Tv living room: 21 Small Living Rooms With TVs That Actually Look Good

21 Small Living Rooms With TVs That Actually Look Good


Kristin Hohenadel

Kristin Hohenadel

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Published on 01/18/23

Laura Brophy Interiors

Decorating around a TV is a challenge for even the most skilled interior designers, but it can feel especially daunting to figure out how to place a TV in a small living room so that it actually looks good. While many people consider a visible TV a design crime that should be avoided if possible and covered up if not, others find it a necessary evil—there are those who find comfort in the looming presence of a large flat screen with its promise of endless hours of entertainment. No matter what your feelings are on this controversial topic, check out these ideas from a range of interior designers that will help you to make your small living room TV less of an eyesore.  

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    Use a Black and White Palette

    Kara Mann

    The easiest way to make a blank black screen fade into the background of a small living room is to decorate the room in shades of black and white. In this Nantucket cottage from interior designer Kara Mann, the flat-screen TV blends in like an extra in a black-and-white movie—it’s tucked seamlessly against the bottom of the slanted ceilings and anchored by a vintage trunk.

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    Camouflage It

    Liz Marie Blog

    Blogger Liz Marie hung a Frame TV over the mantel in her farmhouse living room that doubles as artwork when not in use.

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    Paint the Wall Black

    Design by Sissy + Marley / Photo by Marco Ricca Studio

    Sissy + Marley made this wall-mounted flat screen fade to black with jet-black paint on the wall behind the TV that blends in with a low black console and black floors. White walls and a mix of white and pale-wood built-ins create a neutral graphic color block effect that de-emphasizes the TV screen in a clever way.

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    Embed It

    Design by Ghislaine Vinas / Art Gray Photography

    In this minimalist, all-white Los Angeles living room designed by Ghislaine Vinas, the TV is embedded into a seamless wall niche that makes it look like part of the architecture, while a color photo triptych creates a focal point.

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    Hang a Large Painting on the Opposite Wall

    Heather Hilliard Design / Photo by David Duncan Livingston

    In this small railroad-style living room from Heather Hilliard Design, the striking glass doors at the far end create a focal point—the TV is hung neatly in the middle of a wall of built-ins, balanced on the opposite wall by a large painting.

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    Sideline It

    Design by Emily Henderson and Priscilla Frost / Photo by Sara Ligorria-Tramp

    This basement family room doesn’t have high enough ceilings to hang a large flat screen over the mantel, which turns out to be a blessing in disguise. Instead, interior designers Emily Henderson and Priscilla Frost hung the TV on the dark wood-paneled wall to the left of the fireplace. The TV is still visible but doesn’t dominate the room, allowing the rustic fireplace to remain the focal point and keep the screen at a more comfortable viewing height when seated on the large sectional sofa.

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    Surround It With Bookshelves

    Studio Peake

    In this London living room from Studio Peake, a wall of built-ins includes a tailor-made niche for a flat-screen TV. Colorful wall paint, furnishings, and a wall of bookshelves help to keep the TV from dominating the small space.

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    Add Black Decor

    Jenn Pablo Studio

    A trick for making a TV work in a small living room is taking care that it isn’t the only black object in the room. In this cozy living room from Jenn Pablo Studio, the black flat screen mimics the firebox and a Greta Grossman-designed Grasshopper lamp, adding contrast in a small space otherwise decorated with neutral tones and wood accents.

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    Backlight the Built-Ins

    Kendall Wilkinson Design

    Kendall Wilkinson Design surrounded a wall-mounted TV with a wall of built-in shelving with soft backlighting that helps to balance the room and ensure that the TV isn’t the only source of light on the wall.

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    Create a Niche

    Laura Brophy Interiors

    Laura Brophy Interiors created a perfectly symmetrical TV wall with built-in closed cabinetry to hide clutter and open shelving on either side of the TV niche to display objects. The soft beige and white tones of the room help to soften the tech hanging center stage, and the patterned wall behind the TV distracts the eye when the screen is off.

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    Use Bold Color

    Heather Hilliard Design / Michele Lee Willson Photography

    Heather Hilliard Design used bold shades of red and navy blue that dominate this small living room, making it easy to slip into a flat screen on the side wall that practically disappears into the background when not in use.

