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Desktop PCs: Best Places to Buy

Where is the best place to buy desktop PCs? Here’s what we found.

(See the box of links at right for the other categories we looked at, and for our methodology for choosing the winners and losers in each category.)

The Winners for Desktop PCs

Amazon took first place among the retailers we investigated in the desktop PCs category.

Amazon has the largest array of desktops available anywhere and one of the easiest-to-use Websites.

Though prices were consistent across most of the retailers we looked at, Amazon’s massive selection increases your odds of finding the best possible deal.

Indeed, on some models we checked, prices were $75 to $100 below what you’d pay at the manufacturer’s site.

Amazon offers free (albeit not especially fast) shipping on all orders, and it doesn’t charge sales tax in many states.

Still, we recommend shopping around to discover a store’s particular policies. (Click to enlarge the accompanying chart to see how all of the stores in our survey ranked for desktop PCs).

Best Buy’s online store earned the next-best overall rating after Amazon’s. If you like to spend hands-on time with a PC before buying, its in-store experience is your best bet. Its staff ranked among the most helpful of the retailers we investigated. Reps answered our test questions accurately and often made alternative recommendations, based on our family-use scenarios.

The Others

Online-only shops CDW, Newegg, and TigerDirect carried lots of PCs, but navigating the listings was harder than at Amazon, and the systems available were from smaller manufacturers.

The online presentation at was poorly thought out, and the customer service that we encountered at physical Sears stores was unpredictable at best.

The retailer’s phone system directs calls to the Sears Store Support Center, where an operator answers questions about basic product information and pricing.

However, a salesperson in Minneapolis thoroughly answered our questions and recommended a capable (and less expensive) family-friendly PC similar to one on our shopping list.

Staples generally gave solid advice over the phone. Its in-store array of PC models was smallish but adequate; its Website’s selection was far more limited than many competitors’.

RadioShack and Target carry few desktops online and none in their stores. When consulted by phone, Walmart’s sales clerks had to shuffle to and from stockrooms to check on availability; this led to aggravatingly long hold times and (in some instances) less than cordial assistance. Walmart’s Web presence was a bit better organized, but it offered the smallest selection we saw.

Products We Shopped For and the Test Question We Asked

We asked each store about the availability of four desktop PCs: the 27-inch Apple iMac with an Intel Core i5 processor, the Dell Inspiron Zino HD, the HP Touchsmart 300 All in One PC, and the HP Pavilion HPE-170t.

We asked the sales associate the following question about each desktop (and were hoping for the following response):

Q: Which version of Windows 7 is right for me?

A: Windows 7 Home Premium offers media sharing and user account protection suitable for PC buyers who don’t need the business-oriented security and encryption features of the high-end Windows OSs.

See “Technology’s Most (and Least) Reliable Brands“–our annual reader survey of reliability and service for tech products, including desktop PCs.

Staff Editor Nate Ralph is a member of the PCWorld Reviews staff, where he covers PC desktops.

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A selection of PC components for beginners / Sudo Null IT News

In our time it is difficult to do without a computer – this is a fact, since this device is the main source of information, entertainment, and for some, income. At the moment, the most profitable thing is to naturally build a PC yourself. Building a PC is a process that can cause a lot of problems, troubles, but at the same time, assembling a PC yourself can save you a lot of money. Components in electronics stores can be significantly more expensive. This article will consider the selection of both new components and used ones. We will consider several options in which you will remain both in plus and minus.

I would like to start with the basics! What, in fact, is needed for the performance of your future PC?

To assemble a fully functional PC, you need the following components:

The first thing to do when choosing components is to decide why you actually need a computer.

To use a computer in a browser and YouTube + work in Microsoft office is one assembly.

For games and entertainment, this is a completely different assembly.

Some users naively believe that by assembling an average gaming PC they will be able to work everywhere, in all tasks. For the most part, that’s how it works. But there are times when, for a specific professional area, it is necessary to assemble an assembly specifically for it.


We advise you to start with the choice of processor, as it is the most important part of your computer, which will play one of the most important roles in performance in programs, games and any computing tasks.

