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    At Philips, we understand that every skin and hair type is unique. Our mission is to provide each man with his personalized best shave, blade-close and incredibly gentle. Our new shavers feature SenseIQ technology that senses and adapts to you and your beard type.

    9000 Prestige

    Ultimate closeness,

    ultimate skin comfort

    9000 Series

    Superior closeness, customized to your skin

    7000 Series

    Close shave,
    advanced skin protection

    5000 Series

    Powerful shave,
    gentle on skin

    Personalized shave 
    for each individual

    Philips rotary shavers with SenseIQ technology are intelligent and adaptive. They adapt to your hair density, follow every contour of your face, and thanks to circular movements, match the way your hair naturally grows.

    Shavers that are, innovative and versatile

    Wet & Dry shaving


    With our shavers, you can go for a comfortable dry shave or a refreshing wet shave. You can shave with gel or foam, even under the shower.

    More than just a shaver


    Easily turn your shaver2 into a beard styler, a precision trimmer or a cleansing brush. Just click the attachment you want onto the handle to complete your look.


    2 Compatible with shaver 5000 series and above.


    Our journey to become a leader in sustainable technology

    Our production facility for blades uses 100% renewable electricity

    Our packaging is made with recycled paper or renewable sources

    All shavers come with an Eco Passport

    Which shaver is
    best for you?

    Need support for
    your older models

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      Philips Norelco 3000 Shaver Review – S3233 & S3212 Models

      Last Updated on April 20, 2023

      Available @ Amazon

      In this shaver review, I will cover the Philips Norelco S3212 and Philips S3233 (Philips 3000 series) shavers which are both fundamentally the same shavers.

      Before getting into this electric shaver review I have to make sure I am clear and help you readers to be clear with some of this model number stuff that Philips has going on. This can help buyers get the best model suited for them.

      I thought the rubik’s cube was hard to figure out until I had to learn how to decipher the shavers within a series with the various model numbers, and that also varies between the USA and Europe. To add to the confusion Philips likes to call themselves Philips Norelco in the US and just Philips within Europe……..rant over!

      Philips S3233/52 vs Philips Norelco S3212/82 – The only difference between the S3233 and S3212 is the S3233 is the European model number and the S3212 is the USA model number. The European model is also full black in color while the US model has a storm gray (more blueish) front section.

      This shaver is within the lower price range and series within all of the Philips facial shaver range. There are 6 series in total with the first being series 1000 and the next series ‘this shaver’ 3000 (there’s no 2000 series). The S9000 Prestige is at the top of their range.

      Other 3000 Series Shavers
      There are usually more than one shaver within a Philips series and new models appearing, although many changes made are insignificant. The 3000 Series has seen a fair few models!
      -USA models: 3700 - S3570, *3800- S3311/85, 3500, S3560/81, 3100 - S3310/81. 
      -European models: *S3333/54, S3233/52, *S3231/52, S3133/51, S3561/12, S3134/51, S3560/11. 
      Within this series each shaver and its corresponding number mostly only have cosmetic changes and use the same blades and motor to power the shavers.  Others will have a different number based on its accessories that it comes with (i.e., charging stand, travel bag etc.)
      The model reviewed here S3233/52 or S3212/82 has the 5D (five directional) feature which is an upgrade from previous models. And, the charging indicator shows 3 lights that will reduce to indicate the battery charge left.
      There are no real deal breakers between these models, although some of the changes are slight improvements, but nothing major. 
      *The USA 3800- S3311/85 is the exact same shaver that comes with a stand.
      *The European S3333/54 is the exact same shaver that comes with a stand.
      *The European S3231/52 is the exact same shaver, only storm gray in color, the same as the USA S3212/82 we are reviewing here.  

      Phillips S3233/52 and S3212/82 Ratings





      Ease of Use:


      Value for Money:


      Overall Rating:


      Let’s take a look at the all-important features of this Phillips 3000 Series shaver and then let you know how it performed after testing it out for the last month, and finally who it is best suited for.

      Description & Features

      Unboxed a buyer gets the shaver, charger, travel bag, protective cap, and small user manual. Buyers may buy the supporting stand or buy a model at a slightly higher cost that includes the stand.

