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Solid Wood Corner TV Stands & Cabinets

Minimize your entertainment center’s footprint with one of Countryside Amish Furniture’s solid wood corner TV stands or corner media consoles. These attractive, hardwood cabinets tuck neatly into the corner of your living room, and come in a wide variety of styles and configurations to accommodate your storage and decor.

Chillicothe Corner TV Cabinet

More than just a corner TV stand, this solid wood console merges display shelving with protected cabinets with glass doors for the ultimate furniture addition.

From $2914

Wood Types

+5 more.

Camp Verde Corner Media Console

Stand your TV atop the solid wood Camp Verde Corner Media Console and tuck your entertainment supplies underneath for a streamlined, polished appearance.

From $1180

Wood Types

+4 more.

Camp Verde Corner TV Stand

Though simple, the Camp Verde Corner TV Stand checks all boxes: solid wood construction, multiple sizing options, and deep cabinets for entertainment storage.

From $1620

Wood Types

+4 more.

Dyersburg Corner TV Stand

Store media center supplies within the shaker-styled Dyersburg Corner TV Stand made from solid wood and decoratively curved glass panels, made-to-order.

From $1631

Wood Types

+4 more.

Sun City Corner Media Stand

Fulfill entertainment console needs with this solid wood corner media stand, complete with both glass paneled and concealed cabinets and mission-styled legs.

From $1620

Wood Types

+4 more.

Yutan Corner TV Cabinet

The solid wood Yutan TV Cabinet, made with 53” or 63” widths, will store your media on adjustable shelves behind arched glass cabinet doors.

From $1429

Wood Types

+4 more.

Oro Valley Corner Media Console

Maintaining the true Shaker style spirit, this corner TV cabinet is made from solid wood with practically adjustable shelving and subtle rope molding.

From $1631

Wood Types

+4 more.

Sunrise Manner Corner Media Console

Perch your TV on the Sunrise Manner Corner Media Console, complete with soft close concealed hinges for cabinet doors and a dovetailed full extension drawer.

From $2214

Wood Types

+6 more.

Sunrise Manner Corner Cabinet

Fulfill all TV and media storage needs with the solid wood Sunrise Manner Corner Cabinet, complete with cord management ports and full-extension drawers.

From $2569

Wood Types

+6 more.

Marlette 1-Drawer Corner Cabinet

It’s all about the solid wood details when it comes to this Arts and Crafts corner TV cabinet, from the exposed joinery and ebony inlay to the concealed hinges.

From $2291

Wood Types

+6 more.

Marlette 2-Drawer Corner TV Stand

Organize your media with finesse with the Marlette 2-Drawer Corner TV Stand, made from solid wood and including dovetailed full-extension drawers.

From $2614

Wood Types

+6 more.

Leslie Corner TV Cabinet

Stand your TV on top of the solid wood Leslie Corner TV Cabinet, mixing an open shelf with storage tucked behind glass doors complete with hidden hinges.

From $2126

Wood Types

+6 more.

Lakeland 1-Drawer Corner TV Cabinet

This solid wood corner TV cabinet combines diamond inlay accents, decorative wooden slats and corbels, and concealed hinges for a gorgeous way to store media.

From $2049

Wood Types

+6 more.

Lakeland 2-Drawer Corner Console

This corner TV stand mixes the solid construction of wooden dovetailed drawers and soft close concealed hinges with visual enhancements like decorative handles.

From $2351

Wood Types

+6 more.

Laird 2-Drawer Corner TV Stand

The Laird 2-Drawer Corner TV Stand has it all: a solid wood build, a side mount soft close slides, and a soft close concealed hinges on cabinet doors.

From $2580

Wood Types

+6 more.

Laird Corner TV Cabinet

The wooden Laird Corner TV Cabinet provides iconic mission finesse with its slatted sides, exposed tenons, and handsome hardware. Organize your media in style!

From $2291

Wood Types

+6 more.

Barkerville 1-Drawer Corner Console

This wooden corner TV stand checks all the boxes: a dovetailed full extension drawer and glass panel cabinet doors with soft close concealed hinges.

From $2063

Wood Types

+6 more.

Barkerville 2-Drawer Corner TV Cabinet

The streamlined, mission-style Barkerville 2-Drawer Corner TV Cabinet will fit in with any contemporary decor with its hidden hinges and use of real wood.

