Mini fridge quietest: The Best Mini Fridges for Your Home

The Best Mini Fridges for Your Home

The mini fridge is a perfect addition to any home theater, gaming room, or even bedroom. However, I’ve found that if you want a fridge in any of these rooms, then it’s best to get one of the quietest mini fridges possible.

Although fridges are never particularly loud, it’s definitely worth investing in a quiet mini fridge if you’re putting them in some kind of entertainment room. After all, the last thing you want is an annoying buzz while you’re trying to watch a movie.

The best quietest mini fridges available

Unfortunately, many mini fridges don’t list their decibel rating, unlike normal fridges. So to get around this, I’ve tested each one myself to confirm they really are the quietest mini fridges on the market in 2020.

1. Smad Mini Quiet Fridge

This mini fridge is a great place to start when it comes to the quietest mini fridges on the market. While it might not be the cheapest, you’re definitely paying for a quality piece of equipment.

What’s more, this mini fridge comes with a range of great features, such as a lockable door and a reversible door hinge. This means the door can be opened from either side, which makes it much easier to position in your room.

The manufacturers claim this mini fridge makes no noise, and they’re not far wrong; it really is incredibly quiet. It’s still very efficient and chills its contents to between 37 and 53 degrees Fahrenheit.

Finally, the fridge comes in 3 size options, with the standard one having 1 cubic foot of internal space. This is enough to fit several drinks and snacks, but won’t fit many big items, although that’s not what this kind of fridge is for.

  • Lockable door and reversible hinges make it suitable for a number of different rooms
  • Almost silent
  • Keeps contents nice and cool
  • Not the cheapest mini fridge on the market

2. Midea WHS-65LB1

This mini fridge is considerably cheaper than others on the list but does a good job of keeping food cold. It works at a lower temperature than others, with its range falling between 32 and 35 degrees Fahrenheit.

Importantly, this fridge is really quiet and operates at around 1dB. This is about as quiet as you can really get, and is almost unnoticeable when you’re watching a film or listening to music.

There are a number of size and format options for this fridge, but the basic model has 1.6 cubic feet of internal space. The largest option available is 3.5 cubic feet, and there are both single and double door options available.

Although many people don’t buy a mini fridge for its looks, it’s always helpful for it to look nice anyway. Luckily this mini fridge is fairly sleek and is finished in black, meaning it’ll go nicely in almost any room.


  • Fairly inexpensive but still effective
  • Chills food very cold
  • Almost silent
  • Plenty of size options available


  • No lock on the door


Cooluli Silent Mini Fridge

One of the main advantages of this mini fridge is that it’s portable, meaning you can move it between rooms and even take it traveling if you want. It includes both AC and DC power cords, along with a USB cord too, allowing you to power it in a car.

Although this mini fridge is nowhere near as big as some of the others – its internal capacity is only 4 liters – it makes up for this by being portable. If all you need is somewhere to cool your drinks, then this model will still be fine.

Importantly, this fridge is almost silent and is also very energy efficient, which is always a big plus. It also comes in 7 different colors, and none of them are particularly expensive.

Finally, another impressive feature of this mini fridge is that it warms as well as cools. It can chill its contents to around 40 degrees lower than the ambient temperature and can warm up to a maximum of 144 degrees Fahrenheit.

  • Can both warm and cool
  • Is portable and comes with several power cables
  • Comes in a range of colors
  • Doesn’t have a particularly large storage capacity
  • Does get a bit of ice buildup after running for a while


Midea WHS-65LSS1

Another entry from Midea on this list should tell you that they’re a big name in the quiet mini fridge market. This one has the added benefit of being energy efficient, along with being extremely quiet.

Standing 19.4 inches tall, it’s not the most compact on this list but is still small enough for it to be squeezed into most rooms. Its internal storage is 1.6 cubic feet, which is more than enough to fit drinks and snacks.

However, this model also comes in a number of size options, with the largest featuring 3.5 cubic feet of internal space. I’ve found that the standard model is an ideal size for use in a bedroom or entertainment room.

This model also features a reversible door and adjustable legs, which are always helpful features. Its temperature ranges from 32 to 35 degrees Fahrenheit, so it’ll keep its contents nice and cool.

