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  • Sale!

    Bentley Consoles with Sliding Glass Doors

    $2,915.00$4,430.00 $2,565.20$3,898.40

  • Sale!

    Camden Corner TV Stands

    $1,525.00$2,105.00 $1,342.00$1,852.40

  • Sale!

    Camden Corner TV Stands with Shelf

    $1,650.00$2,190.00 $1,452.00$1,927.20

  • Sale!

    Camden Wall TV Stands

    $1,335.00$2,575.00 $1,174.80$2,266.00

  • Sale!

    Camden Wall TV Stands with Shelf

    $1,435.00$2,675. 00 $1,262.80$2,354.00

  • Sale!

    Cape Classic TV Stands

    $1,790.00$4,235.00 $1,575.20$3,726.80

  • Sale!

    Charlton Consoles with Sliding Glass Doors

    $2,915.00$4,430.00 $2,565.20$3,898.40

  • Sale!

    Clark Center Console

    $1,365.00$2,200.00 $1,201.20$1,936.00

  • Sale!

    Colonial Pine 48″ TV Stand

    $830.00 $730.40

  • Sale!

    Colonial Pine 52″ TV Stand

    $995.00 $875.60

  • Sale!

    Concave TV Stand

    $1,335.00$1,710.00 $1,174.80$1,504.80

  • Sale!

    Convex TV Stand

    $1,335.00$1,710.00 $1,174. 80$1,504.80

  • Sale!

    Conway TV Stand

    $2,710.00$3,930.00 $2,384.80$3,458.40

  • Sale!

    Landmark Corner TV Stand

    $1,640.00$2,150.00 $1,443.20$1,892.00

  • Sale!

    Millington 72″ TV Console

    $3,745.00$5,370.00 $3,295.60$4,725.60

  • Sale!

    Millington 72″ TV Console with Drawers

    $5,090.00$6,915.00 $4,479.20$6,085.20

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Buy TV Stands & Entertainment Centers

You can get the perfect view with a TV stand while watching your favorite movie or sports game. A TV is typically the centerpiece of your home, so to have a TV stand that adds to your décor and functionality is the best. There are several entertainment centers that you can choose from to make a statement in your home. At Conn’s HomePlus, we try to ensure a wide variety of TV stands to choose from for your home. Regardless of your TV size or home style, we have something for everyone. But before you choose your next TV stand or entertainment center – know that you have options.

Entertainment Center Types

Having a nice entertainment center is the focal point of your living room. The perfect entertainment center for your home must fit your home décor style. Whether you are interested in consoles, cabinets, or corner stands, TV stands can add flare to your home.

Consoles – are low to the ground and are best for 42” and bigger TVs. A TV media console is a great addition to your home with a good aesthetic and sleek look and storage.

Cabinets – can typically hold TVs up to 60”, provide storage space for electronics and doors that can protect your TV when you are not using it.

Corner Stands – these are great for maximizing space and only fit TVs up to 42”. Corner stands have unique features, such as fireplaces or cabinets with glass doors to store your electronics.

Open Shelf – has an open frame with an exposed shelf underneath where your TV sits, which gives a more modern look and is good for smaller spaces.

Hutch – has additional shelves on top and cabinets underneath that create a frame where your TV will sit.

TV Stand Size Options

Since TVs come in many different sizes, you need to ensure your TV stand will accommodate your TV. If the TV stand is too big, your TV will look smaller and out of place. However, if the stand is too small, it does not give your TV a safe place to sit. Keep in mind, when measuring the TV or TV stand, manufacturers use measurement by diagonal measurement. Most stands will indicate what TVs they are compatible with, but something to keep in mind is that the TV stand should be about 2-3 inches wider than your TV. Below is a list of the minimum stand width based on a TV screen size.

  • • TVs 26-31 inches: 26-28 inches
  • • TVs 32-49 inches: 30-45 inches
  • • TVs 50-54 inches: 46-49 inches
  • • TVs 55-59 inches: 50-53 inches
  • • TVs 60-64 inches: 54-57 inches
  • • TVs 65-69 inches: 58-62 inches
  • • TVs 70+ inches: At least 63 inches

It would be best if you also considered your TV stand’s height. You do not want the stand to be too tall and not have a good viewing angle, and you should be at eye level with the center of your TV.

Shop TV Stands at Conn’s HomePlus

After a long day, it is enjoyable to unwind with your favorite movie or TV show. Choosing your TV stand is an important part of your TV viewing, positioning, and height while keeping clutter at bay and storing DVD players, game consoles, and sound systems. When shopping for your next TV stand or entertainment center, shop for Conn’s HomePlus.

