Stylists for iphone: The best stylus for iPads and iPhones in 2023

11 Best Stylus Pens For IPhones (Drawing & Writing)

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Some may argue that iPhone stylus pens can not detect your palm when you use it (no palm rejection), that the pressure sensitivity doesn’t work, and that there are no control buttons….

This is true for all iPhone stylus’ since the iPhone was not designed with this in mind. You’ll need to depend on the app you draw on for thick and thin lines, which most have on the iPhone and works well.

Did you know: Even if an iPhone Stylus says it has pressure sensitivity, it’s most likely not the case when you use it on an iPhone.

This is a common misconception and I’ve yet to find a stylus that does this on the iPhone. Apple simply didn’t design it this way.

One thing is clear: There is no contest, the Adonit Note Pro 4 is the top iPhone stylus. I tested this and will describe my experience further in this guide.

Also see: The best Stylus for iPad Air. Although the devices are similar and run on iOS, the stylus pens work differently depending on the pen.

That doesn’t mean and you can’t draw and write on your iPhone with a stylus…  it just means you shouldn’t expect a digital art or graphic design experience the same way you would on an iPad. You can still use Procreate pocket and similar apps.

iPhone stylus pens aren’t typically “active” pens or connect via bluetooth

If your goal is to draw and write notes on your iPhone you can do so with a stylus with all the drawing apps available (like procreate pocket)

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This means the best stylus for iPhone will still allow you to draw thick and thin lines, even if it doesn’t have pen pressure, palm rejection or tilt control.

Table Of Contents

  1. At a Glance – Best iPhone Stylus
    • Can you use an Apple Pencil on an iPhone?
    • Are there any Stylus pens for the iPhone that have pressure sensitivity?
  2. Best Stylus Pens for iPhones (iPhone Stylus)
    • 1. Adonit Pro 4: Best Overall Stylus for iPhone 11, 12, 13, and 14
    • 2. Digiroot: Basic alternative to the apple pencil for iPhone
    • 3. Amazon Basics: Stylus for iPhone that comes in a 4 Pack
    • 4. Mixoo: Best Cheap Stylus for iPhone drawing & note taking
    • 5. Yoyo Max:: Basic iPhone stylus for drawing & writing
    • 6. SOC LL Life: Active iPhone stylus that also works with iPad
    • 7. StylusHome: Budget Drawing pencil for iPhone
    • 8. Adonit Note M: Powerful iPhone pen for iPhone and iPad
    • 9. Adonit Dash 3: Best Stylus for Procreate Pocket on iPhone
    • 10. Moko: Compatible Stylus that works on iPhone
  3. How we tested and rated our picks for the best iPhone stylus
  4. How to Choose the Best Stylus for iPhone
    • Best drawing apps to use a iPhone stylus with
    • Can you use a stylus on an iPhone?
    • How to draw on iPhone without stylus
  5. Can you use a Wacom Stylus on an iPhone?
  6. Why would you want to use an iPhone Stylus for drawing?
    • Conclusion

At a Glance – Best iPhone Stylus

If you’re creating Digital Art or note-taking on the iphone, then you’re going to get the most accuracy, precision, and control with the Adonit Pro 4 or the Honksy.  

The Adonit Pro 4 has a pen tip that works incredibly well with the iPhone and I’ve yet to find a stylus to top it. Here is our list of the best iPhone stylus pens:

  1. Adonit Pro 4: Best Overall Stylus for iPhone 11, 12, 13, and 14
  2. Digiroot: Basic alternative to the apple pencil for iPhone
  3. Amazon Basics: Stylus for iPhone that comes in a 4 Pack
  4. Mixoo: Best Cheap Stylus for iPhone drawing & note taking
  5. Yoyo Max:: Basic iPhone stylus for drawing & writing
  6. SOC LL Life: Active iPhone stylus that also works with iPad
  7. StylusHome: Budget Drawing pencil for iPhone
  8. Adonit Note M: Powerful iPhone pen for iPhone and iPad
  9. Adonit Dash 3: Best Stylus for Procreate Pocket on iPhone
  10. Moko: Compatible Stylus that works on iPhone

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When I tested the Digiroot Pen I found it worked similarly in terms of quality as the Adonit. However, it didn’t feel as premium in my hand while drawing on procreate pocket.