  • Plenty of internal storage with a number of size options available
  • Is almost silent and will go unnoticed in almost any room
  • Very energy efficient
  • Only comes in 2 color options


Black and Decker BCRK17B Mini Fridge

Black and Decker are known for their quality machines, and this mini fridge is no exception. Along with being reasonably priced, it functions well and a number of practical features, including a small freezer compartment.

This mini fridge makes next to no noise, and hence, is perfect for use in rooms such as a bedroom or living room. The hum is barely audible even when there’s no other noise in the room, and it sounds something like a humidifier.

It has 1.7 cubic feet of internal capacity, but this can be adjusted for taller items by removing the shelf. However, there’s plenty of space in the door for drinks, so this shouldn’t really be necessary.

If 1.7 cubic feet isn’t enough though, you have several size options to choose from, with the largest featuring 4.3 cubic feet of storage space. All size options include a separate freezer compartment.

  • Plenty of internal storage space
  • Almost silent
  • Comes in a number of size and color options
  • The freezer compartment means it needs defrosting more than some other models on this list


Chefman Mini Portable Fridge

This is another good option if you’re looking for a truly portable quiet mini fridge. However, the payoff for this is the massive reduction in internal storage, as this model only has 4 liters.

That said, it’s still enough for a 12 pack of cans, which should be plenty. It can be set to either warm or cool, so you can use it for a range of foods. Just make sure that you turn it off before you change settings so it can acclimatize.

Because it’s portable this fridge is an ideal choice for using around home or in the office, but can also be taken on the road. It comes with a standard power cable but also a USB cable, meaning it can be powered in a vehicle.

Another significant tradeoff compared to other models is that this fridge doesn’t cool as low. However, if all you want it for is cooling drinks and snacks, then it’ll do its job just fine.

  • Lightweight and easily portable
  • Comes with several power cables so it can be used at home and on the road
  • Is really quiet and is barely noticeable when in use
  • Doesn’t cool as low as some other models on this list
  • Cools relative to ambient temperature, so can’t be set at a particular temperature


RCA RFR320 Mini Fridge

Fridges should generally be chosen based on their functionality, but sometimes them looking nice really doesn’t hurt. If you want an attractive mini fridge that’s still quiet and functions well, this is the one for you.

It comes in a range of colors, including purple, red, and orange, and so will definitely be a standout piece of equipment in your room. It has 3.2 cubic feet of internal storage, including a small freezer compartment too.

Although this fridge is still really quiet, it’s definitely not the quietest on this list. However, the level of noise it makes really isn’t noticeable, particularly if there’s a TV on in the room. As you might have guessed, though, I wouldn’t recommend it for a bedroom.

The fridge has a reversible door and adjustable feet so it can be put almost anywhere. It’s got a built-in thermostat and can keep your food and drink really cool, which is always helpful.

  • Attractive range of colors available
  • Functions well and keeps food pretty cold
  • Has the benefit of a freezer compartment
  • Isn’t as quiet as some others on this list
  • Isn’t the best choice for a bedroom, but is fine in an office or TV room


Phiestina 15-inch Glass Door Fridge

The typical image of a mini fridge is one with a glass door, and this fridge matches that description perfectly. It stands 15 inches tall and has the capacity to hold 96 standard drinks cans!

Importantly, this fridge is incredibly quiet and barely makes any noise at all. That makes it suitable for basically any room in the house. What’s more, it’s also really energy efficient.

Although it’s marketed as a drinks fridge, it’s fairly easy to remove the shelves, which allows you to store larger items. However, its internal storage isn’t as great as some other models on this list but it is more than enough if you just want to cool drinks.

What’s more, there are several sizing options available if you think you need more space. Each model has a reversible door and LED strip lighting, which can be turned off if necessary.

  • Chills down to 38 degrees Fahrenheit
  • Can hold up to 96 drinks cans
  • Is incredibly quiet and energy-efficient
  • Is taller than it is wide, which can be limiting depending on what you plan to store in it


Cooluli 15-liter Classic Mini Fridge

Much like the other Cooluli mini fridge listed above, this one is ideal for taking around with you and is suitable for both homes and on the go. Its 15-liter capacity is more than enough for storing a few drinks and some snacks.

It’s a very quiet fridge and will go unnoticed in basically any room. Also, it’s very energy efficient and doesn’t have frost build-up, meaning it shouldn’t ever need to be defrosted.

