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What to Do If Your HP Laptop Charger Isn’t Working

One of the most important components of a laptop is the laptop charger. Without this handy device, your computer battery will run out of juice — and render your laptop unusable.

The charger of your laptop, when taken care of properly, can last for years. There will, however, come a time when this device will fail to function properly. If you own an HP laptop and your charger isn’t working, take note of this short guide. We’ll discuss the reasons behind a faulty HP laptop charger, troubleshooting steps and stores where you can buy a charger (if replacement is necessary).

Why is My HP Laptop Charger Not Working?

Whenever you connect the HP laptop charger to your PC, your desktop should display a notification that your device is charging. You can find that notification at the bottom right of your screen.

Before you assume that your HP laptop charger is faulty, check the battery of your laptop. Sometimes, the charger is not the one at fault. The battery is unable to recharge or store energy properly. If this is the case, you’ll need to replace the laptop battery, not the charger.

You should also check if the outlet is working properly. A faulty outlet will prevent your laptop from charging.

If you find that the battery’s doing fine after doing the appropriate HP diagnostics (and there are no problems with the outlet), you should turn your attention to the device’s power adapter. If the HP laptop charger isn’t working, it may be due to one or more of the following reasons:

  • Old Laptop Charger – HP laptop chargers, wear down over time just like the other components of your laptop.
  • Faulty Adapter Cable – Sometimes, the cable isn’t providing enough power or charge to your laptop.
  • Power Supply Issues – The power supply for your HP laptop charger may have failed. You can test this by borrowing a charger of the same model and checking if the laptop is charging with that borrowed device.
  • Power Cord Failure – The elements in your HP laptop charger cord may have a problem, such as a loose connector. This prevents the battery from charging properly.

How Do I Troubleshoot My HP Laptop Charger?

Before you buy a new HP laptop charger for your device, you want to see first if the problem is still minor. After all, you don’t want to spend money on a new charger if you can fix the minor issue.

Here are a few troubleshooting suggestions that can follow:

Check the Connection between the Laptop and the Charger

The HP laptop charger should fit firmly in the DC jack without you having to wiggle the cable just to get things charging. If the charger cable seems loose, hold it in place using electrical tape. This way, the laptop battery can receive power from the charger.

Note: this is a temporary fix. A loose connection can worsen over time. So, have your laptop sent to a specialist for a more technical assessment of the problem.

Detach and Reattach the Laptop Battery

Begin by turning off your laptop. Then, flip it upside down. Look for the latch that secures the battery.

Open the latch properly. The battery should pop out. If it doesn’t, give it a gentle tug.

Next, clean the connectors of the laptop battery by applying a tiny amount of rubbing alcohol to the tip of the connection swab. Dirt and other debris can accumulate and interfere with the connection, giving the impression of a faulty HP laptop charger.

Let the alcohol dry before you reattach the battery. Put the latch back on, secure it and plug in the power cord to check if the laptop will charge.

Power up the Laptop without the Battery

This troubleshooting step will determine if the battery or the charger is faulty. Start by removing the battery of your laptop. Then, power on your computer using only the charger. If the laptop turns on, then you need to replace the battery. If the laptop doesn’t turn on, then your charger might be the problem.

Where Can I Buy an HP Laptop Charger?

You can purchase an HP laptop charger at Amazon and other retailers if your current charger requires replacement. Source: Pinterest

If you know for sure that your HP laptop charger is the problem, you can buy this device at an HP store near you. Alternatively, you could check major online retailers, such as Amazon and Walmart. The price of an HP laptop charger will depend on what laptop you have.

Take note, though, that different HP laptops require different voltages. You, therefore, should check the label on your computer or your laptop’s current charger to identify the correct voltage for your device.

When checking the label, look for the word “input.” You’ll then see a number followed by “V.” That number serves as the voltage rating. HP laptop chargers usually range from 11 to 24 volts.

Besides the voltage, check the tip of the connector. When buying a replacement laptop charger, the style of the tip must match that of your original unit.

When your HP laptop charger is not working, do some troubleshooting to identify the root cause. If replacement is necessary, make sure that you buy a charger with the correct voltage and the right connector tip.

Choosing a Replacement Charger for your Laptop

Before we delve into the main categories of replacements offered by sellers online (including ourselves!), lets run through the key steps of finding what charger you need.

How to find a compatible replacement laptop adapter

To see what kind of replacements are on offer online for your laptop, you’ll need some extra information on the model of the machine. Laptop manufacturers use all kinds of connections for charging laptops, and each vary in terms of wattage.

