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9 Best Flip Phones to Buy in 2023

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Best Overall

Alcatel Prepaid My Flip 4G


Best Overall

Alcatel Prepaid My Flip 4G

$57 at Walmart

  • Packs a speedy processor
  • Supports Google Maps
  • The speaker could be louder

This is one of the best, most modern flip phones you can buy. It has a 2.8-inch display, a quad-core processor, and built-in GPS. Its outer display lets you get a glimpse of your incoming calls and messages. Additionally, the battery gets an impressive 16 days of standby time.

A 2MP camera is capable of capturing video in HD, and because the phone has 4G, you can still send videos to your friends without the slow speeds of past-generation 2G or 3G networks. Shoppers rave about how simple it is to use, the phone’s crystal clear audio quality, and its wide app selection, which includes Google Maps.

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Key Specs

Camera 2 megapixels
Connectivity 4G
Talk Time 7 hours

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Best for T-Mobile Users

CAT S22 Flip Phone


Best for T-Mobile Users

CAT S22 Flip Phone

Now 36% Off

$75 at Walmart

  • Fully submersible and chemical-resistant
  • Bigger physical buttons that can be pushed even if you’re wearing gloves
  • Only available for T-Mobile

The CAT S22 is an outstanding flip phone that sports an incredibly rugged build. It’s an ideal phone for blue-collar workers, drop-prone users, or just folks who want a durable device. That’s because the phone has an IP68 and MIL-SPEC 810H rating, so it can be dropped, dunked, and washed.

CAT says it tested the hinge more than 150,000 times, and is so confident about the device’s durability that it backs it with a 2-year warranty. The CAT S22 is powered by Android Go. It has a speedy Qualcomm quad-core processor and 16GB of storage that can be expanded upon via an onboard microSD card slot. You can expect 12 hours of talk time before its battery will need recharging.

Camera 5 megapixels
Connectivity 4G LTE
Talk Time 12 hours

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The Pick With Google Maps

Alcatel GO FLIP 3 Phone


The Pick With Google Maps

Alcatel GO FLIP 3 Phone

$130 at Amazon

  • Voice controls on board
  • Outstanding 8-hour battery life
  • Camera performance is subpar

Who says a flip phone has to be a dumb phone? This modern-day option packs key Google apps, including YouTube, Google Maps, and Google Search. It’s also equipped with the Google Assistant, meaning that you can make calls, send texts, or open apps using just your voice.

It features a 2MP camera, a long-lasting battery, and 4GB of storage space. If you need more space for photos or music, you’ll be glad to know that the phone is packed with a microSD card slot.

Key Specs

Camera 2 megapixels
Connectivity 4G LTE, Wi-Fi
Talk Time 8 hours

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Best for Verizon Users

Alcatel GO FLIP V Phone


Best for Verizon Users

Alcatel GO FLIP V Phone

$110 at Amazon

  • Records HD videos
  • Has 8GB of storage space
  • Only available on Verizon

The GO FLIP V is one of the newest flip phones on the market. Unfortunately, at the time of publishing, it is a Verizon Wireless exclusive — meaning you can’t use it with any other providers. Its 2MP camera is capable of capturing 720p HD videos. The phone is also equipped with 8GB of storage, which should be plenty for most users.

If you want to store more photos, videos, or music, it offers a MicroSD card slot. It’s also one of the few flip phones that can create a Wi-Fi hotspot, since it supports 4G speeds. It even has GPS and a web browser.

Key Specs

Camera 2 megapixels, 720p video
Connectivity 4G LTE, Wi-Fi
Talk Time 6.5 hours

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Most Durable

Kyocera DuraXE LTE Flip Phone


Most Durable

Kyocera DuraXE LTE Flip Phone

$215 at Walmart

  • Impressive battery performance
  • Drop-resistant
  • Software feels outdated

If you’re looking for the most rugged flip phone, look no further than this model from Kyocera. It’s compatible with more carriers than the similar Plum RAM 8, and provides an overall better user experience.

The DuraXE (available on AT&T), the DuraXV Extreme (on Verizon), and DuraXPT (on Sprint) are waterproof, dustproof, and shockproof.

The phone’s dual front-facing speakers give loud and clear sound, and the device is equipped with a microSD card slot for storing all of your favorite songs. Additionally, its integrated camera is capable of shooting 5MP stills.

You’ll get 9 hours of talk time and 16 days of standby time with this tough phone. If you opt for the Verizon variant, you’ll get 16GB of internal storage, which is plenty for all of your photos. Verizon also sells a variant without a camera.

Key Specs

Camera 5 megapixels
Connectivity 4G LTE
Talk Time 9 hours

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Best for Seniors

Easyfone Prime-A1 Pro Flip Phone


Best for Seniors

Easyfone Prime-A1 Pro Flip Phone

$99 at Amazon

  • Includes charging cradle
  • Camera is only 0. 3 megapixels

This reasonably priced flip phone is ideal for kids or senior citizens since it’s one of the few that has an SOS button that lets you easily and immediately contact up to five people.

