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PAT14h3ZWT 14,000 BTU Through the Wall Air Conditioner with Heat


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PAT14h3ZWT 14,000 BTU Through the Wall Air Conditioner with Heat

The Pelonis Through-the-Wall Air Conditioner is the perfect solution to create a cool, comfortable environment when the weather warms up. With multiple fan speeds and cooling settings this unit is ideal for reaching your ultimate comfort level. The easy to use electronic controls, remote control and auto restart function, when the power goes out, provide added convenience. With “Follow Me” technology, a temperature sensor is built into the remote control to provide you with the most accurate thermostat reading. This model is designed for 24″ through-the-wall installation and will fit most existing wall sleeves. This unit is not for standard window installation.


For year round comfort

Remote Control

Convenient control


24-hour Timer

Where to Buy

Available at these Retailers
Available at these Retailers

Product Name

PAT14h3ZWT 14,000 BTU Through the Wall Air Conditioner with Heat

Model Number


Product Length
20.25 in

Product Width
24.25 in

Product Height
14.5 in

Net Weight
78. 5 lbs



Package Length
16.75 in

Package Width
26.75 in

Package Height
28.50 in

14000 BTU

10600 BTU

Cooling Area
Up to 700 Sq. Ft.

9.3 Btu/h/W

9.3 Btu/h/W

Energy Star

Indoor noise level (Hi Mi Lo)
61.3/60.1/59.2 dBA



Air Flow

Fan Speeds

Control Type
Electronic Control

Remote Control

Auto Restart

Energy Saver Function

Sleep Mode


Washable Filter

Power Supply
1Ph, 208~230V, 60Hz

Plug Type

Rated Input
1505 W

6. 9 Amps


Product (W*D*H)
24.2 in x 20.3 in x 14.5 in

Product (W*D*H)
615 mm x 515 mm x 369 mm

Net Gross Weight
78.48/90.61 Ibs

Net Gross Weight
35.6/41.1 kg

Energy Guide

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The Pelonis Promise

Safety is and has been our number one priority for over 25 years.

LG Wall Air Conditioners: Innovative Cooling Technology

Get a more permanent solution to your cooling needs. LG wall air conditioners feature innovative technology and sleek, clean lines that can help you stay cool and comfortable all year long — without disrupting your design.

Through-the-wall air conditioner units from LG give you powerful performance and innovative features that make it easy to stay comfortable all year long, such as:

Universal Fit Sleeves: Our included universal fit sleeves allow you to get a custom look and a secure fit that helps keep the warm air outside and the cool air in.

Gold FinTM Protection: Our patented Gold Fin™ process provides our through-the-wall air conditioners with an anti-corrosion coating that forms a protective shield and helps them last longer.

Cooling & Heating: Some units give you the ability to cool your space in the summer and warm it in the winter — with just the touch of a button. Offering the ultimate in multi-functionality, they’re the perfect solution for those who want year-round comfort.

Remote Controls: Control your unit from anywhere in the room. With a convenient remote control, you can adjust your temperature settings with just the touch of a button.

Four-Way Air Direction: Send cool air where you need it most by adjusting your vents up, down, left or right.

24-Hour On/Off Timer: Control the temperature even when you’re away. With a wall air conditioner featuring a 24-hour timer, you can cool your home before you arrive from work, to turn on while you sleep, turn off when you wake, and more.

Stylish Design: Because our air conditioners are meant to blend seamlessly into your space, they feature sleek, clean lines that are both stylish and unobtrusive.

Designed to give you the cooling power you need and a look you’ll love, our wall air conditioner units fit seamlessly into your space and feature the latest technology. From our four-way air direction and 24-hour timers, to our one-touch cooling and heating — you’ll get everything you need to create a comfortable environment all year long. Explore our newest through-the-wall units, as well as our complete line of home air conditioners and find new ways to cool your space.

Images may be simulated and dramatized for illustrative purposes. Actual features, functionality, and other product specifications may differ and are subject to change without notice. Prices, promotions, and availability may vary by model, store, and online. Prices subject to change without notice. Quantities are limited. Check with your local retailers for their final price and availability.

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floor air conditioner or wall air conditioner split system?

Choosing an air conditioner is not an easy task. This is not an item that you can give up on, say “didn’t fit, we’ll buy another one” and, with a light heart, put the unsuccessful acquisition into the far corner.

Both a floor air conditioner and a split system are quite expensive devices designed to serve their owner for quite a long time. That is why it is so important to make the right choice and buy the air conditioner that best suits your needs.

So, what is better, a wall-mounted air conditioner (split system) or a floor-standing air conditioner? Let’s try to consider the advantages and disadvantages of each of these air cooling devices.

Benefits of floor standing units:
  1. Portable. After all, even the second name of the floor air conditioner sounds like a “mobile monoblock”. This device can be installed in almost any convenient place in the room (placement near heating and heating appliances is not recommended).
  2. Easy and convenient installation. If you decide to buy a floor standing air conditioner, then you don’t have to worry about calling professionals to install it. The installation of such an air conditioner is quite easy and simple: you should install a monoblock in the room and bring its air duct into the ventilation or outside (through a window or hole in the wall).
  3. Many models have a timer and remote control, as well as air ionizers and fine filters.
Disadvantages of floor standing units:
  1. Limited power (usually up to 4 kW). However, such devices quite effectively cope with their functions, especially in rooms with a small area (apartments, country houses, offices).
  2. The noise level of floor standing units (compared to stationary units) is quite high.
  3. The need for periodic cleaning of the sump from accumulated condensate. If you do not want to carry out this procedure every day, then it is best to buy a floor-standing air conditioner with a capacious condensate trap.

