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The Batman: Who Is the Riddler?

Emily Bernard


He really is a walking, breathing, question mark.

Critics are raving about The Batman, the latest interpretation of the legendary cowled crusader to flap its wings to the big screen. Written and directed by Matt Reeves, The Batman features Robert Pattinson as perhaps the darkest and grittiest Batman yet, adjusting to his new life of fighting crime and taking out Gotham City’s most dangerous and corrupt foes. His inexperienced bat-eyes are narrowed in on Oswald Cobblepot (Colin Farrell), a burgeoning and somewhat theatrical mobster known as Penguin, the morally dubious waitress and burglar Selina Kyle (Zoë Kravitz), and the puzzling, reclusive serial killer Edward Nashton (Paul Dano) who spends his days hunting down Gotham’s wealthiest and most elite citizens, broadcasting his crimes and torturing authorities with his complicated riddles.

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Image via Warner Bros.

The Riddler joins the Joker and Catwoman as one of the most iconic villains in comic book history. Created by Bill Finger and Dick Sprang, Edward Nigma (also known as Edward Nashton and Edward Nygma) first appeared in Detective Comics #140 all the way back in 1948. In this issue, he tries to stump Batman and Robin with crossword puzzles and traps them both in a glass maze that they must escape from before the bomb inside is detonated. (Spoiler alert: the dynamic duo manages to escape, but so does the Riddler.) All that Batman and Robin are left with is a big ‘ol question mark, which the Riddler routinely leaves behind wherever he goes.

We learn that he first started showing signs of his genius intellect as a young child in school, achieving excellent scores on tests and continuously trying to best his peers. His teacher’s innocent challenge to the class to see who could solve a puzzle the quickest ignited his life-long obsession with solving and creating mind-melting puzzles of his own and winning no matter the cost. After breaking into school after hours to practice the puzzle, Edward won the contest. The prize? None other than a book of riddles.

Image via Warner Bros.

As an adult, Edward grows deeply dissatisfied and ashamed of his working class status and lack of recognition for his brilliance. In an effort to earn more money, but mostly to become famous, he uses his unique brain to pursue a career as a criminal, outsmarting anyone who tested his intellect. In one of his early business ventures, Edward, typically accompanied by his hench women Query and Echo, ran a crooked carnival where he would rig puzzles for naive customers to solve, only for them to inevitably lose and pay him for his time. These cheap thrills weren’t enough to satiate his thirst for glory, and he eventually devoted his life to embodying his new persona as the Riddler and terrorizing Gotham City as the Prince of Puzzles, spandex and all. While most criminals try to leave the scene of their crimes unscathed and unnoticed, the Riddler intentionally leaves behind deliberate (albeit complex) clues that, if solved, would help them solve his crime. He’s often frustrated at how easy it is for him to outsmart the highest levels of authority, and was strangely delighted when he discovered Batman to be a consistently worthy opponent.

His isolated childhood and abusive father are two explanations as to why he insists on playing mind games and creating seemingly inescapable traps for people to figure out. His father never believed he was as smart as he claimed he was and accused him of cheating (which Edward essentially did when he broke into school that first time to practice), even going as far as beating his son at his own game. It can be argued that those exact reasons are why he feels the need to both tell the truth and prove his worth, with him even admitting that he’s crippled by these compulsions. The Riddler’s proven to be much more sophisticated than his original domino mask and green suit suggest. (Bruce Wayne even requested his expertise in order to solve a particularly baffling case in Detective Comics #822. ) Ed also had life-threatening face-offs with Green Arrow and Poison Ivy, and over the years, suffers from cancer, a coma, memory loss, and a psychotic breakdown, all of which contribute to his character’s evolution.

Image via Warner Bros.

The Batman isn’t the first time he’s getting the on-screen treatment, either. Frank Gorshin was nominated for an Emmy for his performance playing the mysterious madman in the 1960s series Batman, which is known for its campy, over-the-top characters and silly and simple storylines. Jim Carrey adhered to a similarly flashy formula decades later when he played the Riddler in the 1995 movie Batman Forever alongside Val Kilmer’s Batman. Early adaptations like these pulled inspiration from the pages of the Golden and Silver age Batman comics, where he was a literal vibrant antagonist. A more advanced and dynamic take of the Riddler is featured in the FOX series Gotham. Actor Cory Michael Smith gives the greenie-meanie a bit of a reality check, yet still plays around with his snarky, performative persona. And we of course cannot forget about his plentiful animated appearances where he’s been voiced by Conan O’Brien, John Michael Higgins, and Matthew Gray Gubler, among others.

