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FM/AM Clock Radio

사용설명서 (뒷면)

Dream Machine is a trademark of Sony Corporation.

Dream Machine은 Sony Corporation의 등록 상표입니다.

© 2007 Sony Corporation

Printed in China



Display window

* There is a tactile dot beside VOL to show the direction to turn up the volume.



To reduce the risk of fire or electric shock, do

not expose this apparatus to rain or moisture.

To avoid electrical shock, do not open the

cabinet. Refer servicing to qualified personnel


Do not install the appliance in a confined space, such as

a bookcase or built-in cabinet.

To reduce the risk of fire or electric shock, do not place

objects filled with liquids, such as vases, on the


Connect the apparatus to an easily accessible AC outlet.

Should you notice an abnormality in the apparatus,

disconnect the main plug from the AC outlet








AC power cord

FM wire antenna





• Easy to-see large 1.4 inch green LED

• Alarm Vol. Control (High/Low)

• Dual alarm (radio alarm and buzzer alarm)

• Easy to-see alarm indicator

• Variable brightness control

• Power backup to keep the clock during a power

interruption with a 6F22 battery (not supplied)


Installing the


To keep good time, your Dream Machine needs one

6F22 battery (not supplied), in addition to house current.

The battery keeps the clock operating in the event of a

power interruption. Before setting the time on your

Dream Machine, open the lid at the bottom of the unit,

install the battery with correct polarity and then close the


After a power interruption, the displayed time may not

be always correct (It may gain or lose about 10 minutes

per hour).

Knowing When to Replace the Battery

To check the battery power, unplug the power cord from

the wall outlet and plug it in again after a few minutes. If

the displayed time is incorrect, replace the battery with a

new one.

Changing the

Brightness of the

Clock display

Turn BRIGHTNESS to adjust the brightness of the

clock display.

Setting the Clock


Plug in the unit.

The display will flash “AM 12:00”.





Press FAST+ or – to adjust the time.

When you press FAST+, the time is raised rapidly.

When you press FAST–, the time is lowered


When you press +, the time is raised in one-minute





Make sure that the ALARM TIME/CLOCK SET is

set to HOLD. When it is set to HOLD, you cannot

see the red label underneath. Otherwise, the

displayed time might be changed if FAST+ or –

happens to be pressed.

To display minute and second, press SNOOZE.

Example: When the current time is 7:15:10, the display

will become:

7 : 1 5 , 5 : 1 0

Lower of minute digit

The display returns to the current time when you release


To adjust the time exactly to the second, press + briefly

with the time signal.

Operating the Radio


Press RADIO ON to turn on the radio.


Adjust volume using VOL.


Select the BAND.



Tune into a station using TUNE.



To turn off the radio


Improving the




FM: Extend the FM wire antenna fully to improve FM



AM: Rotate the unit horizontally for optimum

reception. A ferrite bar antenna is built into the


Setting the Alarm

This radio is equipped with 3 alarm modes – RADIO,

BUZZER and RADIO+BUZZER. Before setting the

alarm, make sure to set the clock (see “Setting the


To set the radio alarm, first tune in to a station and adjust

the volume.





Press FAST+ or – to select the desired time.

When you press FAST+, the time is raised rapidly.

When you press FAST–, the time is lowered


When you press +, the time is raised in one-minute





Make sure that the ALARM TIME/CLOCK SET is

set to HOLD after setting the clock. When it is set to

HOLD, you cannot see the red label underneath.





indicator lights up. When you set both alarm times,


indicators light up.

The alarm will come on at the preset time and will

automatically turn itself off after about 59 minutes.

If the same alarm time is set for both RADIO and

BUZZER, RADIO will take priority.

To check the alarm setting



To Doze for a Few More Minutes


The radio or buzzer turns off but will automatically

come on again after about 6 minutes. You can repeat this

process as many times as you like.

To Stop the Alarm

Press ALARM RESET•RADIO OFF to turn off the


The alarm will come on again at the same time the next


To Deactive the Alarm

Set the ALARM MODE to OFF.


indicators will be turned off.

