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$50 off Ring doorbells, video cameras and alarms at Costco


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<a href=”https://www.costco.com/RING-Video-Doorbell-2-with-12-Months-Ring-Protect-Plus.product.100494013.html”>Costco </a>

Mandy Gambrell

Posted at 4:40 AM, Aug 28, 2019

and last updated 2019-08-28 19:45:05-04

Once again, it pays off to be a Costco member. The retailer is offering $50 off select Ring products through Sept. 1.

The membership-only discount is good for two video doorbells per customer while supplies last. It’s available both in-store and online. Shipping and handling is included in the total price.

The Ring Video Doorbell 2 is $139.99 with this deal. That includes one year of Ring Protect Plus. The doorbell includes a rechargeable battery pack and it plays 1080P HD video. It normally costs $189.99.


Those who have this doorbell will be able to answer it even when they aren’t home. You can use it on your smartphone.

The Ring Floodlight Video Camera with Chime Pro is discounted to $189.99 through this sale at Costco. It’s regularly $239.99.

The floodlight set has two LED flashlights and comes in white or black. The camera plays 1080P HD video.

The floodlight’s motion zone may be customized through your smartphone, which is a nice feature.


Costco members may buy up to two of this item at the discounted price.

Also on sale is the Ring Alarm Wireless 10-Piece Security Kit for $189.99, regularly $239.99. The item includes a base station, keypad, range extender, motion detector and six contact sensors. People who buy this item should expect to pay $10 for the 24-hour monitoring service that comes with it — but there is no contract and it may be cancelled at any time.


The security kit doesn’t require professional installation and it works with Ring video doorbells and cameras.

These items let you control your home security with an app on your phone. We like that kind of simplicity!

We took a look at the cost of these items on other retail websites to make sure this was a good deal and you don’t waste your money.  We found the Ringo Video Doorbell 2 for $179.95 from QVC  — $40 more than the Costco deal.

The floodlight camera on Amazon is $249, making the Costco discount to $179.99 a much better price!

Costco’s prices on the Ring video doorbells are a good deal.

However, if you prefer Google’s Nest Hello Video Doorbell, you can take advantage of a different offer. If you buy the doorbell from Home Depot, you’ll get a Google Nest Hub for free.

Happy shopping!

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Ring Outdoor Security Cam Kit

[Scroll down to view product info]

Installing cameras in and around your home used to be very expensive, but now has come to be more affordable in the past few years. If you get the Ring Outdoor Security Cam Kit from Costco, you can now keep an eye on your home even if you’re away. These cameras are powered by solar panels, and you can use your mobile device with it too. Not only that, but the Ring Outdoor Security Cam Kit can be enough for would-be burglars from robbing your home or stealing packages from your doorstep. It adds an additional layer of security to your home and will help keep you and your family that much safer.

Keep an eye on your house when you’re away with the Ring Outdoor Security Cam Kit

Here are the specs:

Costco Item#: 1157129

Costco Price: $299. 99
Found at: Costco in Redwood City, CA (2300 Middlefield Rd.)

(price and availability may vary per Costco location)

Ring Outdoor Security Cam Kit: works with your mobile device

Add an extra layer of security to your home with the Ring Outdoor Security Cam Kit

Deal for the Ring Outdoor Security Cam Kit at Costco

Ring: Always Home.

Ring Outdoor Security Camera Kit

Wire-free, weather resistant HD cameras with Solar Charging Panels. Comes with 2 Solar Charging Panels to keep your Stick Up Cams continuously charged.

Build a Ring of Security Around your Home

The Outdoor Security Cam Kit extends the Ring of Security to your entire home, allowing you to watch over any part of your property from your smartphone, tablet or desktop.

Connect Stick Up Cam to the Solar Panel for non-stop power, and you’ll never need to charge your Stick Up Cam again.

Your Fingertips

Receive instant alerts when anyone rings your doorbell or triggers the built-in motion sensors, and answer live calls directly from our free mobile and desktop apps.

Even if you miss a live call, Ring Video Recording saves all your events. So you can review any activity you missed, save memorable moments, and share fun ones with friends and family.

