Nanoe panasonic hair dryer: The Panasonic Nanoe Is the Most Underrated Hair Dryer Ever

The Panasonic Nanoe Is the Most Underrated Hair Dryer Ever

There are a lot of cool things out there that make us wonder — do they really work? In our I Tried It series, we set out to use them in the real world and have determined that, in fact, they really do.

The Product on Trial

Panasonic Nanoe EH-NA67-W Hair Dryer

The Tester

Jennifer Hussein, a beauty editor with thick 2B-type hair that never wants to dry

The Brief

Some of you may immediately eye roll from me complaining about how much hair I have, but dammit, I have so much hair to deal with. Yes, it’s great to have a bountiful amount of strands on my head, but at-home styling sessions make me want to grab an electric razor and free my crown from the raven-hued prison that is my head of hair.

My 2B hair type makes it easy for my strands to ball into a hefty, damp knot of waves and curls straight out of the shower, and blow-drying alone accounts for thirty full minutes with high heat to my head at its strongest speed setting. Holding a blow-dryer for that long is annoying enough (RIP my wrists), but it’s also terrible for overall hair health: Excessive amounts of heat exposure from heated hair tools (think your curling wands, flat irons, and of course blow-dryers) can actually lead to issues like breakage, brittleness, and dryness.

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I’ve already broken up with my flat irons and curlers, but I’ve been trying to restore my natural curl pattern after years of straightening my precious wavy curls down and part of embracing my 2B, S-shaped waves requires using a diffuser attachment on my blow-dryer to define them. So I’ve been on a bit of a journey to find a gentle blow-dryer that will dry my hair without having to sear my strands on the highest heat setting. Extra bonus points if it includes a diffuser that can actually withstand my thick, unruly locks — and turns out, the one blow-dryer to rule them all sits in the e-shelves of, you guessed it, Amazon: the Panasonic Nanoe EH-NA67-W.


Surprised I didn’t call out a pricier option from other luxury hair tool brands like ghd or T3? Well, honestly, I was too — I was in a monogamous relationship with my ghd Helios for months on end (a lifetime for beauty editors that have a constant rotation of new hair tools coming in). There’s something about Panasonic’s latest addition to their Nanoe hair dryer line, which was released in early 2021, that whips my usually-unmanageable mane into shape.

Well, it’s not just something because this blow-dryer comes with a few pretty unique specs that make blow-drying and diffusing my wavy strands a breeze. First off, you’ve probably noticed that the Nanoe EH-NA67-W has a weird little hole at the top of it. That isn’t there just to confuse you — it’s actually the reason why it’s called the Nanoe in the first place. This is where Panasonic’s “nanoe technology” comes in and draws moisture out of the air to create hydrating nanoe particles that penetrate your strands.

Why would you want more moisture when you’re trying to dry your hair, you may ask? Because the process of blow-drying is, well… drying, which by itself can cause a lot of damage to your tresses. Through Panasonic’s nanoe technology, your hair is only dried from the outermost point of the strand, which keeps your hair moisturized and therefore free of issues like breakage, split ends, dryness, and lack of shine.


What’s more, this blow-dryer also comes with three attachments to choose from: your usual concentrator nozzle for precise styling and smoothing, an enormous diffuser head (which I will wax poetic about in just a second), and its unique “self-oscillating” attachment, which uses a fan-like motion to dry hair quickly. It’s a cool attachment for people who want to have styled hair fast (me), and it helps lower heat damage by evenly distributing heat instead of concentrating it on one particular area of your hair. It’s also an elevated take on our usual stagnant blow-dryer attachments, so any high-tech beauty tool fan will like playing around with it.

As for the concentrator nozzle, it’s pretty standard to most of the ones that come with blow-dryers — It does the job, and there’s not much more to add to that. But the diffuser head is definitely something to chat about: Unlike other smaller-sized diffusers that will barely grab a fourth of my hair, this larger option fits half of my head’s worth of hair with total ease, and the results are always defined waves without the immense amounts of frizz that usually come with them. Pair that with the blow-dryer’s nanoe technology, and drying time for my intensely thick locks has now been whittled down to a measly 5 minutes of my day — and that’s with me using the lowest options on this blow-dryer’s three heat and two speed settings.