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    Frame It Out

    Jessica Nelson Design / Carina Skrobecki Photography

    Jessica Nelson Design chose a flat screen that fits the space above the mantel for a clean and well-proportioned look in this modern living room. A cloudy sky scene on the Frame TV flanked by windows lightens up the dark fireplace wall and a chunky mantel echoes the golden wood tones throughout the room.

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    Paint the Wall Dark

    Brexton Cole Interiors

    Brexton Cole Interiors painted the horizontal shiplap fireplace wall in this small living room in dark navy that helps the flat screen fade into the background when not in use.

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    Add an Ornate Frame

    Liz Marie Blog

    Blogger Liz Marie did not let a TV mess with her farmhouse aesthetic, embellishing a Frame TV with an ornate frame that turns it into an off-duty landscape painting—it celebrates autumn but can change with moods or seasons.

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    Keep It in Proportion

    Forbes + Masters

    Forbes + Masters floated a modest-sized flat screen on the wall of this highrise apartment living room, adding graphic wallpaper that creates movement and a low wood console styled with books and objects to add interest.

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    Add Texture

    Laura Brophy Interiors

    A black wood slat fireplace wall creates a backdrop for a Frame TV hung above the black firebox that displays a black and white photo when not in use in this Southern California living room from Laura Brophy Interiors.

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    Keep It Minimal

    Design by Cathie Hong Interiors / Margaret Austin Photo

    In this living room from Cathie Hong Interiors, a large flat screen is hung on an otherwise blank wall, but a pale wood console beneath it adds warmth. A colorful painting is on the opposite wall, plus sunny textiles and decor give the eye something to focus on when it’s turned off.

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    Color Block It

    Laura Brophy Interiors

    Laura Brophy Interiors chose a strict black-and-white palette for this small Southern California living room, with a color-blocked fireplace wall that allows the flat screen to look like part of the architecture.

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    Add Sconces

    Design by Studio-Surface / Photo by Jenny Siegwart

    Interior designer Michelle Salz-Smith of Studio-Surface didn’t try to hide the wall-mounted flat screen over the fireplace in this small California living room, but kept it small so that it doesn’t dominate the entire room. Minimalist sconces hung on either side of the screen provide balance and ambient light.

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    Add a Thin Frame

    Mindy Gayer Design Co.

    Mindy Gayer Design Co. added a thin pale frame around her wall-mounted flat screen that gives it a more polished feel and makes it feel integrated with the built-ins. A wash of soothing blue paint on the wall of built-ins steals focus and adds softness.

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    Contrast It With White

    White Sands Design Build

    White Sands Design Build hung a small flat screen in this small downstairs living room that is surrounded by white painted built-ins decorated with objects and books.


  • It depends on the layout of the room. If possible, mount your TV across from your main seating area. Try to avoid mounting a TV on a wall opposite a window to prevent glare, or be sure to equip your windows with light-blocking shades or curtains. Those with fireplaces often choose to mount their TVs above the fireplace mantel. Keep in mind that doing so requires finesse or the TV will dominate the room. This position is often too high for comfortable viewing, meaning that you may strain your neck after binge-watching your favorite shows. 

  • There are no rules when it comes to choosing the size of a TV. Some people feel that bigger is better when it comes to watching movies and big games, while others consider a big screen tacky and prefer to keep it small and discreet. If you are putting a giant TV in a small room, do your best not to make it the focal point, unless you have chosen to invest in a Frame TV that can transform into a painting or photo during off hours (and assuming you don’t leave the TV on day and night). 

  • Any size living room can be beautiful, but in a small space with no place to hide, every inch counts. Treat your small living room with respect and pay attention to everything from good lighting to color palettes to furniture layout and proportion. And be sure to finish it off with decor objects and plenty of interesting textures that will make it feel cozy and inviting.

Living room TV ideas – 10 ways to style a TV to perfection |

Planning beautiful living room TV ideas is no easy feat, but fret not, it is certainly not impossible to create a statement scheme around your TV.  

We’ve curated a selection of creative solutions to create a living room TV scheme that you can be proud of, whether that be alongside statement artwork, disguised within a wall storage, as part of your TV stand ideas or blending into a dark background. 

Living room TV ideas – provide a place for entertainment without sacrificing style

For most families, a TV is an essential tool for helping adults unwind, keeping the kids entertained, and facilitating cozy movie nights. The problem is, it’s not the prettiest piece of interior decor – when switched off, it’s essentially a large black rectangle. Here, we showcase our favorite living room ideas and small living room TV ideas that cater beautifully to TVs.

