Motionflow xr 960: What is Motionflow XR and X-Motion Clarity?

Fake Refresh Rate Conversion: How To Not Get Tricked By A TV Manufacturer

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Updated May 03, 2022 at 05:03 pm

By Nicholas Di Giovanni

When looking for your next TV to buy, it’s easy to get confused with all the marketing terms. TV manufacturers often use higher numbers to advertise a TV’s refresh rate, so you need to be careful to not get trapped in their marketing. Each brand has its own way of coming up with exaggerated refresh rates, and they call them differently, so we’ll look at the different ways companies advertise the refresh rate.

What Is The Refresh Rate?

The refresh rate is the number of times every second that the TV draws a new image onto the screen. Our eyes don’t see it, but the screen refreshes many times every second, and a higher refresh rate is important if you watch fast-moving content or play video games. You’ll either get a TV with a 60Hz or 120Hz refresh rate, and most mid-range and high-end TVs have a 120Hz panel while entry-level TVs have a 60Hz panel. This means that TVs are either drawing up 60 or 120 images every second. However, there are also TVs that are starting to come out with a 144Hz panel.

Learn more about the refresh rate

The Fake Refresh Rates

Manufacturers use fake refresh rates to pretend their TV has a higher refresh rate than it actually has. Since these fake refresh numbers are invented by each company, they’re all different from each other, which makes direct comparison across brands impossible if you don’t know the conversion multiplier of each brand. Some companies use a multiplier of 2 or 4, while Sony is a unique case because they use a multiplier of 8 for 120Hz TVs and 4 for 60Hz TVs.

Brand Alternative Name 120Hz Real Refresh Rate 60Hz Real Refresh Rate
(Android TV)

Motion Rate

480 240 or 120
LG TruMotion 240 120
Samsung Motion Rate 240 120
Sony Motionflow XR 960 240
TCL Natural Motion 480 240 (or 60Hz)
Vizio Dynamic Motion Rate 240 120


Hisense: Motion Rate

Hisense has both Roku and Android-based TVs, and they advertise the refresh rate differently between each line of TVs. Their Android models in the ULED lineup, like the Hisense U6G, use Motion Rate with a multiplier of 4, but the entry-level TVs like the Hisense A6G have a multiplier of 2, so the Motion Rate is 120. However, their Roku models advertise the real refresh rate.

Real Refresh Rate Motion Rate Multiplier
60Hz (entry-level) 120
60Hz (ULED) 240 4
120Hz 480 4

LG: Trumotion

LG’s TruMotion is easy to understand because it simply doubles the real refresh rate. Unlike other manufacturers, they advertise the real refresh rate alongside the TruMotion rate. Their TVs have a TruMotion setting that controls the motion interpolation feature. However, this is separate from the refresh rate.

Real Refresh Rate TruMotion Multiplier
60Hz 120 2
120Hz 240 2

Samsung: Motion Rate

Samsung uses Motion Rate as their marketing term for the refresh rate, and they have a simple multiplier of 2. They’re not always consistent, though, as they don’t advertise the Motion Rate with some HDMI 2.1 TVs, and they’ll simply advertise a max refresh rate of 120Hz.

Real Refresh Rate Motion Rate Multiplier
60Hz 120 2
120Hz 240 2

Sony: Motionflow xr

Sony’s advertising of their Motionflow XR number is inconsistent because not all their models are advertised with this fake refresh rate number. Also, the multiplier changes depending on the refresh rate, so 60Hz TVs have a multiplier of 4, and 120Hz TVs have a multiplier of 8. Sony does advertise XR Motion Clarity on their higher-end models with HDMI 2.1 bandwidth and a 120Hz panel. However, there’s no number associated with it, and it’s just to advertise that it has a backlight strobing feature.

 Real Refresh Rate Motionflow XR Multiplier
60Hz 240 4
120Hz 960 8

tcl: natural motion

Like Hisense, TCL has both Android and Roku TVs, but they advertise the Natural Motion the same between each. They use a simple multiplier of 4 for their higher-end and mid-range TVs. However, their rules aren’t consistent with the lower-end models, as the TCL 4 Series/S435 2020 is advertised with a Clear Motion Index of 120 when it has a 60Hz refresh rate, and the TCL 4 Series/S446 2021 QLED is advertised without any fake refresh rate.

Real Refresh Rate Natural Motion Multiplier
60Hz 240 4
120Hz 480 4

Vizio: dynamic motion rate

Vizio uses Dynamic Motion Rate, which they used to call Effective Refresh Rate, and it’s a simple multiplier by 2. They also advertise a Clear Action number alongside the Dynamic Motion Rate, but that represents the backlight strobing feature, commonly known as black frame insertion.

Real Refresh Rate Dynamic Motion Rate Multiplier
60Hz 120 2
120Hz 240 2

How To Not Get Tricked

As you can see, it’s easy to decode a company’s fake refresh rate once you realize that the number isn’t real. Most companies either double or quadruple the real refresh rate to get their fake refresh rate. Since TVs only have refresh rates of 60Hz and 120Hz, anything above 120 is fake. The majority of mid-range and high-end TVs have 120Hz refresh rates; if the manufacturer advertises them as having HDMI 2.1 bandwidth, there’s an extremely strong chance they have a 120Hz panel. Figuring out the refresh rate of lower-end and entry-level TVs can be tricky because this is where manufacturers try to trick potential customers, and this is why most brands use a fake refresh rate of 120 for 60Hz TVs. They want you to believe that the cheap TV you’re about to buy has a 120Hz refresh rate. If it seems too good for a low-cost TV to have a fast refresh rate like that, it’s probably not true. Also, companies are starting to include the real refresh in the marketing materials, so that helps too.

