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  • Rs 18,000

    Toshiba Z20T-C 6th Gen Tablet 8GB Ram 256GB SSD | Touch + Pen

    Garden West, Karachi•2 days ago

  • Rs 38,000


    Model Town, Lahore•4 days ago

  • Rs 29,500

    Toshiba z10t Touch Tabe I5 4th Gen

    Sher Shah Colony, Lahore•4 days ago

  • Rs 37,000

    Toshiba Laptop + Tab Touch Screen 6th Gen (Ram 8GB – SSD 256GB)

    Jail Road, Gujrat•1 week ago

  • Rs 29,000

    Toshiba satellite 15. 6 inch Core i3 4th 8gb/320gb Touch screen

    Paragon City, Lahore•1 week ago

  • Rs 29,000

    toshiba touch screen portege z10 tablet and laptop

    Saddar, Rawalpindi•2 weeks ago

  • Rs 55,000

    Toshiba laptop core i7 16 GB ssd 256 GB touch screen

    DHA Phase 4, Lahore•3 weeks ago

  • Rs 25,000

    Toshiba i3 4GB/512GB SSD + graphic card with touch screen 10/10

    Ghala Mandi, Kamoke•4 weeks ago

  • Rs 78,500

    TOSHIBA CORE I7 7TH GENERATION 8GB RAM 256SSD Touch screen fingerprint

    Gujranwala Bypass, Gujranwala•4 weeks ago

  • Want to see your stuff here?Make some extra cash by selling things in your community. Go on, it’s quick and easy.

  • Rs 35,000

    toshiba i5 6th generation touch screen

    Shahzada Sultan Town, Dera Ghazi Khan•4 weeks ago

  • Rs 36,000

    Toshiba Z20T-C Touch Screen with Detachable Keyboard Excellent Conditi

    Garden West, Karachi•4 weeks ago

  • Rs 42,000

    Toshiba laptop touch and type

    Sui Gas Road, Gujranwala•4 weeks ago

Toshiba Satellite L15W-B1208X – iFixit

Your touch screen either does not respond at all to your touch/stylus or responds randomly.

The driver on your laptop may have been uninstalled, corrupted, or simply outdated. To reinstall the driver for your touch screen, go to the Toshiba support website and enter “Satellite L15W-B1208X” into the search box. Filter your search through the “Drivers” tab and the “Keyboard and TouchPad” tab. Click the most recently updated driver, and then download it and run the installer.

Your touch screen may not be calibrated for use by either your fingers or a Bluetooth stylus. To calibrate it, use your mouse to click on the start icon on the bottom-left hand corner of your screen and type in “Calibrate the screen for pen or touch input.” When you click the top result, a new screen comes up. Click “setup” and then follow the instructions provided.

Your touch screen may also just simply be disabled in the settings. To enable it, type in Control Panel in the start icon of your computer. Click it, and then click Device Manager. Select the monitor section, right-click on your monitor, and then read the information given and make sure that the monitor is enabled.

Sometimes, your touchscreen may simply be covered in enough residue that it is not registering a touch. Take a slightly damp cloth and wipe the screen to clean it.

Your Toshiba Satellite L15W-B1208X will not connect to the internet wirelessly.

Your Wifi may simply not be turned on. To enable it type in Settings in the start icon of your computer. Click it, and then click Network & Internet. Select the Wifi menu, then click on the button at the top of the page that turns the Wifi from off to on.

Type in “Settings” in the start icon of your computer. Click it, and then click “Network & Internet.” Select the Wifi menu, then click on the button at the top of the page that turns the Wifi from on to off. Then click it again to turn the Wifi back on.

If networks still do not appear then type in “Settings” in the start icon of your computer. Click it, and then click “Network & Internet.” On the page labeled “Status” click the button labeled Troubleshoot. Once the troubleshooting is done click “Apply this fix.” After the fix has been applied, click “Close the troubleshooter.”

Wifi Drivers pretty much control everything about your computer, if something goes wrong here nothing will work.

If your wifi drivers are outdated, fixing it might as easy as resetting your computer. If that doesn’t work the simplest way to update your drivers will be to press the Windows Key, searching “Device Manager”, and under the tab “Network Adapters” right click your Wireless Network Adapter and pressing “update driver”.

If this doesn’t work you will have to reinstall the driver for your wifi card, go to the Toshiba support website and enter “Satellite L15W-B1208X” into the search box. Filter your search through the “Drivers” tab, and through the “Network” tab. Check your device manager from earlier and match your network card with the one on the website. Click the most recently updated driver, then download it and run the installer.

Your Toshiba Satellite L15W-B1208X is not holding its charge at all.

Your charger for your computer may be old or damaged, which could affect its ability to charge your computer.

If you find a new charger and your computer still does not charge, you may need to replace your computer’s battery. To replace your battery follow the battery replacement guide.

Audio is meant to be playing through your Toshiba Satellite L15W-B1208X’s speakers, yet none can be heard.