Like the other portable models, this fridge can both chill and heat. It chills to 35 degrees below ambient temperature and up to 144 degrees above it, which gives you a great range of options.

Also, it has several power cable options included so you can power it both from mains electricity and using the USB cable in a car. This is easily one of the most useful features, although the constant switching of cables can lead to some wear.

  • Easy to move around
  • Very quiet and energy-efficient
  • Comes with several power cable options
  • Heats or cools based on ambient temperature, meaning it might not be great in particularly warm areas


Daewoo Retro Compact Fridge

This is another fashionable mini fridge, but it is definitely worth it for the interesting choice of colors and retro design. On top of this, it’s also a really quiet and well functioning fridge.

There are 2 size options available with either 2.8 or 4.4 cubic feet of internal storage, and a number of color options. Although it’s slightly more expensive than others on this list, it’s a good piece of equipment.

It also features a separate freezer compartment, and all of the included shelves are removable to make more space for larger items. It even features a salad drawer, although this can also be filled with drinks if that’s what you’re using it for.

The fridge can chill to a fairly low temperature and it has a thermostat fitted that allows you to change the temperature easily. However, the addition of the freezer means that it does need defrosting regularly.

  • Interesting retro design
  • Is very quiet and energy-efficient
  • Has plenty of internal storage
  • The freezer means it needs defrosting regularly
  • Not as compact as some other models on this list


NewAir 126 Can Freestanding Mini Fridge

As this fridge stands around 32 inches tall, it’s definitely not the most compact on this list. However, it compensates for this by having enough internal storage for 126 standard drinks cans, which makes it ideal for use in a home theater or bar.

It’s also pretty quiet, which is a big help when using it indoors. Also, it features 7 temperature settings that range between 37 and 64 degrees Fahrenheit, so will keep your food and drink quite cool.

Although it has a glass door, it’s double layered and so provides plenty of insulation. All of the internal shelves are removable, allowing you to make space for larger items when necessary.

What’s more, the door is reversible and so you shouldn’t be limited by placement options. Overall, if you’re looking for a good drinks fridge for either indoor or outdoor use, this is a good option for you.

  • Plenty of internal storage
  • Runs very quiet and is energy efficient
  • 7 temperature settings to choose from
  • Not particularly compact


Danby DAR044A6LDB Mini Fridge

With 4.4 cubic feet of internal storage, this is a great model if you’re looking to chill a large amount of food and drink at the same time. It has several internal and door shelves, all of which can be removed or adjusted.

It comes in a number of colors too, although the nicest is definitely the red. The door has a lock, meaning it can be kept secure when you’re not around. This is a particularly useful feature if you plan on using it at work.

Importantly, it’s incredibly quiet, and most of the time you won’t even notice it’s running. It cools to a minimum of 32 degrees Fahrenheit and is energy efficient, meaning it shouldn’t frost up either.

  • Energy-efficient and quiet
  • Good range of colors
  • Plenty of internal storage
  • Not the most compact mini fridge

Some final thoughts

Although there are many factors behind choosing a mini fridge, one of the most important is definitely the amount of noise it makes. However, as you can see, there are plenty of quiet mini fridges on the market, and there should one that’s right for you.

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Top 5 Quietest Mini Fridge Options For 2023 – Soundproof Guide

A mini fridge can truly come in handy, as long as it is not too noisy. For most people, they stick a mini fridge in a pretty popular area of a home or room, so if it makes too much noise, it will be a huge inconvenience for people to deal with.

Sounds that come out of nowhere are usually because there is some type of problem with the fridge, but what are the best mini fridges that run quietly all the time?

The options below are the best for silence and value, depending on specific needs.

1. Danby DAR026A2BDB Compact Refrigerator

This refrigerator from Danby is about as great as one can find online. They offer different sizes as small as 1.7 cubic feet, all the way up to 4. 4 cubic feet. The most important thing is, they provide a very quiet solution for just about any room out there.

As an energy star compliance refrigerator, the entire set up is very focused on efficiency. Even though it is a mini fridge, the inside is maximized for many different storage possibilities.

On the exterior, the casing is strong and sturdy, making sure that any minimal sounds are reduced as much as possible to the ear.

The size of the refrigerator is also very easy to put into nearly any pocket of a room and have it tucked away.

A good size like this is beneficial for everyone, because if it is an awkward size, it is not going to fit properly.

