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How to Buy an Office Chair Secondhand

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If you spend hours sitting at your desk each day, a great office chair can make all the difference for your back. But since the best office chairs cost hundreds of dollars—and some are over $1,000—it’s not an investment that everyone can (or wants to) make.

The good news is that since these chairs are built to last for decades, they make excellent secondhand purchases. Yep, you can get all the benefits offered by our top picks at a fraction of the price. But before you fire up a new browser tab and start searching Craigslist, there are just a few things you should keep in mind if you want to buy a refurbished or used office chair.

1. Make a list of must-have features or specific chairs you’re interested in

Before you start looking for an office chair, have a wish list of one or two models you’re interested in and a list of features you’re not willing to compromise on, such as height-adjustable armrests or a mesh back (here’s what we prioritize when evaluating chairs). This will help you quickly comb through used-chair listings and avoid the temptation to buy just any office chair on a budget. More important than scoring a discounted chair is scoring a discounted chair that really fits your needs. It’s kind of like buying a used car: You should have a make and model in mind, but perhaps be flexible with things like color options.

2. Shop local and in person if you can

Once you know what you’re looking for, try to shop local—it’s best if you can see the chair in person, so you are able to try it out and look for any defects, stains, or other issues. The best places to start your chair-shopping adventure are:

Local authorized dealers: Chair companies’ authorized sellers sometimes sell gently used chairs or floor models. See if you can get in touch with a sales or warehouse contact to find out if they have any chairs to sell to individuals. A big benefit of going with an authorized dealer is you can be assured that the parts were all made by the original manufacturer and covered by its warranty. Check out Steelcase’s authorized dealers search form and Herman Miller’s authorized retailers list to find out whether there’s one near you. Herman Miller and Design Within Reach also have five outlets across the United States that sell gently used, overstocked, and returned furniture. They’re located in Vero Beach, Florida; Brooklyn, New York; Oxnard, California; Leesburg, Virginia; and Zeeland, Michigan.

Office liquidators: These companies resell furniture from businesses that have closed. Search Yelp for “office liquidator” to see if there are any near you, and then check their websites for available inventory. I found a pre-owned Herman Miller Aeron chair for $395, for example, from an office liquidator in another state; it’s 2½ hours away, but to save over $600 on a chair that normally goes for $1,000, I’d consider taking the trip. Alternatively, you can search used-office-furniture dealers by state on FurnitureFinders. You’ll need to sign up for a free account, but once you’re logged in, you’ll have access to customer reviews and ratings of the dealer, as well as its furniture listings. Fair warning: You’ll probably also get emails from dealers pitching you chairs they have for sale, so get ready to filter those out of your inbox.

Online classifieds: High-end chairs sometimes appear on Craigslist and Facebook Marketplace, but the selections are limited, so you’ll need to be patient to find the exact chair you want. You might get lucky, however, by searching these sites with a generic term like “office chair.” As this video from YouTuber Ahnestly points out, sometimes people sell pricey office chairs like the Herman Miller Aeron without knowing what they are. It takes some patience to comb through all the listings, but the results can be worth it.

3. Test the chair before you buy

Once you’ve found a chair you think you want, be sure to actually sit in it before you hand over the cash. Bring a printout, or refer to the chair manufacturer’s website during testing so you know what adjustments and features to look for. Spend enough time in the chair to make sure it fits you, is comfortable, and is in full working order. In particular, do this:

  • Test the adjustment levers to make sure they work smoothly, since these are most likely to wear out. Raise and lower the chair, and, if possible, adjust the armrests, lumbar support, and seat pan depth. Lock anything that can be locked—like the armrest and recline angle—and make sure they don’t budge once they’re locked.
  • When you’re seated with your back against the backrest, take note of whether there’s the recommended small gap (about three fingers’ width) between the back of your knees and the front of the seat. Do your lower and mid-back feel supported? (The lumbar support should hit you in the small of your back, right about your belt line.) Does the seat feel too firm, too soft, or just right?
  • Lean back in the chair to recline. Adjust the tension control, which adjusts how much force is needed to tilt back. Make sure this is comfortable.
  • Wheel the chair around. The casters should be secure in the base and roll easily.
  • Check the fabric on the seat and back for any tears, stains, or unpleasant odors. (Cleaning an office chair is straightforward, but if the chair requires deep cleaning, you might be able to negotiate the price.)
  • Look for any cracks in plastic and metal pieces, especially on the wheels and armrests.