      • Blades – Philips name these blades PowerCut Blades. Philips also states the shaver has 27 self-sharpening blades which equate to nine in each shaver head. These last for up to 2 years before replacing.
      • 5D Pivot & Flex Heads – The previous 3000 series models were only four directional while this model is five directional to improve how the shaver moves along the contours of a user’s face.
      • Wet & Dry (+ 100% waterproof) – Users may shave wet or dry with this shaver and use their favorite shaving cream, soap, foam or gel. It can be used in the shower or bath and is fully washable.
      • Attached Trimmer – At the back of the shaver, there is a flip-out trimmer for trimming sideburns and mustaches.
      • Charge Indicator – The front section has an LED indicator showing the amount of charge left. There are 3 levels of charge shown and once one is left the shaver needs recharging.
      • Charging and Battery – The battery must be fully charged for an hour to provide 60 minutes of runtime. It may be charged up for 5 mins to get a quick 5-minute shave if needed.
      • Cordless – This shaver can only be used without the charging lead attached. If it’s attached the shaver will shut off.
      • Warranty – Phillips offers a 2-year warranty period on shavers. Register your shaver with the Philips website for your country to ensure everything is registered for the warranty.

      Flexible HeadsThe head pivots forwards and back Push button to flip open the headProtective cap

      How well does the S3233/52 & S3212/82 perform and Shave?

      The last electric shaver I tested, used, and reviewed was the Philips (Norelco) S9000 Prestige (QI Pad) which is a very different shaver to the one reviewed here, although it is made by Philips and it’s rotary in style.

      I needed to lower expectations as a $60 shaver isn’t going to do what a $400+ shaver will do. I kept the price range in mind while using and reviewing.

      As usual, I spend about a month testing out an electric shaver on various beard growths (i.e., 1,2, and 3 days), and also test out shaving wet and dry which can be done with the all waterproof Philips 3000 Series shavers.

      3 days growth – Three days is the maximum I would push this shaver. On 3 days of growth, I had to spend a bit of time going over the same spots but it was quite efficient. There were a couple of missed areas that I had to go back over that I noticed after finishing the shave.

      2 days growth – Always my sweet spot with any electric shavers and no different with this Philips. Shaving every two days on 3 consecutive occasions gave me a pretty good shave for a budget kind of shaver.

      Daily shaving – I know many guys are able to use their shaver daily and from experience, the S3233/52 & S3212/82 can do this well enough for the right skin types. However, for me as usual I get some neck irritation and I did with this shaver.

      How was wet shaving with this Philips 3000 Series?

      I tried out wet shaving with shaving cream and it did offer a bit more comfort if I had to shave for less than 2 days then shaving with cream would help reduce irritation.

      I did not test this model out in the shower or bath though, however, a user may shave in the shower or bath as the shaver is fully waterproof.

      Did it shave your head very well?

      While I am aware the Philips S3233/52 – S3212/82 is a facial shaver I tested it out for head shaving as well. Short head hair is softer than facial hair so it could never harm a shaver, although it could reduce the lifespan of blades from more use, possibly.

      Head shaving results were pretty good. Easy to use and the ergonomics work well, and the shave was close enough, although slight stubble left.

      Overall Shaving Experience

      If I base my experience on the price range of this shaver then it preformed very good. It does not give as close a shave as other higher priced shavers or cartridge and safety razors, as expected, but if a user persists and does some skin stretching etc., then it shaves close enough.

      Very impressed after using this shaver for head shaving.

      The trimmer as usual was not great. Maybe it works better for guys with longer sideburns, but if I need to get my sideburns cut in well then I have to use a razor.

      Related: See our choice of the best electric head shavers .

      Build quality and ergonomics – 8/10

      While the build quality and plastics don’t look like they would last a lifetime the Philips S3233/52 (Norelco S3212/82) looks and feels like a good product. It also feels quite light to hold!

      The ergonomics are very good and allow the shaver to fit comfortably in the hand. And the sides and underside are rubberized which provides plenty of grip.

      Cutting power – 7.5/10

      Of course, this shaver isn’t a power horse of 150,000 cutting actions per minute like the Philips Prestige but it is enough to get the job done. It’s pretty quiet when in use!

      Charging and battery life – 8/10

      The battery lasts for many shaves and up to about an hour of use. It only takes about an hour to charge up.