People who own this refrigerator love how simple it is, how little energy it uses, and how it is so quiet that it is easy to forget it is there. Simply put, it is hard to find something with as much value as this.

Click Here for the current price for this Danbi Mini Fridge from Amazon.


Black+Decker BCRK17W Refrigerator

As a trusted name for decades, Black+Decker is a mini fridge worth looking out for. For a great small option, 1.7 cubic feet is more than enough for people to keep a few things cold and ready to go.

A lot of people put this in something like a spare room, a bedroom or some other isolated area of the home. It’s only going to hold a few things since it is so small, but it is once again a very efficient option worth checking out.

It runs very quietly, allowing people to enjoy life without really realizing that it is there. Some put it right next to their bed, and there are no distractions.

It comes in a simple design, but the magnetic front allows for customization as well. From my sound perspective, adding magnets will only help muffle the sound even more if it is starting to run loudly.

Black+Decker understands that this is meant to be a space saver, and since it’s so close to where people are hanging out, it needs to put out nearly no sound.

Click Here for the current price for this Black+Decker Mini Fridge from Amazon.

3. AstroAI Mini Fridge

When people think of a mini refrigerator, it’s usually a bit bigger than this. However, for a truly compact design that is also capable of going just about anywhere, this option from AstroAI might be the ultimate solution.

It only has the capacity for a few essentials, but works great at home or on the road. Some people will use a plug that goes into a cigarette lighter to use for road trips, which makes it extremely flexible for so many situations.

Affordability is also a great quality of this mini fridge. For less than $50, a person has exactly what they need to keep a few things cool. It’s cheap enough that it can be used occasionally, and then stored when it is not in use.

As an extremely efficient, green option, the refrigerator makes nearly no noise whatsoever. It operates extremely quietly, even allowing a person to sleep without any distractions when traveling.

It’s perfect for its simplicity and can be picked up and carried around like a grocery bag in many ways.

Click Here for the current price AstroAI Mini Fridge on Amazon.

4. Antarctic Star Wine Cooler & Beverage Refrigerator

If the mini refrigerator is meant to store alcohol, this is the best option to go with right now. Antarctic Star offers 18 bottle, 26 bottle and 36 bottle sizes for people to have everything ready for consumption at all times.

These types of refrigerators are different than standard ones. Certain wines must keep cool at all times, but the temperature is not the same as a standard refrigerator. Most strive for around 55° F, but it varies.

Since this refrigerator is not opened and closed as much as others, it must run very quietly. Every single day, it runs so quietly that it just blends into the rest of the area.

There is no vibration whatsoever, and the advanced cooling system truly puts it in a class of its own. On top of everything, it has a classic look that makes the refrigerator seem more expensive than it is.

This refrigerator is part functional, and part display piece. Any visitors can see what is inside, and if a person wants to show off a new bottle of wine, this is a great way to do it.

Click Here for the current price for the Antartic Star Mini Fridge.

5. hOmeLabs Mini Fridge

For some people, they are looking for a mini fridge that can also handle many of the same responsibilities as the main fridge. Sure, it is not going to be nearly as big, but it still needs to have enough space for essentials.

The space-saving, compact refrigerator from hOmeLabs is perfect for people who want something like that.

It is a very minimalist, functional design that might not win a ton of style points, but it does everything it needs to do.

People have a hard time understanding how it can fit so many things inside at once, and also stay very quiet, even when the door is open. It runs extremely efficiently, saving people on their energy bill and fitting into smaller areas.

The door storage especially stands out, as very few mini fridges have this type of flexibility. They found a way to maximize every single inch inside the fridge, and that makes it a true standout performer.

Click Here for the current price for HomeLabs Mini Fridge.

How to Handle the Sound of a Mini Fridge

Even the quietest mini fridges out there will still produce a little bit of noise, and that could be problematic for some people. If that is the case, there are additional soundproofing methods that can be taken to reduce the noise level.

For starters, look for a more secluded area of a room or home to tuck the mini fridge away. It doesn’t have to be right next to the bed if it is in the bedroom, or the couch if it is in the living room. Put it off to the side will give a little buffer between people in the room, and the fridge itself.

There’s also the opportunity to put a mini fridge in a cabinet designed for storage. Some people do this anyway for design purposes, but it could be a great way to isolate the sound a bit more. It also makes it easier to install padding, foam or other soundproofing material to handle everything.

