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TUF-GAMING-750B|Power Supply Units|ASUS USA

Built For The Long Haul

TUF Gaming series PSUs bring military-grade components and a robust cooling solution together to create a power platform you can depend on. High-quality capacitors and chokes undergo a myriad of tests, including extreme temperatures and vibration tests, to ensure they meet rigorous military specifications. An Axial-tech fan with a dual ball fan bearing design offers more longevity than other fan types, increasing the overall lifespan of the product. It’s the perfect PSU to slot into a TUF Gaming rig or any DIY build designed to power through AAA games for years to come.


  • Military−grade

  • Dual Ball Fan

  • Protective PCB

Military−grade Certification

Top marks

All critical capacitors and chokes in TUF Gaming PSUs are certified to military-grade specifications, ensuring reliable operation over a wide range of temperatures.

Dual Ball Fan Bearings

2x longer lifespan

Exemplary cooling is provided by a 135mm fan spinning on a dual ball bearing setup that will last up to twice as long as a sleeve bearing design.

Protective PCB Coating

All wrapped up

A protective conformal coating envelops the PCB to protect against short-circuits caused by moisture, dust, and debris.


  • 80 Plus Bronze

  • Axial−tech Fan

  • 0dB Technology

80 Plus Bronze Certification

Brains and Bronze

The high-quality components used in TUF Gaming power supplies ensure efficient and reliable operation worthy of an 80 PLUS Bronze Certification. The efficiency also leads to low temperatures within the PSU, facilitating an even quieter acoustic profile for the 135mm Axial-tech fan.

Axial−tech Fan Design

Better, faster, stronger

Originally developed for top-end ROG graphics cards, Axial-tech fan design features a smaller fan hub that facilitates longer blades and a barrier ring that increases downward air pressure. For TUF Gaming series PSUs, we’ve scaled that design to 135mm so it keeps things cool at low RPMs while producing less noise.

0dB Technology

Quiet intelligence

An onboard controller brings the 135mm fan to a standstill when thermal design power (TDP) is below 30%, letting you enjoy light gaming in relative silence. Above 30% TDP, the fans automatically start up again.


  • 6−year Warranty

  • Sleeved Cables

6−year Warranty

Entrenched performance

We’re so confident about the reliability of the TUF Gaming series PSUs that we back them with a 6-year worldwide warranty.

Sleeved Cables


Cables swathed in black sleeving leave your rig looking tactically clean.

Ion Gold 750W — Fractal Design

The power of balance

Great performance. Fully modular. Quiet operation.

80 PLUS® Gold certified

  • High-efficiency performance wastes less energy and reduces heat generation

  • More precise electrical output and full compatibility with modern components through DC-DC design

  • Quality components consistently deliver tight voltage regulation with low ripple and noise

Premium capacitor(s)

Premium Japanese 105°C capacitor(s) on the primary side provide superior reliability and durability

Fully modular design

  • Reduced clutter results in a clean and simple installation

  • Compact 150 mm depth allows for installation in compact cases

  • Provides additional cable management room in larger cases

Large low-speed fan

Ion Gold comes equipped with a large temperature-controlled Fractal Design Dynamic 140 mm fan, custom-tailored for power supply use with an exceptionally low minimum speed

Take a closer look at the Ion Gold

DC-DC design for more precise electrical output. ATX 2.52 compatible for tighter timing limits. Full protection suite and 7-year warranty.

“Ion Gold 750 watt fra Fractal Design er et sandt powerhouse, pakket lækkert ind, med de små detaljer og ikke mindst ydelsen i orden”
Read the full review
Read the full review

“Fractal Ion Gold 750W jest modelem przede wszystkim przemyślanym i dopracowanym pod kątem funkcjonalności oraz estetyki. Jakość wykonania i dbałość o detale wręcz zachwyca.”

