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    Electric Stoves – Baltimore Used Appliances

    Click here to call: 443-471-8870

    Baltimore Used Appliances
    1101 North Rolling Rd.  Baltimore, MD 21228

    Please Note: We sell used appliances. We rarely buy used appliances because of time and condition. We buy in bulk.

    Hours: 8-6:30 Monday thru Friday
                 8-6 Saturday
                 11-4 Sunday

    For directions go to the Contact Page

    ​Baltimore Used Appliances has a great selection of new and used electric stoves. Come in and see what we have. Unlike gas where they are all basically the same and the main difference is the number of burners and a few other features, electric stoves have three main types, coil, smooth-top models and induction top models.

    Coil-top Electric Stoves


    • These are the least expensive stoves
    • Usually available in black or white porcelain enamel surface
    • Indicator lights to indicate the burner is on.


    • Coil elements are slower to heat and cool
    • Coils need to be removed to be able to clean completely
    • Frequently don’t distribute heat evenly
    • Easier to burn yourself because the indicator light goes off when the burner is off but still may be quite hot.

    Smooth-top Electric Stoves


    • The top is one piece of ceramic glass which makes cleaning these electric stoves easy
    • The heating elements are under the glass and are a solid disk making heating more even
    • Has lights to indicate not only that the heating element is on but also when it is cooling down.
    • Options include self-cleaning and convection ovens


    • The ceramic glass surface can scratch.
    • It is the most popular model but is more expensive.
    • Cast iron, glass cookware and stoneware can scratch the surface. Use stainless steel or copper pots and pans.
    • Unlikely but overheated metal pots or pans can bond with the glass ceramic surface.

    Induction-top Electric Stoves

    These stovetops are known for very fast cooking. Strangely, they don’t use heat, or at least they don’t make the heat in the normal way. Only certain types of cookware can be used. The induction-top stove uses magnetic pulse technology to heat the cooking container. If a magnet sticks to your pot or pan, it will work. Since it is the pot that heats up, the glass ceramic surface actually stays cool. We get fewer of these as used appliances.

    • Boils water 50% faster than gas or other electric stoves.
    • Very energy efficient. 90% goes to cooking the food vs 65% for normal electric and 50% for gas.
    • No knobs or dials, but touchscreen control.
    • Easy cleaning since it has glass ceramic surface.


    • Some cookware will not work with an induction stovetop.
    • They are the most expensive of the stoves.



    The oven will be the same no matter which type of stove top range you have. Knowledgeable cooks frequently prefer electric ovens because they are better for baking due to the dry heat. The ovens will have different features depending on the model such as self cleaning and convection cooking.

    Please visit Baltimore Used Appliances and check out our wide selection of new and used electric stoves. You can also call us at 443-471-8870.

    Utilization of electric stoves in St. Petersburg

    Interested in recycling electric stoves in St. Petersburg? There is nothing surprising in this! Sooner or later, each of us is faced with this problem, and in order to solve it without wasting our own strength and material costs, we should contact our specialized company. Not for the first year, the company has been specializing in the professional disposal of household appliances, and in particular, electric stoves, at a specialized landfill, taking into account the entire list of requirements established by law. It cannot be said that the personnel of the organization has vast practical experience, as well as high qualifications that are required in the area of ​​activity under consideration.

    Engineers have been trained to ensure safe disconnection from the electrical network of any variation of the stove. Once this is done, a technical expert will assess the condition of the device and determine its value, which will be immediately paid to the owner in the hands of after the transaction is completed. We confidently declare that your electric stove will be properly dismantled, as well as carefully taken out of the kitchen to the street, loaded onto specialized vehicles and taken to the disposal point. All related activities for the disposal of your electric stove, including its removal, are carried out by us free of charge, which cannot but please.

    We dispose of used and non-working electric stoves profitably

    We guarantee that no, even insignificant damage will be caused to the interior of a private house or apartment, and the neighbors will not come with claims because of the actions of the company’s employees. The whole process of recycling used and non-working electric stoves will take only a couple of tens of minutes, and can be carried out without the direct participation of the customer. We would like to note that equipment that has served its due date is not ordinary garbage that can be safely thrown into a household waste container. In case of violation of this rule, a significant administrative fine is provided, which can definitely spoil the mood of any person.

    What kind of old stove problems we are ready to solve:

    • If possible, the masters of the center will be happy to repair your electric stove at a minimal cost;
    • In case of disposal, we will competently disconnect the product from the household electrical network. By the way, the stove has a connection to a voltage of 380 volts, and this is deadly for an inexperienced user;
    • We take over the removal of the unit from the apartment;
    • We will provide a neat descent of equipment down and much more.

    We dispose of the electric stove in St. Petersburg free of charge

    In order to dispose of the electric stove in St. Petersburg for free, we have created a professional landfill that accommodates several workshops where the device is inspected, disassembled, packaged by components, tested, etc. .

    Purchase of used electric stoves in Moscow


    Submit your application

    electric stoves

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    The problems associated with the need to dispose of non-working household appliances are familiar to every family. Every year, progress, as well as new developments in this area, make it possible to acquire a new electric stove. But in order to install new kitchen equipment, it is necessary to dismantle the old one. Our specialization is the purchase of used electric stoves in the city of Moscow, we are ready to purchase an old electrical appliance for good money.

    If you have an unnecessary electric stove and you do not want to take it to the collection point yourself, just contact our company. We will buy your electric stove and carry out the export for free.

    The customer can be sure that cases and other metal and glass elements that can be reused will be removed and sent to recycling centers. After that, the electric stove will be disposed of. We also buy old electrical equipment for spare parts.

    Buying electric stoves for your benefit

    Do you have an electric stove that has been out of service for a long time and only takes up space in the kitchen or pantry? Then do not rush to throw it away. We will offer a good amount for such a product, while you do not have to carry your old equipment to the collection point yourself.

    Our specialists will dismantle and remove unnecessary kitchen equipment, all this is completely free and very carefully, without damaging furniture and walls. We have an excellent fleet of vehicles, so it will not be difficult for us to ensure the removal of non-working electric stoves.

    Feel free to leave a request, because our prices for things that do not bring benefits are the most profitable. You can be sure that by handing over household appliances to us, we will comply with environmental standards when dismantling any non-working equipment.

    Ordering the purchase of an electric stove is quick and easy.