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    IDs Accepted

    • US State issued drivers license
    • US Passport or Permanent Resident Card (Green Card)
    • State ID
    • International student visa with passport (Visa types: M, J, F)
    • Matricula Consular card (Mexico and most Latin American countries, check with your store mobile expert)
    • Employment Authorization Document (EAD)
    • US Military ID

    The leader in 5G – Now America’s largest 5G network also provides the fastest and most reliable 5G Coverage. Check out our latest Apple iPhone 14 deals, along with great Samsung Galaxy S23 Offers and OnePlus promotions . Shop this T-Mobile Store in Springfield, MA to find your next 5G Phone and other devices.


    Locations near T-Mobile Springfield Plaza

    T-Mobile Memorial Blvd & I-90

    2.3 miles away

    • location_on

      530 Memorial Drive
      Ste D
      Chicopee, MA 01020

    • access_time


      10:00 am – 8:00 pm

    • call

      (413) 592-1497


    T-Mobile Riverdale St & Myron St

    2.5 miles away

    • location_on

      1102 Riverdale St
      West Springfield, MA 01089

    • access_time


      10:00 am – 8:00 pm

    • call

      (413) 733-8262


    T-Mobile Boston & Sewell

    3. 0 miles away

    • location_on

      800 Boston Road
      Springfield, MA 01119

    • access_time


      10:00 am – 8:00 pm

    • call

      (413) 796-4702


    Sign up for Connect by T-Mobile Prepaid service

    This page will help you sign up for Connect by T-Mobile Prepaid service. See Connect by T-Mobile to learn about plan benefits. You can also learn about other current offers and additional Prepaid services, see pricing and compare our current Prepaid plans.


    On this page:

    • New T-Mobile customer
    • Current T-Mobile Prepaid customer
    • Migrate your account to Connect by T-Mobile

    New T-Mobile customer

    If you are new to T-Mobile, it is easy to sign up online. If you have questions you can call us at   1-800-TMOBILE to get started.


    Current T-Mobile Prepaid customer

    If you have an existing T-Mobile Prepaid account, click the button below to change to a Connect by T-Mobile UNL Talk & Text plan.

    Manage your plan

    Need help?

    If you don’t see Connect by T-Mobile as an available plan option, or your screen looks different, you have a different account type. You will need to migrate your existing T-Mobile account to our most recent Prepaid system to get Connect by T-Mobile for your current number.

    If you do not want to migrate your current number, go back to Connect by T-Mobile and select Sign Up you can cancel your existing account later if you want.


    Migrate your account to Connect by T-Mobile Prepaid

    This process is for existing T-Mobile postpaid customers who want to migrate to a new Connect by T-Mobile Prepaid account, or for existing customers who do not have the option to change their plan to Connect by T-Mobile when logging in to T-Mobile. com.

    What you will need to get started

    Before you can migrate your account to Connect by T-Mobile you will need the items below.

    • A new SIM Card ($10), your current T-Mobile SIM card will not work with Connect by T-Mobile Prepaid. Don’t worry, you can keep your existing mobile number. If you have more than one T-Mobile number you want to migrate to Connect by T-Mobile, contact us by dialing 611 from your T-Mobile phone.
    • The mobile number from your existing account you want to migrate.
    • Existing T-Mobile account number. Find your account number.
    • PIN/Passcode from your existing T-Mobile account which is different from your T-Mobile.com password – it’s the one you use when you call us. See PIN/Passcode to learn more.
    • An email address different from the one associated with your existing T-Mobile account.

    What you need to know

    • Some services and benefits are unavailable for Connect by T-Mobile, such as device protection, Netflix On Us, T-Mobile app self-service, and support.
    • Any existing service promotions, such as free lines or monthly discounts, will be lost and may not be available if you decide to convert back in the future.
    • When you migrate your account any existing outstanding service or device payment balance on your postpaid account will immediately become due.
    • Your voicemail account will be reset and you will lose any voicemails not saved to your device.
    • Your account tenure will reset, which may affect your ability to qualify for some device pricing programs in the near future.
    • You need to keep your account active until you activate your new SIM card. 
    • Once your new SIM card is activated it will take 2 to 4 hours to transfer your existing mobile number to your new SIM card.