Adonit is a company that focuses only on stylus pens and has very Advanced models that even compete with Wacom – If anyone is capable of making an iPhone stylus, it’s either Adonit  or Apple.

Stylus for iPhone Price Note-taking Art/Drawing Quality Score
Adonit Pro 4 3 5 4 4 16
Honsky  4 3 3 3 13
Amazon Basics  5 3 3 3 14
Mixoo  4 3 3 3 13
Yoyo Max 3 4 3 3 13
SOC LL Life 4 3 2 3 12
StylusHome  5 2 2 3 12
Adonit Note M 1 5 5 5 16
Adonit Dash 3 2 5 4 5 16
Moko  3 3 3 3 12

Can you use an Apple Pencil on an iPhone?

No you cannot use the Apple pencil on any iPhone. The reason the Apple Pencil 1 & 2 are not compatible with the iPhone is because the display does not have the same touch screen design as the iPad.

Apple would have to redesign and engineer an entire new screen to make the iPhone compatible with the Apple Pencil – this doesn’t look likely in the near future. 

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Are there any Stylus pens for the iPhone that have pressure sensitivity?

No, there are no stylus pens for the iPhone that have pressure sensitivity

Some pens show they have it, however, these are pens that are meant for other devices, but also happen to be compatible with the iPhone. Try not to be fooled by marketing tactics that claim this. 

Here are some additional facts about iPhone stylus pens you may not be aware of:

  • Pressure sensitivity via an active pen that uses bluetooth (advanced for digital art) is only possible on iPad and other types of drawing tablets.
  • Tilt recognition is also dependent on the App for this reason as well.
  • Pressure sensitivity allows you to create a variety of lines and strokes with varying thickness and accuracy and can be provided by iPhone apps and not the iPhone stylus pen, which essentially lets you use varying amounts of pressure at varying angles.

Tilt control and palm rejection also does not work on iPhone unless the software provides the feature. So the Pens you see that boast tilt control on the iPhone are likely only useful for tilt on the iPad. 

Best Stylus Pens for iPhones (iPhone Stylus)

Although iPhones don’t support pressure sensitivity and tilt control, this doesn’t mean all pens will feel the same while drawing on your device. The best stylus for iPhone will allow you to draw thin and thick lines (with the help of drawing software like Procreate Pocket) and will offer a precise drawing experience. 

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Some of the pens below are compatible with previous models like the iPhone 7 and the iPhone 10 but also with the latest iPhone 13. Let’s have a look at our top selections:

1. Adonit Pro 4: Best Overall Stylus for iPhone 11, 12, 13, and 14

The Adonit Pro 4 stylus is made out of light-weight materials. No charging is required. It has an aesthetically appealing copper twist cap. 

If anyone knows how to make a stylus for the iPhone besides Apple, it would be Adonit… since this is all the manufacturer does: create stylus pens for precision drawing on touch screens.

The Adonit Pro 4 has a fine tip and is fully compatible with nearly every iPhone model created after the iPhone 4. \

This stylus is particularly ideal for Digital artists and Students that want to draw on their iPhone. 

Adonit compares well to the Honsky and Mixoo stylus pens. However, I found Adonit’s Disc tip provided the best experience on the iPhone, which was surprising. 

I tested this on Procreate pocket via an iPhone 14 Pro Max, but if I were to go Procreate full version, I’d choose an Apple pencil 2 with an iPad for Procreate.

It is important to note that the stylus pen does not scratch the screen of your iPhone and a disc tip that the Adonit has will solve this.

A benefit that stood out to me was the fact that there’s no batteries required, which shouldn’t be a surprise as iPhone stylus pens aren’t typically “active” pens or connect via bluetooth the way a wireless drawing tablet does.

Excellent stylus overall, however one disadvantage is that it does generate a clicking sound when used on the screen (standard), which may be uncomfortable for individuals who like to use it in a calm context such as lectures or school.

When used, it feels like a genuine pen and is more comfortable than rival styluses I’ve tested on the iPhone and iPad. 

2. Digiroot: Basic alternative to the apple pencil for iPhone

If you want to draw on an iPhone with pencil, Digiroot is a great solution. Considering how inexpensive this is compared to the Adonit Pro 4, it is a great choice for those who want a cheap stylus pen for the iPhone. Digiroot works on all touch screens and is a universal, aluminum-based digital pen.