Read the full review


  • 80PLUS® certification


  • Modular cables

    Fully modular

  • Fan type

    140 mm LLS bearing Fractal Design Dynamic series fan

  • Maximum operating temperature (full load)

    40°C, 50°C at 80% load

  • Semi-passive operation


  • Capacitors

    Primary side: Japanese 105° main bulk capacitor(s), Secondary side: Taiwanese 105°C electrolytic & solid-state capacitors

  • Life expectancy

    100,000 hours

  • PSU specification compliance

    ATX12V 2. 52; EPS12V 2.92

  • PSU color


  • Cable type

    Modular 24-pin cable: Black wires in braided sleeve, Other modular cables: Flat black wires

  • Input voltage

    100-240V AC

  • Input frequency

    50-60 Hz

  • Input current


  • Protection features

    Over voltage protection, Under voltage protection, Over-power protection, Short circuit protection, Over current protection, Over temperature protection

  • Standby efficiency

    ErP 2013 (

  • Sleep state compliance

    C6/C7 compatible

  • Approvals & certifications


  • Warranty

    7 years


  • ATX 24-pin


  • EPS/ATX12V


  • PCIe


  • SATA


  • Peripheral


Cable Configuration (length in mm between connectors)

  • ATX 24-pin


  • ATX 12V 4+4 pin


  • EPS12V 8-pin


  • PCIe 6+2 pin


  • SATA


  • Peripheral


DC Output


  • Package contents

    Ion Gold power supply, Modular cables, Screw pack with velcro cable ties, AC power cord (localized), User manual

  • Unit dimensions (LxWxH)

    150 x 150 x 86 mm

  • Net weight (unit only)

    2. 31 kg

  • Package dimensions (LxWxH)

    300 x 210 x 110 mm

  • Package weight

    2.69 kg

  • EAN


  • UPC


  • JAN


  • Product code



750W PSU – Reliable Options in 2023

The latest generation of various PC components has once again taken the performance of today’s gaming PCs to new heights. Ultimately, these advances in technology greatly enhance the gaming experience. But, this has several consequences – first of all, the price and power consumption of .

While the price of brand new components is always in the spotlight, the power consumption of these components means gamers need more powerful and efficient power supplies to keep their systems running smoothly. For example, Nvidia and AMD recommend at least 700W to run their latest GPUs.

In this buyer’s guide, we address one of those concerns by offering recommendations on the best 750W PSUs you can buy right now. In addition, we will provide tips on how to choose the best power supply for your gaming PC, as well as the main features to look out for when browsing the available options.

The best 750W power supplies to buy

It’s time to check out our favorite options available right now. As part of these recommendations, we have tried to include many options with different prices and features, which means that all gamers will be able to find an option that suits their needs.

  1. EVGA 750 BQ – the best budget power supply

    Since power supplies are a fairly simple part of a gaming PC compared to other required components, choosing an affordable option makes a lot of sense. Fortunately, the EVGA 750 BQ provides everything you need to power budget and mid-range systems at a very reasonable price.

    What we like :

    • One of the most affordable
    • options

    • Flexible semi-modular design
    • Great for economical builders

    Disappointing :

    • Does not support ATX 3. 0
    • Low performance rating
    • No fan zero rotation mode

    Let’s start with one of the most affordable 750W PSUs on the market, EVGA 750 BQ . The reduced price makes this PSU a good choice for gamers on a budget who want to upgrade their components as soon as possible, or mid-range builders who want to save money and spend it elsewhere. But despite its budget price, this power supply delivers the performance you need to keep most mid-range systems running smoothly.

    With an efficiency rating of 80+ Bronze, the 750 BQ can handle slightly increased workloads and remains fairly quiet and cool during typical gaming sessions. In addition, the semi-modular design helps simplify the installation process, as assemblers can choose which additional cables to connect to the power supply. However, it ensures that the necessary cables for the motherboard, CPU, and GPU are always connected, which is handy for less experienced builders.