And before you get at me about the price: Yes, I’m very well aware that there are cheaper options on Amazon and other e-retailers, but does cheaper always mean better? While budget-friendly items can perform, it’s more likely than not that your frugal option will cause more harm than good to your strands. So, this may not be a total budget option, but it’s worth the investment. Plus, it’s still $100 cheaper than my former ghd Helios and other luxury blow-dryers on the market.

The Closing Argument

This is the most underrated blow-dryer I’ve ever come across, and I’m shocked that only a few other beauty fanatics on the internet (like writers over at Woman and Home and Gizmodo) are crushing on it as much as I am. Curly-haired people will fall in love with its frizz-defying abilities, and just about every other hair type can appreciate the Nanoe EH-NA67-W’s abilities to cut down on drying time without sacrificing delicate strands. If you’re looking for the Goldilocks of hair dryers that fit between bargain-friendly and splurgeworthy, then consider the Nanoe EH-NA67-W for your mane-tenance routine (your strands will thank you for it!).

Panasonic Panasonic Nanoe EH-NA67-W Hair Dryer

Panasonic Panasonic Nanoe EH-NA67-W Hair Dryer

$160 at Amazon

Jennifer Hussein

Beauty Editor

Jennifer is the former beauty editor for, where she’s testing out everything from the latest lip gloss to the craziest skincare trend sweeping the online beauty-verse. Her work has been featured in Allure, Byrdie, HelloGiggles, and more. When she’s not swatching eyeshadow all over her arms, you can find the NYC-based editor scouring for hours on end for vintage finds, eating pad thai, and hanging out with her cat, Chunks.

Panasonic Nanoe Hair Dryer Review: Absurd Yet Effective


Victoria Song

Comments (17)

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Photo: Victoria Song/Gizmodo

When you have long, thick hair, drying it is tedious and time-consuming. I’m a busy gal, so I’ll admittedly try anything that promises to shorten the process—hence why I agreed to test this ridiculous, self-oscillating Panasonic hair dryer that also supposedly reduces frizz by shooting “tiny, moisture-rich particles” at my mane.

The marquee feature of the $150 Panasonic Nanoe Salon Hair Dryer (EH-NA67-W) is an “oscillating quick-dry nozzle” attachment that whips from side to side as you blow-dry. The idea is that you get more even heat dispersion and therefore, no hot spots. Theoretically, that means less heat damage to your hair and scalp—plus, no scorched fingers. On top of the quick-dry nozzle, you also get a diffuser and a concentrated nozzle. Lastly, Panasonic claims the hair dryer draws moisture from the air and then shoots your hair with tiny “nanoe” particles that hold up to 1000 times more water than regular ions used by ionic hair dryers. This purportedly results in smoother, more hydrated hair even though you’re blasting hot air at your head. The concept is similar to ionic hair dryers, which claim to produce millions of negatively charged ions that break up positively charged water molecules to quickly dry hair without frizz.

Like I said, I’ll try anything.

Buy Panasonic Nanoe Hair Dryer for $150 at Amazon

Other Gadgets

Other Gadgets

Panasonic Nanoe Hair Dryer (EH-NA67-W)

Panasonic Nanoe Hair Dryer (EH-NA67-W)

What is it?

A hair dryer with an oscillating nozzle that supposedly dries your hair faster. Also shoots moisture-infusing “nanoe” particles.




It really does shorten drying time.

No Like

Pricey. Do these nanoe particles actually do anything?

Buy Panasonic Nanoe Hair Dryer (EH-NA67-W) for $150 from Amazon

I admit I didn’t expect much from the Panasonic Nanoe Hair Dryer (EH-NA67-W). It looks like a regular blow-dryer when you unbox it, albeit with a sleeker design than what you’ll find at the drugstore. (Though not as sleek as Dyson’s $400 Supersonic hair dryer.) Up top is where you’ll find the vent that shoots the nanoe particles. There’s also an LED indicator light on the side, presumably so you know the nanoe particles are there because, well, you can’t see them with the naked eye. The nozzles are easy to attach and detach. What I liked most about the design were the dual switches that let you customize between three heat and two speed settings.

A small disclaimer before I get into the hair dryer’s performance: I’m not a whiz at hair-styling. In pre-pandemic times, my hair stylists would always shake their heads and cluck their tongues when they saw me coming. They’d chastise me for shampooing too often, not trimming my split ends, and for failing to use moisturizing products beyond conditioner. In my defense, I’m lazy and the world of hair care is expensive and baffling. All I really want in a hair dryer is something simple that’ll quickly take me from dripping to dry without turning my hair into frizzy straw. So far, I haven’t had much luck.