1. Have it built bespoke – and painted in one color

(Image credit: Paul Raeside / Future)

Entering this small living room is an immersive experience with the walls, cabinetry, sofa and rug all featuring nuanced hues of teal and aquamarine. 

A bespoke chaise-style sofa makes best use of limited space, while a clever combination of hidden and open storage works beautifully around a TV, which has been built-into the space.  

‘I did a lot of research into old English reading rooms and found that many of them were decorated in just one color, which is incredibly impactful,’ says interior designer Melissa Bolivar from House of Sui Sui. 

2. Keep unsightly wires hidden behind a wall of storage

(Image credit: Richard Powers / Future)

Technology is an important factor in most living rooms, from Wi-Fi access to background music, and the trend is towards totally concealed solutions. Although many modern systems claim to be wireless, there’s no getting away from charging docks, routers and aerials, all of which require cables. 

To keep these hidden, incorporate dedicated spaces for all the media you use within your small living room storage ideas, specifying small insets in the backs of shelves and cupboards to allow cables to run behind fittings.

If you are fitting a wall of storage that incorporates a space for your TV, allow sufficient room should you decide to invest in a larger model. Try not to create too big a gap, as your TV will look awkwardly small.

3. Hang your TV on a blank wall

(Image credit: Brent Darby / Future)

If you like to keep your space as fuss-free as possible, then embrace the look of a slimline TV on a simple white living room backdrop. The TV in this space is hardly hidden, but it doesn’t look unsightly, in fact, it kind of works with the monochrome scheme.

Use artwork on the adjacent wall – no matter how minimalist your scheme – to soften the look.  

4. Blend your TV into the background

(Image credit: Paul Raeside / Future)

Don’t let a TV spoil your living room aesthetic. Here, the TV blends beautifully into the bespoke wood panelling of this white and brown living room without interrupting the earthy aesthetic.

‘We will often do built-in cabinetry to frame the TV, or an enclosed sideboard with shelf options,’ says interior designer Claudia Afshar. ‘This allows you to keep playthings nearby, without compromising aesthetic. ’ 

5. Build bespoke cabinetry to fit around a TV

(Image credit: Richard Powers / Future)

Bespoke cabinetry is brilliant for creating small living room storage ideas that are specifically tailored to your needs. 

A TV in the middle surrounded by storage is a practical solution and can be softened with the addition of books and favorite pieces. Paint your shelving in a statement color to standout rather than hide it away.

‘A fitted unit will provide 30 to 40 per cent more storage than a comparable free-standing piece, but the size of the units you choose should depend entirely on the space. Avoid anything too bulky in a small room,’ says Barbara Genda, founder, Barbara Genda Bespoke Furniture.

6. Opt for a freestanding TV stand in a small living room

(Image credit: Paul Raeside / Future)

Modern life requires that the living room of the home fulfil a multitude or functions – from offering somewhere to relax and dine to office space, so well-planned living room TV ideas are the key to a practical scheme.  

If space is at a premium, opt for a striking free-standing TV stand to help ensure this room meets your every need. If there’s one thing that’s going to create the illusion of more space in a small living room, it’s investing in the right, slimline furniture – it can actually make a room feel wider in seconds. 

7. Make it feel part of the current scheme

(Image credit: Jody Stewart / Future)

Do you even notice the TV in this living room? It is most certainly not the first thing we see. Here, the slimline TV has been neatly fitted into a recessed area on the wall. Recessed walls also help to eliminate clutter – perfect for a minimalist living room.

8. Create a space fit for a family

(Image credit: Paul Raeside / Future)

Whether young or old, every member of the household needs family living room ideas that cater to the whole household, and entertainment.

While the first reception room may be the place for more formal living room ideas aimed at hosting guests, a family room is the part of the house where movie nights reign supreme, so position a TV front and center for a true viewing pleasure.  

9. Give a TV prime position in a living room

(Image credit: Davide Lovatti / Future)

For a true cinematic experience, give your TV prominent placement in your open-plan living room. Incorporate a plethora or seating options for the whole family. 

