 579€ 829€
Drone + DJI RC 749€ 999€
Drone + DJI RC-N1 + Fly More Combo 768€ 1018€
Drone + DJI RC + Fly More Combo 938€ 1188€

The table above allows you to compare the different prices of the Mini 3 and the Mini 3 Pro with equivalent accessories available on the DJI website. The two drones are available alone without remote control, a very interesting option if you already have a compatible radio control of another drone, or your drone has died.

Each of the two models can also be purchased with either the DJI RC-N1 or the DJI RC Radicontrol with display. Finally, the Mini 3 can also be delivered with the complete Fly More Combo accessory pack, which includes, among other things, additional propellers and batteries, or a storage bag. Note that in the case of the Mini 3 Pro, the Fly More Combo pack is sold separately for 189€.

It should be noted that, whatever the option chosen, the Mini 3 Pro is precisely 250€ more expensive than the Mini 3. So it’s up to you to judge whether the extra features it has are worth the extra expense. 😁

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DJI Mini 3


Discover our accessories for

DJI Mini 3 Pro


DJI Mini 3 vs Mini 3 Pro : conclusion

We hope that this DJI Mini 3 vs Mini 3 Pro comparison will help you to distinguish the differences between the two models, and help you to make your choice if you don’t know which one to choose.

To summarize, we can say that the DJI Mini 3 is a “light” version of the Mini 3 Pro, to which DJI has removed the obstacle detection system, some features, and limited its sensor to a lower resolution in order to be able to offer it at a more affordable price and make it accessible to a larger number of drone enthusiasts.

If you want to know more about each of these two drones, we invite you to consult the complete tests that we have dedicated to them:

➡️ DJI Mini 3: our full review

➡️ DJI Mini 3 Pro: our full review

The new DJI Mini 3 Pro can finally avoid crashing into a wall

One of our biggest fears when flying a drone is without a doubt that it will end up crashing into a wall. This insecurity that seeps into our bodies can get to the point where you might even decide not to buy a drone lest it get destroyed after a few minutes of use. The DJI brand usually surprises us every time they release a new drone on the market. New DJI Mini 3 Pro This is your new bet, suitable for strong hands.


  • 1 DJI Mini updated, full of novelties
  • 2 DJI Mini 3 Pro camera will tell a lot
  • 3 New remote control and more autonomy
  • 4 Price is not the same Mini

9 0018 DJI Mini updated, complete New Products

There have been many speculations about this new DJI Mini 3 Pro just announced. Already last month, we learned that the team will continue to meet the standard of regret. is less than 250 grams of so a license is not required to fly in many countries, as well as a new camera, thanks to the fact that there was a big leak that turned out to be true.

The main attraction of this new drone is its Collision Avoidance System . This is a group of sensors that will monitor the entire area around the drone to prevent accidental collision with a wall. Great news, because if we add all the achievements we already know about products in this category, we can guarantee that it will be very easy to launch this new device in flight. The learning process is simplified and at the same time allows you to get rid of the fear of breaking the drone.

The DJI Mini 3 Pro camera tells a lot

However, the shock prevention system is not the only feature that distinguishes the DJI Mini 3 Pro from its predecessors. His camera now has a much larger 1/1.3-inch sensor with a lens capable of capturing much more light with a maximum aperture of f/1.7. This new camera allows recording in 4K and 60 FPS , which is twice the frame rate of DJI Mini 2. In addition, the new drone supports HDR recording (limited to 30 frames per second), which will greatly improve the quality of the recording when going from very bright to very dark environments. As for photos, the sensor can capture images up to 48 megapixels.

Another interesting feature of this model is that we can quickly switch between video and photo . In this way, we can use this equipment as a kind of flying photographer that follows us to take pictures very similar to what we saw a few days ago with the Snap drone. This functionality is possible thanks to the new 90-degree stabilizer that allows you to take vertical photos without vibrations.

New remote control and more autonomy

As for the team, we also have news. The drone can be purchased in two versions: DJI RK-H1 and DJI RC . The first model is a continuation of what we already know from DJI, without antennas and with great ergonomics. However, the really interesting model is the second one. This new controller has a large 5.5 inch screen, so you can control the device perfectly without taking your phone out of your pocket. DJI guarantees it will be clearly visible even in direct sunlight . This new device will be able to communicate with the Mini 3 Pro at a maximum distance of 12 kilometers with 1080p live viewing.

The battery also gives us joy in this little new member of the DJI family. This is the first of his lineup to feature increased flight autonomy. maximum time 47 minutes thanks to Intelligent Flight Battery Plus.

Price is not the same Mini

With all these changes, you will feel that the final bill will not be as cheap as in previous models. The way it is. DJI Mini 3 Pro is built on 829 Euro on its standard model and 999 Euro on the model with the DJI RC controller. Prices are far from what DJI is used to with this product line. However, we must remember that we are facing Pro model . It is possible that eventually the brand will also release a standard model at a more affordable price, or continue to release the DJI Mini 2 as before.