This is usually the most common solution to not having sound it usually stems after using new headphones or speakers. In order to fix this issue all you have to do is click the speaker icon at the bottom right of the computer screen and click on the words/numbers over the slider. After pressing this you can change the playback device until you can hear a chime coming out of your speakers.

If your audio drivers are outdated, fixing it might as easy as resetting your computer. If that doesn’t work the simplest way to update your drivers will be to press the Windows Key, searching “Device Manager”, and under the tab “Sound, video and game controllers” right-click “Realtek Audio” and pressing “update driver”.

If this doesn’t work you will have to reinstall the driver for your audio driver, go to the Toshiba support website and enter “Satellite L15W-B1208X” into the search box. Filter your search through the “Drivers” tab, and through the “Audio” tab. Click the most recently updated driver, then download it and run the installer.

If your speakers are blown out then they will need to be replaced. They can be replaced by following the speaker replacement guide.

An error such as “connect a camera” or “web camera initialization failed” may appear, or your webcam screen appears as a plane black screen.

In some instances, the camera itself can be disabled in the settings of your computer. To check this, completely shut down and restart your computer. As it is rebooting, press F2 when the Toshiba splash screen appears. Select “Advanced,” then “System Configuration,” and then “Web Camera.” You should see whether or not the webcam is enabled. Be sure to save your settings when you exit.

Sometimes the webcam software needs to be updated with a new driver. To do so, search “Device Manager” in the lower left-hand corner of the screen. Go to “Imaging Devices” and expand the drop-down menu. Your webcam should be listed there. Right-click it, and then click “Uninstall.” When you restart your computer, it should reinstall the driver with the most recently updated version.

In rare cases, other third-party software can interfere with the running of the base webcam software. To check to see if this is the issue, uninstall any third-party apps that use a webcam (such as Skype) and restart your computer. If the webcam is not working, the problem is unrelated to other webcam apps. If the webcam is working, re-install the third-party software, and check to make sure your webcam is still working. If not, the problem is with the third-party software and not your computer.

Toshiba Satellite U500 laptop with touch screen now in Chelyabinsk

  • Main

08:51 2010-09-23
/ Nikita Svetlykh / Company news

Spark Computers, a network of computer hardware stores, announces the start of sales of a new productive laptop with a touch screen Toshiba Satellite U500. You can buy a Toshiba Satellite U500 laptop at Spark Computers stores in Chelyabinsk and cities of the Chelyabinsk region at special prices.

Toshiba Satellite U500 is a productive laptop with support for touch gestures. This compact, thin and light piece of computer art now features a 33.8 cm (13.3-inch) touchscreen display that lets you navigate with just the touch of your fingers.

The 13.3-inch Satellite U500 with rich brown textured finish and touch screen takes advantage of the Windows touch technology found in Windows 7. Now users can choose how they use applications: using the touchpad, external mouse, keyboard shortcuts on the keyboard or multi-touch finger gestures on the screen. Almost any program running under Windows 7 today also responds to the touch of a finger. You can scroll through a document or web page by sliding your finger up or down the screen, or you can double-click by simply double-tapping your finger on the screen. To perform a right-click, just press and hold the desired location on the screen. Files can also be clicked and dragged. To zoom in on a photo or document, you can spread two fingers on the screen, and to rotate images, circle one finger around the other. In addition, many other multi-touch gestures are also supported.

Touch screen input is further enhanced by the Toshiba LifeSpace productivity suite, which includes the BulletinBoard project organizer and the ReelTime file search application.

For more information about the Toshiba Satellite U500, call the Spark Computers help desk in Chelyabinsk (351) 245-00-05 or visit the website:

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Top 7 laptops with a touch screen in the catalog

You probably associate touch displays with tablets and smartphones. And this is logical, since today most phones have already lost their physical buttons, and tablets were originally without them. With the release of Windows 8 in 2012, the situation began to change: touchscreen laptops began to appear. We will tell you how such devices are used and consider the most interesting, in our opinion, products from the catalog.

Since 2008, the portable electronics market has been dominated by touch screen phones. Later, tablet computers appeared, which were also equipped with touch screens. A huge number of people immediately purchased such a device. Tablets especially appeal to those who only read the news, check email, and perform other simple tasks. And it makes sense: why carry a laptop with you when all you need can be done by a tablet computer that weighs and takes up much less space, and battery life is many times longer?

Later, the Windows 8 operating system was released, which is a hybrid of mobile and familiar, and touch-screen laptops began to appear on the market. They look just like laptops with regular displays. They have a keyboard, a touchpad and so on – in general, at first glance you will never determine that a laptop is equipped with a touch screen. Let’s try to figure out what are the advantages and disadvantages of this type of model.