From $2371

Wood Types

+6 more.

Edmore 3-Door Corner Console

This traditionally styled corner TV stand puts the beauty of genuine hardwood on full display with its carved panels and concealed cabinet door hinges.

From $2071

Wood Types

+6 more.

Edmore 4-Door TV Corner Cabinet

Elegant and practical, the wooden Edmore 4-Door TV Corner Cabinet comes with adjustable shelves and extra side-storage concealed by solid, paneled doors.

From $2474

Wood Types

+6 more.

Danby Corner Media Stand

Store your ample media collection with this handsome wooden corner TV stand. Drawers are full-extension and use sidemounted soft-close slides.

From $2360

Wood Types

+6 more.

Danby 2-Drawer Corner TV Cabinet

Choose the wood, stain and hardware to bring the Danby 2-Drawer Corner TV Cabinet to life. Includes dovetailed full extension drawers for optimal media storage.

From $2689

Wood Types

+6 more.

Sebastian McCoy Corner Media Stand

Accented with smoked glass door with hardwood mullions, the Sebastian McCoy Corner Media Stand brings three glass shelves into your home for components.

From $2123

Wood Types

+4 more.

Rockefeller Corner TV Cabinet

A modern take on the classic shaker furniture design, our Rockefeller Corner TV Cabinet occupies 42 inches of wall space and provides a cabinet and drawer.

From $2880

Wood Types

+4 more.

Coronado Corner TV Stand

Made from real wood in a mission design, this Coronado Corner TV Stand is built to last. A catalyzed conversion varnish top coat ensures lasting durabilty.

From $3243

Wood Types

+6 more.

Tahoe Corner TV Stand

A Tahoe Corner TV Stand makes a simple adjustment to the classic entertainment center, giving you the wide structure while still fitting into a corner.

From $2663

Wood Types

+6 more.

Adams TV Corner Cabinet

Amish craftsmanship and Cherry American hardwood never go out of style. Bring heirloom furniture into your living room with the Adams TV Corner Cabinet.

From $2880

Wood Types

+4 more.

Rushmore Corner TV Stand

Taking up just under 37 inches of wall space, the Rushmore Corner TV Stand is adorned with hardwood mullions over smoked glass for an authentic mission appeal.

From $2123

Wood Types

+3 more.

Conway Corner TV Stand

Perfectly traditional and handmade by Amish woodworkers, the made-to-order Conway Corner TV Stand is well-suited in a medium stain over solid Oak.

From $1623

Wood Types

+5 more.

Scottsbluff Corner TV Stand

The mission-inspired, solid wood Scottsbluff Corner TV Stand features hand-worn edges and door fronts. The cabinet shelves adjust for your media storage needs.

From $1743

Wood Types

+4 more.

Monarch Monarch 42″ Corner TV Stand

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Enhance the look of your living space with this contemporary corner TV stand. Constructed with thick panels in a modern white finish, this TV stand can be used against any wall and will perfectly fit into a corner as a great space-saving solution. With two fixed open concept shelves, ideal for your media storage needs, this TV stand is simply a must have for any home.

Product Details

Model Number: I 2564

SKU(s): 810542504


  • Product dimensions: 42.0″L x 15.5″W x 19.75″H

  • Product weight: 32 lb

  • Material: Particle Board,Laminate

  • Weight limit: 66 lbs.

  • End use location: Indoor

  • True color: Black

  • Wipe with a damp cloth


  • Functional and stylish stand for TVs of all sizes with a center pedestal stand

  • This white media stand is sure to stand out

  • Entertainment center is equipped with 2 thick panel open concept shelves for accessory and gaming storage

  • Finished on all sides so it fits in with your room’s aesthetic

  • Can be placed against the wall or in the corner to save space

  • Perfect for your living room, bedroom and more

  • Other accessories and décor not included as shown


  • Assembly required: Yes

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Corner TV stand: photos, models, interior

The corner in the room is a special area. A person who finds himself between two walls in such proximity experiences discomfort, therefore, in a large room, the corners almost always remain unused. But with a small area of ​​\u200b\u200bthe living room, such luxury can no longer be allowed.

Corner TV cabinet is one of the best ways to use this space efficiently.


  • 1 Corner TV cabinet placement features
  • 2 Living room interior furniture
  • 3 Product types
  • 4 What catalogs say
  • 5 Photos and prices for corner TV cabinets

installing a TV in a corner is a forced decision .