‘You need different kinds of seating,’ says interior designer Linda Eyles. ‘Sofas and lounge chairs – swivels are great – are obvious choices, but it is also good to have a couple of smaller, more upright chairs if possible. Not everyone wants to sink into a low, deep sofa.’ 

10. Turn your TV into a piece of art

(Image credit: Rowland Roques O’Neil / Future)

‘The best way to camouflage your TV is to invest in a framed version that acts as a piece of art whilst not in use,’ says Jen & Mar, the duo behind Interior Fox. 

‘It can be used as one large piece of art that discretely sits within the scheme, or can be integrated into a gallery wall. Best of all they come the slimline design comes with a choice of frames from black, white or wood, meaning your TV will never again be an eyesore.

Where is the best place to put a TV in the living room?

A family room or living room is the ideal place to put a TV, as opposed to a bedroom. 

Think outside the box, and consider ways you can disguise a TV. Built-in cabinetry that allows you to hide away the TV behind sliding doors is one option, or you can get creative by investing in a unit that doubles as a TV – and a space to display digital art and photography. Remember, the best TV in living rooms, are the ones that suit your individual needs, so don’t be swayed by any one else.

🔥 Living room design with TV (194 photos) 2023 best ideas for an apartment from a design studio in Moscow!

Placement of the TV in the living room . The large flat screen looks stylish and does not overload the design of the living room, and the TV will fit perfectly into the interior of any apartment.

Location . Remember, as a child, your parents scolded you for watching cartoons too close? Fortunately, modern models are designed in such a way that you can even place a TV in the living room close to the sofa. The main thing is to look at the whole picture at once. It doesn’t matter if your room has a sofa, an ottoman or comfortable armchairs: the TV in the living room design will logically fit against the wall opposite the resting place.

Cabinet or bracket? Hang your TV in the living room on a wall bracket if you want more lightness, or put it on a cabinet – there is no universal rule here. What is really worth taking care of is the wires. Even the most stylish interior design is easily ruined by dangling and protruding cables. A pre-provided cable channel will help to cope with this problem. He will hide all the flaws, and the wires will not disturb the harmony of the interior of the living room with a TV.

Height from floor . The specific TV height may vary depending on the height of your sofa or personal preference. At the same time, there is a universal rule: for comfortable viewing, the distance from the floor to the center of the screen should correspond to the level of the eyes of a seated person and be 100-120 cm.

Diagonal size . Choose a technique depending on the budget and the size of the room. But if in your design the TV will be the defining element on the living room wall, then its diagonal should be at least 50″. Otherwise, the feeling of an empty, bare wall will remain.

Movie projector as an alternative to . The projector will be a great alternative to the TV in the design of the living room, if the walls of your room are white or light beige without visible relief. In other cases, you can not do without a special screen. Budget options will have to be manually deployed every time you want to watch a movie. More expensive screens work from the control panel. The projector itself is mounted against the opposite wall and can be removable or permanent. Finally, when choosing this alternative, you will have to take care of the curtains. If you are going to arrange movie shows not only at night, you cannot do without thick blackout curtains. Without them, the picture on the screen will be dull and faded. Be sure to hide the wires from the projector in the cable channels!

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194 photos of the best ideas!

Living room design with TV

Looking for Living room design with TV? I tried and picked up for you not just a selection of ideas from the Internet, but the best works of interior designers from our studio!

The place of the sofa

in the design of a living room with a TV

Thinking over the design of a living room with a TV, make it a schematic sketch . This will save you from unexpected inconsistencies and help you assess the situation from the outside. Display the layout, the location of windows, doors and future furniture on the diagram, keeping the scale.

Draw an imaginary line from the window to the door . This is a place where drafts walk, which means that putting a sofa here is not safe for health.

Sofa arrangement in the living room . Determine the main function of your sofa. Are you going to watch TV in the living room every evening? Maybe guests will often spend the night on the sofa? Depending on the role, its place in the interior may change. Take a look at some layout ideas:

1. An ideal arrangement that maximizes the function of the furniture: sofa in the living room opposite the TV or diagonally from the door. Encourages you to sit down and rest.

2. A good solution for those whose guests like to stay until the morning is a sofa near the door. It is hidden behind a wall, the door overlooks the TV. With such an arrangement in the living room of your kopeck piece or treshka, a feeling of comfort is preserved.