Another popular misconception is that the fake refresh rate or the real refresh rate affect the motion handling when they don’t. Having a higher refresh rate certainly helps produces a clear image, but motion handling is strongly correlated to the response time, and that depends on the TV’s performance.


In the battle for market share, manufacturers try to find creative ways of marketing their TVs to make them seem like they have better specs than they actually do. One way they do this is by coming up with an arbitrary fake refresh rate that’s usually doubled or quadrupled the real refresh rate. Luckily, it’s easy to find out the real refresh rate, and some brands are starting to include the actual refresh rate, so it’s easier to not get tricked.

What Is Samsung Motion Rate, Sony MotionFlow And LG TruMotion?

TV manufacturers often use confusing jargon for their products. Here’s a guide explaining what Samsung Motion Rate, Sony MotionFlow and LG TruMotion is.

By Joseph Moore

If you’ve been looking for a new TV, you’ve probably encountered terms such as Samsung Motion Rate 120, Sony MotionFlow 960, LG TruMotion 240, etc. , and wondered what it all means.

In short, these features use either framerate interpolation or black frame insertion to improve motion clarity on your TV.

What’s confusing the most is when TV manufacturers advertise such features as ‘Motion Rate 120’, which may trick people into thinking that the TV has a native 120Hz refresh rate.

Instead, it’s a 60Hz TV that can simulate 120 FPS (Frames Per Second).

The reason behind all this is simple — marketing. For instance, one might think that ‘MotionFlow 960’ is better than ‘TruMotion 240’ or ‘Simulated 120 FPS’ simply because of the higher number when, in reality, those features are fundamentally the same.

Simulated TV Frame Rate/Refresh Rate

Now, since some TV manufacturers don’t show the real refresh rate on the specifications sheet, you’ll have to look for a detailed review of the TV if you want to know both its maximum supported native refresh rate at a certain resolution and its effective/simulated refresh rate.

What Is BFI (Black Frame Insertion)?

TV features such as Sony MotionFlow XR can improve motion clarity by inserting entirely black frames in between the actual frames. Because it only lasts for a fraction of a second, you won’t notice the black frame, while the motion of fast-moving objects will be clearer.

The drawback is that the picture will be less bright when this feature is enabled.

Some gaming monitors with motion blur reduction technology use a similar method called backlight strobing, where the backlight turns on/off instead of inserting black frames to deliver a smoother viewing experience.

What Is Framerate Interpolation (Soap Opera Effect)?

Framerate interpolation works similarly to BFI, but instead of black frames, the TV’s processor generates ‘fake’ frames based on the previous and the next frame.

Most people don’t like this feature as it makes everything look artificial, resembling TV soap operas, which is why this feature is also referred to as ‘the soap opera effect.

On the other hand, some people prefer to use this feature when watching sports or content with a high frame rate.


What’s our final take?

Since TV manufacturers are usually unclear about certain display specifications, you should always look for thorough TV reviews and see the native panel refresh rate, effective refresh rate, and the type of technology the TV uses to increase the frame rate.

Mini-LED vs MicroLED – What Is The Difference?

Draw a bullfinch on XPPen Star G960S

Pencil, watercolor… What else can a person who is allergic to smells use?

Another great option is a graphics tablet.

A few years ago, I already wrote about the tablet, but then, due to circumstances, I had to temporarily give it to my son. There is nothing more permanent than temporary) In the last two years I have been actively mastering watercolor, so I forgot about the miracle of technology. But watching some artists, I realized that digital paintings are also in demand, and I decided to give myself a graphics tablet for the New Year. And since I buy gifts in advance, I have already become the owner of the XPPen Star G960S and I was eager to try it out without waiting for the holidays. Moreover, this is a great option to draw a New Year’s card).

Now a little about the new toy, and then there will be the traditional part – the stages of work on the drawing.

When choosing a gadget, I set a goal, the simpler the better.

Small and light, but with a large working area (228.8×152.6 mm), which allows you to take it with you.

It is convenient to work both from a desktop computer, laptop, and in conjunction with another mobile device (tablet or smartphone) based on Android. Therefore, it is possible to draw anywhere (and not just at home), for example, in a cafe while you are waiting for someone or while traveling. After all, it is important for the artist not to take long breaks so that the skill is not lost. And if with watercolor you need paper that fixes the surface, paints, brushes, water, then you will need the tablet surface itself, a pen and a device on which the image will be displayed. Yes, a graphics tablet does not show a picture (in this regard, I was once mistaken), unlike a regular tablet.

Includes: drawing tablet, stylus, 10 replacement stylus (pen) nibs, replacement nib clip, cable, USB-USB-C adapter, Micro USB adapter.

The stylus supports tilt up to 60 degrees, which gives a natural tilt of the brush and you can create in the usual way. Another plus is that the pen is battery-free and does not require charging. Pressure sensitivity up to 8192 levels allows you to get a stroke of different thickness, and the lines are natural, as if drawn on paper.

By choosing the thickness of the lines, uniformity and color using the programmed hot keys, it is easy to make a drawing, process an already finished picture or retouch a photo. It is much more convenient to work with a pen than with a computer mouse, the hand completely controls the movement of the lines.

For work, I chose Paint.Net, at that time it seemed the most convenient, so as not to deal with other programs for a long time.

Let’s sketch:

In the next step, we already connect the color:

The bird has feathers, so something is filled with a thick pen, and somewhere thin and short lines are being worked out.

I made the final part in Photoshop, where it was necessary to smooth out the lines, make something brighter or, on the contrary, darker.

I am not yet a professional in graphics programs, but to hone my skills, this model of the XPPen Star G960S tablet seemed to me quite suitable. Although I think that professional artists, designers and photographers will appreciate the portability and functionality of a graphics tablet.

The original article was published on Live Journal:

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