Take full control of your home security with Ring, and stay connected to your house and your family from anywhere.

    Key Features:

  • 2 720p stick up cameras
  • Custom motion zones
  • Two way talk
  • Instant alerts to tablets
  • 2 solar charging power panels
  • Infrared night vision
  • PC & smartphones
  • HD video with 2-way talk: crystal-clear HD video gives you detailed views of activity on your property
  • Live View: check-in on your property at any time with video on demand
  • Motion detection: get real-time notifications when anyone enters the areas you want to monitor
  • Motion activated
  • Battery or solar powered: use solar panel for non-stop power, and never charge your Stick Up Cam
  • Works with any home with Wi-Fi

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annular combustion chamber of a gas turbine engine The annular combustion chamber contains a baffle dividing its volume into central and peripheral parts, which is made of a double cylindrical shape, and a rotating nozzle located diametrically opposite the cylindrical baffle.

EFFECT: invention makes it possible to increase the completeness of fuel combustion and expand the range of stable operation of the compressor in off-design modes, and reduce the emission of harmful substances. 1 ill.

Figure 1, Figure 2


An annular combustion chamber of a gas turbine engine, comprising a housing, a flame tube having outer and inner casings with air holes and a partition separating the volume of the chamber into a central and peripheral parts, a rotating nozzle located in the central part, characterized in that the baffle is made of a double cylindrical shape, and the rotating nozzle is located diametrically opposite the cylindrical baffle.

Description of the invention to the patent

The invention relates to the field of aircraft gas turbine engines (GTE), in particular to the annular combustion chambers of GTE.

An annular combustion chamber of a gas turbine engine of a countercurrent semi-loop type is known, containing a flame tube in the form of an outer and inner casing, between which an annular combustion space is formed, into which compressed air enters from the gas turbine compressor [1]. The outer casing has a cylindrical shell, passing in the front part into a rounded wall near the compressor, and a plurality of fuel injectors are placed in the rear part of the combustion chamber.

The disadvantage of such a combustion chamber is the increased circumferential non-uniformity of the temperature field, which reduces the resource of the combustion chamber and turbine.

An annular combustion chamber of a gas turbine engine, selected as the closest analogue, is known, containing a nozzle rotating on the rotor of the gas turbine engine, supplying fuel to the space of the flame tube between the inner and outer casings. The gas flow in the cavity of the combustion chamber moves first radially, then in the axial direction, while the air from the compressor is supplied to the cavity of the inner casing through the hollow blades of the turbine nozzle apparatus [2].

The disadvantage of the known combustion chamber is the insufficient completeness of fuel combustion and a small range of stable operation of the compressor in off-design modes of operation, increased emissions of harmful substances into the atmosphere.

The objective of the invention is to increase the completeness of fuel combustion and to expand the range of stable operation of the compressor in off-design modes, to reduce the emission of harmful substances.

The problem is solved by the fact that in the annular combustion chamber of the gas turbine engine, containing a body, a flame tube having outer and inner casings with air holes and a partition dividing the volume of the chamber into a central and peripheral part, the partition is made of a double, cylindrical shape, and a rotating nozzle located diametrically opposite the cylindrical partition.

Placement of the injector opposite the annular baffle and the double baffle makes it possible to reduce the emission of harmful substances by improving the mixing of the fuel-air mixture and increasing the combustion efficiency, as well as to increase the reliability and service life of the combustion chamber and turbine by reducing the circumferential unevenness of the temperature field in the chamber.

The drawing shows a longitudinal section of the proposed gas turbine engine combustion chamber.