Paul Dano’s performance in The Batman is by far the smartest, most sinister and calculating version of the Riddler to date. Vowing to “unmask the truth” about the people behind Gotham’s corruption, the disturbed and emotionally unavailable Edward targets high-up political figures as his victims. The Zodiac-killer-esque spin on the criminal is a refreshing alternative to a character that deserves more than some neon green spandex covered in cartoonish question marks. A large part of what makes this version so terrifying is the fact that his costume is bland and designed to make him go unnoticed, reminding the audience that the Riddler could be anywhere and anyone. Dano believes that the more made-from-scratch costume helps ground such a twisted character, telling Empire that the homemade look, “was actually scarier to me than the more sophisticated or composed designs we might have played with. I found working with the costume to be very powerful. When you put on something like that, there’s a way to let it speak to you, and tell your body something. There’s a way to let it have a life of its own.”

The Batman is available to stream on HBO Max.

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What Is the Riddler’s Motive?

Maxwell Cambria

Why did the enigmatic villain harbor so much hate?

As one of the most popular and re-watched movies of 2022 (via Letterboxd), writer/director Matt Reeves dark and moody crime thriller The Batman exploded onto the scene as a gritty take on the famed Caped Crusader (played by Robert Pattinson). The re-watches make sense, not only because The Batman is a good movie and a popular IP, but also because there seemed to be much debate over the choices Paul Dano‘s Riddler makes as it relates to his plot and motivations. For example, some fans point to the idea that the Riddler turning himself in to the police opens a hole in the plot. A re-watch of the film, however, hopefully clears this misconception up. The fact is, Batman wouldn’t have found the Riddler in time had he not turned himself in. To fully understand the Riddler’s motivation behind his capture and plans, one must go back to where it all began.

The Riddler’s Backstory in ‘The Batman’ Reveals His Motive

Image via Warner Bros.

The Riddler doesn’t reveal much about himself in The Batman directly. If he did, he wouldn’t be a very good Riddler. What he does tell us is that he was raised in the Wayne Foundation Orphanage, established in the old Wayne Manor. The Riddler describes rats gnawing at the children packed into overcrowded bedrooms and babies dying because of the freezing temperatures. That’s enough trauma already for any villain origin story and certainly enough to harbor some hate towards those deemed responsible. For Edward Nashton, a.k.a The Riddler, Thomas Wayne (Luke Roberts) bears the blame, which carries over into jealousy for the orphan Bruce who was raised in the lap of luxury. The Ridder’s provided backstory gives us the emotional motivation behind the Riddler’s choice in targeting the wealthy elite as part of his plan.

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Since the first targets of Riddler’s revenge on Gotham’s institutions are the Mayor and Police Commissioner Pete Savage (Alex Ferns), it is clear that he is hellbent on uprooting those whom he deems responsible for corrupting Gotham. The question that drives the story, and Bruce’s lack of sleep, is who the next target will be. Two bombs and a dead crime boss later, the Riddler is finally behind bars. However, he more or less allowed himself to be apprehended by police. Although the Batman is a great detective, he is always a step behind the Riddler in the film. It is only after Batman is asked to visit the Riddler in Arkham that we finally get some answers.

The reason that there was a lack of funding for the orphanage that the Riddler grew up in was due to a total gutting of the Thomas Wayne-touted “Renewal Fund” that was supposed to go strictly to helping Gotham. Thomas Wayne’s murder opened the gates to the various politicians, crime bosses, and high ranking police to take advantage, all at the expense of orphans like Edward Nashton. When Nashton learned of the connection as a forensic accountant, he developed the plan to uproot the corruption, emboldened to don a costume by idolizing Batman after he made his debut. The Riddler believes himself to be working to the same end as Batman, targeting the corrupt elites and the crime boss that put them in power, Carmine Falcone (John Turturro). It was Falcone’s role as informant that put many of the cops and politicians where they are. Everything flows upwards to “el rata elada,” and with him dead, the final part of Riddler’s plan remains. By taking out many Gotham elites (and regular folk!) at the stadium-turned-flood-shelter, the Riddler would finally have washed Gotham of its corrupt masters.

