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Polk Audio RC80i In Ceiling Speaker (Pair)

Polk Audio RC80i In Ceiling Speaker (Pair)

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Many customers interested in this speaker have gone on to purchase the Wharfedale WCM-80. The WCM-80 has a more modern construction which includes a discreet trimless magnetic grille, and a pivotable tweeter for better acoustic performance. Wharfedale is a traditional British speaker manufacturer with a long history of producing great sounding speakers. The WCM-80 is now available exclusively from us and is currently on sale for £179/pair.


This is a unique Ceiling Speaker. .  only 79mm deep (Cut out 238mm)  … but with a 8-inch Driver the RC80i makes a big  impact, with the maximum amount of bass you’re likely to encounter from an in-ceiling speaker with such a shallow depth fitting .. . The RC80i is perfect for areas requiring big, rich sound with good coverage, but with no room for traditional speaker clutter. Designed for superior wide dispersion, you’ll hear great sound no matter where you are in the room.


  • A unique tweeter housing delivers channel highs, while a vented dual voice coil driver automatically “sums”  midrange for true stereo imaging.
  • Easy one-cut, drop-in installation puts built-in audio within reach, with Perfect Fit templates, a precision flange, and (available) pre-construction brackets.
  • RCi speakers utilize the “virtual enclosure” of your in-wall and in-ceiling space to enhance their bass response and smooth low frequency blending with the midrange.
  • Lightweight and stiff blue polymer cones deliver excellent damping and bass response.
  • Durable, computer-modeled, injection-molded butyl rubber surrounds suppress unwanted cone resonances for a lifetime of reliable sound.
  • Rustproof stainless steel hardware, durable butyl rubber surrounds and powder coated aluminum (in-ceiling) & painted steel (in-wall) grilles make RCi Series speakers suitable for high moisture areas like bathrooms or even under eaves of an enclosed porch. (RCi series are not suitable for exposed outdoor use).
  • RCi speakers have paintable grilles and practically disappear into any room.
  • RCi Series speakers are timbre-matched to other Polk speakers to insure utterly seamless blending from speaker to speaker in systems that combine traditional and built-in speakers.


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Polk Audio MC80 Ceiling Speaker Reviewed — STOZZ AUDIO

Ceiling SpeakersSpeakersReview

Written By Stozz Audio

Polk Audio MC80

Continuing on with our latest reviews of ceiling speakers we have the Polk Audio MC80 8 inch ceiling speaker in for testing and review this week and put it u against some of our other models from Klipsch. The MC80 follows a similar design ethos to the others but offers something a little different in the mounting and positioning of the tweeter.


Model: Polk Audio MC80

Type: Flush Ceiling mounted speaker

Drivers: 2 – 1x 8inch full range woofer + 1x 0.75 inch multi directional tweeter

Impedance: 8 Ohms

Power Per Channel: 20-100 watts

Size: 9.735 inches x 3.687 inches

Color: White with paintable grill for customization

Build / Design

From the outside, the MC80 looks like any other ceiling speaker. It’s a round shape that sits flush when inserted in the space cut in your ceiling. From there you should only see the speaker grills and none of the internals. The speaker grill comes in white only but the surface is paintable so you can color match them to your room.

On the inside, (with the grill removed) things look a little different than other similar speakers mainly due to the mounting of the tweeter from an arm. This arm suspends the tweeter over the top of the woofer and allows for directional positioning of the tweeters only. Other speakers like the Klipsch CDT 5800-C-II and Herdio HCS418 allow for the woofer to also be directed but it seems Polk wanted it to fire directly down in the MC80.

Build quality and finishing are excellent. The refinement of the design to the tweeter arm in combination with the materials and components used makes the MC80 feel like a premium product.

The mounting of the capacitors and fuses to a separate circuit board as opposed to directly on the frame inspires more confidence where the housing plastics also seem very high quality.

I like that there is no branding on the front grill and that a generous border is included to make it mount easier in the ceiling.


Polk Audio MC80

I have installed a lot of Polk MC80’s and there are usually two separate use cases in the majority of homes.