    Next, follow these steps

    Important: Some of the steps may direct you to say you don’t have a T-Mobile account or SIM card already. That is okay! Continue to follow the step-by-step instructions outlined below and your account will migrate successfully.

    1. Go to https://prepaid.t-mobile.com/home.
    2. Select Shop
    3. Select Bring Your Own Device to use your existing phone. If you want to purchase a new device contact us by dialing 611 from your T-Mobile phone.
    4. Enter your ZIP code in the pop-up
    5. Select Continue.
    6. Under Check IMEI, you can check if your device will work with T-Mobile service or select Skip.
    7. Under SIM card activation, choose I need to buy a T-Mobile SIM card
    8. Select Continue. Your current SIM card will not work with Connect by T-Mobile Prepaid. Choose I have a T-Mobile SIM card if you have a T-Mobile branded SIM card that has never been used before.
    9. Select New Customer when asked if you Are you an existing customer? We are creating a new Prepaid account your existing mobile number will transfer to it.
    10. Under Product Selection, select Connect by T-Mobile plan. You can also select See More to learn about what each plan includes.  
    11. Select Go to Cart
    12.  Verify your SIM card and plan selection
    13. Select Check Out on the Shopping Cart screen. Do not add on additional lines if you intend to migrate more than one mobile number to Connect by T-Mobile. Instead, contact us by dialing 611 from your T-Mobile phone.
    14. You will be asked to Sign Up or Log in. Choose Sign Up and enter your new account information and select Continue:
      • Email Address, which must be different from the one associated with your original T-Mobile account.
      •  4-digit PIN 
      • Name
      • Address, select Original or Suggested address if a pop-up appears
      • Preferred language
    15. Enter a Line nickname if you want For example, “My Line” or “Jennifer’s line” and select Use your existing number
    16. Next, enter details from your existing T-Mobile account:
      • Mobile Number
      • Account Number
      • PIN/Passcode
    17. Complete the emergency address e911 information: Opt out or Opt in which is the default.
    18. Add primary place of use address 
    19. Select Continue.
    20. Add an email address under Shipping notifications
    21. Select Continue.
    22. Enter your payment method and address
    23. Review and agree to the payment terms and conditions
    24. Select Continue
    25. Review the order and ead the Terms & Conditions
    26. Select Accept & Place Order to finish. 
    27. An on-screen message will confirm your order has been placed.

    Still have questions?

    Check out our Connect by T-Mobile FAQs for more information on these plans. You can also engage our Community for help with general questions about this process.

    No network on the phone – what to do if it doesn’t catch and how to fix it

    8 (499) 277-18-19

    8 (499) 277-18-19
    8 (499) 277-18-19
    8 (499) 277-18-19

    Addresses of service centers

    Check status

    St. Petersburg

    MT Service

    Federal Service Company

    For example Honor 8 Lite

    • We repair
    • Warranty repair
    • About company
    • Corporate clients
    • Addresses of service centers
    • Check status

    When we need to make an immediate call, we act mechanically and do not think about whether there is a cellular connection at that moment at a particular point. The habit of using a mobile phone was fixed quickly. We do not remember that in remote areas there are still not enough transmitters and there are many places around where mobile phones are practically useless.

    There are many myths about the quality of mobile communications associated with analogue standards. Some models are considered more sensitive than others, that is, they work well even far from stations, in basements and subways. Then the power of the transmitter in the phone played a decisive role, as well as weather factors. The stereotype is alive even now, when the digital standard has replaced the analog one.

    Subscribers of different operators give arguments about how well their phone model catches the network. However, the coverage of GSM networks has leveled the influence of external factors, the power of the transmitters has increased, and all phones of this standard have similar receivers. The manufacturer forms the model range of the brand on the basis of an identical technological platform.

