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Handcrafted in the United States, and engineered for the ultimate deep clean, the Kirby gets the dirt other vacuums leave behind.

  • Industry-leading Airflow
  • HEPA Filtration
  • Exclusive Lifetime Rebuild Program
  • Made in America
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Renowned for its Quality, Reliability, and Performance, the Kirby home cleaning system has been deep cleaning homes for over 100 years. The Kirby Avalir 2 is our latest model of high-performance, best-in-class vacuums. Beyond a vacuum, the Kirby easily converts to shampoo carpets & furniture, scrub tile & grout, polish hardwood floors, and so much more.

  • Best-in-class upright vacuum gets the dirt that others leave behind
  • The Kirby Multi-Surface Shampoo System seamlessly integrates with the Kirby Avalir 2 to allow for carpet shampooing and cleaning all types of floors.
  • Powerful, two-speed series air-cooled motor for ultimate performance
  • Designed to provide maximum airflow and cleaning efficiency
  • Tech Drive® Power Assist transmission to minimize push force
  • Toe touch control providing 7 different cleaning position heights
  • HEPA filtration traps allergenic particles
  • Built in the US from die cast aluminum, durable polished metal finish

Kirby Avalir 2


Nozzle Width


Hose Length


Attachment Kit

15 attachments

Cord Length



110/120 volt


23.3 lbs.

Brush Roll Speed

3200 RPM

The Kirby comes standard with 15 custom attachments to provide you with the right tool for every job.



I am the proud owner of a circa 1955 Kirby floor vac. Have used it regularly since purchase. NEVER had any repairs! I now use it for my studio apartment. Wish they made stuff today like they used to.

Daniel J.

I love your vacuum! It’s amazing! I had no idea how much better having a Kirby is when you have a dog. Thanks to your product me and my wife can keep carpet in our house. It’s amazing. I really appreciate it.

Michael M.

Just wanted to contact you and let you know that we are very pleased with our Kirby vacuum cleaner rebuild. My wife stated that it was just like new. Thank you for the quality work and care you put into the rebuild.

Brent & Vanessa G.

In 1972, as a newly engaged, young woman, I purchased my Kirby Classic vacuum. I wanted a quality vacuum that would do the job and last.  I could not, possibly, have imagined that I would still own it 49 years later-and that it would be functional.     I want to express my sincere appreciation for the amazing restoration you performed on it.

Victoria G.

I’ve had my Kirby 5 since 1994. Best investment I’ve made, still works perfectly! I no longer have rugs but use it for my mattress and spring cleaning. I’m hoping Kirby comes up with a robot version that I can leave running while I’m out running errands.

Liliana M.

I’ve had my Kirby since 1999 and I can honestly say that Kirby is the best vacuum on the market! and my Kirby has been my only vacuum for 4 years now since we got rid of our cheap plastic vacuum. I think that my Kirby can at least say running for another 20 years. This was by far the best investment I’ve ever made

Ian R.

In this day and age of disposable garbage there will always be people that are willing to pay for quality and willing to pay to maintain those items. My only hope is that there are enough of those people around to keep companies like Kirby building and servicing high quality products. It shows that Kirby as a company cares about what they build and cares about their customers. Thank you very much for the wonderful products and wonderful service.

Richard P.

I received this Kirby for Christmas about 45 years ago and loved it ever since. It sure did get a lot of use. It sure did get a lot of use. Now you (the people at Kirby) made my Christmas again! I just can’t thank you enough.

Charlotte B.

My old Kirby’s as they are celebrating their 52’nd and 53’rd birthdays. We appreciate your quality work. Thank you.

Chuck S.

Rated 4.91 out of 5 based on 67 customer ratings

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Best In Class Airflow

If you never compromise on quality, the Kirby System is the right vacuum for you. Get ready to experience a clean like never before!

Beyond a Vacuum

Most homes need more than just a vacuum which is why Kirby owners love the versatility the Kirby System provides. 

American Engineering & Design

Designed in Cleveland, Ohio, the Kirby System is built with high quality aluminum parts right here in the United States of America.

Lifetime Rebuild Program

While the Kirby System is built to last, after years of heavy-duty cleaning, the Kirby System may need a tune up to ensure maximum cleaning performance.