The combustion chamber is located in the engine between the compressor 1 and the turbine 2, contains a housing 3, a flame tube 4 in the form of an outer casing 5 and an inner casing 6. The outer casing 5 is connected to the inner casing 6 through the outer ring 7 and the inner ring 8 by means of hollow blades 9nozzle apparatus (SA) of the turbine 2. The inner part of the outer casing 5 is connected to the wall 10, which is attached to the straightener 11 of the last stage of the compressor 1. The combustion chamber has a rotating nozzle 12, mounted on the shaft 13 of the engine, and a fixed fuel into the internal cavity of the rotating nozzle 12 and is a sleeve that surrounds the shaft 13 and is attached at one end through the wall 15 to the inner casing 6 of the combustion chamber. Fuel to the fixed nozzle 14 is supplied through the pipeline 16 passing through the hollow blade 9CA of the turbine and through housing 3. Between casing 5 and casing 3 there is an annular cavity 17, and between casing 5 and wall 10 – cavity 18. Inner casing 6 is made with a double cylindrical annular partition 19, inside which cavity 20 is formed. Between wall 15 and a cavity 21 is formed by the casing 6. In the outer casing 5 there are holes 22 for the passage of air, in the inner casing 6 there are holes 23. The shape of the casings 5,6 of the flame tube forms combustion zones 1 and II and a mixing zone III in the cavity of the combustion chamber.

During engine operation, compressed air from compressor 1 enters cavity 18 and 17 through straightener 11. Then air enters cavity 20, 21 through hollow blades 9. Cooling blades 9 and walls of inner casing 6, air enters combustion zone I heated due to this by about 100 o C. The number, shape and location of holes 22 and 23 in the walls of the flame tube 5 and 6 provide film cooling of its walls and intensive mixing of air with fuel entering through pipeline 16, fixed nozzle 14 and rotating nozzle 12. Thus, in zone I, the fuel-air mixture is prepared. Due to air heating (due to cooling of the walls of the flame tube and blades 9) entering the combustion zone, the chemical reactions of combustion are accelerated, as a result, carbon monoxide (CO) and hydrocarbons (HC) have time to burn in the chamber, i.e. the completeness of combustion improves and the emission of harmful substances into the atmosphere decreases.

When the engine is started, the fuel is ignited and the initial combustion occurs in zone I, which has a small volume, which, with a low initial fuel consumption, makes it possible to obtain an enriched mixture favorable for ignition. The low consumption of starting fuel allows avoiding overheating (increase) of gas temperature at start-up and, thus, increasing the reliability of the resource engine.

At nominal engine operation, the optimum ratio of fuel and air is obtained in zone II, where complete combustion of the fuel occurs.

When switching to low power mode by reducing fuel consumption and keeping the air flow almost constant, the optimum fuel-air ratio moves to zone I, therefore, stable operation of the combustion chamber is maintained at low power mode in zone 1. Since zones I and II are located closer to the axis of the engine, they have a favorable ratio of area and volume of the flame tube for efficient cooling of the walls.

In zone III, the products of combustion are mixed with the air entering through the openings 22. Zone III is located on the periphery of the combustion chamber and has a much larger volume than zones I and II, and a relatively large length, this factor ensures efficient mixing of combustion products with the air supplied for dilution, i.e. a more uniform temperature field in front of the turbine, which increases the reliability and service life of the turbine and engine combustion chamber.

Orifice chamber, orifice flanges, annular chamber – FLC-OP, FLC-FL, FLC-AC

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chamber diaphragm application

  • Energy
  • Extraction and processing of oil
  • Water treatment and distribution
  • Gas processing and transportation
  • Chemical and petrochemical industries

Chamber diaphragm features

  • Maximum operating temperature up to 800 °C
  • Maximum operating pressure up to 400 bar
  • Liquid, gas and steam application
  • Accuracy ≤ ±0. 5% of flow rate
  • Measurement repeatability 0.1%

Chamber Diaphragm Description

Easy installation and maintenance
Differential pressure meters are used in many applications. As primary expense items chamber diaphragm is the most common solution. They are easy to install and manage.


Our primary flow elements are customer-optimized and therefore ideally suited to the respective application. Our products are available in RF, FF or RTJ seal face shapes. For special applications, designs according to customer standards can be provided.

Chamber Orifice description

The chamber orifice is the simplest type of primary flow element. The diameter of its holes is calculated in such a way as to provide the required pressure drop at full flow rate. Suitable chambered orifices are available for a wide range of different media.