Finally, there is the option of only using the mini fridge when it is needed. Keep everything in the bigger fridge in a different room, and only plug in the mini fridge when something needs to stay chilled in a different location. This is a pretty big inconvenience for a lot of people, but it does provide some quiet sleep in the end.

Click here for a full article on how to make a refrigerator quieter. 

How to Keep Refrigerators Cool to Avoid Overuse

The main reason why refrigerators become noisy is that they are overused, trying to keep everything at a certain temperature.

One way to avoid having an overworked refrigerator is to put it in the right area of a home. Don’t put it in direct sunlight, and keep it away from anything that might warm it up.

This is going to keep the refrigerator from having to kick on and cool everything down. Not only will it help extend the life of the refrigerator, but it means it will use less energy as well.

Also, make sure to not leave the door open, even a little bit. Most refrigerators this size are so small that they are rarely open for long, but they are a little more vulnerable to not closing completely.

If it has just a slight leak, it might constantly run without a person even realizing it. Make sure that it closes completely before walking away, and don’t try to overstuff a mini refrigerator.

Final Shopping Tips for Quiet Mini Refrigerators

One of the best ways to get a chance to experience just how quiet a mini refrigerator is comes down to visiting friends and family.

A lot of people have their own mini fridge at home, and if they have good things to say about theirs, it’s worth looking into.

Since mini refrigerators are so small, it’s a lot easier to have it shipped to a home to save money. There are always some decent sales available locally at times, but the best variety will always be online.

It also allows people to read up on reviews to see what others have to say about options out there. They offer exact measurements and sizing so people can check to see if it is exactly what they need to keep everything a little cooler at home.

Like this:

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The Best Quiet Studio Refrigerators

Any refrigerator is a technical device that cannot operate absolutely silently. And in the studio apartment, all sounds are especially audible. The degree of perception of the sounds it makes depends on the individual characteristics of a person, but there are also scientifically based limits fixed in the regulatory documentation. Let’s figure out why the refrigerator is noisy and how to choose the quietest one.


  • Compresso p. One of the most important parts of the refrigerator. There is a slight noise during the compression of the refrigerant, but it does not cause irritation.
  • Condensate. When the compressor is turned off, a gurgle can be heard
  • Electrical relay. All refrigerators are equipped with it, they control the operation of the compressor. Occasionally, a soft click is heard when the relay switches and starts or stops the compressor.
  • Shelves. If they are loose, a rattling sound may be heard.

In addition, freon flows from a gaseous state to a liquid state and vice versa, it also makes a little noise. We advise, after installing the refrigerator in the apartment, give it a little “rest” so that the air bubbles that form during shaking can settle and burst.

How does the number of compressors affect?

Most refrigerators may have one or two compressors.

If the refrigerator is equipped with two compressors, it will make less noise. Since each compressor works with a certain volume of liquid, which is divided into two parts. Consequently, the amount of work per compressor is less, which allows you to spend less effort on processing warm air.

Does the type of defrost affect the noise?

If the refrigerator is equipped with the No Frost system or the possibility of removing unpleasant odors from the chamber is provided, then the appliance has a fan. And he also makes noise while working.

In the studio apartment, the refrigerator is not far from the bed, there is reason to think: sleep like a baby or noisy, but you don’t need to defrost the “assistant”?

Permissible noise level according to GOST?

Household refrigerators sold in Russia have an upper permissible noise threshold of 53dB. A similar level of noise is the voice of a calmly speaking person with you in the same room. It does not stand out much from the general background and does not interfere.

The operating instructions contain information about the noise level. In many stores, this indicator is indicated on the price tag or in the description, in the technical information section. Ideally, the lower mark should be zero, but there are no absolutely silent compressors. Modern manufacturers call “quiet” refrigerators with a noise level of 30-40 dB. This noise is similar to a low-pitched conversation in an undertone or the ticking of a wall clock.


Refrigerator LG GA-B419 SQGL

Multi Air Flow.
The multi-flow cooling system distributes cold air evenly to keep food fresher longer, even on the top shelves.

LED light.
Long life energy saving LED lighting.

The large volume of the refrigerator and freezer will allow you to store all your favorite products without fear of lack of space. Beautiful design will fit into any interior. The shelves of the refrigerator are made of impact-resistant glass and plastic, they can withstand significant loads.