Catalog of mobile air conditioners

Advantages of split systems:
  1. Low noise level (less than 30 dB). The noisiest part of the device is mounted on the outside of the building.
  2. High power (up to 7 kW and more). Thus, split systems can effectively cool or warm the air in rooms with a large area (up to 100 m 2 ).
  3. Large range of indoor units. You can buy a split system that best fits into the interior of the room.
  4. Many types of split systems. For retail facilities, it would be more expedient to buy a cassette split system that sprays cooled air in 4 directions. Huge column air conditioners are usually installed in rooms with a large area (conference rooms, restaurants, etc. ). Channel split systems are capable of supplying cooled air to several neighboring rooms at once, and multisplit systems can create a favorable microclimate in rooms located at a considerable distance from each other. You can also opt for floor-to-ceiling split systems with a power of up to 15 kW or standard wall-mounted air conditioners.
  5. Many models have ionization and air purification functions.
Disadvantages of split systems:
  1. Require professional installation. Installation and maintenance of such devices should only be carried out by specialists.
  2. Many split systems (not counting cassettes) cannot create an influx of fresh air into the room.
  3. The cost of split systems (especially installations with high power) is quite high.

Split systems catalog

Let’s try to summarize

Floor air conditioner is a portable device that does not have a lot of power and is able to cool or heat the air in only one room. Mobile air conditioners are equipped with wheels and can move freely from one room to another. That is why these devices are worth buying for a country house, a city apartment or a small office – floor air conditioners will perfectly cope with their tasks in rooms with a small area (up to 40 square meters). Of course, stationary household split systems are more functional, but they can create a favorable microclimate in only one room.

The split system is a stationary device with a low noise level and a sufficiently high power. Split systems are most often installed to cool and purify the air in large areas (industrial premises, restaurants, conference rooms, cinemas, etc.). However, household split systems with a remote control are also in demand. The user can adjust the temperature he needs, choose the direction of the air flow and not experience inconvenience from the noise produced by the device.

Or maybe it’s worth finding a small compromise between these solutions and giving preference to a mobile split system. These devices, like floor-standing air conditioners, do not require professional installation and can be placed in almost any place convenient for you. However, unlike stationary split systems, the compressor of mobile devices is located in the indoor unit. Therefore, if you decide to buy a mobile split system, you should consider that this is a rather noisy device.

In any case, Mister Climate wishes you good luck and pleasant shopping and hopes that our advice will help you choose the best air conditioner option.

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All categories a) AUX ASW-h28A4/JD-R1 – AS-h28A4/JD-R1 wall-mounted [cooling, heating, ventilation, up to – 50 m², 27 dB]


99 999

Split system Centek CT-66C12 [heating, cooling, up to – 36 m²] Color: white, Manufacturer: CENTEK,


28 015

Split system / air conditioner fixed wall / heating, cooling, dehumidification / ECO mode 5 speeds / with remote control


34 699

90 002 Split system TCL TAC-12HRA/ES [heating , cooling, up to – 35 m², 36 dB] Manufacturer: TCL, Type


38 699

Air conditioner (split system) AUX ASW-h22A4/JD-R1 – AS-h22A4/JD-R1 wall-mounted [cooling, heating, ventilation, up to – 35 m², 21 dB]


31 670

Split system / air conditioner fixed wall / heating, cooling, dehumidification / ECO mode 5 speeds / with remote control


9000 2 Self-regulating heater for Promix-HT split system drainage. SR.01


Self-regulating heater split system drainage Promix-HT.SR.02


69 999

Split system T CL TAC-18HRIA/YA [heating, cooling, 28 dB, Wi -Fi] Color: white, Manufacturer:


33 899

Air conditioner (split system) Artel Art-18HG wall-mounted [cooling, heating, up to – 40 m², 40 dB] Color:

DETAILS 9000 3

31 599

Air conditioner ( split system) Artel Art-12HGDF35 wall [cooling, heating, night mode, turbo mode, up to – 28 m², 38 dB]


52 999

8TENA2/I / PRAW-18TENA2/O wall mounted [Auto, Cool, Heat, Dehumidified


119 999

Centek CT-66C18 split system [heating, cooling] Color: white, Manufacturer: CENTEK, Type


31 293 9000 3

Split system / air conditioner stationary wall / heating , cooling, dehumidification / ECO mode 5 speeds / with remote control


24 999

Air conditioner (split system) Primera PRAW-07TENA2/I / PRAW-07TENA2/O , heating , drained


20 299

Air conditioner (split system) TCL TAC-12CHSA/TPG wall-mounted [night mode, ventilation, heating, dehumidification, up to – 35 m²]


52 199

Split system Haier HSU-07HNF303/R2-W [heating, cooling, up to – 20 m², 23 dB] Manufacturer:


33 399

Air conditioner (split system) AERONIK ASI-07ILK3/ ASO-07ILK2 wall mounted [auto mode, cooling, heating, dehumidification, invert


71 095

Split system / air conditioner fixed wall / heating, cooling, dehumidification / ECO mode 5 speeds / with remote control


9000 2 39 999

Air conditioner (split system) Primera PRAW-12TEDA2/I / PRAW-12TEDA2/O wall mounted [Auto, Cool, Heat, Dehumidify



39 151


Split system CENTEK CT-65U13 BLACK MIRROR Premium smart inverter cold / heat for rooms up to 40kv; air conditioner inverter; inverter



42 446


Split system NEWTEK NT-65P24 cold/heat for rooms up to 72kv, air conditioner 90 133 24 Type: Split system,



36 457


Split system CENTEK CT-65U10 BLACK MIRROR Premium smart inverter cold/heat for rooms up to 30 sq.