How to choose a digital TV set-top box

On April 15, 2019, the Russians said goodbye to analog television. Now everyone has the opportunity to watch 20 channels of digital television in good quality for free. To do this, you need to purchase only a tuner and a decimeter antenna.

What is a digital set-top box

A digital set-top box, also known as a TV tuner or DVB T2 receiver, is a device that allows your TV to receive and broadcast free digital TV channels. Simply put, the receiver receives a signal from the RTRS towers through a decimeter antenna and broadcasts it on your TV in analog or digital quality (depending on how modern it is).

Combs, tulips, HDMI?

How to choose a set-top box based on the capabilities of the TV? To do this, simply study which connectors are hidden on the back of your TV.

Modern TVs manufactured after 2015 mostly have a built-in receiver. They can receive digital channels on their own, so there is absolutely no need for a set-top box. To find out if there is a receiver, use the instructions for the TV or enter its model in the browser search engine. On the official website of the manufacturer you will definitely find detailed technical specifications of your model.

Less newer TVs have an HDMI (ash-di-um-ai) connector. This means that the prefix must have an appropriate slot.

Older TVs have either a “comb” (scart connector) or “tulips” – three slots in white, red and yellow (AV connectors). For successful collaboration, you will need a set-top box with a slot of the second type. To use the set-top box with a TV with a comb, simply buy an adapter.

How to choose

First, the choice of digital set-top box should be based on your needs and the capabilities of the TV. The wide functionality of an expensive receiver runs the risk of remaining inexhaustible due to the failure of the TV. But it’s not worth saving on a prefix.

For an analog TV (with “tulips”), it is worth considering simple TV tuners with a convenient remote control, good signal and, preferably, control buttons on the set-top box itself.

For digital and smart TVs, the requirements for set-top boxes are increasing markedly. The TV tuner may also have a slot for memory cards for recording programs or movies, as well as for viewing videos and photos. It is possible to connect the Internet via cable or wi-fi adapter. Then, with the help of TV, you can visit sites and watch videos online, download games and make video calls.

Secondly, look at the quality of the set-top box itself. Experts advise choosing a heavier receiver, because here, as elsewhere, the amount of metal is important.

Country of origin. Almost all TV tuners presented in Russia are made in China. If you don’t find a European model, don’t be discouraged, the Chinese factory assembly is almost in no way inferior to Europe.

We select an antenna

To receive a digital TV signal, you will need a decimeter antenna. Unlike the meter, its elements are much shorter – 15-40 cm. Such an antenna is also called a broadband one.

Home or street?

This directly depends on how far the transmitting center is from you. This can be found on the website of the Russian Television and Radio Broadcasting Network (see number.rf). If you live no further than 15 km from the tower, on a high floor, then feel free to take an indoor antenna. If the tower is located far away, your house is surrounded on all sides by tall buildings or forests, you should consider a more serious antenna.

Connecting and setting up the set-top box

As you already understood from the above, the set-top box is connected to the TV through the slots available on the TV. To do this, you additionally need special cables such as “tulip”, “tulip-comb” or HDMI.

Set the TV to AV mode and go to the receiver settings. We click on automatic search, and in a few minutes we can enjoy twenty free TV channels in digital quality. For any questions regarding digital television setup, you can contact the direct line RTRS – 8-800-220-20-02.

Did you know

  1. Luxembourg was the first country to phase out analogue television. It happened on September 1, 2006.
  2. Russia began a gradual transition to digital television in 2015.
  3. The theory of digital video signal compression was described by Soviet physicists Lebedev and Zuckerman in their book “Television and Information Theory” back in 1965. It is on this principle that digital television is implemented today.

Expert advice

The indoor antenna for receiving the signal should be installed closer to the window and towards the TV tower.

If, for example, a high-rise building prevents direct signal reception, the DCM antenna must be turned in the opposite direction. So you can receive the signal reflected from the high-rise.

Main selection criteria:

Renting a set-top box for digital TV

It is not necessary to purchase a set-top box, you can rent it and watch Sevstar. A television.

  • more than 180 TV channels of various subjects
  • stunning HD image clarity
  • the ability to control the air (pause, rewind, TV archive)
  • 24/7 technical support

The cost of renting a TV set-top box

Rent for only 1 ₽/month when you connect the Drive TV tariff!
first attachment
for “Drive TV” tariff 1 ₽/month
for the “Social” tariff (TVIP S-Box 110) 100 ₽/month
for other tariffs 150 ₽/month
second and subsequent attachment
for all tariffs 150 ₽/month

You can redeem TV box at any time at the current retail price. To do this, you need:

  1. replenish the balance for the amount of the cost of the prefix
  2. in your personal account or mobile application, disable the “Set-top box rental” service (if there are several rentals, select the “Second and other set-top box rental” service). In the window that opens, select the “Redeem” option.
  3. The amount will be automatically deducted from your personal account, and the prefix will completely become your property.