3. If the sofa is a corner sofa, the best place for it is at the far end of the room from the entrance. Thus visually it fits into the natural boundaries of the room, does not overload the interior of the living room with a TV, and you maintain a sense of spaciousness.

Correct opening of the living room door

In or out?

Living room door opening . You can “hide” the door with the help of the right color: if the color of the door and the walls match, then the exit will become part of a single living room space with a TV and will not attract attention. Choose a model without platbands, they will not create extra relief at the edges and will help you complete the main task.

When installing the door, make sure that it opens easily and does not interfere with free access to and from the living room. If the door intersects with the furniture when you open it and there is no way to avoid this, consider alternative options. Today, models of sliding compartment doors and folding doors-“books” are presented on the market. They are especially good when you have to save usable space.

See what the designers have to offer:

1. Not the worst design option. When opening the door, you can hit the cabinet doors, but the savings in the space of the apartment are obvious: the door opens inward, and not into the corridor, where there is not too much space anyway.

2. Unfortunate choice: swinging open, the door blocks the free space. It is better to change direction or choose one of the alternatives described above.

3. Another bad design option, but now the door “eats up” space not in the living room itself, but in the corridor. If the renovation or layout does not allow for a change of direction, it may be better to install an accordion folding door or sliding doors.

4. Good location. The door opens without interfering with entry and exit, does not take up much space both in the corridor and in the living room.

Living room furniture

Living room furniture . On the one hand, the armchair matches the style of the restrained classic design of the living room. On the other hand, a bright blue color creates the necessary accent, and the interior no longer seems boring.

  • Armchair. The design studio often proposes to make the armchair the main accent of the living room interior. Play with colors and styles. For example, a baroque armchair in a minimalist living room will definitely attract attention. Don’t like radical solutions? Choose an armchair in the same style, but in a contrasting shade, for your two-room apartment. The dimensions and model should meet your ideas about comfort. You can climb into a wide easy chair with your legs covered with a blanket. In the recliner model with a reclining back, it is convenient not only to relax, but also to take a nap. A more strict design with a high back and armrests is suitable if you do not plan to sit in a chair watching TV in the living room for a long time.
  • TV stand. In the past, a living room and TV always meant a cabinet. Now wide massive TV cabinets have sunk into oblivion along with bulging TVs, tape recorders and cassettes that take up a lot of space. A light narrow shelf or a combined pedestal-shelving unit is the right solution for a modern kopeck piece.
  • Coffee table. Original design coffee table will not only create coziness and decorate the living room. It can also easily become an art object, one has only to find a suitable option. Connoisseurs of space saving will like a transforming table. It easily turns into a high and wide table for receiving guests.
  • Side tables. Solution for the interior of a small living room with TV – side table. It takes up less space than usual, easily moves from sofa to chair and at the same time successfully copes with its function. A couple of books, a cup of coffee or a candy bowl will fit on it.
  • Rack. A useful find, no matter what interior design you choose. The rack is your personal exhibition. Books, small useful things, souvenirs, figurines, just cute little things: fill it with what makes you feel good. At the same time, it is important to observe the measure and not litter the shelves. If the layout of the room requires zoning, the rack will perfectly cope with this task. Unlike thick screens and additional walls, it allows light to pass through and does not weigh down the space.
  • Additional storage cabinet. In a wide room there is enough space not only for organizing recreation. Place the sofa closer to the center of the living room with a TV, and use the freed up space for a wardrobe. In Moscow, apartments are often rented out with construction flaws. Turn them to your advantage: niches and walls can also be used to store things.
  • Fireplace. This, of course, is about electric fireplaces. Modern models can perform many functions at once. First, the fireplace is beautiful. Secondly, in the cold season, it replaces the heaters. Thirdly, some models can also work as humidifiers, which is especially important in winter, when the batteries dry out the air. If you decide that you need a fireplace, you will have to choose from three main styles: antique, classic and modern. The size of the fireplace also matters, it depends on the size of the room and the height of the ceilings. Designer’s advice will help you choose the right option and not spoil the overall style of the living room.

Kitchen + living room

If you have a tiny kitchen and a small living room, try combining them. So you get a spacious and bright kitchen-living room. This option is not suitable for everyone, but recently it has become more and more fans.

Kitchen-living room design . When placing accents in the interior of a modern kitchen-living room, do not be modest, choose several color shades at once.