If you’re concerned about authenticity, Amy Auscherman, head of archives and brand heritage at Herman Miller, advises that you look specifically for the label attached to the underside of the chair. That label on most chairs often lists the serial number, model number, and date the chair was manufactured.

4. Take caution before buying online, and look at the return policy

It’s possible to buy a used or refurbished office chair online, but you’ll want to take a few extra steps to make sure the site is legit before forking over your money.

If you Google “used [name of office chair],” you’ll come across tons of sites that resell name-brand chairs and deliver nationally. Unfortunately, some of them are sketchy and have reputations for selling chairs that are defective or not as described online, and then require the buyer to pay for return shipping and a restocking fee. Before buying from any site, check the Better Business Bureau for complaints. (Madison Seating has a B+ BBB rating and responds to customer complaints against it, but not all of its responses are satisfactory, in our opinion.) Trustpilot and ResellerRatings are two other store review sites you can refer to.

The Reddit community, particularly r/OfficeChairs, often shares experiences of buying chairs from online resellers, such as this warning about National Office Interiors and Liquidators (aka NOIL and National Office Interiors). The two sites that Reddit users recommended most for buying a refurbished chair are BTOD and Crandall, albeit with some mixed reviews. Both remanufacture office chairs with their own replacement parts, and offer free shipping and free return shipping within 30 days. Both companies also offer their own warranty covering manufacturer defects (a 12-year warranty for Steelcase chairs and a two-year warranty on Herman Miller chairs). We haven’t bought from either site, however, so we can’t endorse them, even though buyers’ experiences with these sites seem to be favorable in general.

Regardless of where you buy a chair online, make sure you check the fine print:

  • What is the return policy? Don’t buy a chair sight unseen if there isn’t a return policy. Stay away from sites that will accept a return only if there are major defects that you have to report within a day or two, since you’ll want ample time to test the chair. Also, look out for a restocking fee and return shipping charges. (And make sure you hold on to that giant shipping box, if you think you might need to return the chair.)
  • How is the chair described? If it’s “open box,” that means the chair was returned for some reason. This is a big gamble: It could be like new, a floor model, or have a lot of wear and tear, so proceed with caution. “Used” or “refurbished” labels are clearer—you know you’ll be getting a pre-loved item or one that has been repaired. In any case, there should be a description of the overall condition of the chair, such as if there are slight scratches on an armrest or if any parts have been replaced.
  • Does the chair have all the specs you’re looking for? Since high-end chairs are often customized, check the specifications/details list to make sure all the features you want are noted, such as adjustable lumbar support, armrest adjustability, or casters for hardwood. If it’s unclear, ask the seller.
  • Has the pneumatic cylinder been replaced? Does it need to be? This is a part of the chair that should be newer, even in a used product, Herman Miller’s Auscherman told us. Not all sites will mention whether the cylinder has been replaced, but it’s worth asking the seller.
  • What’s the warranty? Most chair warranties aren’t transferable—they stay with the original purchaser. But we have heard of cases where chair manufacturers have provided replacement parts if they were given the serial number from the manufacturer tag on the chair. Some sites add their own warranty, but you’ll also want to check what those entail; most don’t cover normal wear and tear but do cover defects, such as if the pneumatic height adjustment is no longer working.
  • Is the chair delivered assembled or in parts? If you need to assemble it, you might want to look up assembly instructions first and make sure all the necessary tools (which are usually included with the chair when buying new) are provided.

Even when you’re saving hundreds of dollars by buying a used or refurbished chair, it’s still a big purchase. Talk to the seller before buying, whether you’re doing it in person or online. Call or email first to make sure the chair is still available, and ask about the chair’s condition: how clean it is, if all the adjustments work, and if there’s any damage to the fabric or the other parts of the chair. Ask whether any of the parts have been replaced, and if they were, ask whether they are original manufacturer parts. You can also ask for a photo of the manufacturing label on the underside of the chair.

It takes work to find the best bargain, but once you’ve bought your new (old) chair, you can luxuriate in the upgraded seating experience and the satisfaction of knowing that you saved a great deal of money on something you’ll use for years to come.

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How to Make Your Cheap Office Chair More Comfortable

We independently review everything we recommend. When you buy through our links, we may earn a commission. Learn more›

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Advice, staff picks, mythbusting, and more. Let us help you.

