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    How To Set The Clock On An LG Microwave Oven

    How To Set The Clock On An LG Microwave Oven | LG USA Support

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    • Operation
    • Cooking Appliances, Studio Products
    • 07/22/2022
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    How To Set The Clock On An LG Microwave Oven

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      See more

      How to turn on and set the time on the LG Microwave – LG MAGAZINE Russia Magazine

      Most microwave ovens, including LG, have a small front panel display. During the operation of the appliance, it displays the time remaining until the end of the cooking or defrosting process, in other cases, the microwave oven can be set so that the display shows the current time. And this is very convenient: a clock in the kitchen makes home time management much more efficient.

      Of course, you must set this option yourself when you connect the microwave oven for the first time or after disconnecting the appliance from the power supply. Turning on and setting the time on the LG microwave is quite simple. Here’s what you need to do:

      1. Make sure there are no packing materials left inside your microwave oven. To do this, open the door wide.
      2. Plug the microwave oven into a working, working outlet (a standard AC outlet will do).
      3. Wait until the symbols light up on the display. Depending on the model, this can be 0 or 24H (usually this happens a few seconds after the microwave is turned on). This means that the watch is ready to be installed.
        Important: If unusual or incomprehensible characters appear on the oven display when connecting to the mains, unplug the appliance from the socket and plug it back in. In this case, the microwave oven cannot be used.
      4. On LG microwave ovens, for the convenience of users, manufacturers have provided two formats for displaying the time: 24-hour and 12-hour.
      5. Start setting the time by pressing the Stop/Reset button on the bottom of the front of your microwave.
      6. Press the Clock button twice to set the time to 24-hour format and three times (or rather two and then another) if you want to program the 12-hour time format. If, after setting the clock, you decide to change the format, you will need to disconnect the oven from the power supply, then turn it on and set the time again.
      7. After that, set the actual time using the buttons “10 min”, “1 min” and “10 sec” located on the front panel of the microwave oven. With the first button you set hours, the second – tens of minutes, and the third – units of minutes. For example, to program the time 13:27, you need to press the 10 min button thirteen times, the 1 min button twice, and the 10 sec button seven times.
        Important : if you need to press a key many times, you can instead hold it down and keep it pressed – the numbers on the display will change automatically.
      8. When your microwave is set correctly, press the start button and the clock will start.
      9. You can correct the time by pressing the “Stop / Reset” button.

      In a number of models of microwave ovens with mechanical control, it is technically impossible to turn on and set the time, since this option is not provided by manufacturers. Such ovens will only display the cooking time.

      Microwave time: how to set and adjust

      What’s the secret to delicious microwave food? The answer is simple – in the right time. For each dish, it will need a different one. Modern microwave ovens allow not only to warm up, but also to defrost food. Separate options and modes will help you bake a pie, cook porridge or bake fish. We talked about how to set the clock in this article.

      Use the buttons or knobs on the panel to set the time correctly. Each manufacturer designates them in its own way: with an icon with a dial or simply with the inscription “Time”.

      The principle depends on the type of microwave oven control. There will be regulators on the mechanical panel. One of them is responsible for the power, the other for the heating rate. To prevent food from overheating or burning, it is important to set the timer correctly.

      It takes 60 seconds to get boiling water in a cup. But it will take 30-40 minutes to bake chicken legs.

      Cooking time recommendations for individual dishes are written in the instructions.

      To defrost food in a mechanical microwave, set the power control to minimum and the timer to 3 minutes. There are minute markings around the knobs to make things easier for you.

      Electronically controlled microwave ovens offer a wide range of modes. As a rule, you do not need to set the time yourself. It is enough to select a certain mode, for example “Bird” or “Popcorn”, and the device will automatically set the timer.

      In the electronic models of Samsung, LG and some other brands, you can increase the cooking time. If the initial period was not enough, then it is not necessary to wait for the shutdown. Adjust the parameters with the More/Less buttons.

      In LG models, this is done as follows:

      • Press the Stop/Reset key;
      • To set the manual mode, select the “Start” button;
      • Now adjust the values ​​with the Up/Down keys. In this case, the readings will change by 10 seconds up or down.

      Some models have an additional “Delay start” mode. This is very convenient if you are doing several things at the same time. The device will turn itself off as soon as the timer reaches the set point. Before adjusting, it is important to check the accuracy of the time on the microwave clock, otherwise the timer will not work correctly.

      The clock may be lost during a power outage, so a reset will be required. If this is your first time turning on the device, then our recommendations will also come in handy. Be sure to remove the protective film from the inside of the camera first.

      All microwave ovens can be operated on a 12-hour or 24-hour system.

      How to set the time in LG:

      • Press the stop key;
      • Press Clock twice to tune out by 24 hours. For 12 o’clock press again;
      • Press the “10 minutes” key 15 times. Then the “1 minute” button 3 times. Now “10 minutes” 5 times;
      • Now again “Clock”.

      Everything, the installation is complete. Now select any function and start cooking.

      Samsung microwave ovens need other steps to set the time:

      • Press the “Dial or Clock” key.