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LTEL7337D LG 30″ Smart WiFi Enabled Electric Double Oven Slide-In Range – PrintProof Black Stainless Steel

…Dimensions (Inches) Height: 36 Width: 29 7/8 Depth: 29 17/64(Indcluding Handle) Consult product specification sheet for exact dimensions. SIGN IN TO SEE PRICE Model Number: ltel7337d CATCH LTEL7337D LG 30″ Smart WiFi Enabled Electric Double Oven Slide-In Range – PrintProof Black Stainless Steel



LTEL7337F LG 30″ Smart WiFi Enabled Electric Double Oven Slide-In Range – PrintProof Stainless Steel

…Dimensions (Inches) Height: 36 Width: 29 7/8 Depth: 29 17/64(Indcluding Handle) Consult product specification sheet for exact dimensions. SIGN IN TO SEE PRICE Model Number: ltel7337f CATCH LTEL7337F LG 30″ Smart WiFi Enabled Electric Double Oven Slide-In Range – PrintProof Stainless Steel



TTN6397BW FiveStar 60″ Dual-Fuel Convection Range with 6 Sealed Burners Griddle Grill and Double Oven – Natural Gas – Stainless Steel

…The range features two ovens: One – 24″ wide, 3.69 cubic foot electric, self-cleaning, convection oven with waist-high broiler and One – 24″ wide, 3. 69 cubic foot gas, convection oven with a gas broiler below. Both ovens feature a large view window door and “commercial” type door hinges. Both ovens


JSS86SPSS GE 30″ Electric Slide In Convection Double Oven Range with 5 Elements – Stainless Steel

…6.7 cubic foot total capacity double oven which provides enough room for multiple dishes. Approximate Dimensions (Inches) Height: 36 Width: 29 7/8 Depth: 27 3/8 July 4 Sale Model Number: jss86spss CATCH JSS86SPSS GE 30″ Electric Slide In Convection Double Oven Range with 5 Elements – Stainless Steel


July 4 Sale

CHS950P4MW2 Cafe 30″ Slide-In Front Control Convection Double Oven Induction Range – Matte White with Brushed Bronze Handles and Knobs

…the Cafe Appliance Collection See Other Cafe AppliancesCafe Appliance Custom Hardware Options more details Sign in to see Final Price Model Number: CHS950P4MW2 GOLD CHS950P4MW2 Cafe 30″ Slide-In Front Control Convection Double Oven Induction Range – Matte White with Brushed Bronze Handles and Knobs

$4313. 10

Sign in to see Final Price

CES750P2MS1 Cafe 30″ Slide-In Front Control Electric Double Oven Range with True European Convection – Stainless Steel with Brushed Stainless Steel Handles and Knobs

…See Other Cafe AppliancesCafe Appliance Custom Hardware Options more details Sign in to see Final Price Model Number: ces750p2ms1 GOLD CES750P2MS1 Cafe 30″ Slide-In Front Control Electric Double Oven Range with True European Convection – Stainless Steel with Brushed Stainless Steel Handles…


Sign in to see Final Price

CES750P4MW2 Cafe 30″ Slide-In Front Control Convection Double Oven Electric Range – Matte White with Brushed Bronze Handles and Knobs

…the Cafe Appliance Collection See Other Cafe AppliancesCafe Appliance Custom Hardware Options more details Sign in to see Final Price Model Number: CES750P4MW2 GOLD CES750P4MW2 Cafe 30″ Slide-In Front Control Convection Double Oven Electric Range – Matte White with Brushed Bronze Handles and Knobs

$3233. 10

Sign in to see Final Price

PGS960YPFS GE Profile 30″ Smart Slide In Front Control Gas Double Oven Convection Range with No Preheat Air Fry – Fingerprint Resistant Stainless Steel

PGS960YPFS GE 30″ Profile Smart Slide In Front Control Gas Double Oven Convection Range with No Preheat Air Fry – Fingerprint Resistant Stainless Steel Highlights No Preheat Air Fry With this air fryer right in the oven, you can cook healthier, crispier versions of your favorite foods. There’s no…


LOWER Price In Cart.

July 4 Sale

JGSS86SPSS GE 30″ Slide In Gas Range with Double Oven – Stainless Steel

…element with a rear fan for a high level of precision Approximate Dimensions (Inches) Height: 36 1/4 Width: 30 Depth: 29 1/4 Consult product specification sheet for exact dimensions. July 4 Sale Model Number: JGSS86SPSS CATCH JGSS86SPSS GE 30″ Slide In Gas Range with Double Oven – Stainless Steel

$2193. 00$2599.00

July 4 Sale

PS960YPFS GE Profile 30″ Smart Slide-In Double Oven Electric Range – Fingerprint Resistant Stainless Steel

oven interior Make cleanup easy by eliminating hard-to-reach areas Approximate Dimensions (Inches) Height: 37 1/4 Width: 29 7/8 Depth: 27 3/8 Consult product installation guide for exact dimensions. Model Number: PS960YPFS SILVER PS960YPFS GE Profile 30″ Smart Slide-In Double Oven Electric Range -…


TTN5397BW FiveStar 48″ Dual-Fuel Convection Range with 6 Sealed Burners Grill/Griddle and Double Oven – Natural Gas – Stainless Steel

The range features a Full Size Electric Self-Cleaning Convection Oven (24″ wide, 3.69 cu. ft.) and an Auxiliary Gas Oven with Lower Gas Broiler 16″ Wide, 2.46 cu.ft.), 3-Ultra High-Low Sealed Surface Burners, 3-Medium-Low Sealed Surface Burners, Built-in Reversible Pre-seasoned Cast Iron…


LOWER Price In Cart.