Identify your laptop’s model number

The easiest way to find your laptop model number is by taking a look at the sticker usually placed on the underside of your laptop. Among information such as serial number, warranty, towards the top of the label should be the full model number or identifier. This might look like one of these:

  • HP EliteBook 850 G5
  • Toshiba SATELLITE PRO 6100
  • Lenovo YOGA 500-14ACL
  • Samsung NP350V5C-A01UK

It’s always important to look for the main model number rather than the ‘range’ listed around the keyboard as this isn’t always enough detail to find the right charger for your device.

If you can’t locate the sticker or it’s difficult to read, you could take a look at the original invoice/receipt or check the manual that came with your laptop. If the laptop hasn’t discharged completely,  you can also find the model number on the powered on machine.

Find your laptops wattage

When using our site, this isn’t essential as we list replacement power supplies based on their precise model number, and they’re guaranteed to work for your device. However, it’s always good practice to understand the power requirements for your laptop.

The main element you’ll want to look for is the output voltage for the charger (sometimes referred to as DC voltage). Check in your laptop manual for the voltage requirements or look at the original power supply if you still have it. It will often be something like this: 

  • OUTPUT: 19VDC 3.42A

By multiplying the output voltage and amps you can calculate the total wattage of your machine, in this case 65W after rounding up.

Take a note of the voltage, amperage and wattage so you can match up those listed for the replacement charger with your own laptop’s requirements.

The types of replacement laptop chargers available

Now you’re armed with the information to be able to source a replacement charger, let’s run through the most common ‘types’ of laptop power supplies available online:

OEM Laptop Chargers (Original Equipment Manufacturer)

When you first bought your laptop, the charger you received with the laptop was an OEM power supply. Usually this charger will have been manufactured by a third party power supply manufacturer on behalf of the company. Common OEM brands include Delta, ACBel and LiteOn. With leading laptop manufacturers such as HP, Samsung and Lenovo, the charger is usually branded with their logo.

Advantages of buying an OEM laptop charger

  • It’s exactly the same in function to your original charger, so you can expect the same performance
  • Providing you buy the correct charger, it’s guaranteed to work with your laptop.

Disadvantages of buying an OEM laptop charger

  • OEM chargers can be difficult to source, particularly for older models of laptop; the OEM manufacturer may no longer produce the charger for your laptop.
  • They can be expensive, depending on availability.
  • There are an abundance of fake or counterfeit OEM chargers sold by private sellers across marketplaces such as eBay and Amazon which are potentially dangerous. These can be incredibly difficult to identify, even when comparing the original with the counterfeit in person. Fake chargers often lack various features that make chargers safe, such as temperature control and short circuit protections.

If you’re planing to buy an OEM power supply for your laptop, do make sure that its from a reputable company who can provide assurances on their chargers.

Universal Laptop Chargers

Universal chargers are commonly available as replacements for many of the leading laptop brands. Some even span multiple brands and are packaged with multiple sets of ‘tips’ or ‘pins’, the part of the charger that connects directly to your laptop. As we covered in our help guide on power supply pin sizes, measuring the pin size required for your laptop can be a real challenge and impossible if you no longer have the original charger to hand.

Universal laptop power adaptors are always produced by third party brands, and the same power supply is often re-branded by different companies across popular marketplaces. 

Advantages of buying a Universal Laptop Charger

  • They are usually affordable
  • If you have multiple laptops that the universal charger is compatible with, you can use the charger on each laptop

Disadvantages of buying a Universal Laptop Chargers

  • You’ll need to research the pin size required for your laptop before purchasing. A quick browse of several popular universal laptop PSU’s on Amazon shows many negative reviews from customers who found the supplied tips didn’t fit their laptop. Attempting to fit the wrong pin in your laptop can be downright dangerous and permanently damage your laptop.
  • There are no guarantees on quality. Many of the universal chargers we looked at on eBay and Amazon came with no mention at all on warranty either. 
  • By nature of a universal charger, many of its parts are removable (such as the pin section). These can be wobbly or poorly fitting and will degrade over time.
  • Finally, many universal laptop chargers have a switch to manually select the required voltage. Plugging the charger into your laptop with the wrong voltage selected can cause irreversible damage to your laptop.

In summary for universal laptop power adaptors, we can’t recommend them as there are too many factors that can risk causing damage to your laptop.

Compatible or Third Party Laptop Chargers

Compatible laptop chargers are produced by non-OEM manufacturers and designed to be an exact replacement for specific laptops. All of the laptop chargers sold on The Power Supply Shop are within this category and are produced by Classic Service Parts, a German manufacturer that has developed parts and accessories for consumer electronics since 2000.