One is as part of a true multi-room audio system where the speakers are connected to a central hub and control. This allows you to have music all through your home without the need for having bulky speakers lying around. It’s a seamless design but ofter the problem in these cases is distortion and lack of bass. The Polk Audio MC80 handles both of these wells and shows where they excel over cheaper models.

Music on the MC80 sounds robust and full with good vocal clarity and a hint of warmth making them very musical sounding. There is no uncomfortable treble spiking and it’s a very relaxing speaker to listen to. It obviously won’t compete with a dedicated audiophile sound system but given its positioning and discrete nature, it sounds fantastic.

When volume is elevated past 80% these things get incredibly loud, to where I would say far past the point of comfortable listening. Of course, the source will dictate volume but the MC80 goes unbelievably loud before suffering distortion.

Bass is very hard-hitting. It’s still worth getting a separate subunit but if you’re not getting crazy they are very punchy with the mid-bass and display adequate sub bass given its limitations.

The second area I see a lot of these MC80’s being installed in is as part of a Dolby Atmos surround system. I have seen 5.1 and 7.1 systems as well as seen them mounted in all sorts of weird arrays in people’s home theatres. For this, they are simply amazing. They provide great clarity on voices and good imaging so things don’t sound congested. Keep in mind that in this scenario some attention should be placed on both room and sound planning to get optimal results so we suggest getting an experienced fitter to install them.



  • Extremely clear sound

  • Works well for music and video

  • Excellent build quality

  • Paintable grills with no branding

Final Thoughts

Though more expensive than other ceiling-mounted speakers we have reviewed in the past the performance does show a significant leveling up of fidelity. They are one of the better models I have tested and seem to be popular with our clients who use them in a variety of situations. You can go cheaper of course and there are lots of good options out there but if you care more about sound than cost these are worth checking out.

Official Website of Polk Audio MC80: www.polkaudio.com

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Stozz Audio

Stozz audio was started over a decade ago with the goal of informing people about new Audio products. We wanted to create a site with unbiased and informed reviews that didn’t confuse people with audiophile terminology. Most people just want good-sounding speakers and headphones, they don’t have time to learn the lingo so we keep things simple.

Over the past few years, we have built up a team of writers that have experience in the sales, distribution, and installation of many high-end audio products. This allows us to contrast and compare our reviews and give buyers a better understanding of what’s available on the market.

Ceiling speakers from A to Z


If you’re looking for an easy way to hide your ceiling speakers, look up. Your suspended ceiling is most likely a finished speaker enclosure – an empty space in which speakers can be installed relatively easily and with minimal interference with the architecture. With in-ceiling speakers, you can deliver sound where other types of speaker systems can hardly fit – in the kitchen, in the office or even in the bathroom. Combine their versatility with wireless technology and the possibilities for listening to great sound in the most inconvenient rooms are almost limitless.

Ceiling speaker can be placed absolutely anywhere

Ceiling recessed speaker can be placed absolutely anywhere, from the kitchen to the bathroom, because all ceiling speakers are moisture resistant.

Ceiling-mounted speakers bring sound from an invisible source anywhere in your home. Ceiling moisture-resistant speakers are specially designed for installation with the back to surfaces and are equipped with acoustically transparent protective grids that can be painted to match the color scheme of the interior or left white. In-ceiling speakers can be installed quite easily, since most private houses have suitable cavities in the ceilings. This means that in-ceiling recessed speakers can be placed absolutely anywhere, from the kitchen to the bathroom, since all ceiling-mounted speakers are moisture resistant.

Various models of ceiling speakers

We often hear: “A ceiling speaker is very good, but I can’t install it in the best sounding place.” Clients often ask to install built-in acoustics along the perimeter of the ceiling with lighting fixtures or in other places unsuitable for installation. Such requirements are put forward especially often when installing home theaters. The solution is in-ceiling woofer systems with swiveling woofers and tweeter systems that rotate independently and allow sound to be directed directly into the listening area. This simple idea, when put into practice, allows you to achieve remarkable results.