KSEG950ESS KitchenAid 30-Inch 4-Element Electric Downdraft Slide-In Range – Stainless Steel

…your range. It features a double cooking zone of 6 and 10 inches, one 10 inch zone, plus two 6 inch cooking zones. EasyConvect™ Conversion takes guesswork out of convection cooking by converting conventional settings for recipes to convection settings for you. Aqualift® cleans your oven in less than…


C2S950P2MS1 Cafe 30″ Slide-In Front Control Dual Fuel Range with Double Oven – Stainless Steel with Brushed Stainless Steel Handles and Knobs

…you need to pull off a multi-course dinner party with this 7.0 cu. ft. double oven dual fuel range, which boasts a gas-powered cooktop for precise heat control and electric True European Convection with Precise Air in the oven for even baking results. Tough racks simplify loading and unloading -…


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C2S950P4MW2 Cafe 30″ Slide-In Front Control Dual Fuel Range with Double Oven – Matte White with Brushed Bronze Handles and Knobs

…you need to pull off a multi-course dinner party with this 7. 0 cu. ft. double oven dual fuel range, which boasts a gas-powered cooktop for precise heat control and electric True European Convection with Precise Air in the oven for even baking results. Tough racks simplify loading and unloading -…


TTN5267BW FiveStar 48″ Dual-Fuel Convection Range with 6 Open Burners Grill/Griddle and Double Oven – Natural Gas – Stainless Steel

The range features a Full Size Electric Self-Cleaning Convection Oven (24″ wide, 3.69 cu. ft.) and an Auxiliary Gas Oven with Lower Gas Broiler 16″ Wide, 2.46 cu.ft.), 6-Open Surface Burners, 3 with Vari-Flame, Built-in Reversible Pre-seasoned Cast Iron Griddle/Grill Features Burners – 14,000 BTU,…


LOWER Price In Cart.

NE63BB871112AA Samsung 30″ Front Control Wifi Enabled Slide-In Electric Range with Air Fry and Smart Dial – White Glass

…Lock Delay Start Auto Oven Light Kitchen Timer Sabbath Mode Approximate Dimensions (Inches) Height: 36-36 3/4 Width: 29 15/16 Depth: 28 11/16 SIGN IN TO SEE FINAL PRICE Model Number: NE63BB871112AA NE63BB871112AA Samsung 30″ Front Control Wifi Enabled Slide-In Electric Range with Air Fry and Smart…

$1594. 00


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5 Best Double Oven Ranges of 2023

Written by Alex Kane, Lily Hartman, Madison Trapkin, Jessica Teich, and Kori Perten

Updated June 16, 2023

The benefits of a double oven range are undeniable. Whether you cook large meals for your family or just want to roast a chicken and bake a cake at the same time, a dual oven range has all the space you need. Currently, our top pick is the Whirlpool WGE745C0FS
(available at Best Buy for $1,449.99)

, which marries great cooking performance with a host of impressive features.

Our appliance experts have experience with ovens of all types. So we’ve got your back if you’re in the market to double your baking, roasting, and broiling capacity.

Editor’s Note:

The recommendations in this guide are based on thorough product and market research by our team of expert product reviewers. The picks are based on examining user reviews, product specifications, and, in some limited cases, our experience with the specific products named.


The Whirlpool WGE745C0FS is the best electric range we’ve tested.

Best Overall

Whirlpool WGE745C0FS

The Whirlpool WGE745C0FS double oven electric range is a knockout across the board. It passed every test we threw at it with flying colors, from boiling water to baking pizza.

Its ability to multitask sets it apart from other ranges. In particular, you can bake two dishes at different temperatures simultaneously and fit at least four pots on the cooktop at once. This range is chock-full of features, including Frozen Bake, Rapid Preheat, and Sabbath Mode.

You won’t find an air fry setting, but the True Convection cooking mode will produce the same deliciously crispy results. With white, black, and a stainless steel finish available, it can match most kitchens. Regardless of the finish, we love the look of this range’s ultra-sleek smooth cooktop.

The only small downside we could find to this range was the uneven doneness of cookies when we tested True Convection mode in the bottom oven. (The feature doesn’t exist for the top oven.) Still, this is the best electric range we’ve tested.

GE Profile

The GE Profile PS960YPFS is our pick for best upgrade.

Best Upgrade

GE Profile PS960YPFS

Who wouldn’t love the idea of baking chicken and a cake simultaneously? Customers seem to love this double oven range for its glass ceramic cooktop and convenient, high-quality features. You can customize the heating-element range to fit your pans, as well as heat up two elements together for larger pans like griddles.

As for the ovens, the convection element lets heat move around efficiently, cooking your food evenly throughout. This double oven range even comes with a temperature probe, so you’ll know exactly when your food is done. Plus, the entire oven range can be controlled with an easy finger swipe on the touch control or via smartphone using Wi-Fi.

KitchenAid Electric Double Oven Convection Range

This double oven range includes KitchenAid’s Even-Heat True Convection tech, which allows your oven to heat up evenly for baking, broiling, and whatever else you want to use it for. And it has a pretty large oven capacity for fitting large cookie sheets, pots, and pans.

As for the surface, it comes with five fast-heating elements. Some reviewers find the top surface difficult to clean, but are pleased with how fast the oven heats up and how easy it is to operate once you get used to it.

  • Oven heats up fast

  • Easy to use

Maytag MET8800FZ

This double oven electric range from Maytag offers all the versatility and many of the luxury features you’d want in your dream kitchen. It’s got 2.5 cubic feet of upper oven capacity on top, with an additional 4.2 cubic feet of space in the bottom oven.

It comes with a variety of heating elements—including a 10-inch “Power Element” for maximum control, quick heat, and precision—and True Convection for a faster, more even convection bake. And the stainless steel is fingerprint resistant, so you know it’s going to look great in your home. It’s also engineered and manufactured right here in the U.S.

Many reviewers feel more confident buying from manufacturers like Maytag and Whirlpool because the availability of replacement parts is often better. But Maytag itself actually offers a 10-year limited parts warranty on this freestanding double oven.

  • Precision stove-top Power Element

  • True Convection heating

  • 10-year warranty on parts

Samsung NE63A6751SS Smart Flex Duo

Many of our favorite appliances have come from Samsung in recent years. Some of the best ranges we’ve tested are now discontinued, but Samsung is still offering great newer models. So you can still upgrade with a brand you know and trust.

This freestanding range comes with an electric range, a nonstick griddle, an air-fry setting that requires no preheating, and the Flex Duo design from which it gets its name. You can either use the full 6.3 cubic feet of oven space for a single task or split it into two smaller ovens roughly equal in size. (Each half has its own separate temperature control.)

It’s got a convenient storage drawer for bakeware and accessories, built-in voice commands courtesy of the Bixby smart assistant, self-cleaning features, and a Powerful Convection+ fan for quick, even cooking.

  • Convenient Duo Flex oven design

  • Nonstick griddle and air-fry setting

  • Built-in Bixby smart assistant

What You Should Know Before Buying a Double Oven Range

What Is a Double Oven Range?

Rather than a single oven, the ranges in this guide have two separate compartments you can control independently. You can cook a couple dishes at the same time, at separate temps, or just the oven compartment that’s most appropriate for what you’re making.

