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Free, no-obligation diagnostics on all consoles such as XBox, PlayStation, or Nintendo.We’ll beat any local competitor’s published price by $5.*Backed by our 1-year limited warranty.**

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Game console repair in Tampa, FL

Whether you’re a rapid gamer or you’re keeping your retro console alive to play your favorites, the uBreakiFix store in Tampa has you covered. When you’re dealing with a broken system, like a PlayStation® game console problems, if your Nintendo Switch™ screen doesn’t turn on, or your Xbox® system won’t boot up, it doesn’t have to keep you out of the game for good. Come to uBreakiFix, where our pros will diagnose your issues electronically so you can get gaming again in no time.

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We’re pros at game console repair in Tampa, and have experience with all sorts of gaming console trouble. If you’re experiencing random shutdowns, errors reading discs, or problems connecting your Switch or Xbox controllers, we’re here to help. Our professional technicians are certified and highly trained, and can fix practically everything with a power button. With millions of customers already served, we’ve seen all kinds of game console problems. From removing crayons stuck in the disc drive to fixing broken ports and replacing power cords chewed by canines, we’ve conducted a plethora of game console repair services in Tampa; so we can tackle yours too. No matter what your issue, we’ll perform a rigorous evaluation, diagnose the problem, then provide an accurate estimate of how much it will cost and what to do next to get your console up and running.

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Did your gaming system go kaput? Choosing our experts to fix your game console means you’ll get quick, top-tier repair. Shipping a gaming console to the manufacturer can be expensive and time-consuming, and fixing your console, like a Playstation® console repair or Nintendo Switch screen replacement, could take days, or even weeks. Get a game repair in Tampa near you from your local uBreakiFix store instead. Our convenient location makes it simple to bring your console in for a free diagnostic. For added convenience, we also offer curbside pickup and drop-off, mail-in services, and, in some locations, even offer a mobile repair service where we’ll come right to you.

Our technicians can usually take care of simple fixes, like Joy-con™ controllers that keep disconnecting, Xbox repair, or a scratched screen on your Nintendo Switch; as soon as the same-day. Many repairs will be ready in a matter of only hours. Whatever the issue, we’ll provide a detailed estimate for the cost and time for your game console repair, so you can make a decision that’s fully informed. It’s all part of the transparent repair process we offer to every customer.

Why choose us?

No one enjoys missing out on the action because their game console is broken. So, when you come to uBreakiFix in Tampa, we’ll work hard to repair your device as fast as possible and to your complete satisfaction. We’re a giant in the tech industry, and we offer many options for game console repair. Our pros provide fantastic, economical service for your gaming devices, like a Switch repair, PlayStation® 5 controller or other electronic game system issues. Take advantage of our price-match guarantee, too—if you find a lower regularly published price at a local competitor, we won’t just match it; we’ll also lower that cost by $5 on top.

That’s not all we offer to ensure your satisfaction, eitherIn addition to our low prices and quick turnaround times, you can count on us for repairs that can truly last. Our experts use only top-tier replacement parts. Plus our work is backed by a limited1 year guarantee on service and parts, so you’ll still be covered if your gaming console begins acting up again after you get back home. For a fast, reliable game console repair in Tampa, contact your nearest uBreakiFix store.

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**Our repairs come with a 1-year limited warranty, valid at all our locations. The only exceptions are liquid damage repairs or if we’re working on your device through your Original Equipment Manufacturer warranty or some other coverage plan. Then the terms of that coverage would apply.

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As the legal owner of the device described above (“Device”), you authorize the party identified below, Video Game Heaven, Inc., (the “Store”) and its employees or a third party contracted by the Store (collectively with the Store, the “Store Parties”) to perform the repair work listed herein using all necessary parts.

   The Store warrants its workmanship and the parts used in the repair of the Device against defects when used under normal conditions for 90 days from the date the original repair is completed. The warranty is non-transferrable. The warranty is void if the Device is misused, altered or tampered with or if anyone other than one of the Store Parties previously has attempted or subsequently attempts to repair the Device. The estimated cost of repairs is based upon a visual inspection of the Device and does not include repair of any additional damage which may be discovered after the work has been started. You acknowledge and agree that the Device may need to be opened to perform the repair, thus potentially voiding the manufacturer’s warranty.