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I have three office chairs, a situation that comes with the territory when you write about home-office products for a living. Two of them are Wirecutter’s picks for the best office chair—the Steelcase Gesture and the Herman Miller Aeron—and the other is a no-name, $50 chair that’s not much more comfortable than your average dining table chair.

Guess which one I use most often?

Although high-end chairs are definitely higher quality than your run-of-the-mill model from Staples or Wayfair—built with more premium materials, sturdier frames, and a much wider range of ergonomic adjustments—a cheap chair could still offer the best fit if you make some smart modifications. In most cases, all you need are a couple of inexpensive cushions to create a more supportive and comfortable seating position—and possibly a few tweaks to your keyboard and monitor so that your other gear sits ergonomically in line with your “new” office chair.

Remember, it’s not just about the chair

Getting the right ergonomic fit while sitting at your desk requires balancing a lot of different factors. The height of your chair has to be just right to match the height of your desk and keyboard, and the height of your monitor has to be set so that you’re not craning your neck. If one thing is off, your workstation—and, by extension, your entire body—is out of alignment. Even though it seems like the process should be simple, it’s surprisingly hard to know how to sit in a chair so that it doesn’t break your back after a few hours.

The biggest problem is that most office furniture is advertised as one-size-fits-all, whereas in reality designs are skewed heavily toward people of taller stature. The average 29-inch-high desk, for example, is designed to best fit a 6-foot-tall person. Similarly, many of the office chairs we’ve tested don’t lower enough to let people under 5-foot-6 sit comfortably, with their feet on the floor. After years of testing and interviews with ergonomic experts, we’ve realized that the solution to such problems can be surprisingly straightforward and cost-effective.

Adjust your seating position

Photo: Michael Murtaugh

To begin, use your chair’s built-in adjustments (if it has any) to lower or raise your seat so that your feet are flat on the floor, your knees are level with your hips or slightly below, and you can sit comfortably against the back of the chair. If you can’t achieve an ideal sitting position, you can try some modifications:

  • If your feet are dangling even at the lowest chair height, a footrest will work wonders. Anything will do, including a foam roller or a cardboard box, but it’s worth investing about $30 to $40 in something that’s soft, stable, and designed to encourage your feet to move.
  • If you find that your knees are resting higher than your thighs even at the chair’s highest setting, a seat cushion can help by raising your butt an extra inch or two. Some of my long-legged friends stretch their feet out under their desks because many chairs are too short for them, but that isn’t the best position to keep for hours at a time.
  • And if you’re not able to sit comfortably against the back of your chair, get a lumbar support pillow. I’m 5-foot-2, and most chairs have seat depths that are too long for me, so I tend to perch at the edge of the seat. A lumbar support pillow gently encourages me to lean back and maintain proper posture at my keyboard.

Besides providing a better fit, cushions can make sitting on a cheap chair more pleasant. A great ergonomic seat cushion, for example, not only lifts you up but can also compensate for a saggy or too-stiff seat.

Pillows can’t make cheap office chairs less squeaky, wobbly, or unattractive—and they can’t help with major flaws such as an inability to recline—but they are an inexpensive option for making even a cheap office chair fit just right. Pillows are your body’s best friend.

Next, look at your keyboard and desk

The best position for your forearms and wrists is parallel to the ground or angled down, as if you were typing with the keyboard on your lap. For many people with fixed-height desks, this isn’t possible when you’re also striving to keep your feet flat on the floor.

  • If your keyboard is too high, the solution is once again to raise your chair and get a footrest. An under-desk keyboard tray can also lower the keyboard so that you’re not straining your arms or shoulders.
  • I have yet to encounter a desk that’s so low, people have to strain or hunch over when they type. But if you find yourself in this situation, it’s not your chair’s fault. You just need a taller desk.

Finally, check the height of your monitor or laptop screen

Photo: Rozette Rago

Position your monitor such that eye level is about 2 to 3 inches below the top of the monitor, so you’re not craning your neck either up or down.

  • If the monitor causes you to bend your head down, which is common if you work on a laptop, you have a few options: Laptop owners can get a laptop stand or a height-adjustable external monitor, while desktop computer owners who find that their external monitor’s adjustment range isn’t flexible enough for comfortable viewing can try a monitor arm.
  • If your monitor is so high that you feel like you’re craning your neck to see it clearly, try arranging your application windows so that they’re more centered in your direct sight line. And here’s a bonus productivity tip: Put the distracting windows (such as Slack or Twitter) outside that central zone.