    Things we like
    • Price : One of the most affordable 750W options on the market, the EVGA 750 BQ is a great choice for those on a budget. This power supply is a solid offering that does the job well at a reasonable price, freeing up some cash to spend on other components.
    • Semi-modular : While a fully modular design is generally preferred due to improved cable management capabilities, some flexibility is better than none. In addition, connecting the main cables can reduce headaches for beginner PC builders.
    Things we don’t like
    • Efficiency only 80+ Bronze : The main limitation of budget PSUs like this one is reduced efficiency. With a less-than-perfect 80+ Bronze rating, this power supply struggles to handle more intense workloads, which is a concern for those looking to put this power supply into a mid-range system.
    • No zero fan 9 mode0061 : Being able to turn off the fans on the power supply under less stressful workloads is a “blessing for the ears”. Unfortunately, this power supply does not have such luxury, which also cannot but affect its durability.
  2. Cooler Master MWE Gold V2 – Best 750W PSU

    For gamers looking for a power supply that delivers system performance at a price lower than most other options on the market, the Cooler Master MWE Gold V2 is the best choice. Despite its fairly affordable price, this power supply offers a fully modular design and boasts an 80+ Gold efficiency rating.

    What we like :

    • Fully Modular Design
    • Value for money option
    • Efficiency rating 80+ Gold

    Disappointing :

    • Does not support ATX 3.0
    • Fairly simple design
    • No fan off mode


    Cooler Master MWE 750 Gold V2 PSU strikes a better balance between price and performance than the previous entry, making it a great option for gamers looking for a bargain. As the name suggests, MWE Gold V2 is a new version of the original MWE Gold. This power supply adds several performance and design improvements to the original to provide builders with an all-round better experience.

    One of the biggest improvements in MWE Gold V2 is the move to a fully modular design, allowing PC builders to wire cables however they want for easier cable management. Some of the other improvements include increased heat resistance as well as an upgraded HDB fan to reduce noise and increase life expectancy.

    Things we like
    • Fully modular design . The last thing any PC builder wants is to have a lot of unused cables inside the case, making this power supply’s fully modular design a welcome addition. The ability to connect only the cables you need greatly simplifies cable management and eliminates the clutter associated with unused cables.
    • Excellent quality : In terms of price and performance, this power supply is hard to miss. An 80+ Gold efficiency rating is enough to easily power any midrange system, and the streamlined approach helps keep costs affordable.
    Things we don’t like
    • No fanless mode : While the fan improvements in this version seem great, the only improvement that Cooler Master couldn’t add is fanless mode. This would be a great way to save on cooling costs and further extend the life of this power supply.
    • Simplified design : Although power supplies rarely have an abstract design due to their position in most PC builds, design with a twist is always appreciated. You won’t find anything out of the ordinary here, as this power supply sticks to the standard aesthetic.
  3. Corsair RM750 – 750W Midrange PSU


    Corsair RM750 is an all-in-one power supply that offers a range of performance-based features to enhance your gaming experience. Along with an 80+ Gold efficiency rating and a fully modular design, the RM750 includes a fanless mode that keeps the system as quiet as possible when no fan is needed.

    What we like :

    • Efficiency 80+ Gold
    • Fully modular design
    • Offers fanless mode

    Disappointing :

    • Does not support ATX 3.0
    • Not compatible with iCUE

    For those looking for a power supply that offers a wide range of features at a reasonable price, take a look at the Corsair RM750. As one of Corsair’s more affordable options, this 750W PSU has a respectable 80+ Gold efficiency rating, which means it should stay cool and quiet under more demanding workloads.

    In addition, this power supply includes a zero fan mode that turns off the fan when less power is being used. This helps reduce system noise while increasing the overall life of the power supply since the fan doesn’t need to run constantly when the PC is on. In addition, this power supply is fully modular, making cabling a fairly simple task compared to non-modular options.