      The only negative here is not being able to use the shaver plugged in and if the battery breaks………..where does that leave a user? Half a beard I guess (oops)!

      The charging indicator is useful and simple.

      Cleaning and maintenance – 9/10

      A lot of shavers (more expensive models) come nowadays with a cleaning and charging station. While they are very useful they’re not necessary.

      This Philips 3000 series cleans up easily enough with running warm water under a tap. And as a little tip you might want to try, add a couple of drops of antibacterial hand soap inside the blades then switch it on under the tap and watch it sparkle and smell good.

      The blades are easy enough to remove for cleaning or to replace. Just turn the dial inside the head after flipping open the top and then remove each blade head (x3).

      Replacement Blades: Blades for the Philips 3000 series only need replacing after up to 2 years of use. They are very affordable and cost less than $20 which equates to less than $1 per month.

      Value for money – 9/10

      When it comes to getting a good bang for your buck then this series 3000 is a good buy. It is on the budget and lower-end scale within the price range for an electric shaver and while it’s not the best on the market, it’s as good as it gets within this price range.

      Costs approximately – $60 USD, £50 GBP, and 80 €. Prices do vary from country to country.

      Likes & Dislikes

      • Comfortable shave with no hair tugging
      • Ergonomics are very good
      • Newer 5D has improved shaving along the contours of the face
      • Affordable price tag for most buyers
      • Very easy to clean and the blades can be cleaned thoroughly when removed
      • Useful indicator for viewing the charge left
      • Shaving head blades last for up to 2 years
      • Gives a great head shave
      • Not as close a shave as more expensive models or cartridge or safety razors
      • Not able to use the shaver corded
      • Trimmer is not great

      Any Common Consumer Issues, Complaints, or Positive Reports?

      Many consumers report that while this is a budget shaver it’s well worth the money and performs well. A lot of guys agree with liking its quietness.

      There are a number of reports about this shaver and others from the Philips 3000 Series stating that they had faults or the shaver stopped working completely within 12 months of purchase. Buyers do get a 2 year guarantee though!

      Final Thoughts – Who is the Philips S3233/52 & Norelco S3212/82 best suited for?

      I must admit I was pleasantly surprised with this shaver especially after using so many top of the range shavers. I’ve just kept in mind budget spenders and see this as a good buy.

      It’s possible those new to shaving with an electric shaver could get along well with this 3000 series because they do not have to invest too much to see if using electric shavers are for them.

      This would not be my first shaver recommendation for those with very sensitive skin or for those that like to shave after more than two days. I could be fine, but it wouldn’t be my first choice.

      Keep in mind that if you get hold of one of these shavers give yourself and the shaver a few shaving sessions to adjust to using it, especially if you have been wet shaving with razors previously.

      Available @ Amazon


      I’m the chief shaverer over here at ShavingAdvisor and when I am not shaving off any hair I have left, or writing about what I have shaved off – I do a load of other life stuff and enjoy a good cup of tea between doing stuff!

      You might want to check out all other electric shaver reviews and buyer guides here.

      See What Others Have Viewed Recently

      How to choose a men’s electric shaver? | Philips

      search support icon

      Search Keywords

      Men know that shaving is a regular chore. That is why it should be fast, safe, convenient, and most importantly – effective. Someone has already abandoned the conventional machine in favor of an electric razor. And someone just wondered: “How to choose an electric shaver” . About how among the variety of models to choose the razor that is right for you, and will be discussed further.

      What is the difference between an electric shaver and a conventional shaver? But when you factor in the total costs, including replacement blades, foam, and lotion that you constantly need to buy, then an electric razor will quickly recoup its price.

      Meanwhile, daily shaving with a regular razor has tangible drawbacks. First, the blade breaks the integrity of the outer layer of the skin. Together with the hairs, the razor cuts off the outer layer of the epidermis. Because of this, the skin loses its protective functions, as well as moisture, which instantly causes irritation on sensitive skin. Frequent shaving with a machine leads to the fact that the outer layer of the epidermis simply does not have time to recover.

      Secondly, the blade system of a conventional machine is imperfect and requires a man to shave carefully and carefully. When you are late and in a hurry, the likelihood of getting a cut is very high. The electric razor shaves quickly and is absolutely safe. And modern innovative technologies provide perfect facial skin care with minimal human intervention.