    In practice, the behavior of a particular phone in the network cannot be transferred to all models of the company. Most likely, the device simply works better or worse than its relatives for a number of objective reasons. Interaction with the network depends on the software, factory settings, quality of parts. All of these are prone to damage.

    Possible causes and remedies

    1. You are in an area with low base station signal strength
      If you are far out of town, in a forest, in a basement, in the subway, in the depths of an old foundation building with meter-thick brick walls, and your device shows a low network level or has lost it altogether, then most likely your device is working. And the loss of the network is caused by a low signal strength of the base station in a particular location. Also, the loss of the network by the device can be caused by a temporary shutdown of the base station itself on the operator’s side.
    2. Software failure
      If the problem with the network is caused by a software failure, perform the following operations in sequence: remove and insert the battery, if it doesn’t help, do a soft reset through the menu, if it doesn’t help, do a hard reset through the service menu. For android, this is a certain key combination: you need to turn off the device, hold down the volume button and at the same time the power button for 3-5 seconds until the service menu appears on the display. For different models, different key combinations are used (volume up, volume down, home button), but always with the simultaneous pressing of the power button. In the service menu, use the volume buttons to select the item wipe data or factory reset. A hard reset will completely delete all client data from the device’s memory (book, photo, installed programs, etc.), i.e. the device will return to the factory state in which the device was when the device was purchased. If a hard reset does not help, then your device needs a software update in our authorized service centers using official programs provided by phone manufacturers. By updating the software in our authorized service centers, you can be sure that you will be installed with the latest latest version of the software from the manufacturer.
    3. Defective antenna, antenna key, radio processor, power amplifier, displexer, etc.
      If your device stopped seeing the network in the reception area, then most likely component repairs and electrical replacement of the radio unit chips are required. Self-repair by the user of such a defect is not possible. In our SC, they will diagnose the main board, determine the damaged microcircuit and replace it with the help of a soldering station, and in case of damage to the microcircuits of the radio block under the compound (glue), they will replace the entire main board with a new one.

    Our advantages

    Doctor Brown




    • Quality
    • Speed ​​
    • Service






    • Quality
    • Speed ​​
    • Service


    • Quality
    • Speed
    • Service

    I agree to the processing of personal data in accordance with the Policy



    What is the cost? Yes, I suddenly stopped seeing the network. None of the cards are visible.

    Olga, MT Service


    Good afternoon!

    To provide an answer, please specify the brand of the device manufacturer.

    For this defect, the device must be submitted for diagnostics, then the wizard will provide an answer on the possibility and terms of service.

    We can order courier delivery to return the device.

    The courier will pick up free of charge.

    Discount for repairs, when ordered by courier, will be 10%.

    For all questions, you can contact the contact line 8 800 770 78 87.

    Thank you for contacting us!


    MT Service






    Is there your center in Murmansk?

    Olga, Svyaznoy servis


    Good afternoon!

    Unfortunately, there is no service center in Murmansk.

    We can order courier delivery to return the device.

    The courier will pick up free of charge.

    Discount for repairs, when ordered by courier, will be 10%.

    For all questions, you can contact the contact line 8 800 770 78 87.

    Thank you for contacting us!

    Anatoly Sorokhmanyuk


    iPhone 6+ writes network search



    there is a cross, it says no network?



    Hello, there is a network, but incoming and outgoing calls are not received. There is also no Internet in ai-fi. What could be the reason?



    Restarted the realme C3 phone lost connection does not catch, shows that there is no network cross, what to do, what could it be? How to make it catch?



    Good afternoon. Please tell me why the network signal appears only if the caller is close to me? It is worth moving 10 meters away, as the connection is lost. Thank you

    Olga, MT Service


    Good afternoon!

    The device must be submitted for diagnostics, then the wizard will provide an answer to the problem.

    Please also specify the brand of the device manufacturer.