As a result of combining the rooms, we will get a space with two windows, which means there will be more light and air here. There will also be a dining area. To choose the right dining table for her, count on a person of at least 70 cm. When there is not enough space for a full-fledged table, options with a folding transforming table or a bar counter will come to the rescue. By the way, the latter can visually separate the kitchen and living areas.

Ideas for a kitchen-living room

Bedroom + living room

The option of combining a living room with a bedroom is less common. This solution is not for everyone. Still, in the bedroom you want privacy, and the living room is a room where guests often visit. It is better to take a closer look at this redevelopment option for young owners of small apartments. Families with twos and threes should avoid this option. Do you want to zone the space without losing lighting and functionality? Use a rack. It will not only divide the room, but also help to place books and souvenirs.

Bedroom design with living room . See how you can successfully combine the bedroom and living room in a single room. The rack is used for zoning the room.

Living room + office

Unless you are a happy owner of a spacious three-room apartment, then most likely you will not be able to allocate a separate room for an office. Most often, the desktop is placed in the living room or bedroom. When choosing a table and its location, be guided by how often it will be needed for work. Remember that a desktop computer requires a more spacious workplace than a laptop (an average of 60-70 cm deep), and also take care of sockets and cable channels in advance, during repairs.

Living-study design . An example of a project with a bright accent on a chair. A small work table and shelves match the color of the wall and do not draw attention to themselves.

Take a look at some of the living room desk options.

1. If you don’t often use your desk for work, it’s best to make it invisible through color schemes or zoning. For example, you can choose a countertop in the color of the walls, hide the workplace behind a screen or disguise it with a rack.

2. If a freelancer needs a large table for a desktop computer, an extended window sill is ideal. The tabletop in the width of the room visually pushes the walls apart. This excellent solution will adjust the proportions of the living room in the form of an elongated rectangle.

3. For creative people and schoolchildren, a desktop built into a wardrobe is suitable. The hinged door doubles as a table top. Firstly, it is a way to quickly hide the creative mess from prying eyes while maintaining the illusion of cleanliness. Secondly, it is also space saving.

Work table in the interior

Air conditioner

in the living room with TV

How to position the air conditioner so that it fits well into the interior of the living room? First of all, it is important to place it correctly. Do not hang the air conditioner over a sofa or armchair where people often sit. Just moving it to the far end of the room will not work either: you will have to ditch the wall from the window to the attachment point, and this is quite expensive.

Air conditioner indoor unit is difficult to fit into the interior. A white air conditioner hanging on a white wall attracts the least attention.

Most often, the design project involves one of the following options for the location of the air conditioner:

1. Air conditioning above the front door. Excellent location, although it requires gating for communications.

2. Indoor unit close to the window. Unlike the first option, you will have to grind less, which means that this option is more economical. The disadvantage is that the cooled air blows on the chair.

3. The air conditioner is located in the most active area of ​​the room. With this design of a living room with a TV, cold air hits people directly.


in the design of the living room

When you calculate the number and location of sockets, the interior design should already be thought out. At least the position of furniture, appliances and stationary lamps (floor lamps and table lamps). The average number of sockets for a living room with a TV is about 15. Decide where the TV set-top box, game console, sound system will be located. It is convenient to hide sockets behind the TV screen or TV stand. If the design project implies the presence of a fireplace, 2-3 sockets can also be placed behind it. Don’t forget the Christmas tree. In the intended place of its installation, there should be enough sockets for electric garlands.


in the living room

Light decides! It is from its brightness and shade that our feeling of the room changes: it is cozy, spacious or dark and inhospitable. Consider several options for lighting a living room with a TV for different situations: a relaxing evening, receiving guests, watching a movie.

Living room lighting . The loft style in the interior of this living room is set by a brick wall, and several lamps of various types support it.

Luminaires . When choosing lamps, consider the style of the interior. In the design of a living room with a TV, it is fashionable to combine lighting fixtures of different sizes and functionality, united by one style. In the living room, it is best to install three types of lighting (spot, local and intimate), which at the click of a button will turn a bright, bright room for meeting friends into a cozy corner for relaxation.

Top light . The main type of lighting, the so-called overhead light, is represented by spotlights (they are also called work lights) and a chandelier. A spectacular chandelier can perform not only its main function, but also be an important part of the design, set the accent of your living room interior with a TV.