      And, thirdly, shaving with a machine is possible only when using water and shaving foam, which is completely inconvenient on the road.

      How an electric shaver works

      A modern electric razor is a technically complex electronic tool that differs not only in its basic set of characteristics, but also in the presence of intelligent systems. To understand them, you need to remember the three most important requirements for a razor:

      • Firstly, it must shave cleanly: the system of blades and slits, as well as the system of repeating the contours of the face, is responsible for this.
      • Secondly, the electric shaver should not cause irritation: this is influenced by the setting of the shaving speed, the contour following system and the coating of the cutting unit, which reduces friction.
      • Thirdly, the electric shaver must be easy to use: the cleaning system of the razor, the type of battery, and the presence of an informative display are responsible for this.

      All electric shavers are divided into two types: rotary and foil.

      Design features of rotary and foil shavers

      The main difference between a foil shaver and a rotary shaver is the metal mesh that protects the skin from direct contact with the shaver . During shaving, the hairs fall into the mesh and the razor blade shaves them off. In rotary models, the shaving element is located on the shaving head. In the process of shaving, the hairs are in special cuts of various shapes (rotary), where they are captured by the shaving element, lifted and cut off at the level of the skin.

      Advantages and disadvantages of foil shaver and rotary shaver

      In general, due to the “gentle” operating mode of the foil shaver, it has many disadvantages. The mesh protects sensitive skin from direct contact with knives, but there is a high chance of missing a hair when shaving. During operation, the mesh becomes very hot. Rotary shaver heads heat up slightly for a more comfortable shave.

      In addition, rotary shavers are more comfortable. They have special chamber for shaved stubble , and in foil razors, the hairs are simply scattered to the sides during shaving.

      Due to their design, rotary shavers are quieter and have less vibration. The process of shaving with rotary razors, thanks to the even pressure distribution of the shaving heads over the skin surface, is more comfortable. In general, the technical performance of rotary shavers is higher.

      Features to look for when buying an electric shaver

      Close shave

      So, the most important requirement for a razor is a close shave. It is achieved thanks to a system of blades and slots. Of course, the newer the model, the more perfect its device.

      For example, the tried-and-true Philips PT 8**, RQ ****, AT ***, S5*** series have the “Super Lift & Cut” blade system with only one row cutting elements, while the more modern S7* and S9 series* have “V-Track Precision” and “V-Track Precision PRO” blade systems, respectively. In both systems, there are already two radii of the V-shaped cutting elements. “V-Track Precision” uses the patented Super Lift & Cut technology, where the blades are sharpened at different inclinations and angles. “V-Track Precision PRO ” uses an innovative blade system that can shave even long and thick stubble.

      The slit system is the second most important system for a close shave. The slots come in different shapes – longitudinal (for short and medium length hairs), “comb” holes (for long ones) and small round ones (for short ones). Depending on the series, different slot systems are used in the shaving heads: “Multi Precision”, “Gentle Precision” and “V-Track Precision” systems. The last two systems use effective longitudinal slits in the form of the letter “V” , which provide a more accurate capture of the hair. They are used in the S7*** and S9*** series.

      How to avoid irritation after shaving?

      The second requirement for a razor is no irritation after shaving . The contour following system is responsible for this, as well as the coating on the cutting block, which reduces friction between the razor and the skin. Contour Detect System , used in the S9*** series, gives maximum freedom to the shaving unit: its base rotates, the shaving heads rotate around themselves as well as curve in and out of the center, and the blades tilt independently of the others.

      The gentle mode is designed for low speed and is specially designed for a shave without irritation. Thanks to the personalized speed setting feature available on the S9000 series (Philips S9511, S9521, S9711), you can customize your shaving experience by choosing gentle care for sensitive skin, the standard mode for daily use, or the fast mode, if you need to bring it on in the shortest possible time. yourself in order.

      In the S7*** series, the unique Comfort Rings cover provides a gentle shave. The coating significantly reduces the area of ​​contact between the shaving head and the skin, improving glide over the skin. Thus, the user is guaranteed not to experience irritation or other unpleasant sensations. An excellent shaving result can be obtained even by owners of very sensitive skin.

      How to avoid irritation after shaving?