Origin Acoustics Tri-Way Ceiling Speakers allow you to rotate the module that houses the midrange and tweeter. This allows you to direct sound towards the listener, making these speakers ideal for the latest immersive 3D home theater systems that support Dolby Atmos and DTS:X. From premium multi-way in-wall speakers that swivel inside the cabinet for more directional sound, or Bluetooth-enabled in-ceiling recessed speakers, to loudspeakers for general background sound, or recessed speakers for small bathrooms that allow you to install just one speaker without stereo loss.

Active Bluetooth Lithe Audio Bluetooth 5 ceiling speakers do not require an external power amplifier, they only need to be connected to your home electrical outlet.

Hidden ceiling speakers – a modern solution for interiors

The ceiling speakers presented by us are of high quality, reliability and variety of solutions. You can pick up built-in speakers that can be used in a home theater, for background sound throughout the apartment, or even in rooms with high humidity (bathrooms, bathrooms, and even saunas). These solutions will help fill your interior with sound, while maintaining style and aesthetics.

Built-in speakers – speakers for individual installations

Don’t you think speakers are beautiful? As you might think, we think so. We really like to think that speakers are so beautiful that they are flaunted in even the most stylish homes. Whether your tastes are traditional or modern, we offer stylish and beautifully crafted floorstanders to suit your needs.

Custom installation is an investment in the future, because the money you invest today will serve you for many years.

However, we understand that for some people the very appearance of speakers is repulsive, no matter how good they look. It is for such customers that we follow the idea of ​​”hidden” speakers for special installations, which can be cleverly hidden in walls or ceilings, and if necessary, made as hidden as possible, in other words, simply plastered. We offer you a large selection of built-in speakers, presenting a wide range of features and prices to suit any customer. In fact, each speaker is designed with the same care and attention that manufacturers are generous with when designing conventional floorstanders, and of course each model will take care of your music and movies equally.

Hidden speakers are only one facet of special installations, however. There are many more aspects to this booming sector that contribute a lot to your interaction with and enjoyment of your loudspeaker system. Did you know that with the help of our company’s specialists, you can hide all electronic equipment (AV receiver, Blu-Ray player, amplifier, etc. ), giving full control of all functions to your smartphone? Or that it’s relatively easy to stream music to other rooms in your house or even to your garden? Whether you’re interested in a simple pair of in-ceiling kitchen speakers or a whole-home home theater system that’s completely hidden from view while in use, contact us and you’ll be surprised how much help we can help you achieve.

Six steps to choosing the right built-in speaker

We see it as our mission to help you create your own unique acoustic environment. Therefore, the most important step in choosing built-in speakers is the determination of your individual sound requirements. A good custom installation requires careful planning, creative project development, and a well-established implementation process. We and our professional installers have gone through this complex process more than once. Based on our extensive experience in this area, we have developed a special 6-step guide that will help you to accurately determine your needs when choosing built-in loudspeakers. This guide covers every step of installing an in-wall speaker and will therefore allow you to realize your vision of perfect sound.

  1. Planning. Development of a project (acoustic solution) that covers the whole house and provides for the possibility of expansion.
  2. Integration. You choose whether to install the system in plain sight or make it invisible.
  3. Category. From background music to a well-focused soundstage, or a set of built-in home theater speakers.
  4. Management. The full range of functionality is at your disposal: you can choose sound zones, signal sources and playback options for each room.
  5. Installation. The advantage of hiring a qualified installer is that you can be sure that your equipment is properly installed, wired and tested. In addition, you will receive professional advice on how to manage your system and how to get the best performance out of it.
  6. Result. A custom installation is an investment in the future, because the money you invest today will serve you for many years to come.

Which acoustics do you need?

At their core, built-in loudspeakers are divided into four categories to make it easier for you and your architect to choose a system that meets your needs for the sound of a particular room in the house, take a look at the list we provide below and select from it the category that suits your needs. ideas about the future system. Our range of built-in speakers includes speakers for a wide variety of purposes, from Hi-Fi class built-in speakers for focused listening to an inexpensive series designed to create background music, for example, as bathroom speakers.

You can send music from your smartphone to other rooms in your home, creating sound zones according to the mood or tastes of different people in them.

In order to quickly understand which category the particular built-in speaker system you need belongs to, we have proposed a kind of “acoustic barometer”, the poles of which are focused and background playback.

