Motorola droid phones: Smartphone with best display – motorola edge | motorola US

Smartphone with best display – motorola edge | motorola US

Enjoy a cinematic big-screen experience with over a billion shades of color on a 6.6” OLED display. Ultra-smooth 144 Hz refresh delivers smoother gaming, site scrolling, and app switching, while HDR10+ gives you improved brightness and contrast.

Incredible from any angle




Extraordinary focus

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With enhanced Google Photos editing features, you can say goodbye to pesky distractions. Get it at no cost with a 12-month membership trial of Google One on motorola edge*.

Powerful software works with advanced hardware to help you add cutting-edge style to your photos and videos.

Simultaneous perspectives

Connect at 5G speeds1 and let the 5000 mAh battery keep you going. Then fuel up fast with either wireless or TurboPower™ 30 charging2,3.

Games are smoother, videos have higher resolution, and 5G1 and Wi-Fi 6E4,5 connections are fast and seamless thanks to a powerful MediaTek Dimensity 1050 chipset and up to 8 GB of RAM.

Full audio immersion

Unlock new levels of emotion in your favorite music and movies with multi-dimensional Dolby Atmos® sound. Hear improved bass, cleaner vocals, and more clarity at higher volumes as sound travels in stereo between two large speakers.

More features you’ll appreciate

Google One storage

Keep your photos, videos, and more backed up with 100GB of cloud storage for 12 months on us*. Get the peace of mind of having extra cloud storage across Gmail, Google Drive, and Google Photos, plus seamless phone backup and extra benefits**.

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Certain features, services, and applications are network dependent and may not be available in all areas; additional terms, conditions, and/or charges may apply. Contact your service provider for details. Use of this device is subject to the terms of your wireless service plan. This product meets applicable Radio Frequency Emission Exposure Guidelines. Accessories individually labeled.

MOTOROLA, the Stylized M Logo, MOTO, and the MOTO family of marks are trademarks of Motorola Trademark Holdings, LLC. All other trademarks are the property of their respective owners. © 2022 Motorola Mobility LLC.

motorola edge is designed and manufactured by/for Motorola Mobility LLC, a wholly owned subsidiary of Lenovo.

BLUETOOTH is a trademark of Bluetooth Special Interest Group (SIG).

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ThinkShield is a trademark of Lenovo.

Google is a trademark of Google LLC.

Dolby and Dolby Atmos are among the registered and unregistered trademarks of Dolby Laboratories, Inc. in the United States and/or other countries.

1. 5G service available with 5G plan. 5G network coverage required; available only in select areas; device not compatible with all 5G networks. Contact your service provider for details.

2. Battery must be substantially depleted; charging rate slows as charging progresses. All battery life claims are approximate and based on the median user tested across a mixed use profile (which includes both usage and standby time) under optimal network conditions. Actual battery performance will vary and depends on many factors including signal strength, network and device settings, temperature, battery condition, and usage patterns.

3. Wireless Charging Pad and TurboPower 30 charger sold separately.

4. Requires separately purchased Wi-Fi 6 compatible router and plan that may vary by location.

5. Available only in certain countries due to regulatory limitations; see service provider for availability; requires separately purchased Wi-Fi 6e compatible router and plan that may vary by location.

6. Ready For wireless connection is supported with TVs that support Android smartphone screen mirroring (Miracast) only. ® accessories sold separately. Ready For PC is available on selected devices, and on Windows 10 and 11. Visit the FAQ page for a full list of device and software compatibility. Requires PC app download. PC and mobile device to connect wirelessly must share the same Wi-Fi AP (access point) OR must be connected via USB-C cord.

7. Available user storage is less due to many factors, including operating system, software, and functions utilizing part of this capacity; may change with software updates.

8. Water-repellent design creates a barrier to help protect against moderate exposure to water, such as accidental spills, splashes, or light rain. Not designed to be submersed in water, or exposed to pressurized water, or other liquids; may diminish over time. Not waterproof.