      The third requirement for a razor is usability . This is due to the type of razor power: it runs on a wire or on a battery, which allows you to shave regardless of whether there is an outlet nearby or not. The cordless mode is also considered safer when shaving wet. It is worth paying attention to the battery life indicator: for example, the battery capacity in the latest models of Philips shavers allows you to use an electric shaver for 60 minutes without recharging (approximately 20 shaves).

      The self-cleaning system of the electric shaver is a special device with which the razor is cleaned, lubricated, charged and dried. How many actions do you need to perform to complete these operations, you ask? Just one thing – to press a button on the self-cleaning system, then everything happens without your participation. A message about the need for cleaning will be displayed on the informative display. By the way, in the S9 model711, in addition to the cleaning indicator, the display shows all the necessary information about the operation of the razor – the selected shaving speed and the battery level with an accuracy of 1%! In general, user interaction with the razor is simple and intuitive.

      When buying a razor, pay attention also to additional equipment , including the attachments included in the set, allowing you to use the razor as a trimmer and styler.

      Availability storage case important if you take your razor on the road. Be sure to consider this point when choosing an electric shaver as a gift for a man who often has to travel.

      Which electric shaver is best for sensitive skin?

      Razor shaving for men with sensitive skin often results in irritation, dry skin and cuts. Foil electric shavers, thanks to the protective grid, are considered more comfortable for shaving. However, the foil does not cut short hairs, which makes foil-type electric shavers ineffective in combating one-day stubble. Rotary models are ideal for men with sensitive skin.

      Philips S7000 series electric shavers are designed for sensitive skin. Thanks to ‘s innovative Comfort Rings shaving head polymer coating, the glide between the skin and the razor surface is improved, and the shaving experience becomes more comfortable and enjoyable.

      Another solution to this problem is the Wet Electric Shaver .

      Wet and dry electric shavers

      Thanks to the AquaTec seal, almost all Philips electric shavers offer both dry and wet shaving. Dry shaving is easier and faster, and when traveling, it is simply indispensable. However, for those with sensitive skin who have recently given up the razor, wet shaving will be more comfortable and familiar. Wet Shave reduces the risk of irritation to a minimum : it is ideal for men with sensitive facial skin.

      In addition, wet shaving models are easy to clean as they are waterproof . Perhaps only three models do not have a wet shaving function – Philips S5100/06, S5110/06, S5310/06, and S5330/41. These dry shaving models with special Turbo+ mode (except models S5100/06, 5110/06) are designed to shave thick stubble very quickly.

      • -{discount-value}

        Shaver S9000 Prestige SkinIQ smart electric shaver

        View product

      • -{discount-value}

        Shaver series 9000 Smart electric shaver with SkinIQ technology

        View product

      • -{discount-value}

        Shaver series 7000 SkinIQ smart electric shaver

        View product

      • -{discount-value}

        Shaver series 5000 Smart electric shaver with SkinIQ technology

        View product

      You are leaving the Philips Healthcare (“Philips”) official website. Any links to third party websites that may be included on this site are provided solely as a convenience to you. Philips makes no warranties regarding any third party websites or the information they contain.

      I understand

      You are about to visit a Philips global content page


      Top 7 best electric shavers in 2023

      Why buy the best electric razor, you may ask? Today, not all men shave every day. Some men don’t shave at all. But for the old guard looking for a sleek look and for young men ditching their beards, an electric razor is just the thing, and these are the best electric shavers in 2023.

      Having tried all these models, it is actually quite difficult to distinguish the most expensive, “flagship” models. I tried them daily, after three days and – aiming to be more scientific – grew a little beard and then trimmed it to 3mm with one of our best beard trimmers.

      So what was my verdict? For an overall quality shave at a not-too-crazy price point, I would personally recommend Braun’s updated flagship 9 series. The razor makes skin smooth even if you haven’t shaved for 3 days and I prefer the feel of the mesh to the spin.

      However, hardly anyone will feel disappointed with the Phillips Series 9000. It is so gentle on your face that it seems like nothing is happening. But it is so. If you use the 9000 series on a daily basis, the result will be almost the same as with Braun, although I would say that the 9 seriesit just has longer or stiffer bristles.

      A cheaper option is Braun’s amazing new 770-N7200cc series, which features a flexible head that shaves as close as a razor.