    If you have any questions, please call 8 800 770 7887.

    Thank you for contacting us!



    Why does not catch the Internet in the phone and the clock does not change

    Tatiana, MT Service


    Good afternoon! Thank you for your contact. Unfortunately, it is not possible to comment on the situation without diagnosing the device. We recommend that you contact our Service Center, the technicians will check the device and only then we will inform you about the possibility of servicing. We are ready to answer your additional questions by calling 8-800-770-78-87. Best regards, MT Service LLC.



    Why is there no network in the phone

    Tatyana, MT Service


    Good afternoon! Thank you for your contact. Unfortunately, without seeing the device by a technical specialist, it is not possible to comment on the situation that has arisen. We recommend that you take the device for diagnostics.

    Additional questions can also be sent to e-mail [email protected]

    Economy calculator for mobile subscriptions — Tribune on vc.ru

    Hello everyone, my name is Vitalik, I’m the founder of Adapty.io service, we help mobile applications earn more and save money on the development of analytical BI.


    Sometimes I hear opinions that launching mobile applications is easier than the web. Easier to develop, easier to attract users, and generally stable. In my opinion, this is true only for a small proportion of niche applications. Basically, the mobile app market is highly competitive, ad auctions are expensive, and users unsubscribe quickly.

    In this series of articles, I will tell you how the mobile app economy works, how to calculate it, and, most importantly, how to improve it. Let’s start by calculating the unit economy, what to look for and how Adapty helps in this.

    Mobile app unit economy

    Like any unit economy (good article on the topic) everything is built around incoming and outgoing money per user.

    Mobile apps have a top pair of metrics that marketers look at:

    – Installation cost (CPI) – Average revenue per user (ARPU). Due to unstable access to IDFA, it is almost impossible to calculate ARPU correctly (if you do not have authorization), therefore, they calculate the Average revenue per install.

    – Cost per action (CPA) – Average revenue per paying user (ARPPU). CPA can be either trial cost (amount of money spent on advertising / number of trials) or subscription cost.

    The value of CPI usually becomes known much earlier than CPA. But at the same time, cheap installations do not guarantee low CPA.

    Usually CPI is calculated automatically in your advertising account. CPA can also be calculated in the advertising account, but for this you need to send events to the advertising network, in Adapti this is done like this.

    Accordingly, the economy is healthy when ARPU > CPI.

    Subscription Economy Calculator

    Before launching the application (and during), it is useful to have an idea of ​​whether your economy will converge or not. Especially for this, we made a subscription calculator in Adapti. This is a simple tool that will allow you to estimate the necessary numbers for CPI and subscription costs for payback.

    1 – Basic indicators

    It all starts with the fact that you need to enter the basic indicators of the application: the number of installations that you purchased, the cost of installation (CPI), indicate the cost of the subscription, duration.

    If the traffic is organic, then CPI = 0. Additionally, you can take into account the “organic income” from paid traffic. For example, if we know that we get about + 20% organic traffic from traffic, then we can change the CPI accordingly, dividing it by 1.2.

    Additionally, you can specify whether the application is part of the Apple SMB program, if so, then the commission will be calculated as 15%, not 30%.

    2 – Sales funnel

    Next, specify a trial or non-trial subscription and enter conversions. You can unlock advanced customization with the addition of steps.

    3 – Graph with results

    Next, the Calculator will generate two graphs. The first one will show the growth in revenue relative to the cost of user acquisition (green and red lines). As soon as the green line is higher than the red one, then the revenue (before deducting the commission) has broken through the threshold of the acquisition cost and you are in the black! The number of write-off is indicated on the horizontal axis.

    The second graph visually shows how the funnel of subscribers fades depending on the payment order.

    4 – Results in table

    In the table, you can find a detailed decomposition of revenue, expenses, net income and ARPU and ARPPU figures.

    If you want to get a Google Sheet with all the formulas, which can be modified in any way, just fill out the form.