Fill out an application for rent :

  • yourself in your personal account or mobile application from Sevstar in the “Promotions” section;
  • by calling the 24/7 call center at +7 8692 53 95 00 or +7 978 899 00 00, requesting a call back;
  • by writing to the operator in the chat of the site or mobile application;
  • by writing to us on the social network Vkontakte, Odnoklassniki.

Our masters will deliver the set-top box at a convenient time for you, connect it and teach you how to use it.

Rules for renting a set-top box

  1. A subscriber can rent up to three set-top boxes per account. The rental price will be 150 ₽/month for each additional set-top box.
  2. For subscribers connected to the “Social” tariff, the cost of renting the first set-top box is 100 ₽/month.
  3. For subscribers who use the Drive TV tariff, the cost of renting the first set-top box is 1 ₽/month.
  4. When renting the second and third set-top boxes, regardless of the tariff, the cost of each is 150 ₽/month.
  5. Subscribers who are permanently registered in the Russian Federation or who own real estate at the place where the equipment is installed can receive a TV set-top box for paid use. It is necessary to show supporting documents to the Sevstar service engineer.
  6. To sign the lease agreement, you must present the original identity document to the Sevstar service engineer.
  7. Rent is calculated monthly on the settlement day.
  8. When the Suspension service is activated, the rent continues to accrue.
  9. By signing an agreement on the provision of equipment for temporary use, the subscriber bears full financial responsibility for the safety of the equipment.
  10. When terminating the use of the service, the subscriber must return the equipment in a complete set:
    – the equipment is accepted in a complete set without external mechanical damage;
    – in case of loss or breakage of individual parts of the kit, the subscriber is obliged to pay their cost;
    – in cases of serious external damage (deformation of the case and its elements, malfunction of input / output ports) or equipment malfunction, the subscriber is obliged to pay the full cost of the equipment.
  11. Equipment can be returned by leaving a return request by phone +7 978 899 00 00.
  12. Payment (purchase) of equipment is carried out at the current retail price or at the last retail price, if at the time of purchase it was withdrawn from sale. The equipment can be redeemed through a personal account.
  13. The subscriber can switch to other tariffs on the following terms:
    – Switching from any tariff (except “Social”) to the “Drive TV” tariff – the cost of renting one set-top box is reduced to 1 ₽ / month.
    – Switching from any tariff to “Social” – the cost of renting one set-top box changes and amounts to 100 ₽ / month.
    – Switching from the “Drive TV” tariff to any other, except for “Social” – the cost of renting a set-top box increases to 150 ₽ / month.
    – Switching from the “Social” tariff to any other is possible only if the equipment is returned and a new offer is signed, or after the purchase of the equipment, in accordance with the current rules (clause 11).
  14. Resuming the use of services during the lease.
    14.1. After the resumption of the use of services for the “Social” tariff, the rent is charged at 100 ₽ / month. Restoration to another tariff is not provided for subscribers of the “Social” tariff.
    14.2 After the resumption of using the services on the Drive TV tariff, the rent is charged at 1 ₽ / month.
    14.3. After the resumption of the use of services on all other tariffs, the rental cost remains – 150 ₽ / month.
  15. The operator reserves the right to change the terms of the lease.
  16. Television service is provided by SevStar ISPS LLC. License for communication services for the purposes of cable broadcasting No. 177072 dated November 14, 2019

Additional rules for renting equipment on bail

  1. The following equipment can be taken on bail: Archer C80 router, Archer C5 router, TVIP 530/610 set-top box.
  2. Lease on security is available to subscribers who do not have permanent or temporary registration on the territory of the Russian Federation, documents on the right of ownership or a long-term lease agreement for real estate at the place of equipment installation.
  3. Subscribers with active services “Rent” of any equipment are not available the service “Rent of equipment on bail”.
  4. Equipment rent on bail is not available for Drive TV and Social tariffs.
  5. For a subscriber who has taken equipment as a pledge, all standard equipment rental rules apply, which do not contradict these rules.
  6. A secured lease is available for one piece of equipment of each type. That is, a subscriber can simultaneously rent only one router and one set-top box.
  7. Deposit for equipment is made to the Sevstar subscriber’s account.
  8. To terminate the use of the service and return the deposit, the subscriber must return the equipment and fill out the online application “Application for a refund”:
    – the equipment is accepted as a complete set without external mechanical damage;
    – in case of loss of individual parts of the kit, their value is deducted from the security deposit;
    – in cases of serious external damage (deformation of the case and its elements, malfunction of the input / output ports) or equipment malfunction, the deposit is not returned. The equipment remains with the subscriber, and the security deposit with the company.