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A LEGO Transformer built by Alex Jones is no special thing. I mean, let me clarify; it certainly is special, mindblowing even, but he’s built dozens in his time and has by now mastered the art. But a combiner, by his own admission, is quite a difficult thing. Behold Bruticus Maximus, a massive transforming brawler comprised of five individual brawlers. They are the Combaticons: BlastOff, Brawl, Onslaught, Swindle, and Vortex which are somehow both the best and worst fraternity brother names ever. He tells us that weight and clutch power become a difficult obstacle when building a bipedal mech this large. But clearly, he has pulled it off with finesse.

Here is another image showcasing the individual Transformers in vehicle and robot mode. Alex seems to be a master at, not only Transformers but all things awesome and pop culture-ish. You owe it to yourself to check out our Alex Jones archives to see what I mean. And if Transformers is totally your jam, then tuck and fold into that archive as well.

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I need only two “words” to accurately describe this LEGO Optimus Prime variant by Angus MacLane: toats adorbz! The odd proportions here somehow work quite well together: tiny hands and feet, a boxy little head, and a big barrel chest sporting the truck’s grill and headlights. The overall look reminds me of some of the Playskool versions of the bot intended for toddlers. This is exactly the kind of masterful character creation you would expect from a much-revered builder like MacLane. Heck, I’m still flabbergasted by the shaping of that Optimus noggin in this scale! There’s so much crammed into that small 2x2x2 cube allowing for proper eyes and forehead visor, as well attachments for the side hardware.

Of course if it’s a Transformer, then it had better be able to transform. Angus’s Optimus folds up into a semi, with equally-adorable dimensions. The opaque medium blue windows are an elegant solution to the difficult task of conveying a windscreen without revealing the bot within. For all the unique stylistic choices here, I think I may even like this second version of Prime better than his first.

  • Kyle Keller
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For me, as long-time fan of the Transformers and having built LEGO Transformers myself, LEGO releasing LEGO Transformers 10302 Optimus Prime was a pleasant surprise. It looks great as a robot, decent as a truck and the transformation sequence is fantastic. Its look is also largely faithful to the original Optimus Prime toy from the eighties. In my book, the one thing that could make it even better was for Optimus to have his trailer or Combat Deck. So, I built one myself.

Click to see inside!

  • Ralph
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If there’s ever a need for reliable communications for the Deceptions, you can rely on Soundwave. The only comms channel we need open now is to The LEGO Group from fans to convey that we will be needing more LEGO Transformers, and this build by Zach Sweigart reinforces just that message.

Click for more visuals of Decepticon Soundwave

  • Edwinder
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Shockwave’s cold intellect and looming presence stand out in this LEGO figure by Shaddowtoa. Coming out of the Transformers toy line, Shockwave is the Decepticon’s leading scientific mind. This articulated figure captures his often repeated iconic look as established by the 1984 The Transformers animated series. This figure bears the classic purple and grey color scheme befitting Shockwave, with that dark pink chest. His singular yellow eye shines out from his angular head, analyzing everything in his gaze. The recessed black around the eye is cleverly achieved by way of SNOT (Studs Not On Top) techniques paired with brackets and slopes for the purple surrounding it. The articulation of the figure is well worth the sacrifice of the transforming elements. The figure has bend at the shoulders, elbows, ankles, knees, hips, head, and waist–not to mention the articulation in his wrist and fingers.

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  • Michael
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The amazing thing about these small Transformer LEGO builds is how well defined the characters are! They stand as proof of the skill of builders like Student Scissors here. Keeping the characters transformable and recognizable is the tricky bit when working at this scale. When I look at this figure, I instantly recognize Starscream and all his ambition to lead the Decepticons. This particular figure is based upon the Transformers 2007 movie, which turned 15 years old this month. To celebrate, enjoy the craft of this figure. Starscream’s jet alt-mode looks wonderful with little kibble left over from his robot mode. Looks like most of it tucks away nicely underneath, no doubt thanks to the clips and round plates making up the transformation joints. The robot mode is just as gorgeous, giving him his squat outline from the movie. Wedge slopes define the wide shape of his head. I have little doubt he’ll turn and flee to live another day should the battle take a turn for the worse. Classic Starscream.

  • Michael
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No, you read that right. This incredible build by Student Scissors is actually the Transtector of a human known as Ginrai. Transtectors, if you’re not familiar with the term, are non-sentient Transformers controlled by humanoids, and there’s a good reason Ginrai’s Transtector looks an awful lot like Optimus Prime. But all that is beside the point in appreciating this impressive build. If you want to call it Optimus Prime, go ahead. Truth be told, we did end up getting the Ginrai figure imported to the States rebranded as “Powermaster Optimus Prime.”

Anyway, convoluted franchise history aside, this fully transformable semi-truck doesn’t just convert into a robot, it also comes with a trailer that the main cab can combine with to form Super Ginrai. That Student Scissors made the combined form possible with enough articulation to put the original Ginrai toy to shame is an impressive feat. That it was accomplished at such a small scale – a truck mode that’s only four studs wide – is extra incredible.

