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Color Laser Printer Review – Lexmark CS921de / CS 923de

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In Short: The CS921de and CS 923de are the flagship large format color laser printers from Lexmark. Both models share the same engine which is capable of print speeds of up to 35ppm and 55ppm respectively in color or black and white. All replacement supplies easily load from the front of the printer. Both models ship with two 500-sheet paper feeders that handle letter, legal, and 11×17 in. size paper. Tray 2 can also handle up to 12×18 in paper for maximum image size. One of the down sides to this engine, however, is its inability to handle paper heavier than 176gsm (65lb cover) making these printers less desirable especially for users that need to print on heavier card stock like 80lb or 100lb cover which is something that other printer in this category have no problem doing. Auto duplex is standard in both models. The Lexmark CS 920 series produces sharp looking black text but we found the color output quality to be subpar especially for a machine in this price range. The dithering is good but the color and grey scale gradients were not smooth and the color accuracy was off. Overall we were disappointed with the color output especially compared to the comparable Xerox and Ricoh models in this group. The output would be suitable for office presentations but not good enough for more graphic intensive applications like brochures or renderings. In our speed tests we found the CS 921de to be decent. The printer ships with a Quad Core 1.2 GHz processor and 1 GB of RAM (3 GB max). The Lexmark CS 921de and CS932de include PS3 & PCL6 emulations, Ethernet 100/1000Base TX, and USB 2.0 interfaces. Many paper handling options are available including additional paper feeders, booklet finisher, and staple finisher. An internal HDD and RAM upgrade is also available.

The Bottom Line: The Lexmark CS921de and CS 923de have the look of a contender but the print quality is just OK.  The operating cost is not bad but the overall performance makes the higher price tough to justify given the competing models in this class. For most any applications requiring good quality tabloid color printing, or the need to print on heavier cover stock, this may be one of the least attractive options available. The Lexmark CS 921de/CS 932de supports most current operating systems including Windows10 and Mac  OSX.

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Best Laser Printer for Mac in 2023

Best laser printer for Mac

Whether you own a business, have a home office, or just want something simple that gets the job done, we’ve rounded up the best laser printer choices for Mac with design, price, and must-have features in mind.

Selecting a printer, pulling it out of the box, and connecting it to your Mac for its first job used to be an exasperating ordeal.

In 2023, many printers compatible with Mac are wireless, work seamlessly straight from the box with software and 24/7 assistance that effortlessly guides, and can be commanded by your iPhone or tablet using relevant apps.

When it comes to laser vs. inkjet printers, we prefer laser. After fighting with clogged heads, ridiculous cartridge prices, and issues with ink drying up before use, affordable laser printers are now the gold standard for the home or office.

The best laser printers yield sharp, high-quality text and graphics, and unlike inkjets — which require a once-a-week cleaning — you won’t need to worry about clogs if you go offline for a few weeks to that much-needed vacation to Hawaii.

Brother MFCL8900CDW

If you’re a business owner with a team that demands higher print volumes, the Brother MFCL8900CDW is for you.

Brother MFCL8900CDW Printer

Buy at B&H

It includes cost-effective printing, easy-to-navigate scanning, document handling that is secure, and quality output.

We’ve all waited by a printer at work, staring lifelessly as it does its seemingly never-ending job. Thankfully, this printer is fast, with print speeds of up to 33ppm and a double-sided scan feature of up to 58ipm.

If you’ve got someone in the office who unnecessarily prints everything in full color, its advanced security features can limit ink waste by allowing the handler to control color printing and device access.

If you’re printing 50-page handbooks for a meeting, with a 1,300-sheet paper capacity with extra trays, you won’t have to worry about loading the paper tray halfway through.

One huge perk is just how fast it’s ready for use. In minutes after turning it on, you can wirelessly print from your iPhone, iPad, and desktop without a hitch.

When using a wireless connection, it might take thirty seconds to wake up, but this beats the age-long waits of the past.

The Brother MFCL8900CDW is available from and for $649.99.

Brother Monochrome Laser HL-L2390DW Printer

The Brother HL-L2390DW is a monochrome printer that is a more affordable choice than its hefty sibling above. It is best for homes or small offices that require the occasional print job.

Brother HL-L2390DW Printer

Buy at Amazon

It seamlessly copies and scans, with print speeds of up to 32 pages per minute. It is compatible with WiFi and USB interfaces and can be commanded using your iPhone.