Honestly, the ability to customize three temperature and two speed settings is underrated.Photo: Victoria Song/Gizmodo

On average, it takes about 30 minutes to dry my thick, waist-length hair with my ancient Conair ionic dryer—and that’s after wrapping it in a microfiber cloth for about 10 minutes to get all the extra water out. If I’m air drying, it takes about two hours. With the Panasonic, however, it took roughly 10 minutes if I used my microfiber wrap and 15-16 minutes if I started blowdrying right out of the shower. (That’s if I’m using the high speed/hot temperature settings. It takes longer if I’m using the warm or cool temperature or the low-speed setting.) My husband has fine, shoulder-length hair and on the warm/high setting, it takes him about 3-5 minutes to go from wet to dry.

That’s a significant time savings and something I deeply appreciate, especially during the winter. I should mention, however, the quick-dry nozzle makes an odd noise (as you can see in the video). It’s less noticeable when you’re actually using it, but a “quiet” hair dryer, this is not. When I showed the video to my fellow Gizmodo staffers, some were pretty put off by the sound. It’s also an adjustment to keep your hand still and let the nozzle do the work for you. The first few times, I had to stop myself from moving my hand at all. And as effective as the nozzle is, I’m not quite sure I’ll ever get over how bizarre it looks in action.

Panasonic nanoe Hair Dryer (EH-NA67-W)

As I mentioned, I’m not gifted when it comes to advanced hairstyling, so while I tried the diffuser and concentrator attachments, I can’t comment meaningfully on how well they work. I guess my hair was wavier when I used the diffuser and it didn’t burn my scalp. I tried and failed to give myself a blowout using the concentrating attachment, but I attribute that more to me and my lack of skill than the hair dryer itself. And for my curly-haired friends, if you want a pick attachment, this doesn’t come with one.

It’s equally hard to judge whether the whole nanoe particle thing is legit tech, marketing bullshit, or if my lack of hair styling skills impacted the results I got. After all, I can’t see the microscopic particles. I can only look at the final result and compare how it stacks up to the other hair dryers I’ve used in my life. What I can say is ionic hair dryers have never worked for me and I don’t think this nanoe stuff does either. At best, my hair was marginally less poofy, but the truth is it wasn’t ever as sleek or shiny as when I recently got a blowout for another blog. And while I would’ve loved it if this blow dryer solved my frizz problems, I have a feeling I won’t ever have sleek hair until I learn how to properly use masks and hair oils.

Closer look at the quick-dry nozzle and you can also see the vent that supposedly shoots the nanoe particles. Not convinced they exist.Photo: Victoria Song/Gizmodo

When you consider that most hair dryers on Amazon cost well under $50, forking over three times as much for the Panasonic is a lot to ask. Whether that $150 is worth it will depend on your lifestyle. If you’re someone who spends a lot of time and money on your hair, this hair dryer costs about as much as the ones used in professional hair salons. From that lens, if you want to invest in a high-quality styling tool, you’re not paying something out of the ordinary. Plus, it’s way cheaper than the $400 Dyson Supersonic, though the Dyson is quieter and offers more in terms of fancy tech and design.

Personally, I absolutely love how quickly this dries my hair but I probably wouldn’t shell out just for the time savings. Time is money, sure, but not that much money. Again, I can’t even be bothered to shell out $10 for a bottle of argan oil like my hairdressers keep begging me to, let alone a high-tech hair dryer. But now that I have it? I will use this hair dryer for the next 20 years, or until it breaks, whichever comes first.

Buy Panasonic Nanoe Hair Dryer for $150 at Amazon

Hair dryer Panasonic EH-NA65 (EH-NA65-K865).


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Small household appliances


Beauty, health, care


Hair dryers


Hair dryer Panasonic EH-NA65 (EH-NA65-K865). WE’LL BRING IT TODAY!

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Panasonic EH-NA65-K865 – Hair dryer Nanoe care

Hair dryer Panasonic Nanoe care EH-NA65 -K865 is the company’s new solution for the beauty and health of hair. Negatively charged nano ions contain 1000 times more water than ordinary ions.