  1. The best way to see what is happening on the screen is to look straight at it, and not tilt your head or at an angle. And, it means that in order to watch a movie on a screen placed in the corner, the sofa or chair must be parallel to the screen, that is, diagonally in the opposite corner of the room or closer to the center.
  2. The second doubtful question is the viewing angle and the distance to the screen. These values ​​are calculated taking into account the physiological characteristics of vision and a significant deviation simply will not allow you to see what is happening on the screen or enjoy the movie.
  3. The third obvious inconvenience is associated with a large TV. The cabinet for the device should exceed the width of the screen by 35%. But after all, the TV is not installed close to the wall, but cuts off a triangle with a hypotenuse equal to the width of the screen, and the larger the TV receiver, the larger the area of ​​\u200b\u200bthis triangle. Calling such a performance economical is no longer possible.

Placement of the TV on a corner cabinet is more justified in a small bedroom, where the bed, installed with the headboard against the wall, allows you to change the viewing angle.

If another solution is unacceptable, then the corner cabinet is selected first of all by size, and then by style.

Corner TV stand

Furniture in the interior of the living room

The design of the models is the most diverse.

  • Classic style corner TV cabinet – furniture more like a chest of drawers, which, in fact, it is. As a rule, the compartments are deaf, there may be drawers, but open shelves are almost never allowed. The material used is wood, MDF, chipboard. Depending on the style – classicism, baroque, rocaille, carving, figured molding, inlay, gilded fittings and so on.

Usually these cabinets do not fit well with video and audio equipment. Experience shows that light or white-painted wood and glazed doors look better.

  • Modern interpretations of classical styles – neoclassicism, neo-baroque, allow more daring combinations of materials. Here, in a product that is quite classic in its form, glossy acrylic panels, painted wood, glass, metal and painted ornamental elements are used. Such a model in a strict classical style will be in place. And it goes with the TV much better.
  • Minimalist styles require open shelves, which is not only beautiful, but also technically justified. Wood and chipboard noticeably muffles the sound. But if the speakers are placed on open shelves – glass or plastic, sound distortion does not occur. Materials – glass, metal and wood in a variety of combinations. Plastic is used much less frequently, since the cabinet is designed for a rather high load. The minimalist concept allows you to give the TV stand a different shape. The facade of the classic pedestal repeats the shape of the tabletop, the entire product has a section in the form of a triangle or trapezoid. But using wide shelves of this form is completely inconvenient.
  • In techno or high-tech, the facade can have an L-shaped, much more convenient and economical shape with a trapezoidal, triangular or rounded table top.
  • Art Nouveau products with curvilinear asymmetrical facades and countertops can be very original. Wood or wood and metal is almost always used.
  • Rustic styles prefer light or white furniture with traces of use or artificially aged. Oddly enough, it is better combined with modern equipment. Also, a Provence-style cabinet almost always includes open shelves and even barred, rather than blind compartments. This not only gives the model elegance, but also does not interfere with the sound.
  • Loft, industry, fusion do not limit the imagination of designers in any way. Here, the cabinet can literally look like anything: like half a wooden cart on wheels, like a typical bathroom sink cabinet, like a metal frame equipped with kitchen storage systems, like a wooden barrel with a lid, and so on.

Photo of corner TV cabinets in the living room interior

Art Nouveau

High tech

Furniture for small televisions, especially kinescope ones, can be much smaller in size, and often really looks like the simplest high bedside table. From a design point of view, this option is the worst. The TV in the living room is the semantic center of the room. Installed in a corner on a small high stand, it cuts the living room diagonally, forcing the rest of the interior to submit to axial diagonal symmetry. And the last one in a small room is almost impossible.

Product types

The design of corner models does not fundamentally differ from straight ones. The contents include the same elements – open shelves, blind compartments, drawers and a combination of the above devices.

More significant is the difference in the number of corners and the shape of the rear wall.

  • The product forms a triangle in cross section – the most stable model and the most wasteful. With a small size, this is not so noticeable, but with a large diagonal of the TV and, accordingly, the length, the cabinet cuts off a very noticeable part of the room. The selection rule here is this: if the depth of a shelf or drawer is more than 60 cm, then another form of cabinet is preferable.