The tray can hold up to 250 pages, which is a nice healthy amount of paper for larger print jobs.

The only small complaint is that you will need to input your WiFi password using the up and down keys on the printer. This might seem annoying and a little archaic, but it is a one-time process and can be completed in a few moments.

This printer comes with a one-year warranty and free support. It is available from and for $189.99.

Canon Color imageCLASS MF644Cdw Laser Printer

This printer was chosen for the price of ownership, ease of setup, and image print quality. Though the cost to purchase the printer might seem steep, the cost of ownership overall will be a fraction of the ink cost over the life of the printer.

Canon Color imageCLASS MF644Cdw Laser Printer

Buy at Amazon

The quick start guide included with this packaging is sufficient for most home and small office users. The overall cost to own and use this printer is what sets it apart from others, as you can find cartridges for this printer online for less than the price of others.

You also have the capability to AirDrop photos from your iPad or iPhone to the printer for fast printing. This makes decorating your fridge with photos of the new grandbaby a breeze.

The printer itself requires very little setup. All you must do is connect the printer to the WiFi, tap print, and then select device.

It retails for $399.00, but is currently on sale at

HP Color LaserJet Pro Multifunction M479fdw Wireless Laser Printer

This printer is another fantastic choice for the small business or home office with moderate (under 1,000 pages per month) print volumes. It is a bit of an investment, but it is reliable, easy to program, and the toner cartridge replacement price is fair.

HP Color LaserJet Pro Multifunction M479fdw Wireless Laser Printer

Buy at Amazon

It has wireless and mobile printing capabilities, a large touch screen, top-of-the-line duplex printing, and a USB port for simple connectivity.

It can be connected to your home or office network with built-in Ethernet or WiFi. In addition to Wi-Fi, other mobile connectivity options include Apple AirPrint, Google Cloud Print, HP ePrint, HP Smart App, Mobile Apps, and Mopria.

Unlike the printer above, this printer is not a photo printer, but it can crank out 4×6 snapshots in around ten seconds — which is standard for most color laser printers. Photo prints are not distorted in color and the detail is excellent.

Note that it is a beast, weighing around 51.6 pounds.

This printer is available from for $818.99.

Canon imageCLASS MF451dw Monochrome All-in-One Wireless Laser Printer

We included a high-end Canon above, but if you mainly print in black and white and are looking for something a little cheaper without sacrificing quality, CanonimageClASS MF451dw is a great option.

Canon imageCLASS MF451dw Monochrome All-in-One Wireless Laser Printer

Buy at Amazon

It is designed for small and medium-sized businesses and allows you to print, scan, and copy. While it is a black-and-white printer, scanning can still be completed in color.

It includes a 250-sheet main input tray, a multipurpose tray with 100 sheets, and supports an optional 550-sheet input tray. A 5″ color touchscreen simplifies the user experience.

The scan function supports letter, legal, and statement document sizes. Additionally, duplex scanning is supported.

It is available from for $237.97.

Canon imageCLASS LBP6030w Wireless Black-and-White Laser Printer

If you didn’t come here for extravagant printer features and just want a cheap workhorse that goes about its business without complaint, the Canon imageCLASS LBP6030w is for you. What you get is simple, black-and-white wireless printing.

Canon imageCLASS LBP6030w Wireless Black-and-White Laser Printer

Buy at Amazon

If you don’t use a printer daily and color printing isn’t a must-have feature, this printer does the job. Mobile printing is supported and be completed through the Canon business app.

It is easy to set up and includes a 150-sheet front-loading paper cassette. It is compatible with wireless printing, and the printer’s compact design will take up minimal space on your desk. Weighing in at eleven pounds, this printer is no heavier than your cat.

The printer is fast, energetic, and cost-effective to run in the long term. Aftermarket toner can be found for a great price on Amazon.

It is available for $69 at Amazon and $79.99 at

Popular breakdowns of monochrome laser printers

Any office in our time is unthinkable without office equipment. It significantly increases the productivity of workers and facilitates their work. Naturally, these are additional costs, both for the purchase of equipment and for its maintenance. Any equipment, including black and white laser printers, requires periodic maintenance and preventive maintenance. Their timely maintenance prevents costly repairs and ensures trouble-free operation. Sooner or later, repairs will still be required, since any printer has a limited service life. In this material, we will consider the main components of a black and white printer that require repair.