   You understand that the Store and Store Parties are not responsible for any loss of data stored on the Device which may occur as a result of work done on the Device. The Store recommends that, when applicable, customers back-up their data before submitting their device for repair.

   You understand that the Store reserves, at its own discretion, the right to discontinue or refuse any service being performed on the Device based upon the condition of functionality and/or cleanliness of the Device.          

   You understand that any devices left unclaimed and unpaid for thirty (30) days after notification of repair completion are considered abandoned. You understand that you will be contacted, at minimum, four (4) times by the Store upon repair completion. Contact follow-up will be made until the Device is retrieved or until thirty (30) days have passed, after which it will be considered abandoned.  All abandoned devices will be considered property of the Store and any applicable deposits will be forfeited. The Store will not be held responsible for any devices once they have been deemed abandoned.

   You understand that the Store does not perform diagnostics and by dropping off the Device with the Store, the Device will be serviced. All device repair services require a non-negotiable, non-refundable $20.00 Deposit towards the repair cost. The Deposit is to be paid before any repair service is conducted and, when applicable, will be deducted from the final amount due upon repair completion.

   Except for the limited warranty obligations of the Store described above, you release and agree to hold harmless the Store and their respective affiliates, parents, subsidiaries, officers, directors, employees, subcontractors and agents (collectively, the “VGH Parties”) from and against any and all damages, expenses, claims and other liabilities, including damages and claims respecting the Device or any data stored on the Device, that you may now have, hereafter have or claim to have against any of the VGH Parties. In all cases the maximum liability of the Store (including any Store Parties) hereunder is limited to the repair and replacement of defective parts or replacement of the Device with an equivalent refurbished device. An express lien is acknowledged on the Device to secure the cost of the repairs thereto. Should any individual provisions of this Agreement be or become invalid, this will not affect the validity of the remaining provisions of this Agreement. Any invalid provision will be replaced by such valid provisions as comes closest to the intentions of the parties hereto.

Repair of Playstation 4 (PS4) in Chelyabinsk – PAKAM.NET



High-quality, inexpensive repair of PlayStation 4 game consoles in Chelyabinsk.


Repair of Playstation 4 game consoles in Chelyabinsk – cheap, fast, high quality and guaranteed. These four advantages have become an integral part of our service center. All our employees are players themselves and know how frustrating it is to face the breakdown of your favorite game console. That is why we decided to make PS4 repair in Chelyabinsk affordable for every gamer. Although set-top boxes from Sony are of good quality, no one is immune from breakage. In this case, do not be upset, our experienced craftsmen are always ready to help! Leave a request on the site – online, write to the chat or call: 8-951-248-03-05

PS4 owners most often contact our service with the following:

  • Game console noisy with and without load;
  • Severe overheating of the motherboard and the console itself;
  • Spontaneous shutdowns and reboots;
  • Extraneous noises, clicks, squeaks during console operation;
  • Partial or complete loss of sound or video;
  • The set-top box does not find game controllers;
  • There are “artifacts” of the picture or sound;
  • Can’t connect to internet;
  • The set-top box does not see Wi-Fi networks;
  • Under load, games crash into the menu or freeze.

These and other malfunctions, as well as ways to eliminate them, have long been studied by our masters. Our service center repairs all models and revisions of Playstation 4 game consoles: PS4 Fat, PS4 Slim and PS4 Pro. The rich experience of repair work of our specialists allows them to repair even what other service shops refuse to do. Contact our service center – we are always ready to do our best to fix your Playstation 4.


If you want to save your nerves and money, never try to repair it yourself. More often than not, you will only make things worse.

It is better to entrust the repair of such a technically complex device as a game console to a highly qualified specialist! This is exactly what the masters of our service center are. They will absolutely free of charge help you to establish the causes of the malfunction, just as quickly fix them and will be happy to advise on all issues, how to avoid breakdowns in the future.


Diagnosis Free
Drive replacement From 390₽
Drive repair from 490
Cooling system cleaning From 890₽
Repair and replacement of housing from 490₽
Memory reball from 590₽
Hard disk replacement From 400₽
North/South bridge replacement From 690₽
Connector repair from 490₽
Motherboard recovery From 890₽

PS4 repair costs vary by case. For clarification and free diagnostics, just leave a request on our website, write to the chat or call us.