The Riddler’s Motive in ‘The Batman’ Is Relevant to Contemporary Society

Image via Warner Bros.

The Riddler’s motive in The Batman of taking down the elite certainly isn’t new. What Reeves was able to do with it though, made for an excellent look at contemporary violence and how it comes to be in society, showcasing social inequality as the ultimate villain of The Batman. That’s why it was essential for part of Riddler’s plans and motivations was to gain a following, ultimately using his group of fringe followers to enact his final stroke of violence. The Riddler suffered like many do, but the difference was how he let his suffering and loneliness delude him into believing this was the only way forward. Part of the unfortunate truth is, in today’s real world, tragedies like this do happen, albeit with fewer theatrics. It’s what makes Paul Dano’s Riddler so powerful.

Hopefully, re-visiting his motive helps any who may have been scratching their heads about The Batman‘s Riddler. Understanding his want to take out the higher ups in Gotham was never the confusing part of his plan, it was the reasoning behind it that was. With The Batman 2 in active development, and The Penguin HBO series coming soon as well, it will be interesting to see how the fallout from the Riddler will link into what’s next for Gotham City.

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Max is a twenty-something living in the city of good neighbors, Buffalo, NY. He holds a degree in both criminal justice and psychology and likes to think these help him dissect the conflicts of movies. 

The Riddler (Edward Nygma, The Riddler)

The Riddler ( The Riddler ) his real name is Edward Nygma is a supervillain who appears in the DC Comics universe. The character was created by screenwriter Bill Finger and writer Dick Sprang and first appeared in Detective Comics #140 (1948). He appears as one of Batman’s adversaries.

The Riddler enjoys using riddles and puzzles in his crimes, Nygma often leaving them as clues for the police and Batman.


Edward Nashton was raised in Waterbury. He searched for an answer to every question that popped into his head, Edward constantly asking endless questions to adults who often got annoyed by it. One day at school, Edward heard about the competition from his teacher. The competition was to complete the puzzle in the least amount of time, and the winner would receive a prize. They aspire not only to win and get an award, he wanted to get attention and popularity, Edward, for whatever reason, intended to win the competition. Every night, he sneaked into the school and searched for the solution to the puzzle. He practiced and as a result managed to solve the puzzle in fifteen seconds. After winning the competition, Edward received a book of puzzles and riddles. However, after winning the competition, he attracted the attention of bullies, not those he wanted.

Years passed and Nashton found itself among the population of the working class. He described it as “being in hell”. Edward took up crime as a form of entertainment, but found that he was not satisfied with simply committing crimes. He wanted to create hype and fame by becoming the Riddler (he even changed his last name to Nygma). The Riddler’s first crimes were ignored by the police. In turn, the Riddler plans his next crime, but only this time he made sure that his intentions were known. In his first encounter with Batman, he was defeated, but the Riddler managed to escape, and despite his failure, his fascination with riddles only increased. In his next crime, he needed helpers, but they were hard to find. The Riddler attempted to raise funds for his next crime himself, which leads him to meet his future assistants, Question and Echo, who eventually become his staunchest allies.

In his next crime, the Riddler uses much more complex riddles and tricks to throw the police off his trail. Despite what Batman saw through his tricks, Nygma had already committed his crime by this time and fled for cover. Batman eventually caught up with him and was able to capture the Riddler and his assistants, though not for long. The Riddler escaped and later met with his assistants. Although he lost most of the money he stole from the bank, the Riddler made a name for himself. When committing another crime, the Dark Knight still managed to stop him and send him to Arkham Asylum.


The Riddler has outstanding originality in solving and formulating all sorts of riddles. He possesses brilliant deductive and investigative skills that rival those of the Dark Knight. In addition, the Riddler has a huge financial fortune, which he acquired over the years of a life of crime.

Like most of Batman’s opponents (but like Batman himself), the Riddler does not have any superhuman abilities, but is a very outstanding and cunning strategist. He is not a particularly prolific hand-to-hand fighter, and he also occasionally uses weapons such as exploding parts of a Mazaika, a question mark cane (which includes several weapons and computer technology). The Riddler has knowledge in the field of engineering and technology. Nygma used holograms to confuse his pursuers. He is also known as Batman’s smartest adversary.