Now there are 2 major manufacturers of processors on the market – Intel and AMD. Intel often with the same characteristics as AMD slightly outperforms the latter in performance, but it will cost you more. Therefore, if you have a limited budget, then AMD is the best solution, but if you want maximum performance and are ready to spend money, then take Intel.

If we dive a little deeper into the processor market, then at the time of February 1, 2021 we will see something like the following picture:

From the budget stones there are: AMD Ryzen 2600 \ AMD Ryzen 1600AF – both of these processors are now the most relevant from the bottom of the market, taking something cheaper and easier means building an office, far from the most productive PC.

Both of these processors have 6 cores, each core has 2 threads. The architecture of the processors is a little old, but at the same time, having bought one of the above, you will not experience discomfort when working with a computer. And you can safely call your computer a medium gaming one if you add a decent video card and have at least 16 GB of RAM.

Building with the above processor will give you the ability to upgrade the assembly in the future while saving on the processor at the start.

If you are allergic to AMD, we recommend the following processor from an Intel competitor:

Due to the Coffee lake architecture, both the processor and the motherboard will cost you more.

In addition to the above three instances, I would like to shed light on a processor such as the AMD Ryzen 3100. The processor has 4 cores and 8 threads on board.

It costs not much less than the presented stones from AMD, but at the same time it has something to compete in the market of budget gaming processors. The competition works through a new processor architecture, namely “Zen2”.

This architecture gives the user access to high performance cores. These cores are of interest primarily to those who assemble a PC for games.

Since multi-core processors will be needed first of all when working in a professional field, for example, in the field of streaming or any other field in which you will see “Million” open programs.

The following processors can be distinguished from the processors of the middle price group:

  • AMD Ryzen 7 2700 – I would personally classify this processor as one of those that confidently open the middle among processors both in terms of cost and the filling of the processor itself. First of all, it is needed by those who are chasing multi-threaded processors. This processor has 8 cores and 16 threads.

  • AMD Ryzen 5 3600 – A newer generation processor that already offers higher core performance through a new architecture. There are 6 cores 12 threads on board. The processor is interesting primarily for those who play games. The price is higher than the stone dismantled above.

The abode of the middle class of processors from Intel is occupied by the following processors:

  • Intel Core i5 10400F – The processor has 6 cores 12 threads, in terms of performance with an AMD Ryzen 5 3600 processor, but the Intel option will cost less, so here We prefer blue!

Next, let’s move on to the most “Tasty” processors for a high price tag, or in other words, “what to buy to be top?”:

  • AMD Ryzen 7 3700X – The processor has 8 cores 16 threads and an improved version of its older brother Ryzen 7 2700.

  • Ryzen 7 3700X is the ultimate option. Suitable for any task and is the processor we recommend if you want to build a powerful computer that will not lose relevance for a long time.

Let’s also note the two most top-end processors today that you could afford – this is the Intel Core i7 10700k – this processor is an interesting solution for its money, it will have 8 cores 16 threads and a new interesting architecture from Intel . The processor itself turned out to be very successful, but it also costs as much as half the average PC. Suitable for a long period of operation and will keep top performance in its segment for a long time.

Video card

Next, you will need to decide on the second very expensive product, namely the video card.

Choosing a graphics card will put you in front of a choice of the amount of memory and the manufacturer you prefer. In addition, you will need to pay attention to the size of the video card and the cooling system. Also, we would recommend clarifying the availability of a short circuit protection system.

In this question, just like in the previous paragraph, it is worth deciding why you need a video card, if for games or video editing, then you need a powerful video card, but if for study or office work, then you can get by with the graphics card built into the processor chip or the so-called “plug”. About everything in order.

The graphics card market is divided between two manufacturers.

  1. The first manufacturer is AMD – they make video cards that are usually cheaper than competitors, give more interesting performance for their money, but again, not in all cases. AMD’s price tags are somewhat more democratic than those of its competitor.