One day, a better-quality office chair may be in your future. But until then, these tips should help you make do with whatever you already have.

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Best computer chairs – TOP 10 rating of good chairs

Have you ever wondered how much time you spend in a computer chair? With a standard 8-hour working day in the office – at least 1900 hours a year, not counting the time that you sit at the computer at home. In total, every year you are in a sitting position for at least 80 days without a break. A good reason to take a fresh look at the ergonomics of your workplace – after all, the design, swing mechanism, dimensions of the chair affect the health of the back and the body as a whole. We tell you how to choose an ergonomic and practical computer chair in order to reduce the load on the spine, and at the same time not overpay.

How to choose a computer chair

Ergonomic office chair with good lumbar support and easy height adjustment, its frame is solid and the upholstery is made of non-staining and breathable materials. The design of modern chairs often contains additional elements that increase comfort, such as headrests, orthopedic inserts, and a rocking mechanism.

To ensure that the office chair meets your needs, pay attention to the following details:

  1. Lumbar support. The back of a computer chair must be physiological. When you sit, your lower back should have a comfortable curve so you don’t slouch when you get tired. A good chair may have an adjustable lumbar pillow.
  2. Adjustment. Many modern computer chairs can change the working position: adjust the backrest and seat height using the gas lift control lever. For some models, it is possible to change the height of the backrest and the depth of the seat, the location of the armrests, and the elasticity of the swing. It’s good if the purpose of the levers is intuitive – instructions are often lost.
  3. Wheel base. Usually, office chairs have a caster base – this makes it easier to move around and eliminates sprains and uncomfortable postures when you need to reach documents or office equipment. But the characteristics of the wheels themselves are also important. For carpet, wheels with maximum freedom of rotation are suitable, and for a room with a smooth surface, choose a chair with rubberized rollers.
  4. Swing mechanism. Deviating from time to time, you can change the working position to improve the blood supply to the intervertebral discs. The swing mechanism is more often present in models of medium and high cost. Various design solutions are possible: top gun, permanent contact, deeptilt.
  5. Upholstery material. Office chairs can be upholstered in fabric, natural or artificial leather, or with a mesh surface. Eco or natural leather looks solid, easy to clean. However, such a surface does not pass air well, so it will be uncomfortable to stay in the chair for a long time. The fabric is versatile and comfortable, but gets dirty more. The mesh surface is well ventilated and reduces the overall weight of the chair, but is harder to clean and less wear resistant.

Choosing office chairs

A well-chosen office chair increases employee productivity and efficiency. On the contrary, an uncomfortable computer chair causes back pain, circulatory disorders in the legs and carpal tunnel syndrome. Choose work furniture, focusing on the status and duties of the employee.

  1. Operator’s seat. The most common and inexpensive variety with basic functions. The owners of the simplest chairs are not even able to swing and adjust the backrest. But there are also full-featured models with a reinforced frame for workplaces where employees are present around the clock.
  2. Chair for senior staff. Computer chairs of this type belong to the more expensive category. For middle managers, comfortable models with a high back, improved support, and armrests are often chosen.
  3. Executive chair. The workplace of a top manager emphasizes the status. The main details of such furniture: good leather upholstery; improved swing mechanism; durable frame with increased load capacity; retractable footrest; headrest.

Office chairs: top 10 best

Our specialists have selected the most interesting office chair models with the best quality-price ratio.

  1. Everprof Ergo Gray

    The Ergo Gray computer chair stands out even among the models of Everprof, a manufacturer known for the unusual design of its products. The back of the chair, consisting of separate movable blocks, adapts to the individual physiology of the person sitting on the chair. Swinging is carried out by a mechanism with asynchronous seat and back deflection. You can adjust the chair height and seat height, as well as move the seat away from the backrest. The upholstery is made of mesh breathable fabric that does not retain air and moisture. Several upholstery colors are available.

  2. Computer chair BLANES

    The Blanes office chair attracts attention with its elegant, expensive design. It looks great in a representative area, for example, at the reception or in the meeting room. The upholstery of the chair is made of non-marking, easy-to-wash eco-leather, so the model will retain its spectacular look for a long time even in a chic beige version. A well-thought-out adjustment mechanism, comfortable width, swing in a comfortable amplitude – the manufacturer has provided everything so that even a long working day can be spent in this chair without harm to health.

