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Various weapons such as greatswords, daggers, and spears determine a character’s job when equipped. Acquire new abilities and jobs through a character enhancement system called the Job Tree.​

Choose among a variety of jobs to select two which you can switch between during battle. Using magic spells is also another effective strategy.​

Prepare for battle by acquiring and equipping more powerful gear. Collect various weapons from treasure chests or by defeating enemies.​

Each boss has its own unique movements. Identifying the enemy’s swift moves and effectively utilizing soul shield and various abilities will carry you through deadly battles.​


Basics of battleBasic JobsAdvanced JobsCraftingExpert Jobs

Fight your way through excruciating battles with a variety of means to pulverize your enemies.

Soul Burst

Once the enemy’s Break gauge reaches zero, the enemy enters a “Break” state. Approach the enemy in the Break state and activate a soul burst to deliver a finishing blow. By defeating enemies using soul bursts, your maximum MP increases, and MP is restored.

Soul Shield

Consume Break to set up a soul shield. When you take an attack while your soul shield is up, your maximum MP increases, and MP is restored. Activating a normal attack right when taking an enemy attack delivers a deep-dive counter.​

Instant abilities

If you block an ability with a purple name using the soul shield, you can then use that ability yourself. The advantage of instant abilities is that they do not consume MP, so they can be used freely.​


When your max MP is two bars or more, consume two bars’ worth of MP and max MP to activate Lightbringer. Activating Lightbringer makes it easier to finish off enemies with a soul burst and also serves as an effective method to fight back when surrounded by enemies.​


Guard against your enemies’ attacks with your weapon.
Use the dodge command while guarding to evade attacks.

Break gauge

The break gauge is a key feature in the battle system. How you wear down an enemy’s gauge is especially important when attacking.

Instant Abilities

Use action abilities by consuming MP. Action abilities can greatly deplenish the enemy’s Break gauge.

Action Abilities

Action abilities don’t just inflict a large amount of damage on an enemy’s break gauge; they can deplete the maximum capacity of that break gauge too. The further you reduce the capacity of a foe’s break gauge, the easier it will be to break them and use soul burst, which will also replenish your MP.



Enjoy the main story and side missions with your friends. Experience co-op play in a group of up to 3 players through online multiplayer mode. In this mode, equipment and other items will drop for each player to loot individually.​

Difficulty Options

Choose a difficulty mode that matches your playstyle.
HARD​ – For players who are skilled at action games, providing thrilling battles.
ACTION – For players who are accustomed to action games, providing moderately challenging battles.
STORY – For players who don’t usually play action games, allowing them to enjoy battles and the story. Make it even easier to play by turning on CASUAL mode.”

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Stranger of Paradise: Final Fantasy Origin


18 hrs

Main Story

30 hrs

Story + Sides

55 hrs


29 hrs

All Styles

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Stranger of Paradise: Final Fantasy Origin Review


Stranger of Paradise: Final Fantasy Origin’s story doesn’t come together until the final hours, but when it does it pairs nicely with a solid and engaging action combat system and a strong dose of FF nostalgia.

Jada Griffin

Reviewed on PlayStation 5

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Apr 8, 2022 – The Final Fantasy series is known for crafting new mechanics and iterating on those from game to game and despite being a spinoff, Stranger of Paradise continues that tradition by putting that Team Ninja action game spin on the series’ iconic Job System allowing you to take on the hordes of enemies Chaos throws in your way.

Watch Alien District season 2, all episodes online. Free and in high quality!

Company: Triix Media

TV Channel: NTV series

Year: 2012

Country: Russia

Genre: Detectives, Crime

Series: 3 2 episodes of 45 min.

Age: 16+

Director: Maxim Brius

Actors: Denis Rozhkov, Kirill Polukhin, Igor Golovin, Zoya Buryak, Alexei Nilov, Igor Vukolov, Yuri Kuznetsov, Sergey Kolos, Ekaterina Proskurina, Vyacheslav Arkunov

Premiere: April 8, 2013 (NTV)

Continuation of the story loved by many viewers. The protagonist of the television series – officer Frolov – again finds himself in trouble. He so wanted to return to his original place of work, because he was pretty tired of the gangster district called the Hammer. It seems that the decree on the return has already been signed, but something went wrong. And the poor fellow had to run around the walls of the Hammer police station again. His colleagues were discouraged and not happy about his return. Someone even grins maliciously, not hiding hostility. And someone just doesn’t care … Frolov seems to be starting to get depressed.