Shelves with a large depth are almost always idle, as they are inconvenient to use. Accordingly, no space savings can be achieved in this way.

  • Trapezium in section – if the diagonal of the TV is large, this shape will be much more profitable. Of course, the cabinet will occupy the same area as the triangular one, but: firstly, it is more convenient to use shelves of normal depth, and secondly, the free space behind the cabinet provides better ventilation for equipment. And the furniture at the same time does not look bulky.
  • Pentagon – characterized by “cut corners”, this shape, with the same area under the TV, takes up less space and is more economical.
  • L-shaped – the name is somewhat arbitrary, since the facade has such a shape, but the table top can be triangular or trapezoidal. The cabinet takes up minimal space and looks the most elegant.
  • Radius – in fact, a triangular version, but with a curved facade. In high-tech and futurism styles, such models are especially popular. If the cabinet is also long, then the facade can be made more bizarre with a few bends.

Corner stand can take the form of a variety of furniture and perform additional functions.

  • Chest of drawers – differs from the usual corner TV cabinet by the presence of a device with drawers. Here they are the main storage method. The disadvantage of this option is that it is very inconvenient to store speakers, set-top boxes and DVDs in drawers. A model with drawers, but also with shelves for equipment is a better solution.
  • A range of corner shelves – especially with the option of turning, is a popular option for small rooms, especially when the living room is combined with the bedroom and the nursery.
  • Corner cabinet with TV stand is a very good solution, as it turns a modest and often free-standing item into an integral part of the furniture. Typically, the product includes a cabinet with shelves and blind compartments, canisters and shelves above the TV set. A wall option is also possible, in which all of the above is fixed to a common frame wall and a television receiver is mounted to it. Such a model in the appropriate design is suitable for both classic and modern interiors, but you need to make sure that the dimensions of the niche and the height of the location correspond to the screen parameters.

And what does the modern furniture market offer in the field of corner TV cabinets, where to buy them and what is the price, the catalog will tell us further.

Modern TV stand with 2 storage compartments

What the catalogs say

There are a lot of different models even from one manufacturer. Sometimes the difference between the products is a slightly modified facade design, additional storage system, movement of modules, and so on. To those who have not yet decided on the choice, such details seem insignificant. But for someone who is looking for a certain model, but a little different from what he saw in the store, these details are of great importance.

Catalogs of manufacturers and companies involved in the sale of furniture allow consumers to choose goods with any requirements:

  • the catalog makes it possible to sort products by individual parameters;
  • you can “postpone” the model you like and later choose among several products, and not scroll through a lot of photos again;
  • the main page shows a photo of the product, by clicking on it, you can find out a more detailed description;
  • pedestal, especially wood or chipboard, can be offered in a wide variety of colours. In the catalog, this assortment does not accompany each model, but is attached to a specific product, which greatly facilitates viewing and selection.

We hope that our advice will help you to buy a corner TV stand without any problems.

Photo of a white corner TV cabinet

Photos and prices of corner TV cabinets higher cost of the product. The magnitude of the load in this case is less important, since the corner model itself is a stable structure, so the weight can withstand much more.

  • So, a cabinet made of chipboard will cost 2-3 thousand rubles, products made of chipboard and MDF – about 7 thousand rubles, but a model made of wood costs from 20 thousand rubles.
  • Glass corner cabinets with a metal frame are estimated at the level of an MDF product – 6–7 thousand rubles. However, the design of the model can raise the price to 20 and 30 thousand rubles.
  • Exquisite Italian classics will cost at least 30 thousand rubles, and a corner cabinet for TV decorated in modern style – 115 thousand rubles.

Corner pedestal can only be utilitarian if it is a stand for a small device and takes up minimal space. But the models for modern LED TVs and plasma panels are large in size, so willy-nilly they play a prominent role in the interior and must fully match the style of the living room.

Photo of modern corner TV cabinets that can be bought in the store

Techlink Ai110 Ardana (22 320 rubles)
TV-4 MF-108. 004 (4 290 rubles)
Magic Pine Romeo (9 810 R.)
Vasco VT 10-46 Alejandro (9 490 rubles)
Techlink B6B Sharman (23,090 rubles)


20out of 5


16out of 5


16out of 5


16out of 5


20out of 5


20out of 5

4.5 90 022

4.5 out of 5

Good indicator

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Modern TV cabinets look harmonious in the interior

The most honorable place in the house is occupied by the TV. Many people prefer to install a flat screen on the wall, in a specially equipped niche, but this is not always convenient. When redevelopment of the premises, the created structure will have to be dismantled, so modern, mobile, stylish TV cabinets do not give up their leading positions. The increased interest is primarily due to functionality, ease of use, and the availability of an easily accessible storage system.