Based on this, you might think we’re somewhat biased in this area, but we have several good reasons why a compatible laptop power supply presents a great choice as a replacement:

Advantages of buying a third party manufactured Laptop Charger (from The Power Supply Shop)

  • Availability – We supply UK replacement laptop chargers for over 48,000 models of laptops. That’s a huge selection and spans laptops produced from 2000 to the present year, many of which would be practically impossible to source an OEM replacement for.
  • Quality – Our laptop chargers are produced to be of equivalent or greater quality than the original OEM charger and take great strides to ensure this throughout the manufacturing process. All of our laptop chargers are equipped with built in protections and safety features, alongside a 12 month warranty and on-going support.
  • Compatibility – Over the years we’ve built up a large database of products that are both tested and matched to specific devices. By using our smart search and buying a power supply from us, you can expect a product that’s guaranteed to work with your device. In the unlikely event it doesn’t, we’ll do everything we can to resolve it and provide the correct power supply for your laptop.
  • Affordability – Despite the high quality of our laptop chargers, we’re competitive on pricing and are often cheaper than an OEM replacement.

Disadvantages of buying a third party laptop charger

With the above advantages of buying a replacement with us in mind, naturally we need to discuss other third party manufacturers of laptop chargers. A quick browse on Amazon of a popular (and quite old – circa 2005) laptop model such as the HP DV1000 shows at least 5 third party chargers available. Here are our main potential disadvantages to keep in mind when buying a third party replacement:

  • Some third party manufacturers may not provide their products with a suitable warranty or quality certification. Look for factors such as RoHS certification to ensure they are safe and appropriate for home or office use.
  • Check for compatibility, and then double check! Many third party charger manufacturers don’t have the same kind of database we use for compatibility, so there’s no guarantees they will work for your device. Some will use long ‘fit lists’ of compatible laptop models which aren’t always accurate.
  • Some third party laptop chargers can be of poor quality. Take a look at the product images and try to find any mention of the actual charger manufacturer and search for them online, as some sellers will ‘rebrand’ their products as their own. If the product arrives and looks different from the original product image or has a different label, we’d recommend returning it. 
  • A number of ‘’ websites are listed as UK businesses, when in fact their products are supplied directly from China. This can mean a long wait to receive your charger and potentially poor support if you run into any problems. We’d recommend giving the company a quick call to check them out if you’re unsure.

In summary, check reviews and search for the company before you go ahead with buying a third party laptop charger.

Across the marketplaces we sell our products on, we’ve gained over 18,000 reviews and feedback ratings who can attest to the quality of our products and service. We’ve been supplying power supplies and laptop chargers to customers for over a decade, so please do get in touch if you’re unsure on what laptop adapter is right for your device. 


With so many options when buying a replacement laptop charger online, it can be a challenge to make the right choice. That’s why we’ve put so much effort into making things as simple as possible with our model search and help guides.

Ultimately you need to weigh up the options on these three factors:

  • Will it work? Choose an adapter that’s expressly listed as being compatible with your exact model.
  • Is it safe? Look for a replacement that comes with a warranty and all of the necessary safety certifications.
  • Is it affordable? Price is an important factor in just about any purchase. At the same time, if it’s ‘too cheap’ there might be a catch in terms of quality. 

If you have any questions relating to laptop chargers, do get in touch with our support team. We’re a helpful bunch and we can point you in the right direction. 

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How to replace the fan on HP Pavilion x360 m3-u001dx? – step by step instructions with photo

You’ll need:

  • 1. Tools

    MaYuan 7 in 1 tool kit for mobile phone and laptop repair

    90 p.

  • 2. Power supply

    laptop power supply for HP Envy 15, Compaq 14-a, 14-s, 15-s, 14-d, 14-g, 14-r, 15-d, 15-g, 15-r, Chromebook 11, 14, Envy 14-k, 14-u, 15-k, Pavilion 10-e, 10-f, 11-e, 11-h, 11-n, 14-ab, 14-e, 14-f, 14-n, 14-v, 15-e, 15-n, 15-p, 17-e, 17-f, 19.5V, 3.33A, 65W, 4.5×3.0 without cable

    500 rubles

  • 3. SSD drive

    SSD 240Gb, SATA III, 2.5″, Kingston A400


  • 4. Mouse

    mouse Gembird MUSW-320 USB, black

    385 rubles

How do I replace the fan on an HP Pavilion x360 m3-u001dx?

If you notice that the laptop is making a lot of noise, you should replace the fan. Our step by step guide will help you with this.

Fan replacement instructions for other HP models

Reading time: 12 min.


9004 1

Step 1

Step 9

Step 17

Step 2

Step 10

Step 18

Step 3

Step 11

Step 19

Step 4

Step 12

Step 20

Step 5

Step 13

Step 21

Step 6

Step 14

Step 22

Step 7

Step 15

Step 23

Step 8

Step 16

Step 1.

    Disconnect the gadget from the power supply.

    For parsing you will need:

    • Cooler
    • Tools

Step 2 07

Step 3.

    Remove the 10 screws on the back cover using a Phillips screwdriver.

    Step 4

      Turn the machine so that the screen is facing you.