In Media

Animated Series

The Riddler appears in the 1968 animated series The Batman and Superman Hour, voiced by Ted Knight.

The Riddler appears in the Super Friends Challenge animated series, voiced by Michael Bell. He is a member of the Legion of Doom and usually gives riddles to the Super Friends to keep them from interfering with the Legion’s plans. The Riddler appears in the episode titled “The Monolith of Evil”.

The Riddler appears in the 1980 Super Friends animated series, voiced by Michael Bell. In “Around the World in 80 Riddles”, he uses his new spray (which slowly reduces intelligence to a 2 year old) on Superman, Wonder Woman, Batman and Robin where he gives different riddles/clues so they can find the antidote .

The Riddler appears in the Batman animated series, voiced by John Glover. The Riddler is dressed in a green suit with a purple mask on his face. He debuted in an episode titled “If You’re Smart, Why Aren’t You Rich?” in which Edward Nygma assumes the guise of the Riddler. Despite the fact that Batman solves his mysteries, he manages to stay uncaught, he later appeared in the episode “What is Reality?”, where he locked Commissioner Gordon in a virtual reality world, but Batman outwitted him and defeated the villain. Unlike other villains who escaped from Arkham, the Riddler was released for good behavior. He returns in “The Reformed Riddler” where he works for a toy company and uses his persona as the Riddler to advertise them and make millions. However, the Riddler cannot live without a life of crime and lays a trap for Batman, but the Dark Knight managed to survive and caught him.

The Riddler appears in The New Batman Adventures, voiced by John Glover. In this version, the character’s design is changed: without hair and wearing a jumpsuit with a large question mark on the chest. In the episode “Beyond”, the Riddler was seen on a talk show with other Batman villains. In the episode “Judgment Day”, the Riddler was among the victims of the vigilante known as The Judge.

The Riddler appears in the Superman animated series, voiced by John Glover. He appears in the episode titled “The Time of the Night Knight”, he is allied with Bane and the Mad Hatter, hoping to use Batman’s absence as an advantage in their plans. However, when Superman (in his Batman costume) and Robin show up, he is quickly caught by them.

The Riddler appears in the 2004 Batman animated series, voiced by Robert Englund. This version has a gothic look. In the episode titled “The Riddler’s Revenge”, it was shown that Nygma and his partner Julie were working at the university on a device to increase the activity of the human brain. Nygma is approached by a man named Gorman, who offered to buy the rights to the invention, but Nygma refused. After the device broke right at the presentation, Nygma accused Gorman of sabotage. Several years later, Nygma tried to kill Ripley, but Batman saved him.

The Riddler appears in Batman: The Courage and the Bold, voiced by John Michael Higgins. He appears in the teaser episode “The Bat Divided!” against the Riddler and his henchmen

The Riddler appears in the Young Justice animated series voiced by Dave Franco. In the episode titled “The Horrors”, he is a prisoner in the Belle Reve prison from which he successfully escapes. In the episode “The Wrong Place”, Clarion the Warlock Boy, Wotan, Blackbriar Thorne, Felix Faust and the Wizard split the Earth into two dimensions with a spell that is a diversion so that the Riddler and the Sportsmaster can steal the organism from the STAR Lab.He also appears in the episode “The Usual Suspects”, the Riddler joins Cheshire, Mammoth and Shimmer who ambush the Young League.

The Riddler appears in the Justice League animated series, voiced by Brent Spiner.

The Riddler appears in Batman: Under the Red Hood, voiced by Bruce Timm. He appears in a flashback in which the Riddler tries to rob the museum, but he is defeated by Batman and Robin.

The Riddler appears in LEGO. Batman: DC Super Heroes Unite, voiced by Rob Paulsen.

The Riddler appears in Batman: Assault on Arkham, voiced by Matthew Gray Gubler. Batman rescues the Riddler from a SWAT team dispatched by Amanda Waller, eventually getting him locked up in Arkham. Waller forms the Suicide Squad, who will have to infiltrate Arkham in order to obtain the memory card (containing information on all members of the Suicide Squad) from the Riddler’s cane. Although in reality, her real motives are to kill the Riddler, due to him being the only person who knows how to deactivate the bombs that are on every member of the Suicide Squad.