They’re ideal for cooks who typically have to prepare multiple dishes at once, or cooks who make smaller meals that don’t always require large oven space. Double oven ranges are also ideal for preparing large meals of multiple dishes that center around a turkey, roast, or long-cooking dish. You can set that in the larger section for a long, slow roast, and still have oven space to cook everything else at a different temperature.

What Are the Different Types of Ranges?

One of the main ways to differentiate ranges is by their fuel type: gas, electric, dual-fuel, and induction.

Gas — Lower cooktop temperatures, faster water boiling than electric ranges, potential for uneven cooking/baking because of central flame location

Electric — Higher cooktop temperatures, slower water boiling compared to gas and induction, more even cooking/baking because of heat distribution over coil

Dual-fuel — Gas cooktop with an electric oven, which will give you faster water boiling times than an electric stove, but more even cooking/baking than a gas oven because of heat distribution over coil

Induction — Super faster water boiling, very high and low cooktop temperatures, requires induction-safe cookware, may require recipe modification

Depending on your cooking and baking priorities, one of these fuel types might be more appealing than the rest. One more thing to consider: dual-fuel and induction ranges can be more expensive than traditional gas and electric ranges, depending on the features and manufacturer.

What Is the Difference Between Convection and True Convection?

True convection is a setting that includes installing an extra heating element and a fan in the oven. By adding a heating unit and fan that circulate the hot air, True Convection makes sure cookies or cakes on different racks will bake at the same rate. (As opposed to the cookies near the bottom heat source cooking faster than the rest.)

If you don’t see mention of “True Convection” or “European Convection,” but do see the word convection in a range’s specs, it means that the unit lacks an additional heating element. But it means it does have a fan to circulate the hot air. While you don’t get the full baking and cooking effect that you would with True Convection, the added heat circulation can cook or bake food more evenly than it would without a fan.

There are also ranges out there that do not offer convection options at all. These ovens aren’t bad, it will just take more time to cook and bake food all the way through. If you’re a frequent baker or cook, convection can be a great time saver—but your dinners won’t suffer unduly without it.

What Is the Difference Between Slide-In and Freestanding Ranges?

In a nutshell, slide-in ranges are meant to sit flush with your countertops, while freestanding ranges can be placed anywhere there is a compatible electrical outlet. Freestanding ranges are finished on the sides, which may be exposed if they’re not placed between cabinets. Slide-in ranges, however, may not have finished sides because they’re meant to be hidden.

Additionally, since slide-in ranges sit flush with your countertop, they’re a bit easier to clean because they do not have a large lip around the edge. Freestanding ranges often have larger lips around the edge of the cooktop to corral any crumbs that would otherwise decorate your floor. Freestanding ranges usually have a back-mounted control panel for the same reason.

While freestanding ranges will do fine in a slide-in arrangement, the reverse is less true. If your current cooking setup has the range sitting in a cabinet or countertop cutout, we recommend replacing that range with another slide-in range. Conversely, if your range stands alone in your kitchen, we’d recommend replacing it with another freestanding range to cut down on food debris spilling everywhere.

Should I Get a Front-Mounted Control Panel or Back-Mounted Control Panel?

Most freestanding ranges have back-mounted controls, but some slide-in ranges do as well. Each has its pros and cons; on the one hand, having back-mounted controls means you may have to reach over hot food to adjust the oven temperature. The controls are also far enough away that you would have difficulty hitting something on the control panel by accident.

On the other hand, front-mounted controls are easier to reach, but that convenience can turn against you if you brush up against a knob accidentally. Consider the ergonomics of using the range when it comes to picking a front- or back-mounted control panel.

How Many Burners Do I Need?

Depending on how much time you spend in the kitchen, it might be worth it to investigate in some extra options for your range. When it comes to the cooktop, anything above the standard four-burner setup is a bonus. Some ranges can have five, or even six burners. However, the more burners a range has, the more difficult it becomes to fit large pieces of cookware, such as a spaghetti pot and a frying pan, on their respective burners at the same time.

Sometimes, those extra burners are specialty burners are designed to accommodate special cookware such as a griddle or a wok; other burners are bridge burners that are meant to keep food warm without continuing to cook it.

Another possibility is to have a dual-ring burner, or a burner that includes a stronger heat source wrapped around a weaker heat source. That way, on a single burner, you can choose to use just the smaller heat source for lower temperatures, but you can add the stronger heat source if you need higher temperatures.

What Oven Features Do I Need?

As for extra oven features, they can include everything from accessories like special oven racks or a temperature probe to special cooking features like the aforementioned convection settings, fast preheat (which expedites the preheating process), bread proofing (where the oven settings are customized to activate yeast and make bread rise), steam cooking (where you pour water into a reservoir and gently cook something with the resulting steam), air fry mode (where you can expeditiously fry frozen and fresh foods, similar to an air fryer) and many, many more options.

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She holds a Bachelor’s degree from the University of Georgia and a Master’s of Liberal Arts in Gastronomy from Boston University.

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What a modern oven can do in a kitchen stove

Mandatory elements

In any electric oven there are heaters – heating elements, due to the heating of which food is cooked.

The lower heater is usually hidden under a metal sheet and is not visible to the eye, but the upper heater and grill are located under the ceiling of the oven, you can see and touch them with your hands. They are not hidden under a metal sheet, because. infrared radiation does not pass through metal.

Top heaters are quite an interesting thing. Firstly, this is the heating element, which goes along the perimeter of the oven ceiling and is called the upper heating element. Secondly, it is a curved heating element located in the middle – a grill that looks like a heating element of a kettle or an automatic washing machine. At the maximum temperature (usually 220-250°C), the grill is red-hot. At the same time, the surface of the dish is heated directly, located on the middle part of the grate, placed on the upper or middle level. Interestingly, the air in the oven does not heat up much, so the cutlet placed on the edge of the grate will remain underdone. All manufacturers in the instructions for stoves and ovens emphasize the features of this mode.

Sometimes there are models of built-in ovens with a quartz grill (the heater is hidden in a quartz glass case). These are always microwave ovens (Smeg S300X, Siemens HB77L55 EU), we did not find quartz grills in ovens without microwaves.

In order to cook on the entire surface of the grate, a mode has been created in which both upper heaters are turned on. This mode is called differently by different manufacturers: “large Vario grill” (Bosch), “double grill” (Indesit), “full grill” (Zigmund & Stain), etc. When it is turned on, you can cook on the entire area of ​​\u200b\u200bthe grill.

If you want the dish to be cooked on both sides, you need to remember to turn it over. Almost all manufacturers use the term “grill” to refer to the operation of the central heater, but Gorenje prefers the name “infra-heater”, and Mastercook calls it “fryer”, although this does not change the essence of the matter.