What I found that was unique about the Digiroot pen is that it has two tips – one is a very small tip and  designed for tablets such as the Samsung or Fire HD. This makes it a very versatile stylist compared to others on this list.

However, the Adonit is unmatched when it comes to the iPhone specifically, but the Honsky comes in close second. In fact, it comes with 4 disc tips and 2 disk tips and is significantly less then other stylus pens as far as price point goes.

It also works well on other mobile phones and smartphones such as Google pixel and the Samsung Galaxy… similar to the ‘fiftythree’ stylus for the iPhone.

It does not have pressure sensitivity, palm recognition (I didn’t have an issue with this when I used it) or tilt control, which are nearly useless on the iPhone as mentioned earlier in this guide as iPhone app software is what will create the thick and thin lines.  

Also, the best stylus for the iPhone will be precisely weighted and formed like a pencil, which are benefits the Digiroot digital pen provides.

3. Amazon Basics: Stylus for iPhone that comes in a 4 Pack

As a budget choice, this Amazon stylus pen bundle sits in between the Adonit and the Honsky stylus. During our testing, we liked that this 4-pack comes with 3 different tip sizes (5mm, 6mm and 7mm). 

Since the iPhone doesn’t support tilt support and pressure sensitivity, this was very handy for drawing. For example, the 7 mm nib is great for drawing thick lines on Procreate whereas the 5mm ideal for details. This is one of the main advantages of the Amazon Basics kit compared to other alternatives like the Adonit pen. 

On the flip side, one of the tips (the 6mm) came off after a month of continuous usage, and that is a disadvantage. Of course, I was using the pens for many hours per day, which isn’t usual for regular users and students.

In a few words, we can safely say that the latest Amazon pens work great for drawing and note taking on iPhones and the 3 nibs make drawing much easier compared to the previous Amazon pen.  

4. Mixoo: Best Cheap Stylus for iPhone drawing & note taking

With premium aluminum materials, 1 fiber tip and 2 disc tips, the latest Mixoo pen is the perfect (cheap) alternative to the Adonit Pro 4. The rubber grip made the drawing experience more precise as the pen wasn’t slippery at any point. 

Although Mixoo isn’t as popular as Adonit, this pen’s Disc tips offer a great drawing experience on iPhones as well. In fact, one great advantage of the Mixoo pen is that, as a universal stylus, it is fully compatible with any iPhone model. 

The only disadvantage we could find during our review is that the Mixoo Disc tip isn’t as accurate for drawing and writing as the Adonit Pro 4. But, considering the price, Mixoo has done an amazing job with this pen. 

Finally, the addition of a replacement precision clear disc tip (disc tips are quite fragile) is a great advantage of this Mixoo pen that we missed in the previous model. 

5. Yoyo Max:: Basic iPhone stylus for drawing & writing

If you use the Apple Pencil to draw on your iPad, you will love our next suggestion. During our testing, Yoyo Max felt like an Apple Pencil alternative while drawing on an iPhone. Of course, this isn’t an active pen and doesn’t have tilt support or pressure sensitivity.

But, as a designer or artist who’s used to drawing with the Apple Pencil 2, you will definitely appreciate the biggest advantages of the Yoyo: ergonomic design and control over your drawings (slim tip). 

Although this pen has stellar reviews, some users claim that the fine point sometimes fails to provide perfectly straight lines. Yoyo has recently included a better tip (compared to the previous model) to solve this problem.  To be clear, this is not an active stylus pen and is considered a third party stylus for iPhone and touch screen devices.

If you prefer drawing with a slim pen tip, the Yoyo Max is perfect to use with iPhone, but slightly more expensive than the Honsky and the Amazon pens. No USB cable or anything is required to make pens of this style work on iPhone.

6. SOC LL Life: Active iPhone stylus that also works with iPad

As with the Yoyo Max, the latest SOC pen is specially created to remind us of the Apple Pencil. And the best part; it is more budget friendly than Yoyo. Although we noticed that the pen didn’t have such a premium packaging, that was pretty much the only flaw we could find.

The drawing experience with the SOC pen was precise and the fine tip felt premium even after many hours of continuous work. Unlike the Adonit Pro 4, the SOC stylus needs to be recharged. 