Table lamps, floor lamps and sconces – this is the so-called spot light . However, it should be noted that sconces rarely fit into modern design. Try replacing them with a pair of stylish lamps.

Intimate light . Subdued light elements not only illuminate the room, but create an atmosphere of romance and comfort. If guests stay overnight, then interior garlands with their warm, even light can serve as night lights.

Candles . The most interesting thing in interior design look large plain candles. However, they can be of different diameters and heights. White color and matte finish is the perfect combo for most living rooms.

Zoning . The combined rooms are divided into zones not only by shelving and screens. Light often comes to the aid of designers. In the kitchen-living room, be sure to hang a few lamps above the table. This rule works for both the bar counter and the classic dining table. For the working kitchen area, also choose working lighting. Use standard lighting techniques in the living area: a combination of overhead light with local lighting in the form of floor lamps and lamps.

Contemporary living room

The modern design style of the living room with TV is universal, combining minimalism and versatility. It is suitable for both large and small spaces.

Contemporary living room design . The clarity of lines and the presence of strict patterns are the hallmarks of modern style.

Style . Modern style is easy to recognize by its characteristic colors. It is almost always represented by monochrome shades (black, gray, white) combined with bright accents. If you do without them, then the interior of the living room with a TV will become faceless and boring. In addition to color accents, designers use large bright posters and paintings in the same style. Decor should not be much. As already mentioned, modern style is characterized by minimalism. Furniture should meet two parameters: convenience and simplicity.

Lots of modern living rooms

Neoclassical style in the living room

When turning to an interior designer, many people ask to design a room in neoclassical style. This is a kind of modern take on the classic design of the apartment. It is distinguished by a large number of decorative elements. Examples include moldings on walls and ceilings, carved lamps, a “carriage tie” on upholstered furniture. The colors in the neoclassical style are pastel, soft.

Neoclassical living room . Pillows of different sizes are a type of decor that is appropriate in both modern and classic living rooms.

Style . In the neoclassical style, as in the classical one, the correct symmetrical lines and decorative elements are combined. Moreover, there can be many accessories: these are ceiling and wall moldings, draperies, stucco, carved elements in furniture. Windows, as a rule, darken heavy curtains and drapes.

Neoclassical living rooms

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Scandinavian style




Beige in the design of the living room with TV

Bright living rooms with loud accent colors, original design projects using different shades and a dark leading color are by no means uncommon in the design of an apartment. There is no rule that a living room with a TV must be bright, although for a number of reasons, light colors prevail in modern designs. In this article, we will focus on such options as the most common.

Beige visually expands the space . Today apartments are mostly small. If this is your situation, follow the designer’s advice: beige can fix the problem.

Compatibility . The compatibility of beige with almost any other color makes it universal. It gives you freedom in choosing furniture and decorative elements: no matter what shade you use in the interior of the apartment, beige will be combined with each of them.

Create an atmosphere of warmth and comfort . Beige shades do not irritate the eyes, you do not get tired of them. This design is not boring, but you can dilute it with bright decorative elements.

Beige in the living room . In a classic interior, warm shades of beige are more common. Interior designers in a modern style prefer colder tones.

Selection of beige living rooms

Gray color in the interior of the living room

Gray color in the living room . Looking for a neutral color for a modern living room? Choose grey!

The thoughtless use of colors in the design of a living room with a TV can be a serious mistake. Deep dark tones absorb light. They can make an already small room quite small and gloomy. Medical sterility will bring an abundance of white. Choosing a harmonious neutral color, it is better to dwell on gray. It goes well with many bright and delicate shades, does not irritate or tire the eyes.

Gray living room selection

Other colors

Living room design

White color in the living room

Blue in the living room

Dark Living Room Design

Finishing materials

How to avoid embarrassing mistakes and not let the cat down the drain painstaking work on the design of the room? Should I choose artificial or natural materials? Bright colors or classic? What is more important, practicality or beauty? Everything you need to know about modern finishing materials is in the article at the link below.

10 decorating tips


We’ve already looked at some of the decorating aspects of a living room with a TV: lighting and details of individual styles. The right decor will enliven your interior and turn any room into a cozy room where you want to spend more time. To learn how to place additional accents, add zest to the interior and at the same time not overload it with unnecessary details, read the link below.