The low pH of the nanoe molecule is beneficial to the hair and scalp, maintaining optimal moisture balance and smoothing the cuticle surface for shinier, more manageable hair. Nanoe particles contain 1000 times more moisture than negatively charged ions. They penetrate the hair structure better and saturate it with moisture from the inside, and also take care of the scalp. Hair becomes healthier, smoother and shinier. High-quality moisturizing makes them resistant to daily styling. Quick and gentle drying and styling with the special Quick-Dry tip and diffuser. Quick-Dry creates complex combinations of strong and soft air currents, and the diffuser evenly distributes heat.

The Panasonic Nanoe care EH-NA65 -K865 kit includes a Quick dry nozzle for fast drying, which delivers a variable air stream, separating the strands for faster drying. This unique airflow mechanism dries hair from the roots, caring for it even at low temperatures.

Equipment :
Hair dryer Panasonic Nanoe care EH-NA65 -K865
• Diffuser
• Hub
• Quik Dry nozzle for quick drying hair
• Manual

  • Nanoe™ care hair moisturizing technology
  • 4 temperature settings
  • 3 speeds
  • Cold air mode
  • Power 2000 W
  • 3 nozzles included: diffuser, concentrator, Quik dry nozzle for quick hair drying
  • Static Discharge Panel
  • Flexible swivel cable

nanoe ™ technology moisturizes damaged hair, helping to gradually restore it, moisturizes the scalp. The surface of the hair after 1000 combing.

nanoe™ reduces hair damage when brushing

Powerful Airflow

Dry your hair quickly and easily at home with professional airflow power.

Quick Dry Concentrate Nozzle

High/Low adjustable air pressure straightens hair for faster drying.

Ease of use

Panasonic puts great emphasis on the health and protection of hair when developing its products. With the introduction of new innovative technologies, hair care devices can work in a gentle mode, so that the hair does not dry out and does not lose excess moisture. Ease of use lies in the ergonomic handle and simple operation.

Main technical characteristics

This hair dryer has high technical characteristics and many additional attachments. Power in 2000 watts. is optimal for fast drying of even the longest hair. With a separate cold air supply, the styling can be fixed. The diffuser nozzle will help you create voluminous styling, and with the standard concentrator nozzle you can dry any type of hair. The optional Quick Dry nozzle allows you to straighten your hair, making the drying process much faster. With this hair dryer, you can quickly and gently dry your hair.

Independent temperature/air controls yes
Hanging loop yes
Swivel cord no
Power cord length, m no data
Dimensions, mm 231.5x215x91.5
Weight, g 600
Color black-red
Product on the manufacturer’s website” target=”_blank” rel=”nofollow”> .com/uk/consumer/personal-health-c…
Nozzles included
Rectifier no
Corrugated no
Diffuser yes (1)
Comb no
Slotted (concentrator) yes (2)
Brush no
Pliers no
General characteristics
Number of temperature settings 4
Power, W 2000
Manufacturer Panasonic
Type Hair dryer
Operating temperature, °C no data
Number of speeds 3
Auto power off no
Ionization yes
Cold air supply yes
Steam supply no
Turbo no

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Max. power consumption (W), W 200
Number of speeds 3
Number of modes 4
Ionization Yes
Diffuser Yes


Panasonic EH-NA65-K865 hair dryer

Panasonic Nanoe care EH-NA65-K865 hair dryer is the company’s new solution for the beauty and health of hair.

Optimal hair and scalp pH balance with nanoe™ technology

Negatively charged nano ions contain 1000 times more water than normal ions.

Low acidity is great for your skin. The pH level of the nanoe molecule has a beneficial effect on hair and scalp.

Nanoe technology moisturizes the hair, making it brilliant and smooth

Nanoee penetrates deep into the hair, maintains the optimal balance of moisture and smoothes the surface of the cuticle, for more brilliant and obedient hair.

Moisture-rich nanoe also hydrates the scalp to prevent dryness and irritation.


Quick dry nozzle delivers variable airflow to separate strands for faster drying.

This unique air mechanism dries hair from the roots, caring for it even at low temperatures.

Diffuser attachment. Dries hair, giving them extra volume.

Gentle setting for fast drying at 50°C prevents damage to the hair at high temperatures.

3 speeds / 4 temperatures

Speed ​​and temperature can be selected according to hair condition and styling needs.