The charging time is 40 minutes (not too lengthy) and I found the battery lifespan is exceptional (more than 7 hours of drawing). 

Therefore, compared to the previous model, the battery is twice as strong in terms of per session lifespan, and can easily last a day of work without the need to be recharged. 

In short, if you’re looking for a more affordable alternative to the Yoyo Max, SOC pen is the best way to go when it comes to choosing a reliable iPhone Stylus.

7. StylusHome: Budget Drawing pencil for iPhone

The latest StylusHome pens are a great alternative to other (more popular) packs like the Amazon Basics and Honsky. The biggest advantage of this 3-pack is that it includes 6 replaceable tips.

Note: iPhone isn’t commonly used with a stylus, but its not the only device that can use one, which might surprise many. You can also use a stylus on the Amazon Fire HD 8 & 10.

We also liked the ergonomic design of the pens and the drawing experience was precise on both the iPhone 10 (iPhone XR) and iPhone 12 Pro Max we tested it on. This is why we consider StylusHome to be one of the best stylus pens for iPhone out there.

The only disadvantage of this pack is that it doesn’t offer a 6mm nib as the AmazonBasics pack. But, the 5mm and 7mm rubber tips are more than enough for most users. 

Compared to some of the previous StylusHome pens, the pens are battery-free allowing you to draw on your iPhone without any recharging stop.

8. Adonit Note M: Powerful iPhone pen for iPhone and iPad

Our next suggestion is the latest Adonit Note M, one of the best active pens out there. Keep in mind that this is both the most premium and the most expensive stylus for iPhones. But, why is that? 

Well, the Note M has a magnetic body that allows you to attach it to the side of your devices and supports palm rejection. Another advantage of this pen is that it comes with many shortcut buttons that you can use on iPads, but not on iPhones.

With the adonit Note M you can write a quick note or two while still having a comfortable writing experience. You can also use the Adonit Note to help prevent fingerprints and smudges on the touchscreen display.

So, a disadvantage of the Note M is that (for iPhones) you can’t use all of its advanced features. But, if you need a pen that provides a precise drawing experience on both iPads and iPhones, it simply doesn’t get better than this. 

Compared to the Adonit Pro 4, the Note M is a great pen for iPhone for those who use to draw drafts on their iPhone but polish their designs on an iPad (that supports shortcut buttons).   

9. Adonit Dash 3: Best Stylus for Procreate Pocket on iPhone

The Adonit Dash 3 is a premium pen that works perfectly with Procreate Pocket. Although we couldn’t use all the advanced features it offers on the iPhone (e.g. palm rejection), the drawing process was simply top-notch in terms of precision and control. 

Compared to the Note M, the Dash 3 doesn’t have many shortcut buttons which is a disadvantage. But, you can’t use the shortcut buttons on an iPhone anyway, so that’s not such a big issue. 

The Dash 3 doesn’t require Bluetooth to be used on your iPhone and its battery can easily last 13 hours of continuous use. 

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So, if you are looking for a more affordable solution to the Note M that still provides an awesome drawing experience on iPhones, Dash 3 is the pen for you.

10. Moko: Compatible Stylus that works on iPhone

Moko is one of our favorite 2-in-1 rechargeable pens for iPhones. Although it is a bit more expensive than the SOC pen, it is definitely worth it. A great advantage of this pen is the magnetic cap that protects the charging port of the device. 

Compared to the Yoyo Max, we couldn’t find any big difference in terms of control and drawing precision. The only flaw of the Moko is that it makes a noise when drawing on the screen. But, after a few days of continuous usage, the pen didn’t scratch or damage our iPhone in any way.

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If you need a pen that looks exactly like a traditional pen and offers good battery autonomy Moko is a great choice. In fact, compared to the previous Moko pen, the latest version offers an extended battery life (20 hours instead of 13).

How we tested and rated our picks for the best iPhone stylus

I’ve tested many iPhone stylus hands on, and found that there are varying levels of quality.  one thing that really stood out is that the disc tip based iPhone stylus  really provided the best experience. I rated those that provided the smoothest and provided the most balance higher than those that did not. 

Price point was also a factor Most of the pens for the iPhone do not have tilt, Palm rejection, or pressure sensitivity. 

Still, if the pens had these features and we’re also compatible with other tablets such as the iPad, these had a slightly higher priority when it comes to ranking since they are more versatile.