If transforming LEGO sets are your thing, be sure and check out our review of LEGO’s upcoming official take on the Autobot leader.

  • Norm Harper
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The treasure trove of parts in the 10295 Porsche 911 set have made their way into the capable hands of yet another builder. This Transformer by Adrian Drake resurrects a generation one star of the series, Jazz. Originally a Martini Porsche 935 Turbo, this version still shares some of the same body designs as many of the iconic original toys sought after by collectors today. The Porsche’s front end makes up most of his torso while the doors swing out from the back like wings or down with the rest of the body to form the legs and feet. Making a functioning Transformer with LEGO is no easy feat but Adrian sure did well here.

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  • Chris Burden
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Moko is back with another awesome morphing robot build. Both modes are cleverly designed, as the bike mode barely even looks like it contains a mech within its structure. Sections of the legs are attached via ball joints twisted out and around when forming the mech. The gun is actually made up of the back of the bike, primarily the back seat and exhaust, which acts as the barrel.

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  • Rory W
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If you were into Transformers as a kid in the early 80s, there are a few characters that probably stand out in your mind, even if you haven’t stayed current with the franchise. Optimus Prime, obviously. Soundwave, the cassette player with a chest full of evil minions. And probably right up there with those two is Astrotrain – the evil Decepticon triple changer that turned into, well, a space shuttle and a locomotive. Alan Yap certainly remembers Astrotrain. In fact, he spent two years constructing a fully transformable LEGO version of the character.

Click here to take a ride on the space train…

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Way back in the mid-2000s, Hasbro launched a show and corresponding toy line known as “Transformers: Animated.” The title was no doubt a reference to the fact that Michael Bay was working to bring the Transformers franchise to live-action movies for the first time, and the corresponding Animated show was setting itself up to be everything the Bay franchise wasn’t: hand-drawn, on TV, well written, and over too soon. Hasbro managed to produce the majority of the main Animated cast in toy form so that fans of the series could continue to revisit this era of the franchise long after the show was canceled. But there was one major character that escaped our grasp and was never given a proper figure. Thankfully, Alan Yap has come to our rescue by delivering this LEGO rendition of Animated’s Omega Supreme.

Of course, it wouldn’t be a Transformer without transforming, and Alan has us covered. Continue reading →

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There’s a worry that when someone builds something in LEGO that looks so much like the real thing folks may simply pass it up when scrolling through social media. We at The Brothers Brick, on the other hand, are slightly more astute than the average bear when it comes to spotting clever LEGO creations. I can assure you, fellow bears, that this creation by Julius von Brunk is a clever one. It likely would have been featured anyway if it was merely a well-built LEGO facsimile of the Super Nintendo Game Console. Normally, we’d highlight this or that sweet build technique, point out a nice parts usage here or there then move on with our day. Shampoo, rinse, repeat. But then. But then upon closer inspection, it becomes clear that each element, the game console, cartridge, and both controllers transform into robots!

Click here to see more. You know you want to!

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Transformer car with remote control 42140 | Technic

Double the fun for kids ages 9 and up with the LEGO® Technic 42140 RC Car Transformer. For the first time in the history of LEGO Technic sets, a model flips over on impact with a wall, transforming into another vehicle. No wall? No problem – just turn the model over by hand! On the one hand, it is an aerodynamic tracked racing vehicle, on the other, a tracked research vehicle. Suspension, cockpit and tracks are on both vehicles, and the research vehicle also has a loading platform, so there will be plenty for kids to explore.

Control with app
Kids will love using the CONTROL+ app to control their car. In the application, they can drive a car and complete fun tasks. For each of the two machines, the application is different, and when the model is turned over, the screen immediately switches automatically.

A great introduction to engineering
LEGO Technic buildable models feature realistic movement and mechanics. They make the best gift for any LEGO builder with an interest in engineering.

  • 2-in-1 fun – Build the first ever LEGO® Technic flip-over car with the LEGO Technic 42140 RC Car Transformer. On one side it’s a racing car, on the other it’s a research vehicle
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  • CONTROL+ App – Kids can use the app to drive, complete fun challenges and view driver statistics. The app automatically switches screens when the model rolls over
  • For kids ages 9 and up, the app-controlled flipping vehicle has suspension, cab and tracks on both sides, and the exploration truck also has a loading platform for kids to explore as they play
  • Suspension – both machines have a balancer suspension, allowing the tracks to adapt to uneven surfaces
  • Shock absorbers – two shock absorbers are responsible for the “shooting” function, which changes the shape of the car when it rolls over. Set also includes 2 large motors and 1 hub
  • Dimensions – Reversible car measures over 12 cm high, 26 cm long and 20 cm wide
  • Learning through play – In the world of LEGO® Technic you will find advanced sets, designed specifically for LEGO fans ready to hone their building skills
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    1420×2000 mm

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    Removable cover


    Decorative pillows (dumka pillows)


    Transformation mechanism

    Eurobook (Pantograph)


    Polyurethane foam (PPU)

    Bed width


    Bed length


    Linen drawer


    Assembly required


    Warranty period, months


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    sofa with ottoman
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