9. Learn more details about the program here.

* The Offer

This Google One membership offer (“Offer”) provides you with subscription benefits at no charge for a period of 12 months from the day you redeem the Offer (the “Offer Period”). The Google One Terms of Service apply to your subscription during the Offer Period. The Google Privacy Policy describes how personal data is handled in this service.


After you redeem the Offer, you can confirm the Offer Period end date in your Subscriptions page in the Google Play Store. Offer expires and must be redeemed by December 02, 2023.

Requirements & eligibility

The Offer requires a Google Payments account with a qualifying form of payment at sign-up. This Offer is limited to new users to Google One in United States, who purchased the following device(s): motorola edge (2022) between September 16, 2022 and December 02, 2023, and may not be combined with other Google One offers. Not available in all countries.

Recurring billing & cancellations

On the date your Offer Period ends, your subscription will begin and your form of payment will be automatically charged the standard monthly Google One subscription price, until you cancel your subscription. You can cancel anytime. No refunds for partial billing periods are available. To avoid being charged, you must cancel before the end of the Offer Period. If you cancel your subscription during the Offer Period, your membership will remain active until the end of the Offer Period.

Storage limits

If you cancel your subscription and have exceeded your Google Account storage limit during the Offer Period, you will not be able to store anything new until you free up space or purchase a Google One membership. See Help Center for more details.

Google and Google One are trademarks of Google LLC.

** Security features and benefits vary by country and plan.

20 minutes with the original Motorola Droid: Well, that didn’t go as expected

Android Intelligence

By JR Raphael,

Contributing Editor,



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Not your average Android news — a diverse mix of advice, insight, and analysis with veteran Android journalist JR Raphael.


An attempt to revisit Android’s early days presents an interesting challenge.

If you’ve been following Android for long, you probably have pretty pleasant memories of the original Motorola Droid.

The 2009 device was by no means the first Android phone to come out, but it was arguably the first one that mattered. Up until its arrival, Android was a small-scale project known mostly by techie-type folks (you know, like us). The Droid rocketed into America with a massive marketing campaign that took on the then-untouchable iPhone in a then-unthinkable way — and boy, did it ever deliver.

Suddenly, Android (or “Droid,” at least) was a household name. Suddenly, Android device sales were something worth watching. Suddenly, Android itself was a gold mine waiting to be tapped.

As one strikingly handsome prophet wrote at the time:

In the grand picture, the Motorola Droid is only a tiny part of the equation. Its relative success signals the beginning of Android being a serious contender in the smartphone market — and that’s something bigger than any iPhone-crushing ad can convey.

Man, that guy was good.

So why the huckleberry am I telling you all of this now? Good question, Myrtle. You see, I was determined to move back into my original Motorola Droid for a little while this week. No joke: After spending a few days revisiting my 2013 phone for perspective last week, I thought it’d be interesting to take things a step further and see what it’d be like to use the ancient-seeming first-gen Droid in 2016.

With the release of Verizon’s 7,427th Droid-branded device this summer (I think that number’s right, anyway — I lost track somewhere between the Droid X2 and the Droid Razr HD Maxx 4G 0.7), now seemed like the perfect time for such an experiment. I charged the phone over the weekend, charged myself as much as possible Sunday night, and started the week full of energy and ready to explore.

There was just one problem: No matter how many times or for how long I pressed the Droid’s power button, the damn thing wouldn’t turn on. And nothing I tried, including various button-pressing combinations and more hours on the charger, made any difference. Yes, indeed: My dear old friend appears to have blinked its menacing red eye at me for the final time.

But hey, I’ve never been one to let a minor challenge stand in my way. Let’s do this, shall we?

Goodness gracious, does this phone feel tiny. Well, tiny and chunky at the same time, really. Kind of like me during my awkward middle school phase.

