Roar simba: Disney The Lion King Mighty Roar Simba Interactive Plush Toy Official Rules & Instructions

Disney The Lion King Mighty Roar Simba Interactive Plush Toy only $35 (reg. $99.99)!

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Update: This deal has ended.

The large Disney The Lion King Mighty Roar Simba Interactive Plush Toy is on sale for only $35 (reg. $99.99) at Walmart right now!

At the time of this post, the website indicates it ships for free with arrival on Dec. 27.

Description: “Mighty Roar Simba responds to touch and sounds with 100+ sound-&-motion combinations! He can move his head, eyes, ears, mouth, legs, & tail (his back legs are poseable, too), and makes lots of fun sounds. He also says lots of fun phrases from the movie!”

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Mighty Roar Simba FurReal Toy Review · The Inspiration Edit

Mighty Roar Simba FurReal Toy Review

This week we are sharing the fantastic FurReal Simba interactive soft toy from Hasbro.

The Hasbro FurReal Simba interactive soft toy is a fantastic new addition to the FurReal collection. This iconic lion cub is both fun and easy to play with and is one Lion King toy the kids will love. 



FurReal Mighty Roar Simba Interactive Soft Toy

The FurReal Simba interactive soft toy is quite a large sized lion. Simba is approximately 21.5cm in height by 51cm wide and 44cm in diameter. The Mighty roar Simba is great for kids over 4 years in age and is not suitable for anyone under 36 months.

The Furreal Mighty Roar Simba toy is super soft and has really nice fur. Simba has a lion cub main, a cute tail and cute paws on the bottom of his feet. 

Mighty Roar Simba Phrases

As an interactive FurReal pet, you would expect the new Mighty Roar Simba to have plenty of sounds, phrases and actions. You won’t be disappointed! 

You can take Simba on adventures, give him a treat and give him lots of pats and hugs. Simba has over 100 sound and motion combinations.  

What Does The FurReal Simba Toy Do?

When you roar, Simba will roar back at you. He can move his head backwards and forwards, open and close his eyes and wags his tail from left to right. He even moves his mouth and ears. So cute! 

I think it is great that Simba can respond to both touch and sound. This makes the FurReal Lion super fun and adds to the excitement and interaction fo the toy. 

Playing With The Mighty Roar Simba FurReal Toy

Some of the things you can do to get a response from the Mighty Roar Simba are really fun. The box comes with instructions to guide you but it’s also fun exploring and discovering as you play.

You can get your child to:

  • Pat Simba on the back.
  • Pat Simba on the head.
  • Talk to the Lion Cub.
  • Roar at Simba.
  • Feed Simba a grub on a stick.

You can even have a roaring contest with this fantastic FurReal Simba Toy.

Simba has so many fun phrases and even burps which is quite funny.

What Batteries Does The FurReal Might Roar Simba Require? 

Your Simba interactive toy will need 4 CLR14 Batteries. These are not included with The Lion King toy but will last a long time. We have had several FurReal toys in the past including Chatty Charlie The Barkin Beagle and Torch The Blazing Dragon and the batteries are still going after 18 months. 

Our FurReal Mighty Roar Simba Review

What do we genuinely think of this Lion King Toy?

Well Simba was a huge hit and put a big smile on my daughter’s face. She was able to play with her new Lion King cub on her own and with her friends and all the children loved him.

We like the movements and sounds and think their is a large variety. Simba is fun to play with and easy to play with. 

Sorting the batteries out at the start took a little while but then the FurReal toy was ready to go and he really is fun. Even our dogs were having a nosy and barking at the Simba wondering who on earth he was!

This FurReal Simba Toy from Hasbro is available in lots a number of children’s stores and on Amazon. The price is £117 and I’ve heard they are selling out fast! 

We were sent this toy for the purpose of review! (Gifted)

You may also like to read our Star Wars FurReal Chewbacca Toy Review

About Angela Milnes

Angela Milnes is a Qualified Early Years Teacher who has specialised in Preschool and Kindergarten teaching. She has a wealth of experience teaching young children and is passionate about kids crafts and having fun as a family. Angela has also taught cooking skills and loves to share both family recipes and easy instant pot recipes here on The Inspiration Edit. Follow her on Pinterest!