    Things we like
    • Zero fan mode : the ability to turn off the fan during a less demanding task is by no means a necessary feature for a power supply, but it is a good way to complement an efficient design. But we understand that this can lead to an increased risk of overheating if not handled properly, and can also increase the price.
    • Fully modular design . A design that allows you to choose which cables to connect to the power supply has become the norm, so it’s nice to see it here. With so many cables to plug into a system, it’s worth taking every chance to cut down on unnecessary options.
    Things we don’t like
    • ATX 3.0 Incompatible : Another design that does not support the latest ATX 3.0 technology features on this list, which is not good for gamers who opt for an RTX 4000 graphics card. While the latest Nvidia GPUs can be powered by ATX 2.0 power supplies , the new standard allows these GPUs to be connected via a single 16-pin connector, reducing the clutter and complexity associated with multiple connectors.
    • Not compatible with iCUE . One of the main benefits that many Corsair products have is the ability to connect to their iCUE software for additional performance tweaks and features. However, the RM750 is one of the few Corsair products that can’t be connected to industry-leading software, meaning you get what you see.
  4. ASUS ROG 750W LOKI SFX-L High Quality 750W PSU

    Despite being a very expensive power supply, ASUS ROG 750W LOKI SFX-L has its place in the market for high-end PC builders. With an abstract design that includes addressable RGB lighting and sleek silver accents, this power supply is sure to brighten up an otherwise overlooked part of the build. On top of that, the LOKI SFX-L offers high-end performance that cheaper options can’t compete with, while also including “luxury items” like fanless operation and PCI-E 5.0 support.

    What we like :

    • ATX 3.0 compatible
    • Efficiency 80+ Platinum
    • Includes RGB lighting

    What disappointed us :

    • Very expensive
    • Restricts housing selection

    Power supplies usually choose an all black or all white design to put all the time and effort into performance. However, ASUS ROG 750W LOKI SFX-L throws that concept out the window. Featuring a premium look that combines a black or white base with silver details, this power supply also includes RGB lighting on the fan and side to enhance the aesthetic of any gaming PC.

    But this power supply is not only different in appearance, LOKI also offers reliable features based on performance. For example, this power supply is ATX 3.0 compliant, which means it supports PCI-E 5.0, which allows you to connect RTX 40 series graphics cards with a single cable.

    Things we like
    • Platinum Efficiency Rating: This power supply is the only option on this list to receive an 80+ Platinum efficiency rating. As a result, LOKI SFX-L is the best choice for those who want to use a system that generates a consistently high load.
    • Customizable RGB Lighting: It may seem overkill to have RGB lighting on your power supply – and you won’t be wrong to think so – but there’s no doubt that installing an RGB lighting power supply will make it stand out. In addition, the ability to customize lighting effects in Aura Sync allows you to sync effects with other components in your build.
    Things we don’t like
    • Very Expensive : Even though this particular design offers a lot compared to other 750W PSUs on the market, one wonders how useful these improvements are for the inflated price. The increased efficiency is a welcome improvement, but the improved design and RGB integration remain a matter of debate.
    • Limited Case Selection : Because most power supplies don’t offer much in terms of looks, many PC cases have a built-in bay to hide the power supply. Because of this, it’s worth double-checking if the PSU will be visible in your chosen PC case before enthusiastically adding that PSU to your build.

Choosing the right power for your gaming PC

Without knowing where to look, it can be hard to know how much power your gaming PC needs to run. Luckily, there are some easy ways to get a rough estimate of the right power for a particular build.

The first key metric can be found in the specs section of the product web page, as they often list the minimum power supply requirement. For example, most graphics cards provide PSU wattage recommendations to use in a build.

Another method involves using the online configurator to calculate the total power consumption of the components in the assembly and then selecting a power supply that will support the accumulated power. There are many websites that can calculate system power consumption, but we tend to use PCPartPicker for our builds.

However, there are a few factors to consider before relying solely on these methods when choosing the perfect PSU for your build. The first consideration is that0004 whether you want to upgrade to more powerful components in the future , as this will inevitably require more power. In addition, those who want to subject their system to heavy loads will benefit from the security that the provides with the higher power supply of the .

Is 750W Enough to Build a Modern PC? While they are still quite a viable option for most budget and mid-range gamers, those looking to get the latest graphics cards might want an option with a bit more oomph!

In addition, high performance builds with previous generation components such as an RTX 3000 or RX 6000 GPU will benefit from the extra power provided by 800W or higher PSUs.

