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Suffering From Success refers to a music album released by American producer DJ Khaled on October 22nd, 2013. In 2018, the album cover showing the producer wearing an expression of suffering gained popularity as an image macro.


On July 31st, 2013, covers for standard (shown below, left) and deluxe (shown below, right) editions of upcoming DJ Khaled album “Suffering from Success” were released[1]. Both covers showed the same image of DJ Khaled donned in jewelry and wearing an expression of suffering, with his forehead resting on his right hand. The album was released on October 22nd, 2013.

Before August 23rd, 2015, Tumblr[2] user milesupshur posted the album cover together with a caption “when u make a popular post and it blows up your notifications”. The post gained over 247,000 likes and reblogs in three years.


On July 10th, 2017, a meme posted in UC Berkeley Memes for Edgy Teens Facebook group on July 9th that year was included in a report published by New York Magazine[3].

On July 14th, 2017, Redditor[4] CloudTower posted a version of the meme to /r/MemeEconomy subreddit. The post gained over 370 upvotes within six months. On May 21st, 2018, CloudTower made another post to /r/dankmemes[5], which gained 4,300 upvotes within six months.

Through 2018, several notable versions of the meme were posted on Reddit, including /r/memes[6], /r/teenagers[7] and /r/dankmemes[8] subreddits.

By December 2018 the macro reached mainstream popularity on Reddit, with numerous examples being posted to /r/dankmemes, /r/me_irl and other subreddits.

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DJ Khaled – Suffering From Success (2013, 256 kbps, File)

1 DJ Khaled– Obama (Winning More Interlude) 0:44
2 DJ Khaled– Suffering From Success

Featuring – Ace Hood, Future (4)

Featuring – Ace Hood, Future (4)

3 DJ Khaled– I Feel Like Pac / I Feel Like Biggie

Featuring – Meek Mill, Puff Daddy, Rick Ross, Swizz Beatz, T. I.

Featuring – Meek Mill, Puff Daddy, Rick Ross, Swizz Beatz, T.I.

4 DJ Khaled– You Don’t Want These Problems

Featuring – 2 Chainz, Ace Hood, Big Sean, French Montana, Meek Mill, Rick Ross, Timbaland

Featuring – 2 Chainz, Ace Hood, Big Sean, French Montana, Meek Mill, Rick Ross, Timbaland

5 DJ Khaled– Blackball

Featuring – Ace Hood, Future (4), Plies

Featuring – Ace Hood, Future (4), Plies

6 DJ Khaled– No Motive

Featuring – Lil Wayne

Featuring – Lil Wayne

7 DJ Khaled– I’m Still

Featuring – Ace Hood, Chris Brown (4), Wale, Wiz Khalifa

Featuring – Ace Hood, Chris Brown (4), Wale, Wiz Khalifa

8 DJ Khaled– I Wanna Be With You

Featuring – Future (4), Nicki Minaj, Rick Ross

Featuring – Future (4), Nicki Minaj, Rick Ross

9 DJ Khaled– No New Friends (SFTB Remix)

Featuring – Drake, Lil Wayne, Rick Ross

Featuring – Drake, Lil Wayne, Rick Ross

10 Mavado– Give It All To Me

Featuring – Nicki Minaj

Featuring – Nicki Minaj

11 DJ Khaled– Hells Kitchen

Featuring – Bas (21), J. Cole

Featuring – Bas (21), J. Cole

12 DJ Khaled– Never Surrender

Featuring – Akon, Anthony Hamilton, Jadakiss, John Legend, Meek Mill, Scarface (3)

Featuring – Akon, Anthony Hamilton, Jadakiss, John Legend, Meek Mill, Scarface (3)

13 DJ Khaled– Murcielago (Doors Go Up)

Featuring – Birdman (2), Meek Mill

Featuring – Birdman (2), Meek Mill

14 Vado– Black Ghost 2:53

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Suffering From Success (CD, Album, Deluxe Edition, Best Buy Exclusive) Cash Money Records, Republic Records, We The Best Music Group B0019441-02 US 2013

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Suffering From Success (CD, Album) Republic Records 1947502 US 2013

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Suffering From Success (CD, Album) Cash Money Records, Republic Records, We The Best Music Group B001947702 Canada 2013

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Suffering From Success (CD, Album, Deluxe Edition) Cash Money Records, Republic Records, We The Best Music Group B0019478-02 US 2013

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Suffering From Success (16×File, AAC, Album, Deluxe Edition, 256 kbps) Cash Money Records none US 2013

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The cult of suffering: why do other people’s success on the Internet prevent us from being happy?