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  • Disney character illustration, Simba The Lion King The Walt Disney Company, lion king, heroes, cartoon, fictional Character png

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    lion illustration, African Lion Cat Lion Relationship illustration, lion, mammal, animals, cat Like Mammal png

The 90,000 remake of The Lion King came out just in time. We explain why

Exactly a quarter of a century after the original, the new Lion King is released. We tell you how it turned out and why it appeared at the most opportune moment.






How the new Lion King turned out (spoiler: good and serious)

Straight to the point: despite the ratings on Rotten Tomatoes and Metacritic, frozen somewhere in the region of a deuce plus, the new “Lion King” is a spectacle that takes the viewer’s breath away. It’s also a spectacle that still captures the spirit of the original cartoon. By the way, “anima” is the “soul”. Who, if not animators, should work with her? And so they work: before us is again a drama about unfinished childhood and ruthless growing up; about the clash of infantile will with wise fate; about the choice between idle carelessness and noble duty; about the expulsion from the father’s house and the return of the king. And about a whole corpus of other complex topics that the viewer is unlikely to have thought much about at the age of ten – unless, of course, this viewer was Sheldon Cooper.

And photorealistic graphics didn’t turn The Lion King into National Geographic’s scripted reality, no matter how much we joke about it. Thanks to the mythological structure of the plot and musical symphonies, the image on the screen here is perceived not as a boring documentary, but as a theatrical setting for epic passions. If you ask today’s children, they will say that this savannah is much more beautiful than the one that Disney animators drew 25 years ago. But the reviews are (usually) not written by children—hence the ratings on Rotten Tomatoes.

And the fears that the new “Lion King” would be less emotional were only partially confirmed. Researcher Henri Bergson, systematizing comic devices in his essay “Laughter”, warned that humor only works when it reminds a person of his nature. Therefore, in sketches with animals that we so love to watch on YouTube or in cartoons, there is always anthropomorphism: the cat must be in boots, and the Bear must mess with Masha, like a parent terrorized by a child. Disney knows this rule better than anywhere else, so the studio’s animators try to turn animals into people and vice versa. For example, in “Robin Hood” 19For 73 years, the English robber was a red fox.

1994’s The Lion King is one of the few cartoons (other than Bambi that comes to mind) where animals are deliberately depicted as non-anthropomorphic. Simply put, they move on four legs – and in order to draw them, the animators had to travel to Kenya, roam the zoos and even order real animals to their studio. And at the same time, the heroes of the classic cartoon had a very wide range of emotions and full-fledged human facial expressions. In the new “The Lion King”, the grimace has become an order of magnitude smaller, you can’t always distinguish little Nala from little Simba, and adult Nala from Sarabi. But most of the jokes and charisma of the characters still managed to be preserved. And the fact that the cartoon became a little less funny made it possible to emphasize its theatrical nobility – a value that you don’t notice as a child.

In The Lion King, generally speaking, there is an animal seriousness. Did anyone notice 25 years ago that the conflict between Scar and Mufasa is a choice between social Darwinism (an environment in which the strongest wins) and humanism? That Simba is running not only from accusations of killing his father, but also from the notorious cycle of life, which fascinated him only when it loomed in the distant future? That “hakuna matata” is the motto for scammers already noticeable in the nineties and just-born millennials, and that the natural order of things on earth, generally speaking, is patriarchal? And that the authors of The Lion King prefer the harmony of the predestined to chaotic free will? Born as an antelope – be kind enough to run away. Thanks to these thoughts – and the nostalgic notes that not only Hans Zimmer and Elton John can work with, but also the new music producer Pharrell Williams – the Lion King savannah is definitely worth returning once again. And if the return seems too sad, you can always revisit the original cartoon. For example, on the upcoming Disney+ online service, which is going to fight with Netflix.

Why did you need to restart?