How to Choose the Best Stylus for iPhone

A good stylus pen for the iPhone will have either a disc tip or a fine tip and a good, comfortable grip. It should be balanced when you hold it, which is useful if you draw or take notes on the iphone for long periods of time. 

Also, it is important that the stylus pen does not scratch the touch screen of your iPhone, this is why disc tips are ideal..

Choosing the best stylus for the iPhone means understanding that there is no palm rejection on iPhones for drawing in most cases. 

Most styluses for the iPhone are not active pens or connected via Bluetooth.  

You can draw and write notes using a stylus on an iPhone. Apple Pencils come close to a real pen experience. But this is only on the iPad.

Best drawing apps to use a iPhone stylus with

Although iPhones aren’t as precise for drawing as iPads, there are top-notch drawing apps that will help you draw with a stylus on it. Keep in mind that iPhones don’t support pressure sensitivity. 

This is why you need a software that has a variety of brushes and toolboxes that improve your experience. The best drawing apps to use with an iPhone and stylus combo are:

  1. Procreate Pocket ($4.99, best drawing app to use with a stylus on iPhone)
  2. Adobe Illustrator (Free, perfect for Adobe Illustrator users)
  3. Infinite Painter (Free, great Procreate Pocket alternative)

Although most professionals opt for Procreate Pocket, Infinite Painter and Adobe Illustrator also offer plenty of advanced drawing features like layer systems, masks, blending modes, etc.  

Can you use a stylus on an iPhone?

Yes, you can use a stylus on the iphone, but all styluses for the iPhone are not active pens. In other words, they do not have pressure sensitivity. 

With pressure sensitivity – you can change the thickness of the lines you draw based on how hard you press on the display the same way a graphics tablet works with a laptop – or an Apple Pencil allows for on the iPad.

Certain stylus pens that have force touch aren’t ideal for iPhones. Be sure to look for this when grabbing a pen for your apple smartphone. Also, you wouldn’t be able to use a stylus on a non-touch screen smart phone, such as a flip phone.

For the stylus to register when drawing or writing you’ll need to press very firmly on the screen to allow it to register, which triggers force touch when it is not desired. It would be great if it recognized even the tiniest touch on the screen, which most capacitive stylus listed in this post allow for.

Do not expect a stylus on iPhone to work the same way the apple pencil or surface pro does, but you can expect the stylus to have less issues than these flagship devices because they are less complex in design. For example, The Surface Pen simply not working is an issue that occurs for many users.

They aren’t going to have much luck if they’re looking for a high pressure sensitivity, tilt control, stylus for iPhone since the display is simply not designed for this. There may be some softwares that allows for pressure sensitivity on the iPhone, but it’s not as fluent or responsive as using something like an iPad or laptop.

How to draw on iPhone without stylus

You can draw on an iPhone by  using your finger, but sometimes it’s easier to use a stylus pen.

The stylus pens for the iPhone are designed to be very precise and accurate.S ome of them have an eraser on the end, which is very useful. You can also use a stylus pen to type more accurately and quickly than you can with your finger.

Alternatively, you can use a DIY stylus, which is a stylus that you make yourself. I found that  a DIY stylus is very simple to make.

You will need an empty pen with a plastic tip (e. g., a BIC pen), a pin or sharp pencil, and a rubber band. Finally, you’ll combine them so the tip works to register input on the iPhone. 

I found a cheap stylus for the iPhone (like the Mixoo in this guide) works much better, though.

Finally, you’ll need a drawing app on the iphone such as notes app or procreate pocket. These softwares will let you draw and create designs that you could on an iPad or even on a drawing tablet or laptop. 

The only disadvantage is that the screen is not as large, so it’s tougher to draw (you can zoom in though)

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Can you use a Wacom Stylus on an iPhone?

Yes, you can use a Wacom stylus on the iPhone. However it is only possible with the Wacom Bamboo sketch model, which is not as widely available as it once was. 

Wacom Bamboo is a stylus pen that is used with tablets. It can be used to draw, write and as a mouse replacement. It is a great entry level Wacom stylus. Another advantage of using a Wacom stylus for drawing on aniPhone for drawing is its responsive touchscreen.

This makes it easy to draw precise lines and shapes with a finger or a stylus. Unfortunately, you can’t use an Apple Pencil either.