Problems with thermal unit

The black and white laser printer has a fusing unit. In it, paper passes between the thermal film and the rubber drum. Inside the thermal film is a thermoelement for heating. It heats the film up to three hundred degrees, which allows you to fix the toner on the surface of the paper.

In cases where the thermal film or rubber roller is damaged, this affects the quality of the print. In such situations, the image on the sheet may double, and dark stripes appear, which are characteristic of this type of defect. It is possible that the paper in the fusing unit will tear, wrinkle, or jam. Similar symptoms indicate damage to the thermal film. The reason is most often the ingress of some small stationery items such as paper clips or staples from a stapler. Over time, there is also a natural wear of the thermal film, which is rubbed in some places.

Pickup and paper feed roller problems

As the operating time of a monochrome printer increases, it becomes less and less efficient at picking up paper from the tray. For example, the mechanism does not grab the sheet the first time, takes several sheets at the same time, crumples the paper, etc. These are the first symptoms of starting problems.

As soon as something like this happens, you need to start rubbing the rubber roller that grabs the sheets. To do this, you can use a lint-free cloth soaked in alcohol. But this will only help for a while and you need to get ready to replace the rollers.

When the mechanism captures several sheets at once, the brake pad is most likely worn out. The solution here is to replace the brake pad or tray. Basically, you can do it yourself. Some users simply re-glue the worn out brake pad rubber. When there is no new one at hand, and a temporary solution is to turn the old piece of rubber over to the other side.

Laser unit

Symptoms such as lightening of the print indicate problems with the laser unit. In this case, the saturation of the image may change from one edge of the print to the other. The problem may lie in the contamination of the mirror of the laser unit with toner, dust and dirt.

It should be noted here that such a defect can also be caused by a malfunction of the cartridge. For example, the drum unit or cartridge magnet needs to be replaced. This may also be caused by toner incompatibility. Therefore, in order to accurately determine the cause of the problem, you need to install a known working cartridge.

If the symptoms persist, then the problem is really in the laser block. And here you can not do without the help of specialists. Even for prevention, you will need to disassemble almost the entire printer. Therefore, you need to contact the service center.

Print defects appear

Here the solution is usually to repair and remanufacture the cartridge. Of course, manufacturers constantly say that consumables for black and white laser printers are disposable. However, with frequent use of the printer, this is quite expensive. In addition, most printers can be refilled and restored quite normally.

Remanufacturing is usually referred to as the procedure for replacing worn-out cartridge elements. The need for restoration arises after about three refills of a new cartridge. As soon as you have problems with black streaks, faded print, smudges and white patches, then it’s time to rebuild or completely replace the cartridge.

The main replaceable elements of a cartridge for a black and white laser printer include a magnetic roller, a photoconductor, a charge roller, a doctor blade, a squeegee. After restoration, the cartridge will be able to work for quite a long time. Naturally, refilling with toner and the procedure for replacing elements should be done in a special service.

What to choose – laser or inkjet printer, pros and cons


When the question arises about choosing a printer, a person already knows approximately for what functions he buys it – for printing text documents or for photographs. What if you need both? Then it is more expedient to paint all the pros and cons of these devices to help you decide on a particular printer.


Laser printer – prints with “powder ink”. There are both black and white and color printers. The differences between them are, of course, the price and additional color options.

Advantages of laser printer:

  • Very high quality text;
  • Print speed;
  • Minimal toner consumption;
  • Convenient cartridge storage.

Cons :

  • Not suitable for photo printing;
  • Photographs, even on high-quality photographic paper, are faded and rubbed off.

Subtotal: The laser printer is suitable for both home and office, if this job is not related to printing photos. The low cost of a print will greatly please your budget, as well as eliminate the need to refill the cartridge frequently. Also, unlike inkjet printers, you can use it from time to time, without fear of ink drying out!

Inkjet printer – prints with liquid ink. It is always in color. Suitable for both photo printing and text documents. A cartridge is a container divided into sections that contain different color inks.

Pros :

  • You can print very high quality photos with an inkjet printer!
  • Ink is cheaper than laser refills;
  • Low cost printer.

Cons :

  • Relatively high ink consumption;
  • High print cost;
  • Less speed than laser printer;
  • Ink storage is not very convenient.

Conclusion : if printing high-quality photos is your priority, then you should opt for an inkjet printer. And if not, a laser printer remains cheaper and more convenient!

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