  3. TopChairs Alpha executive chair

    The TopChairs Alpha executive chair looks solid, but, among the models of its class, is relatively affordable. Thanks to a durable metal frame, the chair can withstand weight up to 120 kg, and soft pillows exactly follow the shape of the body, eliminating back and neck problems. The piastre mechanism is responsible for the swing, a reliable gas lift is responsible for height adjustment, and the recliner fixes the desired backrest angle. If you want to take a break from working at the computer, just lean back and slide out the footrest to relax in a comfortable position.

  4. College operator chair H-8078F-5

    Rational option for offices with a large number of employees – ergonomic and inexpensive model College H-8078F-5. Compact and lightweight chair fits easily in small spaces. Movable wheels make it easy to move it around the floor, and the metal cross is stable and reliable. Although this model belongs to the basic level, it has all the features to make the work of the employee very comfortable: a height adjustment mechanism up to 103 cm, top gun swing, the ability to change the height of the seat. Durable acrylic mesh on the back is anatomical and provides good ventilation.

  5. Executive Chair Bureaucrat MONE

    The company “Bureaucrat” is known for light models of the budget class, which can be seen in any office in Russia. But under the Bureaucrat brand, higher-class products are also produced, including the MONE chair. The chair differs in the increased endurance — to 150 kg. Other features: elegant black and white pattern design, repositionable seat to backrest, gas lift mechanism for height adjustment, rubberized wheels that won’t scratch or mark hard surfaces. Swinging is implemented according to the “synchronous” system.

  6. Armchair Everprof Drift Full AL M

    The advantages of the chair have earned it a high rating from buyers. The working surfaces of the chair (armrests, front part of the seat and back) are made of eco-friendly and wear-resistant natural leather. The mechanism for locking the backrest has four positions. The anatomical design of the seat and backrest reduces fatigue to a minimum during prolonged work at the computer. And for a comfortable stay, the chair has a comfortable headrest and rocking through the multiblock system.

  7. Computer chair ARANO

    Unpretentiousness, comfortable design and affordable price brought popularity to this computer chair. The metal frame and crosspiece increase durability, while the eco-leather finish is stain resistant. The high back design combines mesh inserts for good ventilation and thick overlays for good lumbar support. The swing is implemented using the top-gun mechanism. The height can be changed from 61 to 115 cm, which allows you to adjust the chair to any height.

  8. Office chair TopChairs SIMPLE

    The manufacturer managed to pack good lumbar support and a height adjustment mechanism into a compact and minimalist design. Rocking as a function is absent here, as is the headrest. However, for a workroom, where a purely business and official atmosphere should reign, this is rather a plus.

  9. Office chair Set 19

    Most often, office chairs are looking for universal chairs: durable, non-staining, budget-friendly and comfortable for all employees, regardless of their height. “Set 19” is just such a model. Its advantages: breathable, washable fabric upholstery, comfortable back design with lumbar support adjustment function, a special seat shape that prevents swelling and leg cramps, a heavy-duty steel frame with a 10-year warranty. Adjustment options: gas lift for height change and high-quality rocking mechanism.

  10. Office chair Bureaucrat CH-605

    An interesting design armchair at a great price. It is suitable for a small office or home. The model is reliable and easy to adjust: the swing of the back using a spring-screw mechanism, a gas-lift system for changing the height, a stopper on wheels that prevents accidental rolling when you get out of it.

The best computer chairs for the home: budget and comfortable

The main difference between home computer chairs and office chairs is that leisure time is usually spent at a home computer. For the home, gaming chairs are often bought – a type of computer furniture that is almost never found in the office.

The first gaming chairs were designed for computer racing, which is why even today many gaming chairs resemble racing car seats.

What to look for when choosing a gaming chair:

  1. Comfortable armrests. For computer users, the armrests are not as important as the forearms can rest on the table next to the keyboard. But the hands of gamers are often stretched out or are on weight, and for a long time they keep the same position – ergonomic armrests in this case are not a luxury, but a necessity.
  2. Back support. If an office worker needs vertical support to keep from slouching at work, a gamer’s chair should provide a comfortable body position in the reclined position. Neck support is also needed, so a gaming chair needs a high back, a comfortable headrest, and lugs that fix the position of the shoulders.
  3. Materials. It is difficult for an enthusiastic gamer to tear himself away from his favorite game even while eating. Traces of spilled coffee or greasy stains from an eaten hamburger can remain on the fabric surface, so the most practical materials for finishing a gaming chair are leather, eco-leather or PVC.
  4. Dimensions. In order for the ergonomics of the chair to work in your favor, you need to choose its dimensions well. It will be uncomfortable for thin people of short stature to lean on the armrests of a large chair, on the contrary, for large people in a chair that is too small, there will not be enough back and neck support.