  2. The second manufacturer is Nvidia – they, in turn, release extremely interesting innovative solutions in their models, and it has historically developed that there is more trust in Nvidia than in AMD. Video cards, as a rule, at the start of sales cost space money and at the same time they manage to actively hold positions in prices until the release of a new generation, after which the previous generation sags and becomes more affordable.

Next, let’s pay attention to one of the main characteristics of a video card – this is video memory.

The amount of video memory is such a resource that there is not much, take as much as you have enough money for.

Regarding the size and number of fans in the cooling system, we recommend taking at least two for gaming and medium builds. Video cards with a passive or one fan for cooling can be taken for office workers who will not open anything heavier than YouTube videos.

Next, pay attention to the architecture and the presence of any technologies, for example, Nvidia in assemblies is more expensive than average to consider video cards with “RTX” technology – this technology allows the user to look at the gaming space from a more interesting side, since the graphics begin look much more attractive and interesting.

Having dealt with the selection characteristics, let’s smoothly move on to the market:

  • From cheap, but still relevant, we recommend looking for models such as the Nvidia GeForce GTX 1060 with 6 gigabytes of video memory.

  • From a competitor, there is a very decent AMD Radeon RX 580 video card with 8 gigabytes of video memory.

In comparison, the above-mentioned cards will be mostly equal, somewhere Nvidia will perform better, somewhere AMD will depend on optimization for a particular manufacturer.

Next, the niche of video cards is confidently held by a video card from Nvidia.

Further, after a certain price interval, we will see video cards from Nvidia of the sixteenth series (1660,1660ti, 1660 Super) these video cards are “castrated” video cards of the twentieth family (2060, 2070, 2080) due to the removal of RTX technology, thus they become far from the most interesting, the 1070Ti remains more interesting.

But the twentieth generation is already becoming more interesting, but there’s not much to choose from, you just need to know that video cards with the “Super” index will be an order of magnitude more productive than similar ones without this index, as for prices, take the one at what money is enough! We would recommend to bypass the GeForce GTX 2060.

For those who are willing to spend a lot and a lot, you have the latest 30th generation of video cards (3060,3060Ti,3070,3080). There is nothing special to talk about for ordinary users, and this article is focused specifically on ordinary users, just note that performance has increased on average twice.

In order for you not to spend extra money on a video card and assemble the most balanced assembly, you need to refer to the tests and view the results of the components in benchmarks (system stress test). Benchmark data can be found on the official websites of video card and processor manufacturers, as well as on YouTube and other platforms.


Next, consider the choice of motherboard.

It’s a bit simpler – choose a motherboard according to your processor socket and case size. You should pay attention to whether the processor works with the motherboard chipset, for example, with the AMD B450 chipset, Amd 5000 series processors and higher will no longer work! Be careful when choosing a motherboard.
Choosing between chipsets B and X, for example, should be done only if it is necessary for the user to use overclocking of components. In addition, as an option, you can also pay attention to the presence of radiators on the motherboard and RGB backlighting.


After selecting all the components above, you will have to choose the RAM.

We select RAM based on what type of memory your motherboard supports. At the moment, most motherboards support DDR4 memory.

Further, we recommend that you install the RAM in dual-channel mode, that is, two RAM sticks installed across the motherboard. For example, having installed a plate in the first slot, the second will need to be installed in the third slot, thus dual-channel mode will be activated.

The minimum amount of RAM we recommend is 16 gigabytes, but more is better!

Next, we pay attention to the memory frequency, here, in principle, the same principle: More is better!

In conclusion, we draw attention to the presence of radiators on the dies, in some cases there is an interesting system of liquid cooling on the dies, such a system is accompanied by RGB lighting. In addition, RGB lighting can also be found on RAM without complex cooling systems.

Of the manufacturers we would like to mention the following:

  • Kingston

  • Crucial XPG

  • Corsair

  • G.Skill

  • HyperX

90 080 Power supply

Next, we proceed to the choice of power supply.

Here, too, everything is simpler – there are online calculators for the energy consumption of your system, choose according to these data, we advise you to take it with a margin. In addition, there are 80 PLUS certification types: Bronze, Gold, Platinum, Titanium. Accordingly, the closer we move towards Titanium, the more the manufacturer claims about the reliability of the power supply.