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Physicians v. Why there was opposition to vaccination in the medical community Dead business. Why is the absence of problems a bad sign? How to effectively and quickly retrain those who want to change their profession

None of us like it when someone constantly pushes in the back during work or, moreover, inactivity. At the same time, most of the motivational schemes are built in such a way as to ensure the acceleration of the employee in the direction the company needs. Simple and familiar schemes boil down to the principle of “stomp as you stomp”, tying income to the efficiency of work efforts.

Many companies have an up-or-out system in which an employee must move up the corporate ladder. Otherwise, he gets on the list of dismissed. Although this principle is not applicable everywhere, its popularity is higher in Russian companies than in Western ones. Especially against the backdrop of the popularity of measuring employee engagement. A recently sensational example of the Perm startup Xsolla, a service for accepting payments in online games, where a letter from a shareholder with an order to fire 150 people got into social networks. What is the reason? Employees did not devote 100% of their time to official duties. The case in Xsolla only confirms the popularity of this approach. Apparently, the shareholder was not aware that a person cannot work with 100% efficiency in principle. The effective time that a responsible, committed and engaged employee devotes to immediate duties without losing concentration is no more than 60%. And most can really work productively for only 2-3 hours a day.

Someone else’s success

Today, the pressure of the employer on the individual is exacerbated by the increased pressure of social networks. They evoke an almost neurotic reaction in people who think they are missing out on something important in their lives if they don’t do something immediately. This is the so-called “lost profit syndrome” (or FoMO – fear of missing out, a term coined by venture capitalist Patrick McGinnis).

Social networks contribute to the development of this phenomenon, as they provide any user with a continuous stream of information about how things are going well with others. Moreover, in the current moment – today, an hour ago, or even this minute. Everyone was in time, and you were late. The pressure of someone else’s success without obsessive-compulsive disorder is hard to bear. Although analysts have written many times that “success” on social networks is just an image story that has nothing to do with the truth, FoMO continues to supply psychotherapists with patients. And the regulars of social networks have an incentive to embellish their, in fact, more than modest, achievements more. The circle is closed.

One-day experts

But what about the “personal brand”? The most interesting thing is that crackling in social networks has nothing to do with building a sustainable personal brand. For example, if a private passenger of flights was photographed against the background of an aircraft, this does not mean that he knows how to fly a plane. The ability to fly an aircraft requires many years of hard training, active practice, continuous improvement of skills, and careful formation of an industry reputation. In general, a rather tedious long-term routine, and most importantly, hidden from the general public, work. And a passenger posting a photo of himself in front of the plane should at least not confuse the date of departure and not forget the ticket. At the same time, social networks will note the dynamics and the general “interesting life” of the passenger who posted the photo and stories with approximately the same attention if the pilot himself published this content. The difference can be seen in a situation where the passenger has arrived on the flight, but the pilot has not.

That’s the difference between a personal brand carrier and a popular figure in social networks can be understood only when they meet in real life. Moreover, on a professional occasion – to which most of the subscribers of the Internet star do not get. What’s more, if the netizens could swap places with the internet star for a day of their lives, it would be a healing disappointment in most cases. After all, the brighter the image in the light, the darker the shadow.

How much do you know about the life of successful online one-night stands after their brief meteoric rise? Even eco-activist Greta Thunberg, having received a lot of public recognition, disappeared from the world as soon as he got a real problem in the form of a coronavirus pandemic. Recently, Greta appeared on the cover of Scandinavian Vogue, which only surprised the audience (“what – again?”). She no longer wants to nod knowingly – they say, yes, she deserved it. It seems that the young girl worries an increasingly narrow circle of people. She will have to come up with something new to keep the world from forgetting about herself completely. Like finishing school.

Suffer for good

The pressure of someone else’s success not only makes you publicly embellish yourself, but also creates a feeling of dissatisfaction, without which there will be no development. A person often feels unhappy than happy. This is our natural state – not to rejoice selflessly from morning to night. We need inner discomfort in order to move towards finding the fulfillment of our need for happiness. This is built in by evolution (well, or expulsion from Paradise – which concept is closer to whom).