Rating of the best budget computer chairs for the home

The best chairs for those who spend their leisure time playing computer games or working at home – in the list compiled by our experts.

  1. Prime computer chair

    A universal home chair that will suit both fans of computer games, and those who work remotely, and those who want to surf the Internet at their leisure. The anatomical design of the backrest, adjustable soft armrests, ergonomic headrest, lumbar pillow, top gun rocking mechanism – this chair will be comfortable for many hours. An additional plus is considerable dimensions: the seat width is 70 cm and the load capacity is up to 120 kg.

  2. Chairman Game 28

    The stylish design of this armchair does not end there. In its arsenal is the ability to withstand loads up to 120 kg and a significant seat width that will suit even large people. Add to this the swing with the help of a mechanism of increased comfort, thoughtful back and lumbar support, an affordable price – and you have a universal computer chair for the home.


    Our most affordable gaming chair, the Viking 2 Aero is a great choice for a teenager or budget conscious individual who doesn’t want to sacrifice quality. The chair can support weights up to 180 kg, provides comfortable rocking thanks to the top gun system and offers a reliable height adjustment mechanism.

  4. Gaming chair NEO-2

    The NEO-2 armchair from Tetchair is a well-balanced solution. The design with anatomical support for the back and neck allows you to spend many hours in it playing games or working, and in the office the chair will perfectly fulfill the role of a manager’s workplace. Features: pleasant and non-staining eco-leather finish, rocking with the help of the top-gun mechanism, comfortable soft armrests.

  5. Computer chair College CLG-802 LXH

    A gaming chair doesn’t have to be bulky. Thanks to the graceful design, this chair will fit in a small room, the mesh back provides good ventilation even in a stuffy room, the thoughtful design reduces fatigue, and the rocking, soft headrest and reclining function will help you relax.

  6. Computer chair TopChairs Cherokee

    The sporty design of the Cherokee chair is irresistible. But stylish looks aren’t everything. Other features include: a multiblock rocking mechanism, adjustable armrests, the ability to recline the backrest up to 180 degrees and a large five-arm diameter (35 cm), so that even in this position the chair will not tip over.

  7. Gaming chair JOKER Z

    Any computer geek will fall in love with the futuristic design of this chair. The anatomical design literally hugs the person sitting in it, correctly distributing the load on the spine and lower back. There is a mechanism for adjusting the seat height and rocking stiffness.

  8. Lotus computer chair

    Tall people are not so easy to find a comfortable chair for a long sitting at the computer. Lotus by Everprof is suitable for any build: this model can be adjusted not only for armrests, height and back tilt (top-gun mechanism), but also for the location of orthopedic pillows for the head and lower back – the rollers are attached to special belts.

  9. Chair Chairman Game 25

    Designer armchair will become an interior decoration in itself. Well, the one who will be placed in it in front of the computer, waiting for incomparable comfort. After all, the design provides for a mechanism for fixing the back of the chair in several positions, height-adjustable armrests, slots in the back for better ventilation and an ergonomic bucket seat.

  10. Sports chair TopChairsPhantom

    Sports models are reminiscent of the design of the seats of high-end cars. The developers of TopChairs Phantom approached the design with the same care as car designers: the side cushions give the body a natural and correct position, it is pleasant to lean on the soft armrests, the adjustment levers work reliably and smoothly.

The design, features and design of modern computer chairs are very diverse, and choosing the best one can be a daunting task. With any questions, you can always contact the consultant of the Vse online store by phone, WhatsApp or through the form on the website.

TOP 5 best chairs in the world – ranking of the best computer chairs 2019-2021


Ivanna Solovii




We first published this article in 2019 and since then we have been updating it as new best chairs for long work arrive, so there are slightly more than 5 chairs.