  1. Style Features
  3. With bracket
  4. Hanging
  5. With chest of drawers
  6. Corner
  7. Material
  8. Placement rules
  9. Additional elements
  10. Nuances of choice
  11. Video
  12. Photo

Style Features

Modern TV cabinets can be equipped with a plasma panel and all the necessary audio and video equipment at an optimal distance that does not harm human health – this allows you to create maximum comfort during an evening rest. TV cabinets in a modern style, the photos of which are presented below, will organically fit into the design of a city apartment or a spacious country mansion. The furniture has a strict laconic form or, on the contrary, smooth lines, original curves. Built-in lighting and cabinet decor elements can completely transform a living space.

The most fashionable design solution is a TV cabinet with LED backlight. Furniture Italy has a well-thought-out storage system that allows you to most ergonomically arrange television accessories. LED strips give a soft diffused light, effectively emphasizing the contents of the cabinet shelves.

The original glass pedestal draws attention and allows you to create a feeling of lightness and spaciousness in the living room. The model is suitable for arranging a spacious studio apartment, it will appeal to people leading an active dynamic lifestyle.

TV cabinets are available in a wide variety of front colours. The surfaces of the pedestal are decorated with the texture of precious woods: wenge, walnut, oak, light pink beech. Models with unusual contrasting color combinations look interesting. The most popular combination of matte and bright glossy surfaces reflecting daylight.


Special requirements are imposed on furniture intended for the installation of modern equipment. The dimensions of the TV cabinets must be selected based on the parameters of the TV screen.

The edges of the TV must not be allowed to protrude beyond the edges of the tabletop, there is a real danger of hitting and dropping expensive equipment. Designers advise choosing long pedestals; in addition to a flat screen, speakers, a player, a TV remote control, flower vases or figurines will fit on them.

TV cabinet for the living room is made of durable materials that can withstand the total weight of all media devices. If the structure is not strong enough, the tabletop will break under the weight of the television equipment.

Cabinets without curves and handles can be used to create modern interiors. Opening and closing of doors occurs after a slight pressure on the facade, thanks to the built-in tip-on system. Laconic light glossy surfaces look rich and presentable.

TV cabinets are modern ergonomic products with hinged or sliding doors, a convenient hole for a TV cable is cut on the back wall of the furniture. Floor and wall-mounted TV cabinet in a modern style photo selection contains all the variety of standard and original models.

With bracket

The high model is equipped with an original mounting method – a tilt-and-turn bracket that allows you to change the viewing angle, easily turn the TV in any convenient direction. Having installed a cabinet with a bracket in the living room, you do not need to drill the wall to hang a flat screen, the wires from the TV are hidden in a special cable channel.

Plasma stand can be easily moved to another location without having to mask old holes and reattach the bracket. A modern pedestal will help you settle down during the evening watching TV with maximum comfort.


For small living rooms, designers recommend using suspended models. A capacious decorative shelf will decorate the entire wall, and not just the area under the TV panel. Unique hinged structures visually expand the living space, create an atmosphere of lightness and spaciousness in the interior.

The open space at the bottom allows you to carry out wet cleaning of the room without any problems. The hanging cabinet organically combines spacious internal compartments for personal belongings, spacious open shelves for bright decor items.

With chest of drawers

Long TV stand with a spacious rectangular top. The functional floor structure is used as a convenient stand for media equipment, and as a spacious storage place for personal belongings and household items.

Modern TV stand can replace a small pencil case or a closed wardrobe. In the center there is an open type shelf for a tuner, a DVD player. There are beautiful design solutions with retractable compartments and a side console for the most ergonomic arrangement of speakers, decorative figurines, framed personal photos, souvenirs brought from holidays in Italy, Greece or Cyprus.


For small living rooms or bedrooms, a model with a corner configuration is more suitable. Corner TV cabinet saves space, does not clutter up the modest size of a city apartment.

The design is practically the same as standard models. The style of modern interiors suggests the presence of open shelves, blank compartments and retractable systems.