  1. Focused playback. The best choice for those seeking maximum performance and fidelity. (for example, for an office or home theater)
  2. From focused to general playback. Optimal acoustic design for rooms where you mainly listen to music (e.g. living rooms).
  3. From general to background playback. Ideal for places where you listen to music while doing other things (eg dining room, study, kitchen or bathroom, and outdoor use).
  4. Background playback. It is proposed to create a musical background. (for example, for restaurants, cafes, shops).

Recessed speaker live sound

With built-in speakers, your home audio system can be either simple or ambitious. Maybe all you need is a pair of ceiling speakers for your kitchen. Or maybe you’re looking for a system that can send music to other rooms in your home, creating sound zones to match the moods or tastes of the different people in them. This speaker system is suitable for indoor or outdoor use, as well as in rooms with high humidity (bathrooms, pools and saunas). What about a complete home theater with multi-channel surround sound that is generally invisible when not in use? You will be amazed at the variety of possibilities that open up. With built-in speakers, music and movies can enrich your life without interfering with it.

SYMFONISK shelf/speaker+floor stand white/generation 2

Product Information

Product information

Store location

Care instructions

What’s included


Instructions and Documents

Contact us

Product information

The device is compatible with Airplay 2. You can stream audio directly from Apple devices.

This product connects to Spotify Connect so you can play Spotify music through this speaker.

Complete with SIMPHONISK cable, 3.5 m.

The ideal solution if you need two identical speakers as a rear audio system in your home theater.

Two identical speakers must be purchased for stereo sound.

SIMPHONISK WiFi speaker can play music, radio and podcasts from your network or streaming service.

Bookshelf floor stand with built-in speaker makes it easy to incorporate high technology into your home decor.

Supports most paid streaming services.

The speaker is a collaboration between IKEA and Sonos, so it integrates easily with other Sonos products.

The speaker fills the room with a rich and lively sound, allowing you to create the desired atmosphere in the house.

Each dispenser can be controlled individually. You can turn on music in one room, a children’s audiobook in another, or turn on music throughout the house.

Supports streaming music, podcasts, radio over WiFi without interruption due to calls or notifications. Music playback continues even when the phone or tablet is not near the speaker.

IKEA smart home makes it easy to create convenient solutions for controlling lights, speakers, blinds and air cleaners.

By connecting this product to the DIRIGERA network box, you will expand the possibilities of its use, as well as be able to control it together with other smart products in the KEA Home smart app.

With the IKEA Home smart app, you can control lights, blinds and speakers, control rooms, set scenes, connect a voice assistant and much more.

Assembled size

Base diameter: 30 cm
Height: 117 cm
Wire length: 150 cm
Width: 10 cm
Depth: 15 cm

Package size and weight

2 packs

SYMFONISK 9 speaker shelf floor support0204
Item number: 505.015.18
Packages: 1
Length 61 cm
Width: 31 cm
Height: 6 cm
Weight: 4. 36 kg
Net weight: 3.73 kg
Packing quantity: 11.2 L

WiFi speaker/shelf SYMFONISK
Item number: 505.065.87 packages: 1
Length: 38 cm
Width: 17 cm
Height: 12 cm
Weight: 2.49 kg then: 2.11 kg
Pack size: 7.5 l

Store Location

Search Store

1 x SYMFONISK 9020 4
speaker shelf floor support
Item number: 505.015.18
1 package(s)

M1 – 0C

WiFi speaker/shelf
Item number: 505.065.87
1 pack(s)

M1 – 0C

Care instructions

Wipe clean with a dry cloth.

Included Items

1 x Speaker Shelf Floor Stand


1 x WiFi Speaker/Shelf



Andreas Fredriksson/M Warnhammar/A Fredriksson


Bracket/ Base/ Tube:

Steel, Polyester powder coating


ABS plastic


Silicone rubber



Base/Control panel:

ABS plastic


100% Polyester

Screw cap:

Synthetic rubber


Silicone rubber

Assembly Instructions

SYMFONISK np op plc-day white

SYMFONISK N WiFi-day/pl white smart home/generation 2

Tips and Instructions

SYMFONISK N WiFi-dnm/pl white smart home/generation 2

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