Read also: What is an ergonomic chair and how to use it choose

Like cars, watches, tablets and any folding product, all chairs are divided into two kinds: factory production and “garage” assembly . At the same time, they can resemble each other in appearance and even share the same price range. We tell you which chairs of our import we refer to the TOP-5 most comfortable chairs in the world. We chose from manufacturers who control the production cycle, study biomechanics in R&D departments, issue a guarantee of 5 years and provide quality certificates.

  Manufacturer photo Klober - the first German chair manufacturer  

Let our subjective computer chair comparison guide your choice and tell you what questions to ask the seller before buying. More information about what an ergonomic chair is and how to sit in it correctly can be found in the previous posts.


We do not classify designer leather models and bright eco-leather of gaming chairs as work chairs. Without complications, they simply cannot provide healthy comfort for two hours or more. To solve our problems (correct thermoregulation and weight distribution), mesh with cotton or fabric are more effective materials.


1. CONTESSA chair (Okamura) and Contessa Seconda


Feature : a high gas lift, at the highest position of which even a person with a height of eighty-five meters cannot reach the floor with their feet. And due to the correctly distributed upholstery, this is the most shock-absorbing chair. Under the armrests are the backrest tilt and chair height control keys, the back and seat depth, and lumbar support are adjustable. But the most important thing is the quality of the materials. And it’s not just that 85% of them can be reused. The company buys the Scandinavian fabric KVADRAT, while the rest of Okamura’s components have been produced independently in Japan for 80 years. He also works with leaders in industrial design – he was drawn for chairs in ItalDesign. We have seen an executive chair that has gone through three owners. For 8 years, the mechanisms work like on the first day of purchase. Add to that posture control, an advanced seat recycle system and a stylish understated look – what more do you need for the best chair in the world.

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Feature : firm, pronounced lumbar support with orthopedic effect . This has both its positive and negative points. The Ergohuman chair controls posture, but is quite uncomfortable for those who do not have problems with it. As well as for those who work reclining, relaxing down on the edge of the seat. This is an ergonomic chair that needs to be tested due to the double back – its lower part is “movable” and adapts to movements, so you always feel the same support. Why do you still find Ergohuman in every top seat ranking in the world? This is the only chair at the intersection of ergonomics and orthopedics: not as rigid as corset backs stretching the spine, but more demanding in fit than conventional chairs with the correct anatomical curve. But to finally figure it out, we invite you to test it in the showroom.

What American engineers say about Ergohuman


Feature : the design of the back provides hinged connections in the area of ​​the thoracic spine. Thus, the very architecture of the chair creates the effect of straightened shoulders, which is especially important for working in a reclining position. Plus, the computer chair has the widest back angle of any model. Among other things, you can adjust not only the depth of the seat, but also the angle of its inclination – in order to unload the lower back and find the most relaxed position. What does all of this mean? If Ergohuman requires a conscious landing, then the NEFIL model is designed for those who used to drive up under the table, hide the armrests, raise the monitor to eye level and “go down” with their body to the edge of the seat. With its back deflected by 120 degrees, the chair does not impose an officer’s bearing on you, but it will also not allow you to forget about posture control.

4. Armchair ENJOY (Comfort Global)


Feature: the backrest of one of the best ergonomic chairs can be adjusted to 5 height positions. The headrest is also adjustable in height and angle. Thus, the model is easily adjusted for height from 160 to 190+. The Enjoy chair is the only programmer’s chair that we calmly offer to those who do not have the opportunity to come and try on the model. In addition to the height, the back design can also be called universal – a simple anatomically correct curve can be easily adjusted to your lower back and thereby ensure posture control for long periods of work.


The second model of the Japanese manufacturer Okamura in our list of chairs is not inferior to the Contessa chair in terms of workmanship, but differs in three important features. Firstly, the control buttons are located under the seat, not the armrests (there is no SmartOperations system). Secondly, the back of the chair completely covers your back and gently supports your posture, somewhat reminiscent of orthopedic seats in a car. And the last point – the chair is quite compact and even with a headrest it will be most relevant for a person with a height of up to 175 cm. Despite this, Sylphy is Okamura’s best-selling model in Europe and the USA. We think that its minimalism in design and external simplicity with advanced functionality played an important role in this.