Most recently released cards, including Nvidia’s RTX 4080 and AMD ‘s RX 7900 XTX, can technically run a 750W PSU. However, these values ​​are considered a minimum of , leaving little room for more powerful components and do not account for future updates.

As a result, we recommend a PSU of at least 850W for anyone opting for the latest offerings from AMD and Nvidia. Though all of this may change in the future if more budget-friendly RTX 4000 and Radeon 7000 series graphics cards are eventually released. In general, any mid-range gaming PC with a previous generation graphics card should work well with a 750W PSU. For example, the minimum power recommended for the RTX 3070 is 650W, which means 750W will provide enough power for the GPU and other components in the system while adding some headroom for upgrades and heavy workloads.

Power Supply FAQ

Do I need a 750W power supply for my gaming PC?

The answer to this question comes down to the components that will be included with your gaming PC. If you’re planning to build a mid-range system, then a 750W PSU will likely be sufficient. However, it’s always worth checking the minimum power supply recommendations for the components in your build, or calculating the estimated wattage in a power supply calculator.

How do I know which power supply my PC needs?

Most component manufacturers provide the minimum power supply requirements for the product on their website. You can usually find this in the specifications section on the dedicated page for that product. Alternatively, you can use the online PC build configurator to get the power rating of your system.

What does 80+ mean for a power supply?

80+ refers to a certified test method used to determine the efficiency of a power supply. This includes testing the power supply under various loads to see how much power is saved and how much energy is wasted as noise or heat.

After testing, the power supply is given an 80+ rating based on how well it performed on the tests. The 80+ White rating is the lowest efficiency rating, while the 80+ Titanium is the highest.

Should I buy a larger power supply?

As a general rule, we always recommend choosing a power supply that is at least 100W above the recommended limit. This ensures that the PSU is not damaged by any power surges and leaves enough room for future upgrades.

9 Best 750W Power Supplies – 2023 Ranking

Selecting a 750W power supply for computers is a complex and complex task that only experienced professionals can accurately solve. Most inexperienced PC users are highly likely to make one or more mistakes when choosing on their own, which can cause the failure of expensive computer components. To eliminate negative consequences, experts created this year a rating of power supplies, which included only certified reliable models with decent characteristics and the presence of all the necessary ports for connection.

The design and electrical parameters of the PSU, their advantages and disadvantages are described, as well as logical conclusions are drawn. After reviewing the information presented, anyone will be able to independently choose the optimal model for their computer, taking into account a number of requirements and the allocated budget. The chance of making mistakes will be minimal.

be quiet! SYSTEM POWER 10 750W

be quiet! SYSTEM POWER 10 750W is one of the most reliable power supplies in the middle price category, made in a metal case with dimensions of 150x140x86 mm, certified according to the 80 PLUS Bronze standard. Equipped with an active protection system against overvoltage, short circuits and overloads. Thanks to the use of high-quality electronic components, it is able to work under maximum design loads for a long time without breakdowns. A 120 mm fan is responsible for cooling the heated elements, capable of developing a speed of 2100 rpm. The maximum noise level in operation is 34.7 dB.

A number of connectors are provided for connecting PC components: 1xATX, 1xCPU 8 pin, 4xPCI-E, 6xSATA, 1xMolex. The cables are non-removable, so they will have to be carefully placed inside the computer case. To protect them from mechanical damage, a special braid is used. In order to prevent wire breakage, a rubber spacer is installed at the exit point from the power supply.

High build quality;

Wide input voltage range from 200 to 240 V;

Official manufacturer’s warranty 3 years;

The presence of the required minimum of ports for connecting components;

Optimal performance for output currents: 3.3 V and 5 V – 20 A, 12 V – 62.5 A;

Use of high quality electronic components to ensure stable electrical performance;

Quality cooling system.

Only one Molex connector available;

Noticeable fan noise;

Power supply weight 1. 95 kg;

Not modular.








1 0/10



and office computers, since it has decent current and voltage characteristics, and is also equipped with the necessary connectors for connecting most types of devices. However, before buying, you need to make sure that you have the required connectors for all the components used.