Less noise.
Smart Inverter Compressor can significantly reduce noise and vibration levels, and extend the life of the device.

Refrigerator Indesit DS 4180 W

Optimum humidity.
Unique technology keeps your food from drying out by constantly maintaining optimal moisture levels in the refrigerator.

Low Frost.
Low Frost System – a special design of the evaporator circuit, which is placed around the entire perimeter of the freezer, effectively prevents the formation of frost inside the freezer. Almost silent operation of cooling/defrosting systems.

Refrigerator will prevent defrosting and spoilage of food even in case of long-term power outage, because it has autonomous cold storage technology, designed for 18 hours.

Refrigerator Bosch KGV36XW21R

FreshSense. Climate control of your refrigerator.
A constant temperature is essential for long shelf life. FreshSense sensors constantly monitor and maintain the temperature in the refrigerator and freezer compartments.

Freezer that practically defrosts itself.
The LowFrost function reduces frost build-up in the freezer so you don’t have to defrost as often. If defrosting is required, the LowFrost freezers have a practical opening in the bottom of the appliance, allowing the water to drain quickly and easily. Almost silent operation of cooling/defrosting systems.

NatureCool technology preserves the natural freshness, taste and aroma of food thanks to the optimal moisture level.

Refrigerator ATLANT XM 4619-100

Reliable device.
With a generous 340 liters capacity (96 liters for the freezer and 244 liters for the fridge), you’ll save a week’s worth of food. Don’t worry about a sudden power outage – ATLANT XM 4619-100 works autonomously for 19 hours.

No frost!
Thanks to No Frost technology, frost and frost will not appear in the refrigerator.

Maximum precision.
Electronic control allows you to set a strictly defined temperature value.

Refrigerator ATLANT ХМ 6023-031

Easy defrosting.
Refrigerator compartment stays clean and dry thanks to drip defrost system. All the ice immediately turns into water, the water, in turn, evaporates under the influence of heat – and all this automatically. You can quickly defrost the Atlant freezer by hand, for final cleaning it will be enough to wipe it with a damp sponge.

Very roomy.
Excellent refrigerator capacity – 360 liters, will allow you to store enough food for 3-4 people. A magnificent freezer of 154 liters and 4 containers allows you to freeze berries, vegetables and meat in large quantities.

Two compressors.
Noise reduction is an important factor for those who have a kitchen combined with the living space of the apartment. Two-compressor units are much quieter than conventional refrigerators. The freezing compressor turns on quite rarely, but two small appliances still make less noise than one large one. Even at night, the sounds of the cooling device are not audible.


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Quietest refrigerator rating | SC “Kyiv Remont”

Artur Serebrin

– Dec 10, 2020

Despite the fact that refrigerators are rarely installed in residential premises, the noise emitted by the refrigerator compressor can significantly affect the comfort of a house or apartment as a whole. After all, characteristic sounds will be heard in all areas of the home. Especially at night. Moreover, noise can occur not only due to the technical features of the refrigerator itself, but also due to a breakdown. Therefore, if your “cold friend” began to make unusual loud sounds, contact the service center, where you will quickly and inexpensively repair the refrigerator and get rid of excessive noise.

What affects the noise level of the refrigerator

The principle of operation of modern refrigerators is based on the transformation of the refrigerant phase from liquid to gaseous and vice versa. At the same time, heat is taken from the products in the chamber and removed to the outside. To provide the necessary conditions for such transformations in refrigerators, a compressor is used that pumps freon at the required pressure through the system. An electric motor is used to drive the compressor piston. This node is the main source of noise in refrigerators.

In addition, the fan in the appliances equipped with the NoFrost auto-defrost system can make specific sounds. Using various technological tricks, manufacturers create almost silent refrigerators.

In addition to process noise, the owners themselves often create conditions for the occurrence of various kinds of extraneous sounds during the operation of the unit or amplification of noise from the operation of the compressor unit. The reasons for this are not leveling the refrigerator, a small distance between the walls of the refrigerator and neighboring furniture or a wall, an incorrectly loaded refrigerator, as well as decorative elements or other equipment installed on the refrigerator. Also, the noise level is affected by breakdowns of individual components, poor-quality refrigerant, which causes a characteristic “gurgling” or poor-quality assembly. All these factors can turn even the quietest refrigerator into a “rattling monster”.