To Adjust the Alarm Level


Select the volume of the alarm by setting ALARM VOL

to HIGH or LOW.


If you select the RADIO+BUZZER mode, set the

BUZZER alarm time earlier than the RADIO alarm

time, and then use the SNOOZE to turn off the buzzer,

the radio will not come on even if the RADIO alarm

time comes during the snooze period; only the buzzer

will come back on after the snooze period is over.

Setting the Sleep


Enjoy falling asleep to the radio using the built-in sleep


Press SLEEP.

The radio turns on. You can set the sleep timer to

durations up to 59 minutes. When you keep pressing

SLEEP, the time is lowered in one-minute steps.

When you press FAST+ or – while holding down

Second digits

SLEEP, the time is changed rapidly. When you press +

while holding down SLEEP, the time is raised in one-

minute steps.

The radio will play for the time you set, then turn off.

To turn off the radio before the preset time



• Operate the unit on the power source specified in


• The nameplate indicating operating voltage, etc. is

located at the bottom of the unit.

• To disconnect the power cord (mains lead), pull it out

by the plug, not the cord.

• The unit is not disconnected from the AC power

source (mains) as long as it is connected to the wall

outlet even if the unit itself has been turned off.

• Do not leave the unit in a location near a heat source

such as a radiator or airduct, or in a place subject to

direct sunlight, excessive dust, mechanical vibration,

or shock.

• Allow adequate air circulation to prevent internal heat

build-up. Do not place the unit on a surface (a rug, a

blanket, etc.) or near materials (a curtain) which might

block the ventilation holes.

• Should any solid object or liquid fall into the unit,

unplug the unit and have it checked by a qualified

personnel before operating it any further.

• To clean the casing, use a soft cloth dampened with a

mild detergent solution.

• Do not connect the antenna lead to an external


Battery Warning

When the unit will be left unplugged for a long time,

remove the battery to avoid undue battery discharge and

damage to the unit from battery leakage.

If you have any questions or problems concerning your

unit, please consult your nearest Sony dealer.


Time display

12-hour system

Frequency range

FM: 87.5-108 MHz

AM: 530-1 710 kHz


inches) dia. 8 Ω

Approx. 6.6 cm ( 2




Power output

120 mW (at 10 % harmonic distortion)

Power requirements

220 V AC, 60 Hz

For power backup: 9 V DC, one 6F22 battery

Battery life

Approx. 20 hours (for clock backup) using Sony 006P

(6F22) battery


Approx. 198.7 × 101.5 × 109.7 mm (w/h/d)

× 4 × 4






inches) not incl. projecting parts and





Approx. 640 g (1 lb 6.58 oz) not incl. battery

Design and specifications are subject to change without


Lead-free solder is used for soldering.

Halogenated flame retardants are not

used in printed wiring boards.


Sony ICFCD3IP has been discontinued. See the Best Docks.

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Beechy Central Highlands and Goldfields, VIC · 17 posts

Display too bright at night

I loved the aesthetics of this alarm clock so thought I would update from my older (and dated looking) Sony alarm clock with red LED display. That was a big mistake because the screen on this model was so bright at night, even on the lowest setting. It would give me the feeling that a migraine was setting in. I tried putting a tinted contact on the screen to help, but it was still too bright at night. On the other extreme, it was too dull during the day. Because of the issue I had with it at night I had set it on the lowest brightness and durin

… Read moreg the day you had to put you hand over it to read the time. Needless to say I went for something with less of a backlight.

Other than this issue I would have given this clock 4 to 5 stars.
Full features, iPhone dock, CD Player
Screen too bright at night, too dull during the day.