In most cases, a 700W power supply will suffice for your eyes.

For manufacturers, we recommend paying attention to Chieftec, Zalman, Thermaltake, Cougar and avoiding the Aerocool brand. We don’t have any bias towards the brand, it’s just that their percentage of defects is higher than that of competitors, it has been tested in practice.

It makes no sense to talk about the cooling system for a long time, it is installed on the processor using thermal paste. It is better to choose the so-called tower coolers installed vertically, or if you take processors from AMD, the cooler that comes with the processor is quite suitable. It’s best to avoid water-cooled systems for the time being, as reliability and rejection rates are questionable. Repeatedly there were cases when the water cooling system flooded the system and an extremely unpleasant situation occurred, as a result of which the system failed. Or if you are still interested in the water cooling system of the processor, it is better to take a more expensive system, since it is more likely that it will last longer.

  • Deepcool,

  • Thermaltake,

  • 9000 2 Be Quiet!


When choosing drives, you should pay attention to what you have to choose between HDD – hard drives and SSD solid state drives.

We recommend installing both drives, but if this option is not available, it is better to give preference to SSD. Since the system will work and start up much faster than when using an HDD drive.

In terms of memory, you should take at least 500 gigabytes.

We distinguish the following manufacturers: WD, Adata, Samsung, Kingston, Seagate.

When choosing between drives, you should pay attention to the speed of reading and writing. More detailed tests of each drive can be found on the Internet in thematic articles.

When choosing a case, you should decide which size is most relevant for your computer location. Case form factors are as follows: ATX (Midi Tower), Mini-ATX (Mini tower), Micro-ATX (Micro Tower), XL-ATX (Full tower).

Cases differ only in size. Again, we strongly recommend that you pay attention to the form factor of the motherboard before choosing a case.

In addition, you should pay attention to the presence of additional fans to cool the system. You can also see the glass “door” of the RGB backlight, all these small details require the user’s attention, because now the PC can already be not only a system, but also a wonderful addition to your interior!

Finally, let’s look at the purchase of accessories. You can buy components both in the store and from the hands on the used market. Next, we will analyze the purchase of components from different sources and note the positive and negative aspects of buying new and used components.

Buying in a store, you get a guarantee for the goods, advice from store employees, in some places you even get a PC assembly after purchasing components.

Pros and cons of buying accessories in a store


  • You are using a new product,

  • Product warranty,

  • Large assortment,

  • 9 0002 It is possible to select alternative accessories.


  • The price is mostly too high,

  • You can be deceived by consultants in order to sell stale goods,

  • 9 0002 There may be issues with warranty returns.

On the other hand, we have Avito and other sites where used components are put up for sale. What can we get by buying on Avito? We receive a component that has been tested by time and will most likely continue to work properly. In addition, the price tags will not be as biting as in the store.

Pros and cons of buying used parts


  • Price is lower than in the store,

  • Greater variability due to the sale of older models,

  • Gaining experience in the selection of components,

  • Ability to bargain with the seller,


  • Part wear,

  • High chance of cheating,

  • There is a risk of running into remanufactured components.

In conclusion, we would like to say that the choice of where to build a PC is your decision, we only covered the current market today, namely the first of February 2021. In addition, we have highlighted the pros and cons of buying components both new from the store and second-hand goods. We strongly urge you to be careful and attentive when buying components and assembling PC

Everything listed in this article is based on our individual experience, if what you read in our article disagrees with your opinion, it is not necessary that one of the parties is wrong, when assembling a PC to order, we noted just such moments for ourselves that were listed in the article. We hope that it will become much easier for you to understand the components and their selection.

How to choose a computer for schoolchildren 2020-21? Which computer is better for studying

Step 1. Choose the type of device

There are four types:

  • monoblocks,
  • tablets,
  • desktop computers (PC),
  • laptops.

Consider everything in order and figure out which computer is best suited for study.