If Japanese Chinese manufacturers will do everything to make you want to return to the office chair even on weekends , then Scandinavian projects have a completely different philosophy. Too comfortable and “hugging” for them is a minus, because from too much comfort, the body closes in static and we forget to move. Therefore, the Swedish brand RH creates rather rigid models and upholsters them in fabric or wool, rather than mesh. But in just a year of working with them, we managed to call it one of the strongest in terms of ergonomic solutions. In the RH Mereo model, in addition to the ideal armrests and headrest, you can fix the angle of the backrest relative to the seat. And then, separately, turn on or off the swing of the chair itself. It’s like a rocking chair, but your feet don’t leave the floor, and that’s the magic. The back is open, so that the shoulders can be pulled back without leaning on the frame, frame. And in general, the chair is made from recycled materials, assembled as a designer, any part of which can be replaced over time. But, you can’t hope that other people’s impressions or the work of a copywriter will help you find the best computer chair for your purposes. So come to the showroom!



Sometimes specialized manufacturers create a so-called project version of a flagship model. Perhaps the most interesting of them is the budget version of the ENJOY chair. Vinyl cross, plywood base, no seat slider, and a classic swing mechanism with adjustable stiffness are the key differences. But, the anatomical (or ergonomic) design remains the same. The back of the chair and the headrest are also adjustable in height and maintain the correct body position. As a result, the chair is ten times more efficient and more beautiful than those that we saw on the Ukrainian market for a budget of up to $500.


Of course, we would include the AERON model (Herman Miller) in the TOP of ergonomic chairs. And we even advise you to try it on for comparison at the distributor. But you’ve probably heard of it by now. But the fact that the NEFIL chair and about twenty other chairs in the world are not inferior to it in terms of adjustments, materials and engineering is unlikely. Also, in the near future, our showroom will expand with German manufacturers Klober and Rovo, as well as Korean DUOREST chairs with a corset orthopedic back. Then we will definitely update the article and add new models. So much work ahead!


BEST NEW ERGONOMIC CHAIRS OF 2021 K. Models of the brands RH MEREO, Profim ACCIS PRO and, of course, the famous Norwegian chair for active work HAG CAPISCO designed by Peter Opsvik

  • armchairs from the German manufacturer KLOBER – namely, the DUERA model with a powerful swing spring and materials that will last a lifetime
  • Canadian NIGHTINGALE armchairs with reinforced models up to 200 kg and memory foam for perfect weight absorption
  • German armchairs with ergo balance ROVO

    Caesar said, “Hell is a choice.” But you need to pass it if you sit for a long time and work with a computer. Moreover, we have made your life easier and collect all the best chairs in one showroom. And the best tips on how to save your back and mood are in the blog section on this site. From 2015 to 2018, the selection of chairs in the showroom has grown from three to 40 models. You can compare them, take them for a test drive, you can work with your laptop here. Therefore, no matter how many professional opinions you meet, come and decide for yourself which chair is best for you.

    And remember – wherever you try them on, if you work sitting for more than an hour in a row – there should be dynamics. Avoid static fixation of the body at 90 degrees in all pseudo-orthopedic chairs.

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              Country: Norway. Chair class: ergonomic chair-saddle. Base: aluminium. Upholstery: wear-resistant fabric Mechanism: asynchronous. Adjustments: height, tilt lock, slider mechanism. Backrest: adjustable in height. Without headrest. Load: 120 kg. Warranty: 5 years.

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                Country: Germany. Base: aluminium. Material: Kvadrat fabric. Class: President. Mechanism: synchronous, with ergobalance. Adjustments: chair height, tilt lock (x5), rocking stiffness, seat depth, adjustable headrest and armrests. Load: 120 kg, 24/7. Warranty: 5 years.

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                  Country: Scotland. Base: aluminium. Upholstery: mesh (100 thousand cycles). Class: ergonomic. Mechanism: synchronous, Single Level Control. Adjustments: height, seat depth, seat angle, lumbar support height, tilt lock, rocking stiffness. Armrests: 4D. Headrest: 2D. Load: 150 kg, 24/7. Warranty: 5 years.

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                      Headrest: option. Lumbar support: option.

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                      Out of stock

                      Country: Japan. Base: aluminium. Upholstery: mesh (100 thousand cycles) fabric (100 thousand). Class: ergonomic. Mechanism: synchronous. Adjustments: height, seat depth, lumbar support height, backrest depth, tilt lock, minus lock, rocking stiffness. Armrests: 3D. Headrest: non-adjustable. Load: 120 kg, 24/7. Warranty:…

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