10 living room decor tips

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SOKOL A9 | Viktor Stefan

Authors of the project:
Max Zhukov
Viktor Stefan
Style: Dasha Soboleva
Photo: Sergey Krasyuk
Home-cosy inspiration: medium-sized loft-style split-level living room with white walls, medium-tone parquet floors, corner fireplace, metal fireplace front, wall-mounted TV, and blue flooring


Archcube design studio

Fresh design idea: modern style open living room with brown walls, TV on the wall, gray floor and wooden walls – great interior photo

Daria Utkina

Increasingly, they began to turn to me for the repair of secondary housing, this apartment is just like that. The customers had already lived here before we met, they were satisfied with the area and location of the apartment, they just decided to make a new overhaul. When working on the object, there was one difficulty: the plasterboard ceiling, which the customers did not want to dismantle. I had to make a new placement of lamps and electrical installations without changing the ceiling. Niches under two windows in the kitchen-living room and radiators in these niches were originally of different sizes, we made them the same, and changed the old radiators to new German ones. There is a cork on the floor, the air conditioning unit is painted in the color of the wallpaper, the piano is vintage, the window sills are made of artificial stone in the same color as the kitchen worktop.

Sophisticated 3-room apartment interior

Kutenkovs project

Homely inspiration: large modern style open plan living room with blue walls, wall mounted TV, brown flooring, medium parquet flooring, tiered ceiling and wall paper

Living room-kitchen

Ekaterina and Andrei Sannikov | Scandinavi

Photo of a medium sized modern style open plan living room with gray walls, laminate flooring, a TV on the wall, beige flooring and paneling on part of the wall

Luxurious living room

Comfort Furniture Factory

Fresh design idea: modern style open plan living room with gray walls, dark parquet floors, TV on the wall and brown floor – great interior photo

Finishing work. House in New Riga.


Stylish design: modern style living room with beige walls, medium parquet floors, standard fireplace, wall-mounted TV and brown floor – the latest trend

Apartment with color accents


Photo of a modern living room with gray walls, light parquet floors, wall-mounted TV and beige floors with


Dmitry 90 005

Home inspiration comfort: open loft-style living room with blue walls, light parquet floors, wall-mounted TV, beige floors, beamed ceilings, wooden ceilings and brick walls

Varshavskoe shosse

Arki interior design studio

Original design example: neoclassical (modern classic) living room with beige walls, dark parquet floors, wall-mounted TV and brown floors

Apartment in the historical center of petersburg 900 05 oneione interiors

The living area is a large combined space combined with a kitchen-dining room. This is the main place in the apartment where the whole family gathers.
In the living area there is a large sofa, a bookcase with expressive marble shelves and a TV area with a large polished marble panel.
A historic chandelier with golden elements and crystal crystals on the ceiling, about two meters in diameter, was bought at an auction in Europe. The pattern of the chandelier echoes the pattern of the Persian carpet lying underneath. Cast iron stove 19century – this is a real stove that stood on a Norwegian sailboat of the 19th century. The oven has been kept in perfect condition. With the help of such furnaces, the cabins of the sailboat were heated. When cold weather sets in and before the heating is turned on, the owners heat this stove, the cast iron quickly gives off heat to the air and the living room warms up.
Expressive window slopes are sheathed with oak boards with warm backlighting, which highlights the relief of historical brick. From the wide window sill, beautiful views of the green square and the measured life of the historical center of St. Petersburg open up.
During the design, the layout of the living room was repeatedly revised, but the main idea of ​​​​interior design in a loft style with open brick, concrete, brutal massif, visual separation of zones and preservation of historical elements lived to the very end.
One of the more ambitious ideas was to appropriate part of the attic space, which could lead to a beautiful illuminated cast-iron spiral staircase.
After measurements of the attic space were made, it was decided to abandon this idea due to the insufficient amount of free space of the required height.

Apartment by the river

Petra Kado

Design idea for a modern open plan living room with gray walls, a TV on the wall and brown floors


Alexey Klimov

Fresh th idea for design: a living room in a modern style with beige walls, medium parquet floors, TV on the wall and brown floor – great interior photo

Tropical castling


The project uses lighting from the Donolux brand: overhead rotary miniature LED spotlights of the HUBBLE series and overhead LED lamps of the classic cylindrical shape of the BARELL series in black.