      However, if you really want the absolute best electric shaver, pay this amount and get the Series 9000 Prestige. It can handle 5 days of stubble and comes with a wireless charging pad that also works on compatible Android smartphones. Plus, it’s noticeably better looking and feels than any other razor.

      Below you will find our complete list of the best electric shavers, as well as the best prices for these shavers. “But can you shave some more off these prices?” you ask. “Well, yes!” we answer. “Just as sure as you have a 5-hour shadow at the end of the day, you can always, always get an electric razor.”

      Best electric shavers rating

      1. Braun 9390cc Series 9 – The best electric shaver can handle 3 days of stubble

      Braun 9390cc Series 9 – The best electric razor can handle 3 days of stubble

      • Operating time: 50 minutes after 60 minutes of charging
      • Waterproof: Yes


      • Best electric shave for long stubble
      • Titanium tipped blades
      • Good charging and battery life


      • Same performance as Philips, but slightly more expensive.

      Especially with the trend to shave less frequently these days, I recommend the Braun Series 9 foil razorcompared to the almost equally impressive Philips. If you shave two to three times a week, you’ll probably like it too, as it’s a little better for areas with longer stubble. That’s thanks to the titanium-tipped blades, which give it a “gold-plated” look.

      In its glory days, Braun was renowned for creating the perfect combination of form and function using cutting-edge design techniques. I’m not saying that Dieter Rams would necessarily be upset with the design of this electric shaver, but while its functionality is hard to argue with, aesthetically 9th series is clearly not enough. It looks and feels like plastic, and the way it slides into the charging and cleaning cradle isn’t great.

      But, on the other hand, so what? Series 9 is lightweight, ergonomic, water resistant up to 5 meters and easy to clean. Like its rival Philips, the 50-minute battery life on a one-hour charge is just great. The retractable beard trimmer isn’t something to talk about, but at least it’s always there, unlike the Philips clip-on trimmer.

      Perhaps the really killer thing about Braun for me is that using it is actually like shaving. The rotational movements of Philips are more like rubbing the face.

      2. Philips Shaver Series 9000 Prestige – The much-desired wet and dry mega shaver

      Philips Shaver Series 9000 Prestige – The much-desired wet and dry mega shaver

      • Operating time: battery life is not listed but seems to be only 2+ hours.
      • Waterproof: Yes


      • Best Electric Shaver
      • Stylish
      • Convenient Qi wireless charging


      • You don’t want to pay for this RRP

      With a new blade design and larger mesh openings, the Philips 9000 Prestige series cuts through week-long thick stubble. And it really works. Where other electric shavers force you to trim, if you’ve missed a few days, you can pretty much just repeat it once and then look for just a few minor spots that might need a second trip.

      The shave he gives you is almost unbelievably clean. It feels like you’ve really used a traditional multi-blade razor. This is partly due to the new design of the blade, which drives the hairs deeper under the net before cutting. This is achieved with minimal irritation, thanks in part to an anti-friction coating not found on most other Philips shavers, but you can happily use this foam razor if you need extra protection from whirring blades.

      It has three levels of intensity, the idea being that for particularly sensitive skin it can be more gentle. I have to say that the lower settings just aren’t enough for me. Also, even though my skin is quite sensitive, I have never felt any irritation while using Prestige. However, presumably some men must find this ability to turn off the power useful, otherwise it wouldn’t be there.

      This model also comes with a beard trimmer, which is unusually good as a razor head, although it would be better if it was built-in, retractable, and not installed as an attachment – you remove the swivel head and put it in place. Some Prestige packages also have a rotating brush that you can use to deep clean your face. The Philips 9000 Series Prestige also comes with a Qi wireless charging pad that you can use to charge your phone and other compatible gadgets as well. The battery life is excellent – I shave for several weeks on each charge.

      A full charge is actually relatively slow at three hours, but obviously the idea is that you leave the charging pad and shaver unattended. This way, she is always ready for action, and all the guests at home can see that you have the best and most expensive razor in the world.