Happiness is a need that cannot be sustainably and permanently satisfied. Otherwise, development will stop. So it was conceived for homo sapiens in the “basic assembly”. If you do not understand this, you can spend a lot of money, time and health trying to catch your inner feeling of happiness by sorting out external stimuli (attributes, cars, tools, clothes, companies, people, tastes, events, travels, ideologies, etc. ). And each time more and more upset by the short duration of the effect.

The feeling that “something is missing for happiness” is normal for any person. Only those who are not threatened by development can be continuously happy – saints or idiots. The rest have to constantly move on a scale from “I’ll hang myself now” to “I’m getting better along the way.” This is not a call for everyone to be sad sufferers, but an explanation that you can experience different emotions. You don’t have to justify how you feel. The main thing is not to get stuck on any one emotion – even if it is joy. In order not to stop moving, which means not to stop living.

The opinion of the editors may not coincide with the point of view of the author.

Is suffering the key to success? | Psychology

It’s funny, it’s just me – sometimes diarrhea, sometimes scrofula? Either all or nothing. And not at all in the pretentious meaning that we would like, but in a completely banal one – if it doesn’t work out, then nothing really comes out, and vice versa, if it works out, then that’s it! It seems to be what to complain about if life has improved? Bite your tongue and seize the moment before fate changes its mind and kicks your joyfully happy ass. But what is it? Where has the creative energy gone? Inspiration, where are you? Music, huh?

I’ve always wondered why in times when life seems to “suck and it won’t get better anyway”, it only takes a little effort and the world literally turns upside down?

Unhappy love, youth, gatherings in the yard with a guitar, languid glances, timid touches, inspirational notes and the most valuable gifts in the world – boxes of chewing gum and sweets… Or their absence… So many emotions, feelings, thoughts. And how much creativity, scribbled diary notebooks, drawings and other nonsense. But is it nonsense?

Where does all this come from? Why, growing up, we lost all this, all romanticism turned into a mask of disgusting cynicism, which, in turn, hides behind the mask of so-called realism. The output is solid greyness, a day like two drops like yesterday and exactly like tomorrow. There are no emotions, strong feelings, nothing beautiful, as well as terrible, in life, and, according to especially ardent adherents of “realism”, there will not be.

Let’s return to the sinful earth. People, opinions, perceptions, no one is the same. Why are the great geniuses who created amazing things, masterpieces of literature, cinema, music, painting, sculpture, one way or another, for the most part, unhappy? Isn’t it logical that everything should be the other way around? How can an unfortunate person create something so magnificent that it will pass through the ages? On the contrary, shouldn’t this creator be happy?

Psychologists say that if, for example, a person is unrequitedly in love, then he redistributes or sublimates part of his love energy (both mental and physical) into another area of ​​his life, and since love is the strongest driving mechanism, this person achieves success in the area in which he managed to direct this energy.

Confused? Perhaps. Nevertheless, if we look at it in a simpler way, it turns out that a person has some kind of difficulty – for example, a girl (or a young man) is gnawed by an unrequited feeling of passion, or, for example, something is not going well in a relationship with a loved one. Our girl begins to constantly think about the notorious problem, beat it in her head this way and that an infinite number of times. In the process of understanding the situation, a lot of related thoughts and ideas appear. And if a person is inherently creative, he will direct these ideas and thoughts into his creativity – it can be a painting, sculpture, book, music.

Although it doesn’t have to be an unhappy love. Something else can also cause strong emotions in us: conflict in society, politics, fashion, television, music, or maybe just a ride on an attraction, and so on, so on – everyone has their own way, that’s why I reminded about the individual perception of different people . As for people who are not inclined to express themselves in art or literature, this by no means makes them uncreative. It’s just that their creativity is expressed in a different way. Many devote themselves entirely to their favorite work, someone hits the faith, others are fond of sports, and, you see, you also need to be able to hysteria beautifully and beat the dishes! Kidding.

Each of us needs outbursts of emotions to shake us up, to come out of hibernation. A sort of natural selection. Will you put your hands down? No, I’ll create a work of art! And let it be art only for you, the main thing is to express yourself. Or, if you prefer, throw out energy. For what? Everything is simple. If energy doesn’t go out, it goes in. A simple example from a school physics course. In which case will the device receive the most damage: if it falls, and its parts scatter throughout the room, or if it falls, but remains intact? It is true if the impact energy is converted into the energy of movement of the device parts.