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Dave Brisbane · 3 posts

It’s good but not great

This product should be reduced in price as the features do not match up to the price. As I’ve owned this for nearly two years, I’ve noticed some flaws that could be implemented on future products. The lighting display should be adjusted to suit the person. The three default options are good for the day time but not for the light time. Their could be some improvements on the antenna, this could be simply fixed by having antenna boosters ( if product is away from windows) to help improve the overall clarity of the radio stations. Overall, this product has served me for the better in helping me wake up in the morning and helping me chill out in the afternoons with some music.
Dual Alarm System, Overall Look
Antenna, Sound, Lighting Display



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rocketman AU · 5 posts

Doesn’t deliver on ‘Dream Machine’ expectation

I ordered another Sony Clock Radio which the supplier didn’t have so they offered me the Sony ICFCD3IP as a substitute. I hadn’t read the Product Review comments and wish I had. The comments re backlight brightness are spot on – even on the lowest setting, I can project shadows on my wall! If it’s not going to be used in a bedroom then it’d be a reasonable unit. Be aware that the little speaker is limited in its capability.
Big display, ipod dock tucks away when not in use, plays CD/ipod/aux mp3/radio all in one unit.
Display brightness.



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Peter Delany Sydney, NSW · 3 posts

Lasted only 18 months

The other reviews regarding being too bright at night and poor sound quality are valid. Worse still, my unit lasted only a little over 18 months before the processor seemed to go crazy and nothing except the clock would work. A very expensive piece of electronics to last less than 2 years.
Cute features
Too bright, poor sound, lasted less than 2 years.



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Wambijohn Sydney Surrounds, NSW · 4 posts

Paid too much for too little

Like others, I found it way too bright – who needs an alarm when you’ve got a spotlight in your bedroom. I put two layers of window tint over the display to make it bearable at night but you can’t see the display when the room light’s on. After changing my iPhone for a Samsung Galaxy S2, the dock became useless. Also if it’s disconnected from power (changing rooms, power outage etc) the display refuses to come back on until you tap every button and give it a general banging about.
Phone alarm is better and more convenient so unit is now useless junk, thanks Sony.

Display too bright and then dies. Expensive for an alarm clock or iPod/Phone dock considering the poor sound it produces.




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jbinion1018 AU


Overall this is a acceptable item for what it is used for. Other then the brightness situation it still has amazing sound quality and has a lot of features that other docks do not have.
it very stylish and it lets you listen to the music you love and tells you the time,the speaker quality is amazing
The brightness of the digits in the time is so bright its like a flash light, even though it has 3 setting, it still is to bright for a regular room



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happy2help 2 posts


Really loved it for the sound quality (decent from the small upfacing speaker behind the display) and all the features in such a small device. If the backlit screen could be dimmed completely I would have loved it, but since the light keeps you awake it definately isn’t a dream machine.
Great to have CD, radio, Ipod and MP3 playing facilities. Very compact and user friendly with 2 easy to use alarms – can set to only go off on weekdays or on the weekend. Can wake up to your CD or ipod tunes. Remote.
Really bright. It has 3 brightness controls,

… Read morebut even on the lowest setting it lights up the whole room. It was actually still keeping me away with it turned away from me, so I had to put a cloth over it. This defeated the purpose, so I took it back after 3 days.



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Clara V.

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Matt-Sydney AU · 2 posts

Great little unit

Bought these for the kids to use with their ipod touch. Very easy to use, good price and a stylish alarm clock. Provides a simple way to charge the ipod and they can listen to their playlists or cd’s at any time. Display is a little bright but hasn’t stopped them getting to sleep.
Looks great and simple to use.



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rachlock AU · 2 posts

Poor sound quality & ridiculously bright!

I bought this because i still use cd’s a lot, but slowly moving to an iphone. the sound quality is lousy, my kids $40 teac boombox sounds way better than this Sony unit. the screen is also ridiculously bright! even on the lowest setting it lights up the whole room! It doesn’t bother me when going to sleep but if i wake in the night i have to move my big moisturiser bottle in front of it to try and block it.
Plays cds
Poor sound quality and ridiculously bright



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NBW South East Queensland, QLD · 4 posts

Waste of money

I bought it to have music in my bedroom but the ipod connection broke after a few months so now it’s just a very bright clock.
It’s nice and small to have by the bed and I can see the time (I’m short sighted)
Ipod functionality stopped working suddenly, Clock is too bright and keeps me awake so I have to turn it away. Alarm settings are complicated so I am still using my phone.