In the “upper heating” mode, which is not found in all manufacturers, only the upper heating element is turned on. Its power is usually small, and therefore the overall functionality of the mode is very limited, which explains the fact that it is not used very often.

The fan changes everything

Ovens with two heating elements and a grill are called static. But such technology cannot be called modern. This is yesterday’s, and maybe the day before yesterday’s level of comfort. Static ovens have been confidently replaced by devices that are rightfully called multifunctional or multifunctional. What changed? The upper and lower heating elements remained in their places, but a small but nimble fan appeared on the back wall of the oven, which drives air throughout the entire interior of the oven, while providing faster heating and even distribution of hot air.

Have you noticed how quickly and evenly your skin tans in windy weather, even if it’s not very hot outside? So any dish placed in an oven with a fan cooks faster at a lower temperature. When the fan is running without heating the air, you can defrost a variety of products, and at a temperature of 50-80 ° C – dry fruits and mushrooms. Naturally, combinations of simultaneous operation of individual heaters and a fan are possible. Of particular interest is the mode of operation of the grill with the simultaneous operation of the fan.

Many fans of homemade roast meat will remember that in a static electric oven, a chicken or goose often turned out to be mercilessly overdried during grilling. A running fan provides a “hot breath” that spreads directly to the meat located in the oven, so it quickly becomes covered with an even crust, while maintaining its juiciness inside. Some experts even point out that ovens with this mode do not need a skewer, because now it is not the meat that rotates, exposing its sides to the heat of the grill, but hot air rotates around the meat. Many fan-assisted ovens do not come with a spit. But some manufacturers did not deprive people of the pleasure of seeing a rotating appetizing chicken, and left the skewer.

With the simultaneous operation of the bottom heater with a fan or two heating elements with a fan, the time required to cook any dish is reduced. In addition, as mentioned above, the cooking temperature in this mode can be reduced by 20-30 ° C, which is recommended in some instructions (for example, for Electrolux stoves).

And the ring has no beginning and no end

Progress does not stand still, and in many stoves and ovens on the back wall around the fan there is an additional heater, which is called the “rear” or “ring” one. With its advent, the functionality of ovens has become even wider.

First of all, there was a mode of simultaneous operation of the fan and the annular heater. No matter how different stove manufacturers call it: “multi-hot air” (AEG), and “3D hot air” (Bosch, Siemens), and “cooking with blowing” (Candy), etc. The main feature of this mode is the possibility of simultaneous cooking at once on several levels of the oven. At the same time, you can bake several baking sheets of shortbread cookies, or you can cook two different dishes at once.

In some ovens and stoves, a special mode for cooking pizza has appeared, in which the bottom and annular (rear) heaters and the fan work simultaneously. Moreover, such a regime is found not only among Italian manufacturers (Ariston, Zanussi), but also among other Europeans (Bosch, Electrolux, AEG). However, some manufacturers do not limit the use of this mode only to the preparation of a traditional Italian dish, but emphasize its attractive features: ultra-fast heating, which saves time. The recommended temperature for this mode is 200°C.

The “pizza” mode aims to bring the conditions in the oven closer to those in the stone oven in which this dish was traditionally prepared. Fast uniform heating allows you to get a high-quality baked pizza with melted, but not burnt cheese in a short period of time. The main thing is to catch the moment when to take out the pizza so that it is, as they say, “in the juice itself”, and here a lot depends not only on the capabilities of the oven, but also on the master’s instinct and experience.

What for?

We divided all electric stoves and built-in ovens offered on the Russian market into three large groups:

  1. up to $500
  2. price from $500 to $1000
  3. price from $1000

I must say that the price of stoves and ovens depends on a number of reasons: volume, control (mechanical or touch), the presence of self-cleaning functions (pyrolytic ovens are always very expensive), protection functions, energy consumption class, design (prices for the same models with different designs can vary widely).

In stoves, among other things, the price depends on the type of coating of the cooking zone (glass-ceramic almost all are in the middle and high price group), on which heaters are installed on the surface, whether there are heating zones with changing geometry. All this leads to the fact that models of the same manufacturer with the same number of heating functions in ovens can be in different price groups. But a certain gradation is still observed.

Available to all

The group of the most affordable stoves includes equipment from domestic manufacturers Gazmash, Gefest, Darina, DeLuxe, ZVI, NovoVyatka (enamelled and glass-ceramic), from foreign manufacturers – this is a number of models Beko, Bompani, Nardi, Indesit, some models of Ardo, Ariston, Asko , Hansa, Gorenje, Kaiser (mainly with an enameled hob and burners – “pancakes”).

Domestic manufacturers can find a stove with a fan (Hephaestus 1140-05, Darina 1403-04V, a number of ZVI models). In ZVI stoves (401-10, 401-11), unlike imported analogues, the fan has its own separate control button, so it can turn on in any heating mode.

Thus, even in cheap stoves (the price is slightly less than $250), up to 10 heating modes are provided. But in these models there is no annular heater on the back wall, which somewhat reduces the possibilities of the oven. The vast majority of imported stoves in this price group have a static oven (top / bottom, top, bottom, grill). Sometimes in the range of $400 to $500 you can find models with five programs, for example, Ariston c 302 M(W).

In built-in ovens of this price group, the presence of several modes is more common. For example, among Ardo ovens there are models with convection (from $300) and with a rear heater ($487). Ariston offers a choice of static ovens ($273-313) or ovens with five programs ($29).9-368). You can also find a 7-chef oven, but to meet $500, you will have to be content with a model with a modest design. In this price group, there are some Bosch convection ovens with four heating modes (the price is over $400), and you can also pick up a multifunctional oven with a rear heater and 7-8 modes of operation for less than $500 manufactured by Electrolux, Gorenje, some of them even have a mode “pizza”.

Domestic manufacturers have begun to produce built-in ovens, at a price they are affordable to the mass consumer. So the oven with four modes from ZVI is on sale for only $345. Noteworthy is Darin’s model 32.03 ECV. This oven is equipped with a fan, so its functionality is very wide, its cost is $296.

Half center

This group includes electric stoves Ardo, Ariston, Bosch, Brandt, Gorenje, Electrolux, Indesit (the most expensive models of this manufacturer), Hansa, Kaiser, Siemens (the cheapest models of this manufacturer), etc.