The series is shown in the player of the copyright holder, the episodes are consecutive and contain ads

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Alien Paradise – MASHA CHEBURASHKINA — LiveJournal

I live in a house on the beach. Such an expensive and wonderful gift for my anniversary, thank you Moshe. Warm sea to the horizon in my eyes during the day and in my ears at night. I have a huge terrace and a pergola above my head, from which birds periodically shit on me, but I don’t get upset because I believe that this is for money, but at the same time I understand that I will never design this element in any other house for anyone.

Every morning I sweep one huge dead cockroach out of my room. 6 cm carcass, 4 mustaches. I have never seen them alive on my terrace, which is probably why I myself am still alive, because I am terribly afraid of cockroaches. I’m even afraid to sit on the toilet for half a day when I lower his corpse there. And suddenly he will warm himself with water and resurrect? And sticks his disgusting muzzle into my tanned ass from below?? That is why I began to sweep cockroaches outside the apartment, to the site, I have their cemetery there. Already 28 dead cockroaches, not counting two in the toilet. And yes, I wonder why they come to die specifically to me? Maybe I have something with the environment?

And here is what I have been striving for all my life. Absolute freedom. I have never lived alone and have never spent more than one day alone in my entire life. And then a whole month. When no one is waiting for you, no one requires an account of where you are, and you can get up at any moment and leave wherever you please. Just go without things to the beach and sail beyond the horizon. And no one will ever find you. Amazing freedom. I enjoy her.

Here is my personal paradise, exactly the one that I once dreamed of and wanted to get into it at least in order to prove that in a month the sea will get bored, and the endless horizon will start to vomit. No, bitch, don’t get bored and don’t feel sick. Vice versa. It is not clear how I will go on without it.

I spent the first few days of my paradise in a bomb shelter. Now I cringe at whistling sounds and wait for the explosion at the end, and I hate it when loud music far away shakes the air up close. When there is no music, but the air is shaking. I’m just shaking with anxiety at this moment. Until I realize it’s just a car driving past with loud music. And these are just a few days of shelling … It’s even scary how the psyche of people who have been in this for more than a year is shifted.

No, I’m not afraid of dying at all. It must be a great favor to die when young and happy, I won’t have it, I know. I will live to the point of weakness, sclerosis and insanity. And now I’m just scared to become disabled, so I obediently drag myself into a bomb shelter. Although I don’t want to leave my terrace anywhere. Even when the air whistles. Shrinking and waiting with the hope that the direct.

I learned to smoke weed. Well, simply because with alcohol you are a Russian drunk, and with grass you are a normal member of the team, like everyone else. And the effect is slightly different. There is no need for alcohol movement, you can sit and think.

Here I sit and think. I understand that this will end soon, until the end of the lease there is only one cockroach left, we must return to reality.
And reality is news that you don’t watch at all, but they still reach you with the words “here is your darling”, words for which a couple of years ago you would have simply killed on the spot.

I see sunken villages, I hear curses against the country I still love, and I can’t believe what everyone around me believes. I can’t do everything. Just like I couldn’t believe the TV on February 24th. And I perfectly understand how pointless it is to cling to the fact that “we didn’t blow up the dam,” that if we hadn’t started all this, these houses would not have been flooded. And people would be alive. Many people from all sides would be alive. And they would live in their own countries. And they did not leave for any foreign paradise.

And at such moments I really want not to hear anything and still sail away beyond the horizon and not return while I have such an opportunity.
Reality is a girl from Ukraine, a very fresh immigrant who does my manicure. And she’s talking to me! He talks normally, which personally freezes me. I am surprised that a person who was there half a year ago speaks normally to me !!! Nadia, remember, I collected money for her here to restore windows in Bucha, crossed me out of my friends when I refused to “donate to the Armed Forces of Ukraine”. And we talked for at least 10 years, and she knows my attitude to the situation. And this Nastya with a manicure is talking to me. Surprisingly… And not because at work, but because there is no hatred. And it seems to me that there is no such place left in reality without hatred. She is everywhere. From all sides. Except my heaven where you can smoke weed.

I made myself a happy life. One day. With the joy of being right here and now. No future, no plans, no collective responsibility, no hatred. It’s like I don’t have anything to do with it, like most people around me. So summery, free, happy. For which Russia, Ukraine are just letters. Well, news at the level of “unrest in Cambodia.” How wonderful it would be to live like this forever.