The Droid’s 3.7-in. screen seems downright miniscule by today’s standards. It’s also rather dark — much darker than I remember. In fact, I can’t make out much of anything on it beyond a few fingerprint smudges. I guess that 854-x-480 resolution really doesn’t hold up in a world filled with super-quadra-fragilistic HD expectations.

The Droid’s slideout physical keyboard is a nice surprise. I used to love this thing back in the day. It still feels great to type on, though I must say I’m rather disappointed with its accuracy. No matter what I type, nothing ever shows up on the screen.

Typing on the (nonfunctional) phone’s keyboard proved to be quite frustrating

I feel that same sense of befuddlement when revisiting the phone’s camera: The Droid’s 5-megapixel shooter seemed wildly impressive for its time. Now, though? I’ve tried to take tons of pictures with this phone — aiming it at everything from flowers to falafels and pressing the physical shutter button until my fingers felt fatigued — but every single image puts nothing but blank grayness on the device’s perpetually dark display.

A sample of what I saw when trying to take photos with the (nonfunctional) original Motorola Droid

As for the software, Android 2.2 Froyo is far less colorful than I remember — though it appears in hindsight, I was wrong about one thing: People always used to say you couldn’t find any apps on Android, and I always said that was a load of hooey. But now, on this 2009 phone, I can’t find any apps at all. In fact, I’ve spent the past 17 minutes swiping and tapping wildly on its screen, and absolutely nothing has happened.

Maybe it’s just the phone’s limited power; after all, this was back when cores were single (gasp!), RAM was less than a gig (gulp!), and G’s were only 3 (wheeze!). But I’ve gotta tell you, looking at it now, this device is just not responsive. At all. Sheesh.

All in all, it’s safe to say my experience using this (nonfunctional) original Motorola Droid has made me appreciate just how far mobile technology has evolved. Current Android phones are so much more advanced and effective — in terms of display visibility, photo quality, responsiveness, you name it. The difference is almost unreal.

We sure have come a long way, gang. We sure have come a long way.


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Bing’s AI chatbot came to work for me. I had to fire it.

Motorola Droid 3 – a review of the thinnest dual-core qwerty slider / Sudo Null IT News

I will try to focus on the review of the device itself, trying not to touch on Android.

To begin with, a few words about the device itself, what it is.
Droid 3 is the first dual-core qwerty slider, and the thinnest yet. It has a qHD display and, last but not least, a 5-row keyboard. It is issued for the Verizon operator and is locked under it, but by purchasing the unlock code, the device can be safely unlocked and it will work with other operators. Droid can work both in GSM and CDMA.

Personally, I bought a Droid 3 through a friend, and the unlock code is on ebay.
At the moment, everything is working.

Now to the review itself!

Main specifications

  • Screen: Capacitive, 4″, qHD(540 x 960)
  • Processor: Texas Instruments OMAP 4430
  • Video accelerator: PowerVR SGX540
  • RAM(Mb): 512
  • Built-in memory size (GB): 16
  • Wi-Fi: 802.11b,g,n
  • Rear camera (MP): 8
  • Front camera (MP): 0.3
  • Weight(g): 184
  • Dimensions (mm): 64.1 x 123.3 x 12.9
  • Other: G-Sensor, Ambient Light Sensor, Proximity Sensor, Digital Compass

The Droid 3 bundle is very, very poor, and more specifically, you get:
— Motorola Droid 3
— Charging for American sockets
— USB cable
– A bunch of unnecessary pieces of paper in English (instructions, thanks, etc.)

I don’t even have headphones, I’m silent about a case or a capacitive stylus. At the same time, in order to charge the phone, you must plug the USB cable into the charger. That is, once again there is a wild saving on a set for a top-end device. For what?! Much nicer to see a rich set when you buy a phone for decent money.


For me, the Droid 3 is currently the most beautiful device on the market. In order not to argue, evaluate yourself from the photos. I will also not describe the obvious, they say the camera is there, then there, then, etc.