And, considering that iPhones have one of the best touch screens on the market, this combo is actually really powerful in terms of drawing precision.

Why would you want to use an iPhone Stylus for drawing?

I personally love drawing on the iPhone because it’s not often I carry my iPad with me while i’m waiting at a restaurant, bus stop, or on the metro in the city – sometimes all you have is an iPhone and a stylus helps you make the best of it.

It is possible that without a stylus, the quality of your iPhone drawings may not be as high as you would like. Additionally, if you are not a skilled artist, it may be difficult to create masterpieces using an iPhone. There are some upsides to drawing on an iPhone and it is certainly possible.

Using an iPhone for drawing can be a convenient and effective way to create digital artwork. One reason for this is the device’s portability. iPhones are small and easy to carry, making them ideal for on-the-go drawing.

In addition to convenience, the App Store offers a wide range of drawing apps that cater to different needs and preferences. These apps often include features such as customizable brushes, layers, and color adjustment tools, which can help create professional-looking drawings. The high-resolution display on an iPhone also allows for detailed and accurate drawing.

Many drawing apps for iPhone also offer integration with other devices and software, such as the Apple Pencil and the iPad, as well as cloud storage services like iCloud. This allows users to easily access and edit their drawings on different devices.


When it comes to choosing the best Apple iPhone stylus, keep in mind that iPhones don’t support pressure sensitivity. So, there’s no need to opt for a super-expensive active stylus to draw on iPhones.

Most of our suggestions work with almost any iPhone model (e.g. iPhone 11) and will probably be compatible with the iPhone 14 in the future. If you need to draw on an iPhone with a fine tip stylus, you could opt for a premium choice like the Adonit Note M (or the Logitech Crayon) or a more affordable pen such as the Yoyo Max.

On the flip side, if all you need is a writing pen, budget choices like the Amazon Basics or the Honsky pack are simply the best way to go. 

Finally, we consider the Adonit Pro 4 to be the best all rounder as it allows you to draw and write precisely and comes at a great price. The Pro 4 is also the best stylus for playing games on iPhone. 

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~~> BIG NEWS: The city’s celebrities have a new stylist, and it’s you!
~~> The main way to attract customers in this area is word of mouth. Sharpen your style and they’ll stretch!
~~> Be the center of attention! Go to parties and social events with clients and shoot them for Steelgram.

You are a shopping genius and now you can capitalize on your talents… by becoming a super stylist! All the cream of society appeals to you, because you, like no one else, know how to choose the perfect style. Create stunning looks for your clients, attend exclusive events with them, and don’t forget to take photos to let the world know about your incredible abilities.

> Open a style studio and create an impressive customer base;
> Choose luxurious outfits that your clients can proudly wear to events ranging from dates to premieres;
> Buy clothes with funds from the stylist’s bank and earn income by selling clothes to customers.
> Listen to the wishes of customers to choose the right clothes from different collections.
> The better you do, the more new collections you can unlock.
> No look is complete without the right accessories and a stunning pair of shoes.
> For clients to recommend you to their friends, they need to look perfect from head to toe! Create unforgettable hairstyles for them.
> Design makeup that anyone would envy.
> Attend celebrity parties with your clients and film them for Steelgram. The main thing is that they mark you in the photo!

Version 2.9.8

Hey Stylists!

Rule the fashion world with your impeccable taste and unleash your inner stylist.

Collect the Earrings Collection, Fashion Week Collection, Birthstone Collection, Fantasy Collection, and Zodiac Collection.

Don’t miss out on the Makeup Sale, Store Sale, and Weekend Offers!

Join our community on Facebook, Instagram, and TikTok for gifts and updates.

And don’t forget to leave us a review!

Ratings and reviews

Ratings: 34. 5 thousand


I love this game, it makes sense, the graphics are addictive. But English is a little clear, but please add Russian anyway 🙏

great game but…

…there is a bug on level 9. when you go to Lucy Young’s order and press the “dress up” button, you can’t do anything in the new window. no 3D model, sections with clothes do not open. developers, please fix this bug. the game is really very good, the ads are not embarrassing, since the application is free. Clothing prices are also reasonable. only this situation… not very good. Please correct.

Cherry Pie

I really liked your advertisement, I would watch it all day long, the game is superfluous, there are too many of them, please correct the mistake.

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