The Easyfone’s 2.4-inch display is bright and easy to read, and the dial pad features large, illuminated buttons. The phone’s internal memory only offers enough storage space for your contacts and a few photos. Fortunately, it has a memory-card slot for storing additional photos.

It even supports Bluetooth, so you can use it with a headset, wireless headphones, or your vehicle’s sound system. This option comes with a convenient cradle charger, too. Lastly, it’s worth mentioning that the phone is compatible with MetroPCS, T-Mobile, Tello, RedPocket (AT&T), but not Verizon.

Key Specs

Camera 0.3 megapixels
Connectivity 2G/3G/4G/Volte
Talk Time 7 hours

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Best for Music Lovers

ZTE Cymbal Z-320 Flip Phone


Best for Music Lovers

ZTE Cymbal Z-320 Flip Phone

$85 at Amazon

  • One of the few options with an FM radio
  • Outside screen is small

This option for ZTE sports a sleek and compact design that’ll easily slip into your pocket. This modern flip phone is one of the few models that support 4G LTE networks. The 3-inch screen is ideal for reading texts and looking at photos.

Though the 2MP camera isn’t the greatest, there’s fortunately no need to worry about storage space — the Cymbal has 650 MB of internal storage and a microSD card slot. This device has Bluetooth and an FM radio, which come in handy for listening to music or taking calls with your wireless headphones.

Key Specs

Camera 2 megapixels
Connectivity 4G LTE
Talk Time 15 hours

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Extra Loud Speakers

Sonim XP3 Flip Phone


Extra Loud Speakers

Sonim XP3 Flip Phone

Now 25% Off

$60 at Walmart

  • Works as a two-way radio
  • Only available on Sprint and Verizon

Also available at Verizon

Another rugged option worth considering, the SONIM XP3 is as tough as it is convenient. It’s the only pick on our list that doubles as a two-way radio.

It’s backed by an impressive 3-year warranty, supports LTE speeds, and has a loud 100 dB speaker. Although it packs 8GB of storage space, it also comes equipped with a memory card slot for storing photos and music.

Key Specs

Camera 5 megapixels
Connectivity 4G LTE
Talk Time 8 hours

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Best Smart Flip Phone

Samsung Galaxy Z Flip4 5G Flip Phone


Best Smart Flip Phone

Samsung Galaxy Z Flip4 5G Flip Phone

$1,060 at Amazon$1,270 at Walmart

  • Has access to Google Play Store
  • Water-resistant
  • No microSD card slot

The Samsung Galaxy Z Flip4 is one of the few foldable smartphones that’s available for purchase. Unlike the majority of other folding phones, the Galaxy Z Flip4 is completely water-resistant. It also sports a matte finish that’s less prone to fingerprints than its predecessor.

The device runs one of the latest versions of Android and packs Qualcomm’s most powerful processor, so it’s compatible with the majority of apps. The phone has a unique feature that lets users split the app’s interface and separate its controls into the bottom half of the display. This feature comes in handy for Zoom calls, taking selfies, or watching videos.

Samsung offers the Galaxy Z Flip4 in several colors: Bora Purple, Graphite, Pink Gold, Blue, and a Bespoke Edition.

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Key Specs

Camera Dual 12 megapixel rear-facing camera, 10 megapixel front-facing camera
Connectivity 5G
Talk Time 26 hours

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Verizon is sending free 4G flip phones to customers who haven’t moved on from 3G

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The carrier’s 3G network is due to go offline at the end of 2022

By Chris Welch, a reviewer specializing in personal audio and home theater. Since 2011, he has published nearly 6,000 articles, from breaking news and reviews to useful how-tos.


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Illustration by Alex Castro / The Verge

After a few delays, Verizon seems poised to actually follow through on shutting down its 3G CDMA network at the end of this year. But the carrier is still contending with a subset of customers who sat out the 4G LTE era and haven’t yet upgraded their 3G phones. So, as 2022 rolls onward, Verizon is sending those wireless subscribers a free extremely basic flip phone to prevent them from losing connectivity when the 3G network goes offline.

According to its website, Verizon will provide customers with one of three phones: the Orbic Journey V, TCL’s Flip Pro, or the Nokia 2720 V Flip. The retail value for each of those devices is under $100: the Orbic is $99.99, with the other two running $79.99.

Verizon says customers can opt out of the free 4G LTE flip phone by calling customer service and saying they’d like to “decline the free phone for CDMA sunset.” All three have received overwhelmingly negative reviews on Verizon’s website, with the highest averaging two stars. These are very basic phones, after all. The company also notes that customers can exchange the free phone for something else after receiving it. Phones will automatically be activated 30 days after being sent out if customers fail to do so on their own.