Needless to say, in the second price group, the vast majority of models have a glass-ceramic hob. It is its presence that is the main factor in increasing the price, so in the range from $500 to $650 you can find models with a static oven, but a glass-ceramic hob. For example, Bosch HSS 722 KEU stove ($597), Indesit K6C7E(W)R ($568) and others. Interestingly, models with a multifunctional oven, but with an enameled hob, have approximately the same price. True, there are only a few such models, because most manufacturers and consumers choose glass ceramics. An example is the Gorenje E 777W, E 7774W and Kaiser E502.81TeKDNCs stoves, the ovens of which provide eight operating modes at a price of $536, $588 and $624, respectively. The model from Kaiser is more expensive. in addition to the fan on the back wall of the oven there is also an annular heater.

In the stoves of the middle price group, many models have a fan on the back wall, and some have an annular heater. For example, Ardo C 60EEFWH with seven work programs ($611), Ariston C3V9 – seven programs ($582).

Significantly higher prices for glass-ceramic stoves with multifunctional ovens from a number of other manufacturers – Bosch, Brandt, Gorenie, Kaiser, Siemens, etc. So in the Bosch HSN 832 KEU stove ($ 747) there are only five programs and there is no annular heater on the back wall, only a fan. Gorenje EC 774 ($743), EC 777B ($833), EC 778 B ($89)6) – seven programs, including Aqua Cleen branded self-cleaning.

The branded oven “7 chefs – pizza” is installed in the most expensive Ariston stoves (from $700). At Kaiser stoves, the Multi8 oven is installed in glass-ceramic stoves, the price of which exceeds $850 (models C502.813TeKDSpCs, C602.80TcWs, C602.834TeKDCs). In general, in stoves in this price group, the number of oven heating programs is usually less than ten. All the necessary programs are present, but only in a few models you can see circular heating and special pizza-type modes. In the same group, a large number of the most diverse models of built-in ovens are presented, and often more technically equipped than electric stoves of the same group. This is quite natural, since the price of the stove is the sum of the cost of the oven and the hob. Considering the current trend towards glass-ceramic surfaces, the rise in prices for stoves is obvious.

But do not forget that you will also have to buy a hob for the built-in oven. In this price group, you can find built-in ovens from such expensive manufacturers as AEG, Kuppersbusch, Siemens. They cost from $700 and have up to nine heating modes. In the middle price group, there are ovens that, in addition to multifunctionality, have an “electronic mind” and can “independently” cook a different number of dishes.

The most expensive Ariston ovens ($750-885) have Smart Cooking and 15 recipes in electronic memory. $550-650 Bosch ovens have a fan, and $9 models00 have an annular heater on the back wall and, in addition, “remember” 24 automatic cooking programs.

An interesting oven in this price group is offered by Siemens (model HB 77L55EH). This is a small 34 l oven with microwave function. It is even difficult to understand whether this is a small microwave oven or just a large microwave oven. Manufacturers call this appliance an oven, which is why we put it in this group. The main feature of this oven is the presence of a quartz grill, which is usually used in the microwave. Its main advantages are faster and more uniform frying of the dish. The use of this grill in this oven is due to its purpose – fast cooking.

Thousand – no limit

Cookers of a high price group are distinguished, first of all, by their convenient control, the presence of an electronic timer and changing heating zones on the hobs. In addition, hob ovens can be equipped with self-cleaning systems. As for the functionality of ovens, it does not increase in all models and not in all manufacturers. For example, Gorenje stoves in the most expensive models have as many oven functions as $700 stoves. Bosch stoves, on the contrary, in addition to the Comfort multifunctional oven, also have 20 automatic cooking programs that allow you to cook according to specific recipes with a guaranteed result and with minimal human intervention. The Kaiser C602/848TrkDSrbf stove is equipped with an oven with 12 heating modes.

There are not so many expensive solo stoves on the market, and their number is gradually decreasing. This is due to the orientation of manufacturers and buyers to embedded technology. Built-in ovens in this category (from $1100) usually have the maximum number of heating modes, including a large number of additional ones. In addition, ovens in this price range often have steam cooking functions (AEG, Electrolux, Miele) or the ability to cook using microwaves (Ariston, Miele, Bosch, etc.). Naturally, in addition to multifunctionality, such expensive ovens are often equipped with pyrolysis, almost all have touch controls and a well-thought-out security system.

Most ovens in this price group have the maximum amount of electronics. Many ovens are able to work practically without the participation of a person who only needs to put prepared foods on a baking sheet, press the buttons and after a while remove the finished dish. In some Miele models, even special sensors are installed that allow you to control the process with extraordinary accuracy. So the oxygen sensor determines the amount of this gas in the working chamber. If there is a lot of oxygen, then the dish is not ready yet, if its amount decreases, then it remains to wait quite a bit. The humidity sensor regulates the direction and intensity of air currents, which affect the overall humidity inside the oven.

Special programs

Almost all manufacturers in their most advanced and expensive models offer one or more exclusive oven modes. First of all, it is the heating of dishes or keeping them hot at a temperature of 80 ° C. In this case, the upper and lower heating elements operate simultaneously or in turn. Heating elements turn on when the temperature drops and automatically turn off when the set number of degrees is reached. This function is found in AEG, Candy, Electrolux ovens, in some Wirlpool models the temperature in the oven is automatically maintained at 60 ° C.

Ariston offers a “Fast cooking” mode, in which all heating elements and the fan work. This mode is recommended for quick preparation of semi-finished products and fresh products. This mode has something in common with the “quick heating” function from Bosch, “automatic boiling” from Miele, etc. The “Fast cooking” function provides for the simultaneous inclusion of all oven heaters in order to heat up the air in it as quickly as possible. When a certain temperature is reached, the oven automatically switches to the operating mode you set in advance. This is necessary so that the juice does not flow out of the meat. Under the influence of high temperature, the dish is immediately covered with a crust on the outside, and then, at a lower temperature, it is completely baked, remaining juicy inside.

German manufacturers delight and surprise with the presence of special functions in their ovens. So in the new Bosch ovens there is a “special top / bottom heat” mode. This function is especially suitable for baking bread and yeast dough products, as well as for preparing frozen foods. In this mode, the moisture in the products is retained, and the pastries do not dry out. True, the company does not disclose the subtleties of the process, retaining its “know-how”.

There are especially many finds in ovens of the Gaggenau brand. First of all, in some models it is possible to adjust the heating of individual heaters in the traditional mode (upper + lower). The power of the upper or lower heaters can be set to only 1/3 and thus change the higher temperature zone depending on the type of dish and its quantity. A special “fermentation” program maintains the temperature at 38°C so that homemade yeast dough rises well.