Now a little about the mechanics.
About the controls. We have 4 universal touch buttons to control android. For several days of use, they have never let me down, they always work clearly. When, for example, on the Samsung Galaxy S, the touch buttons worked for me every other time.
About the slider mechanism. It glides well and pleasantly, has locks in the closed and open position. Closing the phone by accident will not work, but opening it is quite easy with a slight movement of your finger. It’s a little annoying, because sometimes you start opening the slider by accident. Everything else is at the highest level, the design does not play and has a pleasant, non-irritating sound.
About the keyboard. I want to note right away that I really, really liked the keyboard. It is more convenient than on Nokia N900, Desire Z, Motorola Milestone. I can tell you this for sure, because I owned these phones. On Droid 3 we have a 5 row keyboard. I especially liked the “arrows”, very convenient for editing text. I can’t help but note a separate series of numbers. The buttons move clearly, they are large and located at a distance from each other, as a result of which typing is very comfortable.

About the appearance, this can be finished.


Our test subject has a 4-inch qHD screen, that is, with a resolution of 540 x 960. But there is one BUT!
The screen has Pentile technology, which is praised by many and criticized by many. Personally, I scold her and consider this the main disadvantage of the phone. I will not breed a holivar about Pentile, just because many people like it.
In the sun and in clear weather, the screen is read well, there is enough brightness. Viewing angles are also sufficient for comfortable work.
The sensor is responsive and does not cause complaints, the screen takes up to 4 touches.
In general, everything here is at the level, everything is done as it should.


As I said, Droid 3 has 2 1GHz cores and a PowerVR SGX540 video accelerator.
I did not notice an increase in the speed of work in Android itself or programs when compared with the same Galaxy S. However, in the browser, 2 cores make themselves felt: flash, scripts, Java, etc. work a level faster. In games, the Droid behaves very well and outperforms all single-core gadgets. But it is not prohibitively powerful either, SGS II is faster. Although I think a person who buys a Motorola Droid 3 will not play games around the clock. This phone is still more business class.
Yesterday I tried some of the most demanding games, everything runs smoothly and quickly. So far, nothing slows down.
QuadRant Test:


We have an eight megapixel camera that can shoot video in FullHD. What can I say, look at the pictures / video and decide for yourself. I am more than satisfied with the quality. For comparison, Nokia N8 with 12 megapixels has noticeably worse quality.
Text. Filmed in the twilight without a flash, slightly missed the white balance.

It’s dark, almost nothing is visible. With flash. Campaign missed autofocus.

Street, day. Everything is good here, even very good.

Semi-macro outdoor shot.

Shooting in motion (P.S. My favorite beer 🙂 )

An example of shooting a video during the day on YouTube.

WiFi, GPS and all sorts of goodies

Wifi works as expected, does not fall off, connects without problems. The signal level is at a level better than on the N900. For example, if in the back room from the hallway (where the router is) on n900 does not catch, then on Droid 3 the signal is about 30%.
GPS also works well, cold start is again faster than on the N900. But the “hot” start did not please me very much, either the place was like that or it was really slow.
Light sensor and proximity sensor work as they should.

About ruffles.
The droid has an LED for notifications. It can be green, red, blue/blue. incredibly convenient thing, albeit simple. I liked that it was in a visible location. And not like in HTC Desire Z, if someone does not know, then this LED is located inside the earpiece and is practically invisible.
Another very nice and useless thing is the HDMI output, maybe someone will need it, but I have not yet been able to use it. The lock / power button is located on the top of the device, which is not very convenient. It would be much better if it was closer to the right side of the phone. That is, like the iphone, desire, etc.


By default, the droid has a branded shell from Motorola – MotoBlur. At first glance, it looks pretty, but it is not convenient to use it. There are many small bugs.
Initially, there is a LOT of “extra” software, mainly software from Verizon calendar / music / gallery, as standard there are Facbook authorization, MySpace, etc. In total, I deleted about 25 “extra” applications. What is most interesting is that when you turn on the phone, they are loaded and thus clog the memory.
Since Motorola has blocked its bootloader, we unfortunately will not see custom firmware for which a custom kernel is required, that is, Cyanogenmod loved by me and many.