Many of these noise causes can be eliminated on your own. For this, it is necessary to adhere to the manufacturer’s recommendations, both during installation and during operation. There are many effective ways to reduce refrigerator noise, but timely prevention and regular defrosting of the refrigerator are considered the simplest and most effective.

But no less important condition for a comfortable neighborhood with refrigeration equipment is the right choice of model when buying. Consider the most silent refrigerators that manufacturers offer today. These models provide a noise level of less than 30-40 dB.

Rating of the quietest refrigerators

This list includes models from different manufacturers, because each of them tries to make their products as “quiet” as possible, using the most unexpected design solutions.

  • Indesit SB 185. The classic model of a free-standing two-compartment refrigerator. This silent refrigerator has a noise level not exceeding 40-41 dB. Among the additional features, one can distinguish the function of the so-called super-freezing and the complete set with an ice container. In addition, users added a stylish design, good capacity and affordable price to the list of advantages. At the same time, many did not like the fragile plastic inside.
  • Bosch KIV38X20. This two-chamber reliable refrigerator is considered one of the most energy efficient (class A +) and quietest built-in models on the market. Users note the high build quality and affordable price. The manufacturer gives a ten-year warranty on the operation of the electric motor. The disadvantages often include a small freezer, a small intershelf distance and a very uncomfortable shelf-compartment for cooling containers with drinks.
  • ATLANT XM 4008-022. Inexpensive, reliable and quiet refrigerator with a high energy efficiency (class A), durable metal case and quite good quality. The disadvantages include perhaps not too powerful freezer (minimum temperature -18 °) and the low position of the door handles. When switching on and off, clicks of the triggered relay are heard.
  • ATLANT MXM 2835-90. A distinctive feature of this model is the high freezing rate (up to 4.5 kg per day). Also, the advantages of users include low noise, the ability to reinstall shelves, budget cost, practicality and good capacity. The manufacturer provides a three-year warranty. Users didn’t like the small egg storage tray and the extra effort to open the doors.
  • Indesit DF 5200 W. This large volume and stylish unit with low energy consumption (Class A) and No Frost automatic defrost system is suitable for both a large home and a quiet refrigerator for a studio. Thanks to the external display, you can always control the current temperature in the chambers. It quickly cools food, and thanks to its high-quality assembly and dense case, it is less prone to mechanical damage. The only drawbacks users recognized were the quiet volume of the open door signal and the lack of fasteners for hanging doors as standard, although this possibility itself was implemented.
  • Liebherr CNPes 5156. Energy-saving (class A ++) two-chamber and two-compressor model of a wide refrigerator with No Frost auto-defrost and electronic control can keep cold offline for up to 34 hours. In addition to the low noise level, users note the large capacity, high strength of the glass shelves, and the “freshness zone” containers have the ability to adjust the humidity. The only downside is the high price.
  • Indesit ES 15. These quiet refrigerators are best suited for unassuming users. They perfectly freeze, keep the optimal level of humidity in the chambers, which prevents the formation of ice. There is a long-term warranty for both the engine and the entire product as a whole. But the most important thing is a capacious refrigerating compartment and a low price. But there are also disadvantages: the model is not economical enough, and the door handles are not very comfortable.
  • Bosch KGV36XL2AR. The manufacturer of these quiet and energy efficient two-compartment full-sized refrigerators provides a ten-year warranty on the compressor. In addition, the refrigerator implements the technology of optimal temperature distribution, which allows you to maintain the ideal level of moisture. Users attributed the lack of a freshness zone and an external display for temperature control to the disadvantages.
  • LG GA-E429 SQRZ. The features of this model, in addition to quiet operation, include good energy efficiency (class A +), the built-in Total No Frost auto-defrost system and the ability to control the refrigerator from a smartphone via Wi Fi. Also, users liked the large display on the door, the shelf in the freezer and good capacity.
  • Samsung RR-39 M7140SA. This energy-efficient (A+) single-chamber refrigerator can also be controlled from a smartphone. This is essentially a huge refrigerator without a freezer, capable of quickly cooling food. The manufacturer has built into this model a system of uniform distribution of cold All-around Cooling. An excellent choice as an additional refrigerator, since you cannot do without a freezer on the farm. The only downside is the high price.

After carefully studying the characteristics of the models from the above list, you can easily choose the quietest refrigerator for your home.