MSI MPG A750GF Modular Power Supply is designed for installation in home and office computers where high stability and reliability of all connected components is required. The case has a stylish design and a convenient location of connectors for connection, and is also equipped with a switch that allows you to completely de-energize your PC without disconnecting the power cable. The case has a large number of holes to ensure sufficient airflow and cooling of transistors and transformers. A 140 mm fan is installed with automatic speed control up to 2000 rpm, which has optimal energy saving and a balanced noise level. The overall dimensions of the case are 150x160x86 mm.

There are no complaints about the quality of the power supply, since it complies with the 80 PLUS Gold standard. The following connectors are provided for connection: 1xATX, 2xCPU 4+4 pin, 6xPCI-E, 8xSATA, 5xMolex.

Robust metal housing;

Low noise operation;

80 PLUS Gold Compliant;

High quality components used;

Rich scope of supply;

Stable operation at mains voltage within 100-240 V;

Efficient cooling system;

Active protection against overloads, short circuits and overvoltages;

Optimum output current: 3.3 V and 5 V – 22 A, 12 V – 35 A;

Official 5 year manufacturer’s warranty.

Video card cables, short;

Rigid wires that are difficult to route properly in a computer case.











balanced electrical parameters, has a modular design, a wide range of connectors for connection. Suitable for most types of computers with different case sizes.

Zalman GigaMax(GVII) 750W

Zalman GigaMax(GVII) 750W is an 80 PLUS Bronze-certified budget power supply, made in a metal case with a stylish design and an efficient cooling system. Has hardware protection against overloads, surges and short circuits. Provides high stability in output currents and voltages on the main power lines. The overall dimensions of the case are 150x140x86 mm. A fan with a diameter of 120 mm is installed, capable of efficiently blowing all electronic components and eliminating their overheating. The noise level is low due to automatic speed control.

The following ports are provided for connecting components: ATX, 4xPCI-E, 5xSATA, 3xMolex, 1xFloppy. The current parameters for a budget power supply are decent: 3.3 V and 5 V – 20 A, 12 V – 62 A. All cables are quite rigid with dense insulation and strong braid. For convenience, the sockets are marked, which greatly simplifies the connection of the PSU to the computer.

1 year official warranty;

High quality components used;

Availability of all necessary connectors for connecting computer components;

Stable operation at input voltages in the range of 200-240 V;

Multi-level protection against non-standard operating modes, protecting PC components from failure;

Rich package with all necessary ties and fasteners, as well as instructions.

Noticeable running noise from built-in fan;

Unable to operate at the maximum declared power, goes into protection and shuts down in an emergency;

Tight wires that are difficult to bend when laying.








1 0/10



pay attention to this model. Able to provide high stability in current and voltage, equipped with high-quality components and a productive cooling system. However, when choosing this model, it is worth considering that there must be a margin for power consumption.

This power supply allows you to connect the following computer components: 1xATX, 4xPCI-E, 5xSATA, 3xMolex. The current indicators are decent: on the 12 V line – 62 A, on 3.3 V and 5 V – 22 A. The quality of the wires and insulation used is excellent. The sockets are made of durable plastic with convenient latches in the connectors.

Affordable price;

Use of quality electronic components in assembly;

Flexible wires in optimum length;

80 PLUS Gold Compliant;

Active protection against short circuits, overloads and overvoltages;

The presence of the required number of ports for connecting computer components;

Quality cooling system;

Rich equipment;

Wide input voltage range from 100 to 240 V;

Presence of power off switch;

Stable operation at ambient temperatures up to +50°C.

Not modular;

The fan is rather noisy at maximum speed.








1 0/10


9. 8

Excellent power supply that can be installed in working and home PCs for various purposes. It is equipped with all the ports necessary for connection, provides current and voltage protection, and is made of high-quality components.