Operating time

To be honest, I did not have time to torment him much, I have only had him for the third day. But I can say with confidence that it will last for a day!
This morning I went to school with a full charge. About 20-30 minutes of calls, an hour of toys, an hour of menu picking :), about one and a half to two hours of surfing the Internet and by 8 pm I still had 20 percent of the battery left. The screen was on auto brightness.

To summarize

Motorola Droid 3 is like a forbidden fruit in our country, it’s a bit difficult to get it and adapt it to our country and language too. But when you do that, you get the best qwerty slider on android. As a fan of push-button phones and qwerty keyboards, I was infinitely glad when I found out that a dual-core qwerty slider would be released. Let me explain why I rejoiced. Nokia N900 was already falling apart, and the Desire Z didn’t have enough power to perform at the same comfortable level that I had on the N900. After I read the specifications of the Droid 3, I realized that this phone was made for me and I should get it at any cost. Once again I will say what I got, and this is a 4-inch qHD screen, a chic qwerty keyboard in 5 rows, a powerful dual-core processor, and an excellent strict design.
A little higher I wrote about the difficulties with this phone, and more specifically, I meant this:
-Droid 3 is initially locked under Verizon, it will have to be unlocked. And not every phone can be unlocked.
-English keyboard, for some it’s a minus, for some it’s not. On the contrary, I am pleased to look at her without Russian letters.
-Partial Russification. The device can be Russified, but not completely. You will also have to be a little perverted in order to force to write physical. Russian keyboard.
-To be honest, he does not catch the network very well, you have to dance with a tambourine, making connection tweaks. The signal level is getting better, but not by much. Same N900 or Galaxy S catch an order of magnitude better. Although this does not prevent me from calling or surfing the Internet, if you are interested in the comments, I will tell you in detail about this.

That’s basically it, I’m sorry that I ended the review on the minuses of the phone, but they still had to be voiced 🙂
As you already understood, I am very, very pleased with the device. Better, perhaps, I have not seen anything.
I will be glad to answer any questions in the comments.
I apologize for so few photos. I am now in the country and I distribute the Internet with N900 to the computer, you understand no speed.
Thanks to all.

Operating experience Motorola Droid Razr M (XT907)

the youngest device in the line is the Motorola Droid Razr M, which is compact, but has a filling similar to its older brothers. And in the summer of 2013, it was decided to replace the old Samsung Captivate with this device.


Manage your company’s projects like a master!

More about the course


  • 1 Purchase process
  • 2 Introduction
  • 3 Body
  • 4 Display
  • 5 Camera
  • 6 Multimedia
  • 7 Firmware, flashing
  • 8 Performance, battery
  • 9 Conclusions

Purchasing process

Since the company had long since left the national market, I went to buy the device on Ebay.

Having studied the offers of sellers and having come to the conclusion that the lots with the most “delicious” price are sold only with delivery within the United States, it was decided to use the services of an intermediary. The Meest company was chosen as one. This choice is due to good prices compared to competitors, the Ukrainian roots of the company, the presence of Russian-speaking support and its own delivery service – the parcel is delivered by the company itself to the addressee’s door, bypassing regular mail.

After paying for the lot and services of an intermediary (together – about $ 300), two weeks later the device was in my hands.


The smartphone was met with an unusually small black box, where, in addition to the device itself, there was a charger, a micro-USB cable, a clip for removing a SIM card and a memory card, as well as documentation.

The device itself immediately “fell into the hand” and reminded well-forgotten old devices that could be comfortably held and used with one hand.

Razr M has a non-removable battery, when squeezing or trying to twist the device, deformations and squeaks are not observed.