Please learn some valuable tips from our experts:

  • THE RIGHT PLACE Install your PS4 game console only in a way that it is not “cramped”. Open space is required for air recirculation and proper operation of the gaming console’s cooling system;
  • DO NOT SMOKE OR VAPE AROUND Do not smoke or vape where the PS4 console is located. Tobacco smoke and vapor from the vape, mixing with dust, will quickly clog the system radiator;
  • DO NOT DROPP Find a place for your PS4 to avoid the risk of it falling. Game consoles receive the most severe damage when hit;
  • MAKE A WET CLEAN Be sure to mop the room where your Playstation 4 system is located;
  • MAINTENANCE – ONCE A YEAR At least once a year, carry out preventive maintenance – dust cleaning and replacement of thermal paste. It is better to entrust professionals if there is no self-confidence.

The video game industry opposes the right of independent US companies to repair game consoles / Sudo Null IT News

PS3 console disassembly. Source: iFixit

In the modern history of mankind, various kinds of lobbies appear quite often. The oil lobby, the tobacco lobby, the pharmaceutical lobby… In general, the term lobby is usually understood as a group of people or organizations that defend certain interests. One such group is relatively recent in the video game industry. It is called the Entertainment Software Association and is a trade organization that includes Sony, Microsoft, Nintendo and a number of video game publishers and developers.

This organization, using End User License Agreements, successfully limits the ability to repair video consoles in the US and some other countries, where only so-called authorized service centers can officially repair problematic devices. They receive authorization after they draw up an agreement with the manufacturer of such devices, undertaking to pay license fees. The situation is similar with the repair of various Apple devices. A similar policy is pursued by a company that is far from the world of video games – we are talking about the manufacturer of tractors and agricultural equipment John Deere.

As far as game consoles are concerned, Sony, Microsoft and Nintendo have monopolized the repair market for these devices. At least in the USA. And this despite the fact that the consoles of the past generation, the Playstation 3 and Xbox 360, have several known problems, such as the “yellow fire of death” and the “red ring of death”, respectively. For the restoration of the Playstation 3, Sony takes $ 200, Microsoft replaces problem devices for free. At the same time, the problem itself is solved much faster if the user is at least a little familiar with electronics. For example, a PS3 can be repaired even by a beginner who uses the available guide from iFixit. Independent repair centers could more quickly repair a problematic device if they had the right to such repairs.

As far as home repairs are concerned, the companies cannot forbid anything to the user (unlike the manufacturer of the tractors already mentioned), although the warranty is lost if the warranty period has not yet expired. The same Sony and Microsoft use special stickers, if damaged, the official service center will no longer accept devices for warranty repairs, but will charge the user the full price of such repairs.

But electronics repair companies in some countries cannot repair video consoles without obtaining an official license. And the video game market lobby is doing everything to keep it that way. If you take the same stickers, then their use in the United States is illegal. But nothing changes – companies have used this technique and continue to use it. Console manufacturers sell spare parts only to authorized service centers, receiving a good addition to the total amount of console sales profits.

Opponents of the video market lobby have attempted to get rid of the inconvenient service and repair conditions for the devices in question. So, in a number of US states (Nebraska, New York, Minnesota, Wyoming, Tennessee, Kansas, Massachusetts and Illinois), a bill has been proposed that obliges game console manufacturers to sell parts of their devices and repair tools to independent companies and users. The price must be the same as what the lobby sets for authorized service centers. The authors of the bill also propose to oblige manufacturers of video consoles to provide independent companies with software and hardware tools that allow flashing set-top boxes.

As a result, a real legal war broke out, during which most of the organizations that make up the Entertainment Software Association sent lawyers to Nebraska, where the bill is going through the process of passing. The lobby’s appeal to Senator Lydia Brasch said the bill “threatens consumer safety”, “is not necessary” and “requires the disclosure of proprietary information.”

Lobby appeal to Senator Lydia Brask

In fact, the bill does not oblige manufacturers to disclose any information that is a trade secret. Also, this document does not imply the transfer to third-party companies of repair tools more powerful than those that thousands of authorized service centers already have at their disposal. Lawyers who participated in the development of this bill argue that it does not violate any laws.