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Office Security Solutions – Protect Your Employees


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Protect yourself and your employees with a complete and professional grade video surveillance system that connects you to your entire office. While the office place may not need security cameras for the same reasons that a home or business would, there are still plenty of security risks involved. Let Lorex help give you the confidence to know that your business is secure – day and night, inside and out.

Digtal IP Systems

Standalone Wi-Fi Cameras are an easy elderly monitoring solution. These cameras connect to your local network and record to an on-board microSD card.

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Analog Security Systems

Looking for a more cost-effective security solution? A wired analog system will deliver continuous recording, up to 4K video, and long distance cabling options.

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PTZ cameras can move their lens in any direction and zoom-in, making it possible to monitor large areas with a single security camera.

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Motorized varifocal cameras come with an optical zoom lens that grants you the ability to zoom in and out without losing image quality.

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Why is Office Security Important?

There are many reasons to install a security camera system in your office.


Sometimes the best security comes when people know they’re being watched. Install clearly visible security cameras in open areas to reassure the safety of employees.


Lorex security cameras offer top-of-the-line sharpness, clarity, and detail under all light conditions. Continuous recording ensures detailed video footage all day and night.


A security system will tell your employees (or unwanted intruders) that you take security seriously, which can help reduce the theft of belongings or important information.


It is recommended to install security cameras in open area locations (lobbies, hallways, outside) to avoid infringing on your employee’s privacy in cubicles, offices or meeting rooms.


Unexpected events or serious incidents happen. Having security evidence will not only corroborate office assets but can also potentially prevent you from being held liable

Ensure your office’s safety – 24 / 7

Always feel secure with a security system that features quality footage, motion activated push notifications and high capacity storage hard drives that can continuously record for weeks. With Lorex on your side, you can protect yourself, your employees, and your business.

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Security Cameras with Audio, Microphone CCTV Cameras


Security Cameras with Audio either have a built-in microphone on the camera or an audio-input connector to connect an add-on microphone. Regardless of whether the mic is built-in or external, security camera microphones are sensitive enough to pick up sounds from a 40ft radius when in a quiet room. Although results vary based on ambient noise, these security cameras are a great way to record both video and audio. Choosing a camera for your security camera system depends on whether you need an analog security camera, or IP camera. 

All of CCTV Camera World’s surveillance cameras with built-in microphones allow an easy connection to a compatible security camera recorder. Analog security cameras with a built-in microphone send audio combined with the video signal. You simply need a HD Siamese Cable or a roll of RG59 Siamese Coax to transmit the signal along with power. For IP cameras with a built-in mic, the audio/video/power signals are carried over one network cable.

We do carry PoE cameras with optional line-in audio inputs that allow the use of an external security camera microphone. To connect the add-on mic you’ll need a RCA coupler to attach the mic to the camera, and a 12VDC power supply to provide power to the mic next to the camera. Once the mic is connected to the camera, audio is combined with the video signal and sent over the cable back to a NVR. We explain the process in greater detail in our guide on how to connect a microphone to an IP security camera.

Lastly, some of the cameras below offer optional two-way audio capabilities. The PoE cameras with audio have an audio line-in and line-out that is compatible with our security camera two-way audio kit. For more information on how to connect the kit to our cameras, be sure to read our two-way audio setup guide.

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Types of Security Cameras with Audio

There are 3 types of security cameras that record audio: built-in microphones, microphone  inputs, and two-way talk or intercom cameras.

Built-in Microphones

Security cameras with built-in microphones are the easiest to use. Simply connect the camera to your recorder and make sure the audio stream is enabled. Generally cameras with built-in microphone are not as weather resistant so they are best installed in a sheltered area or under eaves. Some cameras with built-in audio can only be used indoors.

Microphone Inputs

There are also cameras that have connections available for audio equipment. Depending on the camera model the audio hookup can be found on the pigtail, or the inside of a dome camera. Using compatible connectors you can connect an external microphone to capture audio. Some cameras also include a speaker output connection to enable two-way audio. Keep in mind that external microphones and speakers also need a power source. To learn more check out our article on How to add a microphone to an IP Camera.