What to choose

When buying a stove, not every housewife knows exactly how many modes she will use. Some people buy “fancy” models because it is fashionable, others – due to the fact that such is worth with friends. But the hostess today should seriously think about what she wants to get from the new “stove”. Sit down with a piece of paper and think:

  • How often do you use your oven?
  • Which dishes do you usually cook in the oven.
  • Do you like pizza.
  • Do you use the oven to heat food.
  • How limited is your budget.

The total number of modes of specific multifunctional ovens can reach 12-14. Whether you need them all depends largely on the gastronomic preferences of the family.

Interesting features of ovens from different manufacturers:

AEG – “know how” to use the residual heat. In models of ovens with the possibility of steam cooking, there is a bio-function – cooking at low temperatures.

Candy – in the “keep warm” mode, the upper and lower heaters in a number of ovens from this manufacturer are switched on alternately.

Electrolux – Offers a keep warm mode at 80°C.

Gaggenau – Some models have a special baking stone or a cast-iron roasting tray that are installed in the oven.

Kuppersbusch – in some of its models, it offers automatic calculation of the cooking program depending on the weight of the product.

Miele – ovens from this manufacturer can independently use the residual heat in the cooking process. Those. the oven is turned off before the final cooking of the dish, which “reaches” due to the residual heat. In addition, some ovens weigh food and based on this determine the time required to reheat, defrost or cook a dish.

Siemens, Bosch – in the new ovens of these manufacturers, the “special top / bottom heat” function is used, which maintains high air humidity, which protects any pastries from drying out.

Whirlpool – ovens from this manufacturer can automatically maintain a temperature of 35 ° C (for example, when preparing yeast dough) or 60 ° C for reheating

Brand names for some modes used by different oven manufacturers.

Simultaneous operation of upper and lower heating elements

Traditional – AEG, Candy, Gaggenau, Reeson, Zanussi, Mora

Classic – Bosch, Siemens, Gorenje, Hansa

Static – Ariston, Indesit, Whirlpool, Zigmund&Stain

Upper central heater operation

Grill – AEG, Ardo, Ariston, Candy, Electrolux, Hansa, Indesit, Whirlpool

Grill “small area” – Gaggenau, Miele

Small Grill – Zanussi

Small Vario Grill – Bosch, Siemens

Infraheating – Gorenje

Simultaneous operation of two upper heaters

Large grill – AEG, Electrolux, Hansa, Miele, Zanussi

Large Vario Grill – Bosch, Siemens

Large area grill – Gaggenau

Double Grill – Kaiser, Indesit

Maxi Grill – Whirlpool

Full grill – Zigmund&Stain

Simultaneous grill and fan operation

Infrared – AEG

Forced Convection Grill – Ardo

Ventilated grill – Ariston

Convection Grill – Bosch

Top Heater + Fan – Beko

Fan grill – Candy, Kaiser, Miele, Mora

Volumetric turbogrill – Electrolux, Whirlpool, Zanussi

Infraheater + fan – Gorenje

Ventilated Grill – Indesit

O Simultaneous operation of fan and rear (ring) heater

Multi-hot air – AEG

Forced convection cooking – Ardo

Confectionery oven – Ariston

3D – hot air – Bosch

Fan + Turbo Heater (Turbo) – Beko

Fan Cooking – Candy

Circular Heating/Hot Air Circulation/Hot Air – Electrolux

Ventilation heating – Gorenje

Convection – Gaggenau, Zanussi

Hot air – Miele

Thermocirculation – Reeson

Air Ventilation – Whirlpool

Hot convection – Mora

Circular heater + blower – Kaiser

Bottom heater + ring heater + fan

Gourmet – hot air – AEG

Pizza — Ariston, Bosch, Electrolux, Kaiser, Zanussi

Super fast heating – Gaggenau

Heating from below + ventilation heating – Gorenje

Thermal circulation + bottom heating element – Reeson

Top + bottom heaters + fan

Solo hot air – AEG

Conventional accelerated cooking – Ardo

Convection oven – Candy

Top + bottom + ring heaters + fan

Profi – hot air – AEG

Fastcooking – Ariston

Fast heating – Bosch, Miele

Pizza – Candy

Ventilation heating + classical heating – Gorenje

10 practical tips for the buyer

What a modern oven can do – tips and tricks when choosing a modern oven

A modern oven allows you to create a real miracle in the kitchen. It is both a high-tech household appliance and a real helper. If we consider the electrical variety of technology, then its key elements that ensure the functioning are heating elements. It is they who raise the temperature inside to warm up or fully prepare different dishes. From the point of view of design, the heaters are located on the lower and upper planes from the inside of the oven. The lower ones are under the metal sheet. Top and grill are not closed. And they are easy to see by looking at the upper plane.

Upper and lower heating elements operate in different modes. The upper ones are divided into two categories:

  1. The main ones go along the entire working plane. The main purpose is to ensure uniform heating of the prepared dish.
  2. Grill – in shape it resembles a heater in a kettle or in a washing machine. His task is to warm up the middle.

Oven manufacturers emphasize that using only the upper heating elements does not allow you to fully cook the dish. The temperature in this case is not distributed over the entire surface. And the grill roasts exclusively in the center. The bottom surface of the cooked food will remain raw in this case.
There are models of built-in ovens equipped with a quartz grill. Here, the heating element on the upper plane has a shell of quartz glass. In terms of functionality, these household appliances have a microwave function. But ovens that do not have a microwave heating method are not equipped with ceramic heaters.
To carry out cooking on different planes, there is a special mode in which 2 types of heaters are turned on simultaneously. Depending on the manufacturer, it may be called:

  1. Large “Vario Grill” – at the stove brand Bosch.
  2. Double grill – Indesit products.
  3. Full grill – for household appliances from Zigmund & Stain.

But in order for the roasting and crust to be uniform, you must remember to turn over the dishes being prepared.
The use of exclusively upper general heating gives a very limited functionality. This is due to low power, which can create an upper golden crust, but is not able to fully carry out the cooking process.

What does the fan in the oven give?

The familiar version of the oven with upper and lower heating elements, as well as a grill in the middle, is already yesterday. It simply does not make sense to talk about any innovation here. This technique is static in terms of classification.
If you want to create a really high level of comfort at home and cook with the highest quality, you should use multifunctional appliances. They include not only top and bottom heating elements, but have a built-in fan on the back wall. Its main task is to distribute the temperature evenly throughout the entire volume of the cabinet by rotating the blades. This allows:

  • cook food evenly and faster;
  • defrost food only with a fan, without excessive heating;
  • use the oven as a dryer for berries, vegetable slices, mushrooms – in this case, the operating temperature is set in the range of 50–80 ° C.