With notebook sales declining and basic multimedia/entertainment functions ready to be taken over by tablets running various operating systems, a variety of touchscreen notebooks is becoming a necessity. On the one hand, this allows you to quickly adapt to the interface features of new versions of Windows, in this mode it becomes more convenient to use the device. At the same time, prices remain at an acceptable level if we compare laptops with transformers that are more flexible in terms of changing shapes. As a rule, they are initially quite expensive, but the quality of the touch screen of transformers is one of the main parameters initially, so it is usually made very good. Transformers cannot be considered as ordinary laptops, since they are designed for use both in the desktop version and in the “tablet” version without reservation.

The original point of the transition to touch was exactly this: to accustom users to tiles and touch screens as a new age control tool. Several years have passed since the introduction and popularization of such technology, and we can already draw some conclusions based on research and the experience of reviews and tests. On the positive side, of course, there is convenience, because a number of operations are faster to perform with your fingers on the screen than with a mouse. What many users have appreciated, this is confirmed by the fact that laptops with a touchscreen continue to be produced, although they, of course, are far from ordinary laptops in popularity. Convenience ends when you have to work with unadapted applications, sites with small text and interface. Also, long-term control of the sensor often leads to rapid fatigue – it is difficult to keep your hand on weight, and it is rarely possible to simultaneously find support for it and conveniently control the screen. In addition, a large number of prints and a smudged display remain a problem, since many models do not have an oleophobic coating today.

Let’s take a look at some of the touch screen laptops on sale in our catalog:

Lenovo Flex 10

An ultra-portable modern laptop that offers good functionality. Lenovo Flex 10 is ideal for those who cannot imagine their lives without watching movies, gaming entertainment, and will also become a reliable partner in work, study, and business. For its price, this device offers good functionality, with an Intel Celeron N28 series processor, the clock speed of each of the two cores of which is 2.16 GHz. 2 GB of RAM is responsible for the prompt response of the applications involved in the work, which is quite modest for modern devices. Storage capacity is represented by a 500 GB hard disk space. The 10-inch screen with a resolution of 1366×768 will provide excellent image clarity.

Toshiba Satellite P55W

Another hybrid laptop, this time Toshiba. What stands out? First of all, here we have a large 15.6-inch screen, plus Full HD. You can rotate it 360 degrees, which gives you new ways to use your computer. The body of the Toshiba Satellite P55W laptop is made of aluminum and plastic. Powerful processor, 8 GB of RAM, capacious hard drive. Toshiba will work both as a work tool and leisure equipment.

Asus VivoBook F200MA

The device can offer a conventional 11.6-inch display with a resolution of 1366×768 pixels. It is based on a 2-core Intel Celeron N2830 Bay Trail processor with a frequency of 2.16 GHz. Other features of the Asus VivoBook F200MA include a USB 3.0 port, two USB 2.0 connectors, an HDMI output, VGA, a 3.5mm audio jack, a Gigabit Ethernet network port, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth 4.0 support. In general, the characteristics (with the exception of the hard drive) are extremely similar to modern Chromebooks. However, equipping a laptop with just 2 GB of memory (like the model from Lenovo) raises questions, because today even many smartphones get 3 GB of RAM.

HP Stream x360 11-p055ur

The HP Stream x360 11-p055ur has a 2.16 GHz Celeron N2840 dual-core processor. The performance and energy efficiency of this platform is superior to previous generation Intel Atom processors. This solution uses the Intel GMA HD video processor, which allows you to easily view HD video and play simple games on your laptop. The notebook is equipped with a touchscreen display with a resolution of 1366×768 pixels with a diagonal of 11.6″ with white LED backlighting. The display contrast is approximately 500:1, and the maximum brightness of the screen is approximately 200 cd/m2, viewing angles are small.

Dell Latitude 13 7350

The Latitude 7350 is based on a cost-effective Intel Core M processor designed specifically for these devices and also uses an SSD. The hybrid is equipped with a 13.3-inch multi-touch IPS display with support for Full HD (resolution 1920×1080 pixels) and protective glass Gorilla Glass, has 8 GB of RAM, a solid-state drive up to 512 GB, a front 2-megapixel camera, 802.11ac Wi-Fi Fi and Bluetooth 4.0 adapters, two USB 3.0 ports and a card reader. An 8-megapixel rear camera, a smart card reader, a fingerprint scanner, an NFC adapter, and a modem for working in networks of the third and fourth generations are also optionally available.

Lenovo Y70-70 Touch

Designed primarily for gamers, this device can handle today’s demanding graphics in games, HD video and multimedia applications. The touch screen will allow you to conveniently control your character in games and work with applications where you need to edit videos and images, model and so on. In addition, the Lenovo Y70 Touch is equipped with high-quality stereo speakers and a JBL subwoofer with support for Dolby Advanced Audio surround sound technology. The model is compact and light in its class, which is facilitated by the fact that the optical drive is taken out and is external, it supports DVD and Blu-ray discs. The laptop can work up to 5 hours on a single battery charge.

HP OMEN 15-5250ur

This 15-inch gaming hub features a 4th generation Intel processor, NVIDIA GeForce GTX 860M discrete graphics, and a variety of SSD capacities. At the same time, the model has an unusual design and moderate size for a device with such a powerful filling.