Two-way Audio

Two-way audio cameras feature a microphone and speaker to achieve intercom communication. Intercoms are useful because they allow the person in front of the camera and the person monitoring the camera to talk to one another. Two-way audio cameras are useful for front porches, front offices, and for speaking with customers or employees.

What is the best security camera with audio?


All of our indoor audio cameras are worth looking at. We have a range of built-in microphone and two-way audio cameras that are great fits for living rooms, lobbies, and offices. Depending on what you’re trying to accomplish we recommend our IPSDIR3X4M PTZ camera with built-in microphone or for two way audio our popular IP4MPA Two-Way Audio Security Camera.


For outdoor use we recommend complimenting audio with excellent video quality from one of our 4K security cameras. All of the cameras are rated to be IP66 weather resistant. As long as you do not wash the cameras with a pressure washer they are suitable for outdoor use without cover. For example we recommend our regular series IPC4K15ED 8MP 4K Security Camera Dome with Mic, or for the best video quality our Ultimate series IPC4KMZED 8MP 4K IP Dome Camera, Built-in Mic, 4X Zoom.

What do you mean by 2-way audio security cameras?

Two-way Audio Security Cameras contain a microphone and speaker (or connections for both) to provide intercom back and forth communication. When thinking of two way audio we like to use the example of a walkie talkie. Using the smartphone app or PC software (with a headset) users can listen to, and talk to people who are in front of their 2 way audio cameras.

Are their laws about home security cameras recording audio?

We are not lawyers and this is not legal advice. Always check for laws and regulations with local law enforcement or town clerks before enabling any type of audio recording.

Laws for recording audio vastly differ depending on where you are located. Generally speaking, phone recording laws also apply to recording audio for security purposes. On a federal level audio recording is considered a “one-party” consent law. One-party consent means as long as you know you are recording audio with your system then anyone can be recorded by your security cameras.

However, some states, counties, cities, and towns have strict “two-party” consent laws. Two-party consent means that both the person recording and the person being recorded must be aware of and consent to audio being recorded. In some areas there are ways to comply with local two party consent laws, such as putting up a security camera warning sign. As a general rule it is best to not record audio at all in places where two-party consent is required.

Do I need additional cable or accessories to record audio?

Purchasing additional cable or accessories for recording audio is only necessary for cameras that have microphone inputs or connectors. Add-on security camera microphones usually require power, and RCA tipped wire to send audio back to a security camera recorder. Cameras that are sold with built-in microphones do not require any additional cable or accessories and send audio mixed directly with the video stream regardless of whether it is an IP camera or Analog Security Camera.

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Video surveillance for offices – installation of video surveillance systems in the office at affordable prices

  • Remote video surveillance from any device
  • Secure storage of video recordings in the cloud
  • Contactless access to the office with face recognition
  • Employee time management 900 04

Service demonstration

Connecting any cameras to the service

Easy connection of any cameras for remote viewing and saving video to the Ivideon 9 cloud0013

Online viewing and cloud storage

View video with audio over the Internet from any phone, tablet or computer

Single control

Easily group by camera location and quickly switch between them

Notifications 9001 5

Custom notifications, such as by the occurrence of movement or the appearance of “non-employees”

Limited access

For the owner, administrator, security service

Turnkey solution

We will evaluate your premises, select cameras or prepare a complex solution and perform installation

Video analytics for offices

Door opening upon recognition of employees

Alarm output from the camera is connected to door lock or turnstile controllers — after employee recognition the door will open automatically

Formation of “white” and “black” lists

Upload photos of employees with authorized access to the office in the “white list” and “black” – faces detected by the camera, the appearance of which will be accompanied by a notification

Monitor employees at work stations

Camera monitors employee arrival and departure times, as well as total time spent at work

Notifications and video recording

If a person from the list is identified, you will receive a message.