To achieve a specific effect, you can turn on several combinations of the oven at once. For example, by simultaneously setting the grill and turning on the fan for blowing, you can get juicy and fragrant meat with a crispy crust. At the same time, inside it will never become dry and unpleasant in texture. It is almost impossible to achieve such an effect in a static electric oven, since the thermal heating of the electric grill here leads to overdrying of the meat.
But the operation of the fan in a modern multifunctional oven gives an interesting result in combination with a grill. On top of the meat – be it chicken, turkey, duck, pork or beef – a ruddy uniform and crispy crust is formed. Due to the fact that this happens quickly enough, the dish remains juicy inside without losing natural juices. Some experts even point out that such multifunctional ovens no longer need a rotating spit. After all, the fan provides a specific vortex rotation of air, which distributes heat from all sides of the piece of meat.
Therefore, when choosing a modern electric oven, many buyers may encounter a situation where the functionality of a home appliance is not equipped with a rotating spit. And although this may alert and bewilder them, in fact, you should not be afraid of this. The effect of uniform heat distribution is provided by the fan itself. And he copes with his task much more efficiently than a rotating skewer for stringing meat.
But some manufacturers, understanding the expectations of consumers, did not exclude the rotary grill from the design. After all, this would deprive the user of the pleasure of seeing a chicken that slowly turns on a spit, gradually becoming golden.
In order not to experiment and select the correct mode in combination with the temperature, many companies indicate in the instructions for household appliances that it is desirable to reduce the cooking temperature by about 20 ° C if the combination of heating elements and electric blowing is turned on at the same time.

And the ring has no beginning and no end

Progress does not stand still, and many brands that launch electric ovens on the consumer market have made sure that users have the opportunity to cook on several baking sheets at once, achieving perfect quality on each layer.

The essence of the implementation of this technology is as follows:

  1. Around the fan, which is located on the rear wall, an additional ring heating element passes. It can be turned on in combination with the fan operation, which allows to increase the blowing temperature.
  2. We get the effect of additional formation of a crust on each of the baking sheets that are placed in the oven. This allows you to reduce the time for cooking several cakes or completely different dishes at once.

Some companies have gone even further in promoting their brands, pointing out that excellent pizza can be made in their home appliances. This mode, placed separately on the control panel, simultaneously turns on the lower heating elements, the fan and the ring heating element. It can be found in ovens from companies such as Ariston, Zanussi, Electrolux, Bosch, AEG.
The classic way of preparing this beloved and universally recognizable dish is carried out in special clay ovens. The temperature here is evenly distributed and constantly maintained at high levels. This allows the dough to bake quickly enough, while the cheese has time to melt, but does not burn. The result is a gorgeous, juicy slice of pizza that just melts in your mouth. But don’t rely solely on an electric oven. The master’s experience and culinary flair will tell you the right moment when you need to get this Italian dish.
But other companies emphasize that this mode will be ideal in other cases. For example, for ultra-fast heating. The recommended temperature here is no more than 200°C.

How much does a kitchen helper cost?

The entire set of electric built-in ovens and stoves sold on the Russian market was divided by us into several categories, taking into account the purchasing power of consumers:

  • up to $500;
  • in the range of $500–1000;
  • over $1000.

Pricing depends on a number of factors. And the key ones are functionality, equipment, volume, control methods, the presence of additional functions, such as self-cleaning. Design is another factor that most significantly affects the price tag.
The more elegant and stylish a household appliance looks, the higher its cost. And the difference even for similar models of the same brand can vary significantly depending on the appearance.
If we consider the features in the formation of the price of electric stoves, then several more factors come into play for the attention of buyers:

  • types of heaters on the hob;
  • top coating – the use of glass ceramics for these purposes always brings the household appliance to the middle and higher price category;
  • the presence of a heating zone with variable geometry.

Most affordable

Those consumers who need to save on purchases should pay attention to the kitchen assistant from the following brands:

  1. Gazmash, Vyatka, DeLux, Darina, Hephaestus are products of domestic factories. In the vast majority of cases, the models are made in enameled form or coated with glass-ceramic. From domestic brands, you can even pick up products with fans on the back wall at a reasonable cost. The control of this element has a separate button placed on the front panel. This makes it possible to turn it on in different cooking modes.
  2. Arda, Gorenie, Kaiser, Hansa, Asko – models of these brands have an enamel coating and metal heating elements on the hob in the form of discs, the so-called “pancakes”.

If we talk directly about the price tag – domestic stoves, which cost up to $ 250, are equipped with only a few standard heating modes, which are key for stationary models. It is impossible to find a ring on the back wall with a fan in this price category.
If we talk about the price tag for Russian built-in wardrobes, then there is an opportunity to purchase household appliances for $295. So much will have to be paid for a product from Darina’s company – model 32. 03 ECV. The price tag for other varieties will be very affordable.
Evaluating imported built-in electrical cabinets, it becomes obvious that they will have to pay at least $ 400 for them. For this amount of money, the buyer receives 4 standard heating modes – top / bottom, top, bottom, grill. True, with a more thorough search, you can also pick up kitchen appliances, in which there is an additional opportunity. It consists in the presence of convection airflow. There are also inexpensive cabinets of a multifunctional category. But still, it is unlikely that it will be possible to fit exactly into $500.

From middle to half

If we evaluate the democratic price tag for kitchen appliances, then it is worth highlighting the following brands:

  1. Arda, Gorenie, Kaiser, Hansa, Asko – here you can choose the most expensive models. After all, the companies themselves position themselves as those that are focused on the budget sector of consumers. This allows you to get the maximum number of functions and attractive appearance at a relatively low price.
  2. Siemens, Kaiser, Hansa – here you have to choose, on the contrary, the cheapest models. Most often, up to $1,000, a consumer can get a ceramic-coated household electric stove.