Other US carriers have taken similar steps to prevent customers on older devices from being left in the cold after a network transition. Last year, AT&T sent Samsung smartphones to some subscribers with 3G devices. Sprint’s LTE network was switched off just days ago, allowing those resources to be better used by T-Mobile. The latter company shut down its 3G UMTS network on July 1st, saying “across the industry, wireless companies are working to retire older network technologies as part of an important progression that will greatly enhance the performance of 4G and 5G.”

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Kyocera DuraXV LTE officially unveiled


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We have already written about the certification of this phone, but now it is officially presented and is already being sold in the US by Verizon.
In terms of security and overall design, the smartphone has not changed much. This is the same brutal black clamshell with a transreflective external display that does not fade in the sun.

However, inside the smartphone has changed quite a lot compared to the previous generation. The main difference is Android (presumably 5.1 or 6.0) on board, which, although it doesn’t look like Android at all, is still one. The absence of Google Play and all Google services, however, greatly limits the ability to install third-party applications, but nothing will interfere with direct hands. In this regard, the smartphone is very similar to its “brother” DuraXE from AT & T – it also has the same stripped-down Android, which does not involve user intervention in the system, but installing applications there is possible, although not without dancing with the adb tambourine.

Kyocera DuraXE

New for Verizon has increased memory (2GB of RAM and 16GB of storage versus 1GB / 8GB for DuraXE) and the absence of the “recent applications” button, otherwise it repeats the device from AT&T almost completely – the same quad-core Qualcomm Snapdragon 210, the same 1500 mAh battery and the same main screen with a resolution of 240 * 320 and a diagonal of 2. 6 inches. Of course, the technical specifications for 2017 are terrible, but given that no one is positioning it as a smartphone, then this is forgivable. At the very least, make a Russian locale, install some more suitable navigator (built-in from Verizon, most likely, will not work outside the US) and he will be able to synchronize contacts with the cloud. And there is no point in demanding more from such a specific device.

Burning DuraXE. Naturally, such a test did not affect the performance of the smartphone.

The choice of such a software platform is explained by the fact that it is much easier for a manufacturer to take a ready-made solution based on Android and fit it to a non-touch mode of interaction than to fit ancient proprietary platforms to LTE, VoLTE and XLTE standards (Verizon technology). Also, the smartphone base allows you to use positioning systems with greater accuracy, use the Internet and distribute it via Wi-Fi.

The issue of sharing the Internet via wi-fi is still open – Verizon quite rarely blocks its devices for use within the network, but it usually limits the distribution of the Internet from under another network. And if on popular smartphones of the operator such a problem is solved by a simple flashing, then with this device the chance that someone will create custom firmware tends to zero. But for sure it will be possible to install a third-party program for wi-fi tethering, so all is not lost.
For some reason, Kyocera abandoned the proprietary Smart Sonic Receiver technology in this phone, where the screen itself acts as a speaker. Moreover, it was in DuraXV, but it is no longer in DuraXE for AT&T.

The device is already available for purchase from Verizon for $264. The version without a camera for employees of closed enterprises has not gone anywhere – the DuraXV LTE Non Camera version is available for purchase at the same price (oddly enough).

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    • Used

    • New

    • For parts

    • Required repair


    Technical condition

    Technical condition

    • Refurbished

    • Ideal

    • For parts

    • Needs repair

    • Cracks, scratches

    • Good

    • 900 11

      Memory capacity

      Memory capacity

      • < 2 GB

      • 2 GB

      • 4 GB

      • 8 GB

      • 16 GB

      • 32 GB

      • 64 GB 9 0003

      • 128 GB

      • 256 GB

      • 512 GB

      • 1 TB

      RAM (GB)

      RAM (GB)

      • 2 GB

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      • < 2 GB


      • Beige

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      Package 9000 3

      • Charger

      • Protective glass

      • Cable

      • Box

      • 90 002 Headphones

      • Stylus

      • Case

      Features and functionality

      Features and capabilities

      SIM cards

      SIM cards

      • 1 SIM

      • 2 SIM

      • 3 SIM

        900 08

      • 4 SIM

      • SIM + eSIM

      • Other SIM

      Battery capacity

      Battery capacity

      • up to 2000 mAh

      • 2000 – 2499 mAh

      • 25 00 – 2999 mAh

      • 3000 – 3499 mAh

      • 3500 – 3999 mAh

      • 4000 – 4499 mAh

      • 4500 mAh or more

      • 900 11



        • Exynos

        • Kirin

        • MediaTek

        • Snapdragon

        • Other processor

        Number of cores

        Number of cores

        • Up to 2 cores

        • 3

        • 4

        • 6

        • 8

        • 10

          900 08

        • 12

        • > 12 cores



        • up to 5 MP

        • 6 – 8 MP

        • 9 – 15 MP

        • 16 – 20 MP

        • 21 – 48 MP

        • 49 – 64 MP

        • 65 – 108 MP 9up to 3.