Cooler Master V750 Gold SFX Full Modular 750W (MPY-7501-SFHAGV)

Cooler Master V750 Gold SFX Full Modular 750W (MPY-7501-SFHAGV) is a modular power supply in SFX format, made in a stylish, durable metal case, equipped with a 92 mm cooling fan and an active current and voltage protection system. In terms of electrical parameters, it fully complies with the requirements of the 80 PLUS Gold standard. The kit is excellent, as it includes the necessary fasteners and ties, as well as installation instructions. Due to the presence of connector markings on the case and on the sockets, even beginners will not have problems with connecting the power supply.

This power supply allows you to connect the following computer components: ATX motherboard, 1xCPU 4+4 pin, 4xPCI-E, 8xSATA, 4xMolex. Rather rigid cables are used, which do not bend well, but are strong enough and capable of withstanding significant current loads up to 62.5 A.

High build quality;

The use of reliable electronic components in the design;

Official 1 year manufacturer’s warranty;

Easy connection to PC thanks to printed markings on plugs and sockets;

Semi-passive cooling system;

Modular design;

Wide input voltage range from 90 to 264 V;

High stability of output currents and voltages.

Cables that are too rigid and difficult to lay, especially in small enclosures;

Overpriced compared to competitors;

Short PCI-E cable;

At maximum loads, a noticeable squeak from the throttles.








1 0/10



voltage in the power supply network, then you should pay attention to this model of power supply. It is unpretentious to operating conditions, has decent functionality, and is equipped with a large number of connectors for connecting computer components. It is completely worth the investment, although the cost is too high and for such a price you can purchase a more powerful PSU, but requiring operation with stable parameters of the 220 V network.

Chieftec PPS-750FC 750W

Chieftec PPS-750FC 750W is a modular power supply from a well-known brand, made in a metal case with a convenient location of connectors and the presence of all necessary fasteners, fully compliant with the 80 PLUS Gold standard. It is assembled from high-quality components, therefore it corresponds to the parameters declared by the manufacturer and is able to work at maximum loads while maintaining current and voltage stability. The active PFC system protects against overvoltages, short circuits and overloads, which makes it possible to eliminate any damage to components and failure of the PC. The overall dimensions of the case are 150x140x86 mm. To cool the heated components, a fan with a blade diameter of 120 mm and automatic speed control is installed.

On the end part of the PSU housing there are connectors for connecting connecting cables and powering PC components: 1xATX, 2xCPU 4+4 pin, 8xSATA, 3xMolex. Thanks to the presence of markings, even beginners will not have problems connecting all PC components.

High efficiency power supply;

Low noise operation;

The use of proprietary electronic components that ensure reliable and stable operation of the PSU;

Modular design that allows you to remove unnecessary cables to save space inside the case;

80 PLUS Gold certified;

Active protection for output currents and voltages;

1 year official warranty.

Too thin and short power cables;

Wire braid missing;

Power supply weight 2.285 kg;

Few Molex connectors.











Excellent reliable power supply that fits into any size case. It has balanced characteristics, has a thoughtful design and optimal ergonomics.

Corsair RMx Series RM750x 80 Plus 750W

The Corsair RMx Series RM750x 80 Plus 750W Modular Power Supply is designed for installation in powerful gaming computers, workstations or home PCs. The case is made of high-quality metal, has a stylish attractive design, and is equipped with a wide range of connectors for connecting computer components. To ensure high-quality cooling, a 135 mm fan is installed, which operates in a balanced mode in order to prevent overheating and reduce the maximum noise level in operation. The overall dimensions of the PSU are 150x160x86 mm.

This power supply model is fully 80 PLUS Gold compliant, ensuring stable output current and voltage. The following ports are provided for connecting computer components: 1xATX, 2xCPU 4+4 pin, 4xPCI-E, 10xSATA, 4xMolex.

Excellent build quality;

80 PLUS Gold certified;

Wide range of connectors for connecting computer components;

Powerful and energy efficient cooling system;

High output currents on main voltage lines up to 62. 5 A;

1 year official warranty;

Rich equipment;

Stable operation at mains voltage from 100 to 240 V;

Protection against short circuits, overloads and surges.

Rigid cables that are difficult to lay in the housing;

At maximum load, noticeable noise in operation.