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Motorola smartphones can safely be called champions in terms of the number of materials used: aluminum frames the display, on the sides there are screws that fasten the halves of the case, on the back panel there is a strip of glass. But the main design feature is the Kevlar back cover. In addition to the fact that this material looks original, it is also pleasant to the touch. In terms of tactile sensation, it most of all resembles a piece of smooth rubber, which adds tenacity when holding the smartphone with wet hands.

I am glad that no matter how you look at it, this smartphone cannot be confused with others. The front panel is distinguished by the fact that the name of the manufacturer is engraved on a metal plate, which, in addition to the decorative function, masks the conversational speaker.

During the operation (about two months) the body of the device showed its best side. Fingerprints are collected only on the screen and glass on the back, from where they can be easily removed with microfiber or simply rubbed on clothing. The plastic of the sidewalls is matte, scuffs or other traces of use did not appear on it. So far, the device has survived several drops from a small height onto tiles and laminate, which have passed without consequences for the case. Assuming future falls on the pavement, one can hope that they will also not leave noticeable marks, since the plastic has a gray color close to natural, and the aluminum around the screen is unpainted. However, looking at photos of used devices in black and white on Ebay, we can conclude that they survive heavy falls worse – the paint on the sides may peel off a little, showing the natural color of plastic or aluminum.

With active use (GPS, games), the body feels warm, but this behavior is typical for most devices, and the temperature is within normal limits.


The display and compact dimensions are the main reasons for buying this particular smartphone.

To understand how small this device is, I suggest looking at the table

Smartphone Motorola Droid Razr M Apple iPhone 5 HTC One S Xiaomi Mi-2 Meizu MX2
Screen size 4.3″ 4″ 4.3″ 4.3″ 4.4″
Dimensions, mm 122.5×60.9×8.3 123.8×58.6×7.6 130.9×65×7.8 126×62×10.2 124.9×64.9×10.2
Weight g 126 112 120 145 142

The Razr M is the smallest smartphone of the same screen size, approaching the width of an iPhone 5 as closely as possible.

The fact that the display is made according to the edge-to-edge technology helped to achieve such a small size – when the screen is on, it is clearly seen that the matrix practically rests against the metal frame. It looks especially advantageous if you put any other smartphone next to it.

Screen – Super AMOLED, 540 × 960 pixels. If you bring the device close to your eyes, you can see the characteristic “ladder” PenTile on the letters, but in everyday use it is not visible at all. Pleased with saturated colors, deep blacks and good readability in the sun.


The device has an eight-megapixel camera module. My camera usage profile can be described as “point and shoot”, so I suggest evaluating the quality of pictures and videos by examples. In the photographic part of the Motorola Razr M, what is more important is that the camera starts and focuses quickly, as well as the presence of the HDR mode, which even in difficult conditions allows you to get a good result.

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Examples of photos taken with a smartphone Motorola Droid RAZR M

Example of recording Full HD video


Sound quality when playing music is good – high sound detail, no amplifier noise. As in many other devices, there is some tuning from the manufacturer, but the sound is neutral in this case – none of the frequency ranges is specifically highlighted.

We were pleasantly surprised by the speaker – it has a good volume reserve. For a comfortable conversation in quiet conditions, half the volume level is usually enough (sometimes even less), at the same time, turning the volume to the maximum, you can hear the interlocutor walking along a busy highway or in the subway. The volume of the ringing speaker is also above average, but the vibration motor (despite the small case) cannot be called anything other than average.

Firmware, flashing

Unlike well-known manufacturers, Motorola practically does not change the stock interface of Android 4.1. The main differences are the shutter with access to the settings of the main parameters, accessible by the left swipe from the first screen of the desktop, the “favorites” tab in the application menu, where you can put the most frequently used applications, and the volume mode switch on the lock screen.

During the operation of the smartphone, at some point, I encountered a lack of free space. There was no option to transfer applications to the card in the settings, and all applications with such functionality refused to work on this device. Therefore, it was decided to try to look for a solution in custom firmware.