Monoblock Apple iMac

This is a system unit and monitor in one case. Such devices take up less space than desktop computers and look very stylish. Modern monoblocks are equipped with a touch screen, which is convenient for drawing and familiar to children familiar with smartphones and tablets.

However, with all the advantages, this is not the most suitable option for studying: firstly, they quickly become obsolete, and updating their hardware simply cannot be done. Secondly, a monoblock is a very expensive thing. There are more or less budget models, but they are much inferior to laptops for the same price.


Samsung Galaxy Tab

Very compact, lightweight and relatively inexpensive device. Once upon a time, tablets were only suitable for primitive games and Internet surfing, but now they can give odds to many computers. Thousands of applications for iOS and Android allow you to solve a variety of tasks, including educational ones.

Still, you should not choose a tablet as the main device for studying. First of all, due to the lack of a keyboard: typing long abstracts on glass is inconvenient.


If device mobility is of fundamental importance, take a look at ultrabooks . This is a kind of hybrid tablet and laptop that can work with or without a keyboard. True, they are frankly expensive.

Microsoft Surface Go 9 Ultrabook0137 ‍

With monoblocks and tablets, everything is more or less clear. But the debate about what is better for studying: a laptop or a computer, will probably never subside. Let’s briefly talk about the pros and cons of these devices.


Notebook Lenovo IdeaPad


  • Mobility. You can take your laptop with you to school and anywhere else.
  • Battery operation. It is not necessary to have an outlet nearby.
  • Compact. A laptop does not need a special table and a place under it.
  • The software is already installed.


  • Brittle. If you spill tea on a PC keyboard, only the keyboard will suffer. For a laptop, the consequences will almost certainly be fatal.
  • Small screen. There are laptops with a large diagonal, but it is difficult and uncomfortable to carry them – which means that it will stand at home like a regular computer.
  • Complexity of modernization and repair. In older models, you could easily insert a new RAM module or change the battery. Now, in order to upgrade, in addition to special knowledge, you need a soldering iron and a share of courage.

It is often said that working on a laptop is not as convenient as working on a desktop computer. But here everything is decided by the competent organization of the workplace. It is enough to buy a comfortable mouse and a computer chair and make sure that the height of the table matches the height of the student.

When choosing a laptop, it is important to pay attention to the screen – it should have a good viewing angle (178°) and not glare. You can buy a large monitor for working with images and video in a pair with a laptop. And we also advise you to choose a laptop for study in a metal case – it is stronger.


Dell Personal Computer


  • Easy to upgrade and repair. You can almost endlessly improve the characteristics of the machine and adapt it to changing needs.
  • Ergonomic. You can choose a large monitor, comfortable keyboard and mouse.
  • Price. PCs are about 10% cheaper than laptops with similar parameters.
  • Reliability. Unlike a laptop, a desktop computer is difficult to drop, crush, and even more so, lose.


  • Not mobile.
  • Takes up a lot of space.

You can save money on buying a PC if you do not take a ready-made configuration, but order an assembly of parts of your choice. Large online hardware stores provide such services. It will be even cheaper to assemble the computer yourself: almost all parts can be found on the secondary market at a good price. It is not so difficult to figure out which components to choose for a student’s computer. More on that in the next step.

Step 2. We take into account the technical characteristics

There is no definite answer, what is better to buy for study – a computer or a laptop – does not exist. Much depends on the age of the student.

In elementary school, a child will hardly need to carry a computer to school, so it is better not to buy a laptop for a first grader: it will become obsolete in four years. The best choice would be an inexpensive desktop computer. The main parameters to pay attention to are:

  • processor frequency,
  • amount of RAM,
  • video card.

Here is an approximate configuration of a budget computer for a primary school student.

Processor : dual core, such as Intel Celeron G4930 or AMD A6-7480.
RAM : 4 GB.
Video card : integrated.
Hard Drive : Solid State Drive (SSD), 120-240 GB.
Power supply : 400 W.

The cost of such an assembly for 2021 is about 15,000 ₽.

In secondary school, the child’s requirements for the computer are growing: someone is fond of modeling, programming or working with video, someone starts playing more advanced games. By the fifth grade, it is worth pumping a PC: increase the amount of RAM, put a more powerful processor, if necessary, a video card.