The Riddler appears in The Lego Batman Movie.

The Riddler appears in Batman: The Masked Knights Returns.


The Riddler Rank Gorshin (Season 1/3) and John Astin (Season 2). He appears as one of the series’ recurring villains.

The Riddler appears in Gotham, portrayed by Corey Michael Smith. This version of the Riddler is a medical examiner who works for the Gotham Police Department and loves to give riddle results. He frequently collaborates with Detectives Jim Gordon and Harvey Bullock in processing and presenting evidence on cases they work on. He has a crush on his colleague, Kristen Kringle, Nygma commits his first crime when he kills her friend, Detective Tom Dougherty. He manages to stay uncaught, goes crazy and develops an alternate personality inside of him that is ruthless and aggressive while Nygma is timid and clumsy. Later, he begins dating Kringle, but she is horrified by him when he confesses to her about killing Dougherty. He accidentally kills her while trying to explain his side of the story. In the end, he gets rid of the body and becomes a criminal.


The Riddler appears in 1966 Batman, portrayed by Frank Gorshin. He is one of four villains (Joker, Penguin, Catwoman) who appear in the film. The Riddler annoyed other villains by sending clues to Batman and Robin.

The Riddler appears in Batman Forever, portrayed by Jim Carrey. The Riddler is one of the main villains. Edward Nygma is a researcher at Wayne Enterprises and is discovering a new technology that will allow television broadcasts to be transmitted directly into the brains of viewers. Wayne dismisses the idea, saying it “raises too many questions”. This infuriates Nygma, he goes insane, and when his boss tries to complete the project, Nygma uses an invention to kill him, but makes it look like it was suicide. After, he leaves Wayne Enterprises. Taking on the pseudonym “The Riddler”, the newly minted villain enters into an alliance with Two-Face.


  • The Riddler appears in Batman: The Animated Series.
  • The Riddler appears in The Adventures of Batman & Robin.
  • The Riddler appears in DC Universe Online.
  • The Riddler appears in Gotham City Impostors.
  • The Riddler appears in Injustice: Gods Among Us.
  • The Riddler appears in Young Justice: Legacy.
  • The Riddler appears in Lego Batman: The Videogame.
  • The Riddler appears in Lego Batman 2: DC Super Heroes.
  • The Riddler appears in Lego Batman 3: Beyond Gotham.
  • The Riddler appears in Lego Dimensions.
  • The Riddler appears in Batman: Arkham Asylum.
  • The Riddler appears in Batman: Arkham City.
  • The Riddler appears in Batman: Arkham Origins.
  • The Riddler appears in Batman: Arkham Knight.

Riddler | it’s… What is the Riddler?

The Riddler (eng. The Riddler ) is a DC Comics supervillain from Batman comics. The character was created by writer Bill Finger and artist Dick Sprang and first appeared in Detective Comics #140 (1948).


  • 1 Original comic book story
    • 1.1 New 52
  • 2 Powers and abilities
  • 3 The Riddler at the Movies
  • 4 Riddler in video games
  • 5 Criticism
  • 6 See also
  • 7 Notes
  • 8 Links

The original story from the comics

Eddie Nashton has been obsessed with riddles since childhood, and as a result he decided to use his skill to commit great crimes, fooling the police and Batman. He took the pseudonym E. Nygma, which means “mystery”. Dressed in a green bodysuit covered in question marks and calling himself the Riddler, the new supervillain unleashed a wave of “puzzle” crimes in the city. He wears a bright green suit with a purple mask and a tie with a green question mark on it. As a weapon, Nygma uses a golden cane with a question mark-shaped head. Eddie got his nickname for his weakness to leave envelopes and suitcases with riddles inside at the crime scene.

