Wall covers for cords: Amazon.com: 153” Cord Hider – Cable Hider – Wire Covers for Cords – Paintable Cable Concealer, Cable Hider, Wire hiders for TV on Wall

Amazon.com: 153” Cord Hider – Cable Hider – Wire Covers for Cords – Paintable Cable Concealer, Cable Hider, Wire hiders for TV on Wall

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Price: $13.03$13.03 ($1.02$1.02 / Foot)

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Brand EVEO
Color White
Style Classic Style
Item Dimensions LxWxH 150 x 1. 05 x 0.55 inches
Installation Type Screw In,Self Adhesive,Wall Mount

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Glass fiber – a novelty in the field of building technology, which has already won the trust of many buyers. Technology continues to evolve, and paper and vinyl wallpapers, which were very popular until recently, are gradually giving way to innovative, improved materials.

Features of the production of glass

The basis of cullet is a special glass, which contains quartz sand, soda, clay, limestone and dolomite. The composition includes only natural materials, which not only provides the material with increased wear resistance, but also eliminates harmful chemical elements. During the manufacturing process, heated glass is used to obtain fibers, from which yarn of various thicknesses and types is formed. Fibers (threads) are used on special machines to produce glass fiber material, which is impregnated with a special solution to give a stable shape.

What are the types of fiberglass? Most often, the material has two varieties: smooth wallpaper and embossed. They are used to seal walls, to hide cracks and grooves on their surfaces, to level walls and give them a uniform relief before applying paint. Today, glass fiber is considered one of the most reliable wall materials and is used both in public and office buildings, and in residential buildings.

Benefits of glass fiber

Glass fiber has many important advantages when compared to conventional wallpaper. They are very durable, resistant to fire and various influences, such as getting wet or a sudden change in temperature. At the same time, unlike vinyl wallpaper, they do not interfere with the circulation of air in the room and do not deform for many years. Their average service life is 30 years.

The structure of glass fiber also has a reinforcing property, preventing cracks from forming on the walls. Many prefer them because of environmental safety and resistance to the reproduction of harmful microorganisms. Unlike paper wallpapers, glass wallpapers are used in the kitchen and bathroom, as they are not afraid of high humidity. It is worth noting the fact that they do not accumulate static electricity in themselves, and therefore do not attract dust. Glass fiber for painting can be repainted many times, while they do not lose their original structure.

Other important benefits:

  • waterproof;
  • chemical resistance;
  • can be used on any surface;
  • wide choice of relief and pattern;
  • reasonable price.

Color selection and staining of cullet

Before sticking wallpaper on the wall, a special glue is applied, and then the process differs little from working with any other type of wallpaper. Cloths are glued end-to-end and aligned with a roller. After they dry, you can proceed to painting. Any type of paint used for wall coverings is suitable for coloring glass. Apply:

  • water-based paint;
  • latex;
  • acrylic.

Paint cullet for 2 times. There must be 12 hours between coats. If high-quality paint is selected, then you can repaint the wallpaper in different colors up to 20 times, while their relief will not be lost. Since painting the walls is the final stage in the work, it is necessary to paint carefully and carefully. The result of using such material as glass wall papers will be environmentally friendly, aesthetic and original wall coverings used for any surfaces and rooms.

We offer a wide range of glass wallpapers for painting, as well as high-quality paint for them and all the tools necessary for the job. Samples of finished material are provided.

PVC Wallcovering Tarkett Wallgard


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Designs shown in width, m


Material safety (certificates)


Total coating thickness, mm


Change in linear dimensions, %, not more than (GOST 11529)​


Weight 1 m 2 kg


Additional protective coating


Moisture resistant


Chemical resistance (ISO 26987)


Color fastness


Design type


Collection name


Standard roll, m


Fire hazard class (FZ-123)​

KM2 download certificate

A non-standard, innovative and exclusive product has appeared on the building materials market. The manufacturer is the well-known company Tarkett.

Collection Wallgard is a linoleum that is, however unusual, essential for walls. This is the thinnest plastic, its thickness does not exceed 1 mm. Wall linoleum differs from the “floor counterpart” in that it is single-layer.

What are the advantages of Tarkett Wallgard linoleum for walls? It differs from the tile that is boring to everyone, because it is a pure material. The seams between tiles are a great place for different bacteria to grow. Joints between linoleum, of course, are absent. Welding cords securely fasten the strips together, eliminating the formation of cracks.

Tarkett Wallgard PVC wallcoverings are high quality products that have successfully passed various strength tests.

The translation of the name of the collection speaks for itself – “Guardian of the Wall”. Wallgard wall covering has many advantages that make it possible to secure the walls of your premises.