If you choose products not at the lower limit of this interval, then you can purchase quite functional options that are equipped with a fan and an additional ring heating element. Models such as Ariston C3V9, Ardo C 60EEFWH deserve attention. The cost of these products, respectively, ranges from 590 to 620$. As can be seen from the amounts presented, these models can be classified as inexpensive from the middle price category.
For other household appliances of this purpose, the price tag will be higher. Also, do not forget about a certain configuration. After all, acquiring an exclusively built-in oven, you will also have to buy a hob. And this significantly increases costs if you choose multifunctional devices.
Considering the upper limit of this price range, it is worth highlighting not only the cheapest options, but also pay attention to the most expensive ones:

  1. Ariston with built-in Smart Cooking and more than a dozen recipes stored in electronic memory. The price tag here can range from 750 to 885 dollars.
  2. Bosch – stoves of this brand have an additional fan if their cost does not exceed the bar 650. For a higher cost, you can purchase models equipped with an additional ring heater.
  3. Siemens is offering consumers the HB77L55EH variant. The advantage of this product is the presence of the microwave function. This allows you to cook any food quickly enough, providing a uniform crust over the entire surface. But it is worth noting one feature of this Siemens oven – it has a small volume of 37 liters.

The most expensive – the most functional

Those stoves and ovens that can be purchased for $ 1,000 or more have maximum functionality and attractive appearance. In addition to different types of heating elements, including ring heating elements, as well as a fan, a number of additional functions can be found here:

  • the possibility of self-cleaning;
  • additional programs for automatic cooking, which guarantees a high-quality result;
  • Some brands have ovens with more than a dozen heating modes.

Assessing the overall functionality, it is worth paying attention that there are models on the market at a high cost, but with the same functions as in the plates of the middle price category. This is often found in the Gorenje brand.
Once the $1,100 price tag threshold is exceeded, the choice for the consumer is significantly reduced. This is due to the fact that the elite category of consumers still focuses on embedded technology. And this equipment allows you to get the maximum of additional functions both on the hob itself and in the oven. The brands Ariston, Bosch, Miele, Electrolux and AEG offer steam cooking options. And the built-in pyrolysis function allows you to self-clean the inside of the oven. The touch control option and a high-quality security system complete such an attractive picture for the consumer.
If we evaluate the introduction of electronic control in expensive stoves, hobs and ovens, then a maximum of such solutions has been applied here. And although you will have to pay an additional amount of money for this, as a result, it will be possible to cook food in the kitchen with minimal human participation. Choosing one or another program, all the hostess needs to do is put the baking sheet in the oven. After a certain period of time, the stove will turn off, bringing the dishes to full readiness. Some brands have gone even further in terms of introducing high-tech developments.
By equipping their home appliances with high-precision sensors, they have allowed customers to prepare meals without worrying about the degree of browning or the right degree of roasting. It was the sensors that transferred the process of controlling and monitoring the level of humidity in the oven, the direction of air flows, increasing or decreasing their intensity.

The presence of special programs – what modern ovens and stoves can do

Almost all products of a high price category are equipped with peculiar “chips”. Each brand has its own, because everyone seeks to win the consumer by drawing attention to their product. Here’s what you can get for the extra money spent:

  1. The ability to maintain the minimum temperature in automatic mode in the oven. This allows you to reduce the temperature heating to 60 ° C after the end of the cooking process. This is an indispensable option when you need to keep the dish warm for a while, and not reheat it after cooking. Home appliances from Electrolux, Candy and AEG can boast of such an opportunity.
  2. The Fast Cooking function from Ariston products allows you to bring all heating elements, including convection, to a certain temperature regime. This allows you to maintain maximum freshness of products without subjecting them to prolonged heat treatment, which is especially important when preparing vegetable or fruit dishes. Additionally, this functionality allows you to immediately get a crisp, because it is she who subsequently holds all the juices inside, without leading to excessive drying.
  3. Bosch also offers customers a chance to check out the recently introduced top and bottom heat functions. How this know-how works in terms of technology is not disclosed. But the manufacturer assures that this mode is ideal for baking yeast and yeast-free products. It allows you to get a crispy crust and keep the moisture level inside at the right level. This will prevent the baked goods from drying out. This top and bottom heat is also ideal for cooking frozen foods.
  4. The Gaggenau brand is not far behind in terms of innovation. Products under this label will allow users to set the temperature regime of each heater separately, increasing or decreasing the high temperature zone along certain planes. This brand also offers a special “fermentation” program. Selecting this will set the oven to 38°C, which is ideal for activating the yeast cultures in the dough.

What to choose and what to look for?

As can be seen from the presented list, the consumer has a wide choice. If necessary, you can buy cheap models that fulfill their main purpose. If there is a financial opportunity, then you should pay attention to those technological innovations that different companies offer today.
Before making a purchase, it is extremely important to assess your needs. It is important to answer for yourself a number of the following questions:

  1. How often will you need to use the oven?
  2. Whether this appliance is used for heating or defrosting.
  3. How often is pizza prepared at home.
  4. What is most often baked in the oven.
  5. Is a large number of automatic cooking modes really necessary? Or the owner of the future household appliance will be able to select them himself in accordance with the category of the product being prepared.
  6. How much money can you spend on a stove or oven/hob combo.

When answers to all of the above questions are received, it will become clear with what functionality you will have to purchase household appliances.
Buyer buying tips:

  1. Baking lovers should stop at stoves with convection airflow and ring heaters.
  2. For those who bake pizza at home, it is best to pay attention to models with this function.
  3. For lovers of baked chicken or meat with a crispy crust, the presence of a grill is essential. If you cook such dishes for guests and do it often, then prefer the option with large and small grills.
  4. For those who prefer a “healthy” diet, the steam function will come in handy.
  5. If you are a novice cook, buy household appliances with built-in cooking modes.
  6. And if you use the oven from time to time, then you should not bother too much. Stop at the simplest devices in terms of functionality, but choose a quality manufacturer.
  7. When evaluating the capabilities of household appliances, be guided not only by the number of functions, but also by their names. After all, sometimes for an additional opportunity, the manufacturer understands, for example, lighting in the oven.

Key features of stoves and ovens from different brands

Candy – such a stove or oven will be able to keep a freshly cooked dish warm for a certain period of time. After the automatic completion of the process, the temperature regime abruptly decreases to a mark of 60 ° C.
Bosch – these models include the bottom or top heat function, which does not dry out the dish. This technological solution maintains a sufficiently high level of humidity in the oven, but at the same time allows you to create a golden crust.
AEG – here in expensive models there is a function that allows you not only to steam, but also to do it at low temperatures. This feature allows you to save maximum benefit.
Gaggenau – for lovers of real authentic food, this is the perfect solution. Some models come with a special stone for pizza and focaccia. They can also be equipped with special trays. All this will allow you to cook like in a real Italian rustic clay oven. With the same aroma and crunch of a pizza crust or homemade bread.
Whirlpool – do you often make yeast dough or dry fruits, mushrooms and berries? Pay attention to this brand. In models of a high price category, it is possible to set the temperature regime to 38 and 60 ° C.