Universal Reliable Unit power supply, designed for installation in working office and gaming home PCs. It has a modular design, has a wide range of connectors for connecting all types of computer components, and has decent technical characteristics. For the money, a great option for building a reliable computer.

Thermaltake Smart BX1 RGB 750W

The Thermaltake Smart BX1 RGB 750W power supply is made in a metal case with a classic form factor, but with a stylish original design and an installed fan with a blade diameter of 120 mm and RGB backlight. Standardized in accordance with 80 PLUS Bronze, which guarantees high stability of electrical output parameters for current and voltage, as well as the ability to operate at maximum loads for a long time. Due to the presence of a large number of holes in the case, high-quality cooling of electronic components is provided, which can significantly extend the life of the power supply. The overall dimensions of the PSU are 150x140x86 mm. The case is collapsible, so you can clean it from dust and dirt. The output of the power cables is equipped with a rubberized spacer, which protects the insulation from damage and thereby prevents short circuits and failure of computer components.

This PSU can power a motherboard with a standard 24 pin connector, a 4+4 pin processor, 4 PCI-E video cards, 8 SATA drives and 4 devices with a Molex connector. Implemented current and voltage protection against short circuits, overloads and non-standard operating modes. The maximum parameters for the currents of the main power lines are as follows: 3. 3 V – 24 A, 5 V – 18 A, 12 V – 56 A.

Fan 120 mm with RGB backlight;

Official manufacturer’s warranty 12 months;

Availability of all necessary ports for connecting computer components;

High electrical output stability;

Hardware protection against surges, short circuits, overloads;

Quality cooling system;

Official manufacturer’s warranty 1 year;

Standardized 80 PLUS Bronze;

Possibility of operation at ambient temperatures up to +40°С.

Not modular;

Noticeable noise level during operation.











This power supply will be optimal for installation in home and office computers, because it has all the necessary ports for connecting components, is certified according to the 80 PLUS Bronze standard, and has an affordable price.

Super Flower LEADEX III Gold ARGB (SF-750F14RG)

Super Flower LEADEX III Gold ARGB (SF-750F14RG) is a modular power supply designed for installation in gaming PCs with an open case design. Equipped with LED illumination of the fan and connectors for connecting connecting cables, which significantly improve the level of attractiveness of the appearance of the PSU. The electrical parameters are decent, since full compliance with the 80 PLUS Gold standard is ensured. The assembly is excellent, the ergonomics are decent, the connectors are marked, the delivery set is rich. For connection there are all necessary cables, couplers and bolts. The overall dimensions of the case are 150x160x86 mm.

A 130 mm fan with automatic speed selection is installed to cool the internal heated components, which significantly reduces the noise level in operation, as well as power consumption. The following connectors are available for connection: ATX, 2xCPU 4+4 pin, 6xPCI-E, 9xSATA, 4xMolex.

Stylish original body design;

Low noise operation;

High build quality;

Built-in RGB fan and power connectors;

Easy to install thanks to a rich set of delivery with detailed instructions and the presence of appropriate markings on the body;

Hardware protection against short circuits, surges and overloads;

Availability of all necessary connectors for connecting PC components;

Official manufacturer’s warranty 1 year.

Slightly overpriced compared to competitors;

Fan and connector colors may not match case color on some models.











If you are looking for a balanced gaming power supply with a stylish design, you should pay attention to this model. Equipped with high-quality electronic components, a wide range of connectors for connection, has a modular design. For your money a great option.

This rating includes the best models of power supplies for computers with an output power of 750 W. The design features, technical characteristics, the availability of ports for connecting various components, the pros and cons of the models are described, and conclusions are drawn. Models are presented in a wide price range, so you can choose the optimal model in terms of parameters, which will fully meet the requirements and be able to provide the necessary power supply parameters for PC components. Thanks to a simple and intuitive presentation, even beginners will be able to make their own decision on the purchase of interesting models of power supplies. The probability of making any mistakes is minimal, which guarantees stable and safe operation of the computer.

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