Here is a more advanced version for a teenager who works with demanding programs and loves to play:

Processor : Quad core, such as Intel Pentium G5600F or AMD A8 9600.
RAM : 16 GB.
Video card : Dedicated, at least 4 GB; e. g. NVIDIA GeForce GT 730.
Hard Drive : Solid State Drive (SSD), 500 GB.
Power supply : 500 W.

The cost of such a computer will be about 25,000 ₽.

For high school students, you should think about buying a laptop: graduates will need it both at school, and for trips to tutors, and after – at the university. More and more students are taking notes electronically. If a teenager already has a decent PC, there is no point in buying a top-end laptop. It is better to take a model from the middle price category, focusing primarily on battery life. Please note that manufacturers indicate battery life at low loads. Active use drains the battery 1.5-2 times faster.

Universal High School Notebook must meet the following requirements:

Processor: dual or quad core, such as 7th generation Intel Core i3 or AMD Ryzen 3.
RAM : 8 GB.
Hard Drive : 256-500 GB.
Screen size: 14″.
Battery life : 7-8 hours.0137

Step 3. Select related products

First of all, a personal computer needs monitor . You can’t skimp on a student’s vision. The choice largely depends on the availability of space. If a student is sitting at a standard desk with 50 centimeters from the eyes to the screen, a diagonal of 21-25 inches is ideal. If there is not enough space – take 19 inches. It is also important to pay attention to resolution, viewing angle, brightness and refresh rate.

Here are the characteristics of a good study monitor:

Diagonal : at least 19″.
Resolution : Full HD (1920×1080 pixels).
Viewing Angle : 178°.
‍ 9001 1 Frame rate : from 60 Hz (for gamers – from 120 Hz). We recommend gaming ones: they are more expensive, but more tenacious and comfortable. An ergonomic mouse is also necessary for laptop users: it is much more convenient to work with it than a touchscreen.Pay attention to the size of the mouse: it must support the palm so that it does not dangle in weight.Perhaps, only one criterion is important for a keyboard: quiet keys

Sound reproduction requires speakers or at least headphones. Laptops have built-in audio, but the quality can’t be compared to external speakers.

This is the minimum set. Everything else depends on how the computer will be used. For example:

A student has poor eyesight → look for a device with a large and eye-safe screen.

The child is drawing or doing graphic design → you may need a quality monitor and a special drawing device – a graphics tablet.

Music teenager → buy a computer with a dedicated sound card, MIDI keyboard and other compatible music devices.

The student is interested in 3D modeling, video processing or computer games → you need a powerful video card and, again, a good monitor.

You often move or like to travel → choose a light laptop.

For online learning you will need webcam (built-in in laptops) and headset with microphone .

The printer is very useful for studying, especially when working with notes and handouts.

Foxford Online Home School students often take notes on paper to help them absorb information better. For example, Styopa Pavlovskikh writes down some of the information during the lesson, and some of it is downloaded, printed and pasted into a notebook. Then he paints important terms and dates with bright text highlighters – a colorful memo for repetition is obtained.

Stepan Pavlovskikh’s example of abstract

Step 4. Selecting software

Laptops and finished PCs are already equipped with an operating system. If you order a personal build, the OS will have to be purchased and installed separately.

There is no point in buying office software nowadays: texts, presentations and spreadsheets can be created and edited for free on the Internet using Google tools.

If your child is interested in design, drawing, 3D modeling or working with video, you will need special software. Which one, ask your student.

In addition, an antivirus is required for all computers. Despite the abundance of free products, it is better to buy Kaspersky or Dr. Web. They protect personal data more reliably, and also have a parental control function: with their help, you can limit your child’s access to inappropriate content on the Web and the time spent playing games.


Step 5. Learning correctly at the computer

  • The distance from the screen to the eyes must be at least 50 centimeters. The monitor should be clearly in front of the eyes.
  • Don’t slouch while sitting at a computer. Straighten your shoulders and keep your back straight.