Ivideon smart cameras

Wireless WiFi cameras with pre-installed remote video surveillance service and video storage in the cloud

Ivideon Cute 2

  • Resolution 2MP, 1280×960
  • Viewing angle 125°
  • Wi-Fi
  • Motion sensor
  • Microphone and speaker for two-way communication

4 390 ₽

Ivideon Bullet

  • Resolution 2MP, 1920×1080
  • Viewing angle 87.5°
  • Night vision
  • Ethernet and Wi-Fi
  • Motion sensor
  • Microphone

5 990 ₽ 90 013

Ivideon Dome

  • Resolution 2MP, 1920×1080
  • Viewing angle 114°
  • Night vision
  • Ethernet and Wi-Fi
  • Motion sensor

6 500 ₽

And more than 250 cameras

Application for selection


  • Online viewing from any device
  • Remote viewing of local archive from cameras
  • Transfer of access rights to cameras
  • Public broadcasts Возможность предоставления доступа к трансляции для аудитории до 500 человек. Для увеличения количества участников — обратитесь к менеджеру.”/>
  • Video export to MP4 format
  • Push and E-mail notifications
  • Online viewing from any device
  • Remote viewing of local archive from cameras
  • Transfer of access rights to cameras
  • Public broadcasts
  • MP4 video export
  • Push and Email Notifications
  • Video Recording and Cloud Storage
  • Smart Search for Events in Recorded Videos Доступно только на тарифе с облачным хранением видео на 30 дней.”/>
  • Face Recognition
  • Event history storage – 3 months
  • Attendance reports
  • Reports on recognized faces
  • Search for faces in the event archive
  • Cloud storage of video recordings and events 900 04
  • Recording and storage in the cloud for the last (from 5 days )
  • Watch live streaming or video recordings on a computer, tablet or phone
  • Local video archive
  • Export video to MP4 format (up to 8 hours)
  • Transfer of access rights without restrictions
  • Public online broadcasts

You may need

To organize access to the office by face (ACS) gap 103°

Price : 12 090 ₽

To clarify the list of camera models compatible with the Ivideon video analytics module, contact the manager


Surveillance cameras for the office

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Surveillance cameras are an indispensable element of security systems. The decision on their installation is made by the director of the office. He also notifies the staff about the installation of equipment with the introduction of appropriate amendments to the charter and employment contract of the enterprise. Thinking of buying a kit? The GlazGo online store is pleased to present to your attention the best selection of surveillance cameras for the office – with sound, wired and wireless type, for indoor and outdoor placement.

Benefits of installing turnkey cameras in the office

Installing turnkey cameras in the office is due to a number of reasons, the main of which is the desire to increase the level of security. Managers acquire recording devices in order to determine the level of workload of specialists, to analyze the effectiveness of the labor process. Office video surveillance can solve a wide range of tasks:

  • industrial espionage prevention;
  • device health monitoring;
  • monitoring the safety of documentation and equipment;
  • video analysis of a conflict situation.

Having made the decision to buy surveillance cameras for the office, the management gets the opportunity to immediately eliminate all internal and external threats. The result of solving the problems above is to improve the financial performance of the company. Over time, the cost of buying video cameras pays off, recording devices begin to bring commercial benefits to the enterprise.

Where to install CCTV cameras in the office?

There are a number of areas in office space for which a special control and security regime should be implemented. These are:

  • cash registers;
  • places of waiting and mass stay of customers;
  • technical rooms;
  • places of storage of material assets;
  • dressing rooms.

In order to prevent litigation associated with the risk of accidents, CCTV cameras in the office should be installed in the elevator car. It is strictly forbidden to install recording devices in the toilet, locker room, shower room. When planning to organize a fire station on the basis of an office space, the idea of ​​installing a hidden camera should be abandoned. Video surveillance in the office is carried out only openly, with the consent of the company’s employees, with notification of the filming of visitors to the office center.

What to consider when choosing?

Resolution and viewing angle are critical characteristics for office equipment. To exercise control over the work of employees, a resolution of 500 TVL for analog cameras and 720×576 px for devices based on IP video surveillance systems will be sufficient. The smaller the focal length, the larger the viewing angle. It follows from this that a set of video surveillance for an office with 2 cameras for monitoring large premises will not be enough.