      3. Braun Series 7 70-N7200cc – Superior foil model with 360˚ flexible head for an ultra-close shave

      Braun Series 7 70-N7200cc – Excellent model with foil and 360˚ flexible head for an ultra-close shave

      • Working hours: 50 minutes
      • Waterproof: Yes


      • Shaves incredibly close and fast
      • Fully waterproof
      • Supplied with motorized washer


      • Not as comfortable on the face as Philips
      • Washing solution evaporates over time

      This new offering from Braun, designed from the ground up, is an absolute masterpiece in every way, but mostly in the way she shaves. As mentioned above, as cool as Philips rotary models are, they feel like you’re rubbing your face with the back of a spoon. On the contrary, this all-new mesh model feels stiff, narrow, and not as skin-friendly. But, fortunately, he shaves half badly. In fact, I’ll paraphrase: it shaves as close as a wet razor, only twice as fast. And this is not an exaggeration.

      This razor has an unusually thin head with sharper angles than the myriagon (I had to look it up) and this razor is my new Holy Grail. How so? Well, like the top Philips models, the entire head is spring-loaded, so it moves according to the contours of the face. In addition, the three fine meshes also move independently from side to side. The result is a shaving head that crawls over the face like a caterpillar, clipping here and there and everywhere until not a single bristle remains. To be honest, I was amazed at how well it shaved, even “dry” right out of the box. In fact, I can’t remember when my face was so smooth.

      Of course, you can also use the Series 7 70 as a wet razor – the whole unit is completely waterproof – but I don’t see the point given how well it works dry. Just go about your morning routine while you shave, and you’ll be smooth before you know it.

      According to Brown, “AutoSense technology reads and adjusts power according to beard thickness.” I’ll take their word for it. What I know for sure is that the handle has a nice shape and fits comfortably in the hand. I also like how the tiny LCD tells you when it’s time to change the grid, along with the usual battery level indication.

      Series 7 comes with a rigid body, one precision trimmer head and SmartCare Center – automatic head cleaning and lubricator that you will use until you run out of solution and then never use again.

      Battery life is very good (50 minutes on a full Li-Ion battery charge), but the poor icon-based guidance sucks, and I’m not the only one who thinks so. But hey, that’s a trifle compared to the Series 7’s insane 70s ability to shave so amazingly close.

      4. Philips Series 9000 S9985/50 – Very similar to the Prestige and much cheaper

      Philips Series 9000 S9985/50 – Very similar to the Prestige and much cheaper

      • Battery life: 50 minutes after a 60-minute charge 0043
      • Waterproof: Yes


      • Incredibly easy to use
      • Removes daily stubble with minimal effort
      • Works well with long stubble


      • Requires extra effort on the neck and jawline

      Philips’ old 9000 series was good, but definitely lagged behind the Braun Series 9. However, by redesigning the blades, Philips has taken the lead in the arms race for facial depilation. But then Braun upgraded their shavers and now Philips is a bit behind. Wow, exciting huh?

      This is a rotary razor, so you use it to rub your face in a circular motion. It seems completely unnatural to me, at least for me. Since series 9The 000 makes a very quiet noise – almost like its battery is dead – and is very little annoying, you may find it completely ineffective, but the stubble disappears like magic even if you haven’t shaved for days.

      In more problematic areas – at the jawline and below – you will have to shave a little longer, although even then it will not cause much pain. I find the Braun to be faster and more like a “correct” shave, but for those with very sensitive skin, the Philips rotary motion will be better.

      The clip-on “beard trimmer” (actually, it’s just to keep your sideburns straight) is pretty good, I don’t like the fact that it’s not permanently attached like on Braun shavers. On the other hand, who but aging mods uses a beard trimmer like this these days?

      Another strong aspect of the 9000 series is that it is very easy to clean by simply removing the top and blotting it. What someone really needs to come up with is a device to remove the ground stubble from your sink, but for now, that seems to be out of the realm of human science.

      5. Braun 9325s Series 9 – Braun Series 9 version without titanium tip

      Braun 9325s Series 9 – Braun Series 9 version without titanium tip

      • Battery life: 50 minutes after a 60-minute charge
      • Waterproof: Yes


      • Great shaver itself
      • Reliable brand
      • Looks good


      • Older and not as good as 9296cc…
      • But somehow more expensive than

      In one of those curious quirks you get with mass-market consumer devices, here we have an older version of the Braun Series 9. It has all the good parts of its slightly later titanium-tipped sibling, but undeniably and deliberately , not quite as good.