The product forms a triangle in cross section – this is the most stable furniture, but it should be borne in mind that corner models with a long table top cut off a noticeable part of the room. If the depth of the shelf is more than 60 cm, it is better to choose a different shape of the floor module.

Production material

The material for creating multifunctional interior elements can be very diverse. Most often, domestic and foreign manufacturers use:

  • wood;
  • chipboard;
  • plastic;
  • glass;
  • metal.


Wooden pedestals are especially reliable and durable. Elite Italian models are made from precious woods: oak, wenge, beech or walnut. Famous craftsmen decorate the cabinet with decorative carved elements – this makes the piece of cabinet furniture luxurious and exclusive. Natural material is sensitive to temperature extremes and high humidity, but there is no dampness in the rooms where the TV is located.

The advantage of laminated chipboard is strength, moisture resistance, excellent soundproofing qualities. In addition, the products are practical and have a relatively low cost. The most popular is furniture in which black and white colors successfully coexist. The lacquered surface is easy to care for, just wipe it with a damp sponge and ordinary detergent.

Flexible and lightweight material looks perfect in modern interiors. The facade of plastic furniture is painted in a wide variety of colors. High-quality expensive plastic has a large margin of safety and a long service life.

When designing a room, it should be taken into account that cheap models are not particularly reliable, so it is not recommended to install heavy media equipment and a large amount of decor on them. Cabinets made of glass allow you to create a feeling of lightness and spaciousness in the room. Elegant products are produced from durable hardened materials capable of withstanding severe loads.

Top available in clear, matt or tinted. The plasma panel looks especially impressive and attractive on a glass stand with a pattern applied to the surface.

Reliable metal nightstands look stylish and harmonious in loft, hi-tech or minimalist interiors. Forged furniture is decorated with shiny decorative elements. Massive metal products are heavy and look bulky. The combination of wood and metal is considered the most ideal – this allows you to create original models that can become a real decoration of a modern living room.

Placement Rules

Place the television in the room so that it is not exposed to direct sunlight or strong light from table or wall lamps. Experts recommend installing soft diffused lighting in the home theater area, only in this case the load on the eyes will be minimal.

The distance from the cabinet to the sofa is calculated using the formula. To do this, you need to multiply the screen diagonal by three. For example, if the diagonal of the TV is 32 inches (86 centimeters), then the distance to the sofa should be at least 2.5 meters. The height of the pedestal also matters. When watching a TV program, it is especially important that the center of the screen is placed at a distance of no more than 1. 5 meters from the floor surface.

In a modern living room, the TV rightfully occupies the most honorable place. As a rule, a flat panel hangs on a central wall or is placed on a special stand. Opposite her, on a comfortable sofa or in easy chairs, all household members, friends or acquaintances are located.

This location can be considered optimal for many reasons:

  • creating the illusion of free space in a small area;
  • modern nightstand emphasizes the overall style of the living room;
  • long narrow furniture blends seamlessly with the flat panel;
  • convenient model allows you to store things in an easily accessible place.

Contemporary style TV cabinets significantly enhance the appearance of a living space and increase its functionality.

Additional elements

Each stand, regardless of shape, size and configuration, has its own individual features: . But it should be borne in mind that this can adversely affect the stability of the structure. Incorrectly applied force will lead to a sharp movement of the support and the fall of equipment;

  • storage system – models are complemented by a side console, open shelves, drawers, stationary or rotating racks made of shiny chrome metal;
  • technological holes – in order to discreetly pass the television cable and all the necessary wires, preventing them from being tangled, a special hole is cut out on the back wall of the furniture;
  • varieties of door systems – doors in bedside tables can be sliding and hinged. The compartment principle helps to save space, but, as a rule, there is always the necessary space in front of the TV.
  • Modern mechanisms for opening the swing doors of the cabinets allow you to open them with one light touch. In hinged models, the door can open up or down.

    The nuances of choosing

    In addition to an attractive appearance, a TV cabinet must have a certain set of characteristics: Drawers should slide smoothly along the guides;

  • furniture dimensions – long modern models are more suitable for installing a large-screen TV, the dimensions of the TV cabinet should exceed the TV parameters by 10-15 cm;
  • safety – durable, wear-resistant and environmentally friendly materials are used for the manufacture of cabinets.