    Step 5:


      Do not remove the keyboard immediately as it is still attached to the wires.


    Step 7.

      Unhook the wires that connect the motherboard to the keyboard and touchpad.

      Separate the plastic connectors, pull the blue tab and unhook the cable.

    Step 8 04

    Step 9.

    Step 10.

    Step 11.

      Remove adhesive tape.

      Pull out the wire with the white connector.

      Step 12

    Use the plastic tag on the wire to remove it from the connector.

Step 13.

    Gently push the ends of the wire with a spudger to separate it from the motherboard.

Step 14 004

Step 15.

    Remove the 11 screws marked in red.



Step 18.

Step 19.

    Separate the attached wires from the motherboard by gently pressing on their edges with a spudger.

Step 20 004

Step 21.

    Peel off the adhesive tape that secures the cooler and heatsink to the motherboard.

    Done! Remove the heatsink fan and replace it.

    For parsing you will need:

    • Cooler
    • Tools

Step 22 6 Step 23.

    These products may interest you:

    • Mouse
    • Flash drive
    So, to summarize:

    To replace the fan on an HP Pavilion x360 m3-u001dx, you will need:

  1. Get rid of the rubber pads on the rear cover, unscrew the screws.
  2. Lift up the keyboard and unhook the cables.
  3. Remove keyboard, remove battery.
  4. Disconnect all wires from the motherboard.
  5. Remove the motherboard, unscrew the bolts and remove the fan.

You’ll need:

  • org/HowToTool”>
    1. Tools

    MaYuan 7 in 1 tool kit for mobile phone and laptop repair


  • 2. Power supply

    laptop power supply for HP Envy 15, Compaq 14-a, 14-s, 15-s, 14-d, 14-g, 14-r, 15-d, 15-g, 15-r, Chromebook 11, 14, Envy 14-k, 14-u, 15-k, Pavilion 10-e, 10-f, 11-e, 11-h, 11-n, 14-ab, 14-e, 14-f, 14-n, 14-v, 15-e, 15-n, 15-p, 17-e, 17-f, 19.5V, 3.33A, 65W, 4.5×3.0 without cable

    500 rubles

  • org/HowToTool”>
    3. SSD drive

    SSD 240Gb, SATA III, 2.5″, Kingston A400


  • 4. Mouse

    mouse Gembird MUSW-320 USB, black

    385 rubles


laptop power supplies

HP or Hewlett-Packard is the largest manufacturer of office equipment: printers, scanners, desktop computers, netbooks, laptops, smartphones and even video cameras. The company has been operating in the electronics market for almost a century: since 1934. Like many other manufacturers, HP started with a collection “on the knee” in the garage. Disney was her first client, and now, perhaps, there is no person in the world who has never used Hewlett-Packard equipment.

Notebooks and office equipment remain the most popular products of the company. Each HP laptop is equipped with a 19V power supply – this is not only a device for charging, but also voltage stabilization. Electrical networks do not always correspond to the 220 Volt parameter, sometimes this figure is higher or lower. For a portable computer, jumps can turn into a breakdown, so the unit contains a built-in adapter that converts the parameters of the power grid.

Whether you use your laptop for work or just for personal use, you can’t do without charging!. It is the ability to “accumulate energy” that makes this device mobile, allows you to take it with you and work from anywhere. Recreation, business meeting, business lunch in a cafe near the house, a trip to your parents – in any of these cases, you will need not only an HP laptop, but also charging from it.

The charger is constantly exposed to mechanical stress: we put it in a bag, leave it in the car, constantly carry it around the apartment, throw it into a suitcase with other things before traveling. Such handling leads to gradual wear of the cable. Even the strongest wire will sooner or later become thinner. But it’s not just careless handling.

It is this small device that takes care of all power surges, protecting your HP notebook. This is beneficial for the user: charging costs ten times less than new equipment. So, the main reasons for failure:

● mechanical wear;

● constant fluctuations;

● falling from a height.

In the event of a breakdown, a problem immediately arises with the operation of the equipment: it will not be possible to charge it, and the “accumulated energy” will end on the same day.

Repair or replace?

There is only one answer: replace! You should not repair the power supply, because, most likely, repair will not help much and is unlikely to cost much less than buying new components. In addition, malfunctions may remain, which will lead to the failure of the battery already. But its replacement will hit the wallet much harder.

Important: it is the power supply for HP laptops that determines the stability of the battery, battery life.

What is important to consider when choosing?

Every manufacturer wants their devices to last as long as possible and work optimally. The power supply plays a big role in this. But there is still no single standard, so when choosing it is important to consider both the manufacturer and the model of the laptop.

Our catalog contains power supplies for HP notebooks:

● 1030 g2;

● compaq;

● dv6;



pavilion dv6;

pavilion g6;

● probook;

● 90w;

● etc.