      However, it is also expensive. How? Supply and demand, I guess. Thus, it is surprisingly difficult to recommend. However, at some point, say on Black Friday, stores may decide to dump stock and it suddenly becomes a bargain. Keep watching those prices folks…

      6. Philips Series 7000 SkinIQ – Best electric shaver for sensitive skin.

      Philips Series 7000 SkinIQ – The best electric shaver for sensitive skin.

      • Operating time: 50 minutes
      • Waterproof: Yes


      • Triple Close Shave Head
      • Can be used wet or dry
      • Good battery life


      • Chunky design can make it difficult to hold

      If you’re looking for an electric shaver specifically designed for sensitive skin, the Philips 7000 series shavers have many quality features to help you get the job done. Philips stated that the Philips 7000 series shavers were specially designed for people with sensitive skin and they reduce irritation, reduce friction and minimize hair pulling.

      Philips 7000 series shavers do it all with a flexible triple head design that pivots to contour to the contours of the face and neck. The razor also has a protective micro-bead coating that allows the heads to lift, cut and remove hair without causing any damage to the skin. While it’s a bit awkward to hold, it’s a definite win if you want a close shave without razor breakouts.

      7. Braun CT2s CoolTec – Best shaver with cooler inside

      Braun CT2s CoolTec – Best shaver with cooler inside

      • Operating time: 45 minutes
      • Waterproof: Yes


      • Excellent cooling technology
      • A good shaving experience
      • Reduces irritation


      • Maybe a little clever

      Another more affordable and newer model, the CT2 actually has an integrated electromechanical ceramic cooling plate. As a result, within a few seconds after switching on, the grid cools down to almost zero, “reducing irritation.”

      Now, while this technology is really amazing, I’m not sure if it actually results in a better shave, but if you’re suffering from severe skin irritation from the heat, it might be worth a try. The overall performance is quite acceptable, although not at the level of premium shavers.

      How to choose the best electric shaver for you

      My first tip is to see what the best shaver deals are today. Their prices go up and down like a roller coaster and you will often find that the most expensive razors somehow cost less than the more standard ones. For example, I would normally say that the Series 9000 Prestige – the absolute liquor of men’s shaving – is overpriced. But in today’s deals, it could suddenly be the same price as the Braun Series 9, or even less.

      As you can see, there are many different versions of Braun and Philips shavers. It would be too long to list the differences between the two – there are different model numbers with and without cleaning stations, and with and without various accessories such as trimmers and carrying cases.

      However, it is important to remember that the latest Brauns models have model codes starting with 93 and the latest Philips models starting with S97 or S95 plus Prestige. There is nothing wrong with the old models you find online and sometimes they sell for really good prices, but they are not the latest or the best.

      If you want to stay smooth without irritating your face, you simply MUST buy a high quality electric shaver.

      That’s because, despite decades of product development and billions spent on research, they’ve really only recently begun cracking it, and then only on the flagship devices of each of the half-dozen brands that dominate the sector. For those who shave once or twice a week but want to be smooth, a manual razor is always best. Irregular shavers that don’t have to be as smooth as a baby’s will be better with the best beard trimmer, and if you want to remove body hair, you’ll need the best body trimmer and even one of our best photoepilators.

      Another thing to note, if you don’t shave every day, is that you’re better off using a chainsaw or lawn mower to remove three days of growth than a cheap electric razor. So that’s another reason to go high.

      The nice thing about electric shavers is that there really isn’t a “correct” way to use them, unlike blade razors, but if you’re easily irritated, a wet and dry model can be a boon. You can use them with running water or even shaving cream.

      Particularly when it comes to Phillips and, to a lesser extent, Braun razors, there are usually at least three versions of each razor. You get the same basic electric shaver but with a different set of accessories, from a travel bag to automatic cleaning and charging stations to clean and sterilize the razor with an alcohol-based cleaning solution.

      Please note that you will need to purchase replacement cleaning fluid cartridges to use these stations properly. You can, of course, not bother with this and just remove the lid and rinse the blades under the tap after each use. Depends on how obsessed you are with hygiene.

      You will also need to change the blade cartridge every year or so, depending on how often you use it and other variables such as the stiffness of your bristles.