Later, the Riddler repeatedly tried to kick the habit, but each time gave the Dark Knight a way to defeat him. Many years later, Eddie had to use the Lazarus Pit to heal an inoperable tumor. As a result of this exposure, the Riddler realized that Batman and Bruce Wayne were the same person. Edward met with surgeon Tommy Elliot, an old friend and secret hater of Wayne. Together, they developed a cunning plan to end their opponents, who were one person. The genius criminals have used many of Man-Bat’s adversaries to drive him insane and push him to the brink. At the right moment, Nygma surrendered to Batman and sat out all the troubles in Arkham, while Hush was injured and disappeared from the city. [1]

The survivor Tommy wanted revenge on the Riddler, and Edward turned to the Joker for help. At the same time, Hush enlisted the support of Justice League opponent Prometheus, who easily killed all of the Joker’s thugs. Only Batman’s intervention saved Nygma’s life. Once again on the run, now from both the Dark Knight and Hash, the Riddler turned to Poison Ivy for help, but received a very harsh refusal: the girl was very unhappy with the way Elliot and Nygma had treated her the last time. [2]

Beaten and humiliated, Eddie decided to give up his criminal career and hid in the park disguised as a bum until he met Professor Battery there. The scientist discovered the true potential of Nygma, but realized too late who he was really dealing with. The revamped and much more dangerous Riddler set up a series of dangerous traps for Batman like never before, and in the end disappeared right from under the nose of the hero and a whole platoon of police. [3]

Edward again challenged the superhero Green Arrow, whom he once dealt with before and would have finished with the archer if not for the intervention of the latter’s friends. During the events of Infinite Crisis, the Riddler entered the supervillain Society and participated in the attacks on Gotham and Metropolis, but during the latter he received a blow to the head, after which he fell into a coma. [4]

After coming to his senses a few months later, the villain forgot the secret of Batman’s identity, and the criminal craft no longer tempted him. Eddie became a very successful private investigator and helped the police and the Dark Knight more than once, although he still suspected his old adversary of dark intent. [5]

New 52

Powers and Abilities

The Riddler has ingenuity in deciphering and formulating all kinds of riddles. Their decision helps to predict the subsequent actions of the criminal and prepare for them. He does not have any superhuman abilities, but is an extremely cunning criminal strategist. Not particularly distinguished in terms of strength (although his stamina is high), the Riddler can sometimes use his own weapon (his cane in the shape of a question mark). He is also skilled in working with high technology.

The Riddler Movie

  • Batman (film, 1966) and Batman (TV series) – Frank Gorshin

In the 60s version, Enigma wore two suits – a classic comic book suit and a body-hugging suit. The question stick was not used here. In the feature film of the 60s, the Riddler became one of the main villains.

  • Batman Forever Jim Carrey

The Riddler in the movie Batman Forever

Main article: Batman Forever

In Batman Forever, the Riddler’s real name is Edward Nygma. He worked at Wayne Enterprises and created a device there to increase intelligence by stealing the minds of others. Nygma was a big fan of Bruce Wayne (Batman’s real name) and dreamed of becoming his partner, but was turned down. Nygma hated Wayne and vowed revenge, for which he teams up with Two-Face. There were already 3 suits – classic (but without a tie), tight and shiny, appearing at the end. The mask is green. Also here, the Riddler is Harvey Dent’s partner (but is considered the main villain). A locator with a control panel was built into the cane-question here. At the end, the Riddler lost his mind, began to consider himself Batman.

The Riddler in video games

  • In the Sega game, the Riddler appears as one of the semi-bosses. Also throughout the levels there are question marks that help in the game.
  • In Batman Forever, the Riddler leaves riddles for Batman. Defeated by Batman and Robin.
  • In Batman Hot Ice, the Riddler teams up with Mister Freeze and manufactures chemicals at the firms to destroy Gotham City. Captured by Batman and Robin. Imprisoned in a cell at Arkham Asylum with Mr. Freeze to serve his sentence.
  • He appeared in the game “Lego Batman” and was the main villain of the first part of the game for the heroes.
  • In Batman: Arkham Asylum, the Riddler is not seen in person, but he does leave riddles and clues that reveal the mysteries of both Arkham and Batman’s adversaries. Having solved all his riddles, you will give the coordinates of his location to the police and you will hear an interesting monologue, from which it follows that the police successfully found the Riddler and neutralized him. In the sequel, Batman: Arkham City, he again leaves mysteries, but now also appears on the projector screens in the city. Solving riddles, collecting trophies (figures in the form of a “?” Sign), Batman will figure out the place where the Riddler is holding hostages, there are five hostage rooms in the game. Each room is presented as a puzzle, in which, most often, you need to correctly use Batman’s devices, after finding 400 puzzles out of 400, you will need to neutralize the Riddler himself in his hideout.