In most cases, to flash a smartphone, you need to follow the standard sequence of actions: get root rights, unlock the bootloader, install a third-party recovery and actually install the selected firmware. On devices from different manufacturers, only the nuances of these operations and the tools used usually differ. In my case, the whole procedure was carried out using the Droid Razr M Utility program.

Using Samsung Captivate, I saw the stock firmware once – on a newly purchased device. The rest of the time, the smartphone had excellent “customs” in different periods of time – first MIUI v2, then various variations of the stock Ice Cream Sandwich and Jelly Bean. However, with the Razr M, everything turned out to be completely different. There are few users of this smartphone, and therefore the device does not have official support for popular projects like CyanogenMod and AOSP. As a result, the quality of most third-party firmware is at an average level, the camera performance is especially upsetting. Besides, transferring applications to a memory card does not work in any of them – it turned out that the reason for this is the peculiarities of the layout of the internal memory in the device. Therefore, after a week of experiments, I returned to the stock firmware from the Australian version of this smartphone, in which, unlike the Verizon firmware, there is a Russian language and a minimum amount of third-party software is installed.

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One of the pre-installed applications deserves special attention – SmartActions. It allows you to automate many routine actions that we perform with our phone. For example, switching to silent mode depending on the location or time of day, sending SMS, disabling synchronization, and so on. In this application, there are both ready-made profiles that you can use “as is” or edit for yourself, and the ability to create your own. By setting everything up once, you can reduce the number of calls to the phone settings in the future to a minimum, as well as avoid some unpleasant situations. A lot of settings can be estimated from the screenshots

Performance, battery

The full characteristics of the device can be seen in the table, but I will focus on the key features.

Motorola Droid RAZR M (White)

Notify when available

Type Smartphone
Enclosure type monobloc
Standard GSM 850/900/1800/1900 MHz, WCDMA 850 900 1900 2100, CDMA 800 1900, LTE B13
High speed data transfer GPRS, EDGE, HSDPA (up to 21. 1 Mbps), HSUPA (up to 5.76 Mbps), EVDO Rev. A, LTE (DL up to 100 Mbps, UL up to 50 Mbps)
Dimensions (mm) 122.5×60.9×8.3
Weight (g) 126
Processor (for smartphones) Qualcomm MSM8960, 1.5 GHz (2 cores) + GPU
Memory 1 GB RAM + 8 GB internal memory (up to 4.5 GB available to user)
Expansion slot microSD (up to 32 GB)
Main screen Super AMOLED, 4.3″, 540×960 dots, 16.7M colors, multi-touch capacitive touchscreen
Keyboard type screen input
Battery Li-Ion, 2000 mAh
Operating time (manufacturer’s data) up to 20 hours in mixed mode
Communications USB 2.0 (micro USB), Bluetooth 4.0 (A2DP), Wi-Fi 802.11 a/b/g/n, DLNA
Photography 8 MP, autofocus, 4x digital zoom, image stabilization, VGA front camera
Video 1920×1080 pixels, 30 fps
Flash LED
Operating system Android 4. 1 (Jelly Bean)
FM radio
Options video telephony, media player, a-GPS receiver, Google mobile services, customizable desktop widgets, proximity and light sensors, accelerometer

One of the advantages of this smartphone is a radio module that supports GSM, CDMA, and LTE networks, so that this device is able to work in the networks of almost any operator. In addition, the device does not have an operator lock, so it can be used in Ukraine right out of the box, without additional manipulations.

At the time of release, the equipment of the device was quite consistent with the flagship devices, but now it is at the level of mid-range smartphones. Despite this, the smartphone works quickly, there is no lack of RAM.

Battery capacity – 2000 mAh. My profile of using the device is quite standard: 2-3 hours of listening to music on headphones, up to an hour of phone calls, sending several SMS, enabled synchronization for one Google account, reading Twitter feed throughout the day, other activity up to 2 hours (sometimes games , reading articles, minimal use of GPS).