There are a million obvious and non-obvious reasons for the Lion King reboot in 2019. First, it’s really important to tell classic stories anew for every generation of children. You can pretend to be a cinephile as you like, but if it wasn’t for John Carpenter’s The Thing (1982), we wouldn’t have known about the 1951 horror film The Thing. Classic Disney animation simply won’t hook modern kids. By the way, the average American woman today has a baby at 26.6 years old (in the seventies she would have given birth at 21.4 years old), so the quarter-century interval between the originals and remakes of Beauty and the Beast, Aladdin and The Lion King is very pragmatic. If you are American and do everything right in life, then your children will see these stories at the same age as you.

Secondly, the hypothesis that people miss The Lion King has been tested more than once or twice. On Christmas Day 2002, the cartoon was relaunched in IMAX and earned a respectable $15 million. In 2011-2012, the 3D version was rolled out on an incredible scale, which grossed $94 million in America and $83 outside the country. And in 2016 – just when the decision was finally made to “reshoot” The Lion King – almost a billion was mined by The Jungle Book. It was also directed by Jon Favreau, a kind-hearted, merry fellow and a family man who makes amazing films not only for Marvel and Disney, but also for himself – take Chef on Wheels, for example. At the same time, Disney’s income, of course, is not limited to movie ticket sales. At 19In 1994, The Lion King earned a billion from merchandising alone, for which 196 products were developed together with the largest brands.

By the way, even then large-scale investments were the result of careful testing of hypotheses. Instead of a trailer for the still unfinished “The Lion King” in cinemas in November 1993, they simply played the first few minutes of the cartoon – the scene of Simba’s coronation to the song Circle of Life. And the audience liked it so much that the animators panicked that they could not make the rest of the material as good. And marketers dramatically turned The Lion King from a “filler” (a mediocre cartoon that is released between studio hits) into a flagship release. It ended up earning $766 million, becoming the highest-grossing premiere of the year. And then “The Lion King” ended up in the same place where “Avengers: Endgame” is these days – on the second line in the list of record holders for the box office of all times and peoples, excluding inflation. Above was only “Jurassic Park”. Finally, another reason for re-release of Disney cartoons that is not yet obvious to everyone is the opportunity to turn them into franchises. Previously, the sequels to The Lion King and Aladdin were released straight to VHS. Recently, by the way, there was news that the new “Aladdin” will have a full-fledged theatrical sequel – like such “remakes” as “Maleficent” and “Alice in Wonderland”.

Thirdly, the latest version of the cartoon allows you to correctly place stresses in controversial words – in accordance with the changed speech norms. In other words, to make the material more modern and correct. Unlike Aladdin, in The Lion King already in 1994 there was complete order with self-sufficient and determined female characters: Sarabi resisted Scar, and the masterful Nala became the initiator of saving the pride and savannah. The new “The Lion King” only slightly adds volume to these storylines, but immediately turns into an instructive cartoon not only for boys, but also for girls.

At the same time, three points for which the previous version was criticized disappear from it. The hyenas no longer march in front of the Scar like Wehrmacht soldiers in front of the Fuhrer. The talk that seemed fascist to some that everyone has their own place in the food chain has been softened. And the relationship between Simba and Nala has become more chaste – tea, this is not the release of Animal Planet.

And almost all the roles in the cartoon about Africa are now voiced by black actors. Imagine what “The Lion King” should be like back in 19In 88, Jeffrey Katzenberg, the then head of Disney, began during an air flight with colleagues. Katzenberg is a cult figure: a liberal who combines idealism and pragmatism. It was he who first guessed that the renaissance of American animation is impossible without synergy with other cultures, and, already working at DreamWorks, he founded an entire studio in China. Cynics will say that the deal with the Middle Kingdom went so smoothly because Katzenberg was helped in the administration of Barack Obama, for whose campaigns the media mogul always raised a lot of money. One way or another, Katzenberg was the ideologue of multiculturalism in animation, a film business built on the mythology of white Europe. In 2019In the past year, the industry has accumulated enough evidence that looking at things more broadly and being a liberal is not only ethically correct, but also beneficial from a business point of view. What is worth at least the success of the “Black Panther”, in which few believed. Therefore, Donald Glover (Simba) and Beyoncé (Nala) sing and play in The Lion King. The role of Mufasa is once again played by James Earl Jones, the voice of Darth Vader, another iconic father from American pop culture.