DJI Mini 3 Pro | CADdy Geomatics GmbH


DJI Mini 3 Pro

Mini drone, great creativity

  • Up to 249g
  • 3-way obstacle avoidance
  • 4K HDR video
  • Extended battery life 900 10
  • True vertical shots
  • Focus track

Extraordinarily mini
Mini in size, mega in performance. The DJI Mini 3 Pro is as powerful as it is comfortable. Weighing less than 249g and with advanced safety features, it’s not only easy to adjust, it’s also the safest ever. With a 1/1.3″ sensor and top-notch features, it redefines what it means to fly mini style.

Endless performance The
Mini 3 Pro features a brand new design optimized to get the most out of every flight. With large propellers, aerodynamic tilt and powerful obstacle detection, the streamlined design ensures longer flight times and greater safety.
The upgraded gimbal offers a wider range of rotation for low-angle and vertical shooting, opening up endless creative possibilities. Every aspect of this facelift has been meticulously crafted to take the Mini to unprecedented heights.

Simple, handy and compact
For creatives, trouble-free use on the go is critical. Weighing less than 249g, the Mini 3 Pro does not require registration in most countries and regions. The foldable and compact design also makes it easy to take it with you on your next hike, a day at the beach, or an impromptu weekend getaway. Get inspired and take amazing pictures anytime.

fly longer
Extended flight time to 34 minutes allows you to explore and record more of the world around you. The DJI Mini 3 Pro Intelligent Flight Battery is ultra-light and has enough power for aerial photography.

Recording with a Mini?! – Fly day and night
Capture the finest details of light and shadow as you go on a day trip.
Get clear pictures with less noise even at dusk.
Enjoy the moment, stay true to your creative process and trust Mini 3 Pro to capture your world.

Simply professional
The DJI Mini 3 Pro is ideal for a variety of lighting conditions so you can unleash your creativity. The 1/1.3-inch CMOS sensor has a dual native ISO and supports HDR video direct output. Each image is enriched with higher dynamic range to show more detail in highlights and shadows.
Enjoy the highest standards of aerial photography with large 2.4µm pixels and f/1.7 aperture. Your recordings show realistic colors even in low light conditions because more light is available.

Perfect aerial shots
Take your creativity to the next level with stunning 4K HDR video and 48MP RAW photos. Enjoy absolutely clear images even when zoomed in. Or slow down your world with impressive 1080p/120fps slow motion videos.

Vivid colors
D-Cinelike color profile retains more detail and provides more flexibility in post-production.

Fly with peace of mind – top-notch safety
Stay confident as you travel through the sky. DJI Mini 3 Pro has been redesigned from the ground up to provide active obstacle avoidance and stable video transmission.

3-way Obstacle Avoidance
The DJI Mini 3 Pro is our safest mini joystick. Equipped with new vision sensors (front/back/bottom) and a completely new design, it offers a larger detection area and greater safety.

Now with APAS 4.0
Advanced Pilot Assistance System (APAS 4.0) detects objects in the aircraft’s flight path in real time. This allows the DJI Mini 3 Pro to avoid obstacles even in difficult conditions.

Clear and stable transmission everywhere
With DJI O3, DJI Mini 3 Pro has a top-level video transmission system. Enjoy reliable 1080p/30fps live streaming up to 12km away. Whether you are in the city or out of town, your live feed is always clear.
And responsive control from the DJI RC-N1 or the new DJI RC remote controller ensures a smooth flight every time. Both remotes provide a maximum video data rate of 18Mbps with an extremely low latency of just 120ms.

Ready to publish immediately
Capture unforgettable photos and instantly share your adventures on the go. DJI Mini 3 Pro offers many smart features that let you add breathtaking moments and creativity to every video.

Really smart

True vertical shots
And the same again in portrait format. Switch between portrait and landscape formats at the touch of a button. The new camera gimbal can be rotated 90° so you don’t have to compromise on image quality. True vertical footage creates detailed videos that are immediately social media ready.

Focus track
Find creative new ways to track your subject with FocusTrack. It includes three powerful features: ActiveTrack 4.0, Spotlight 2.0 and Point of Interest 3.0.

MasterShots are the groundbreaking aid for all those new to aerial photography. Simply select an object and the Mini 3 Pro will perform a series of professional flight maneuvers and then create a short cinematic video. This is one of the most popular features for a reason.

Speed ​​up time with just a few taps by creating stunning hyperlapse or time lapse video. Record traffic jams or passing clouds and add drama to your videos.

Fast Transfer
Ready to share your creations, Mini 3 Pro supports fast WiFi uploads at up to 30Mbps.

Capture the immensity of any landscape with wide-angle, 180-degree, vertical and spherical panoramas.

Digital zoom
4x digital zoom helps you get closer to your subject without disturbing the scene. You can also prepare and view recordings remotely.

Increase the performance of your Mini. Discover more design and flight possibilities with this handy accessory.

DJI RC Remote Control
Your phone is free again with DJI RC. This lightweight remote controller features a built-in screen specially designed for the DJI Mini 3 Pro. With the pre-installed DJI Fly app, you can fully focus on flying and save your phone’s battery.

Double-sided charging station
This practical accessory can hold three batteries and charge them one after the other. Take them with you to charge your remote control, smartphone or other devices when needed.

ND Filter Set
Adapt to changing lighting conditions with ND filters (ND16/64/256) and always be ready for the perfect shot.

Wide angle lens
Enhance every scene with the DJI Mini 3 Pro Wide Angle Lens and expand your field of view from 16° to 9° when recording video (75:100).