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mazzi AU · 16 posts

Great Little Unit

I Love Sony, So reliable and a long lasting product. The design of the iPod/iphone dock is a very clever idea and slides inside the unit when not being used. Its a fantastic compact unit that has a lot of class. Excellent sound quality for such a small device and fantastic device the offers Ipod, Cd and Radio. Very happy
he design of the iPod/iphone dock is a very clever idea, sliding inside the unit when not in use, Very reliable, Sony has a great name!



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notis82 39 posts


I have been very happy with this clock, you can not compare the sound quality to a stereo obviously, but for a small unit still has some kick. The radio is very clear as well, even with the AM channels and also has an automatic tune fuction. I highly recommend it.
Choice of listening between a CD, am/fm radio, or your iphone/ipod. Comes with a easy to use remote control, which can be used to skip songs whilst listening to your ipod/iphone or the CD. Has a dual alarm setting, 3 brightness display and the time it self is a big display and easy to

… Read more read.
On the back of the clock it also has a line in so you can plug other portable devices. I tested this by plugging my laptop ointo it, and no problems.
On the side of the clock the ipod/iphone sits on a tray which slides out and sits flush when pushed back in.
With the display of the the brightness, even when you put it on the lowest setting, it still produces enough light to bug you when ur trying to sleep facing the clock. Also when trying to dock the iphone its not a matter of just sitting it on you have make sure the connections align before it sits in properly.



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neodymium AU · 226 posts


Sony’s iPod Dock CD clock radio is a fantastic device for music lovers. It neatly intergrates a CD player, alarm clock and an iPod dock into a compact, stylish unit. The sound quality is surprisngly good for a device of this size. The design of the iPod dock is particularly clever and slides inside the unit when not being used. It feels a little flimsy though so its best to be careful when handling it. It’s a great product from Sony and worth considering if you are looking for a device to dock your iPod.
Provides CD player/Alarm Clock/iPod dock functionality all in one stylish looking unit
Display isn’t the best. iPod dock is a bit flimsy.



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nataliepr NSW, 2111 · 54 posts


I absolutely love this clock radio – to be able to listen to a digitally tuned radio (analog tuning never seems to quite hit the station), IPOD and cds on the one compact unit is fantastic. I have considered getting the non-cd version for another room in the house because I love it so much!
Looks stylish
Has a remote which is handy when I am at my desk in the same room
IPOD connection slots away nicely if you are not using it
Radio tunes digitally (it’s not a digital radio though)
Nothing really – it’s exactly what I was after



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Judy G · 

Where can i get instructions?



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Sony Clock Radio

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Sony ICF-C280L retro alarm clock-radio fully working

Household appliances

a year ago


Radio receiver, clock, alarm clock SONY ICF-C507. FM/AM digital radio with memory, stylish design, 3 backlight modes, 2 alarm clocks, 3 types of call (beeper, melody and radio).
Power supply – 220 V. Battery type for saving settings – CR 2032 (not included).

Audio and video equipment

11 months ago


Sony ICF-C273L radio with clock and alarm

Audio and video equipment

10 months ago


Various radios in good working order. 1 . Mason R411 – 14 ranges. FM 64-230 MHz. Universal nutrition. 2. Atlanta AT-801 – 12 bands. FM 64-108 MHz. Universal nutrition. 3.Hyundai H-1402 . FM 64-108 MHz. Universal nutrition. Works only in radio mode. 4 . WEF -202 1975 year old in very good working condition. Without chips and cracks. The antenna is original and intact. The battery compartment is clean. 5 . Sony ICF-218 DREAM MASHINE – alarm clock radio high-quality device. Additionally, I can take a photo. Unit price .

Audio and video equipment

7 months ago


Sony iCF-SW35 digitally controlled all-wave radio.