Watch 7: Apple Watch Series 7 | Features, Bands, Price

Apple Watch Series 7 | Features, Bands, Price

The Apple Watch Series 7 retains the same design elements that have been present since its first iteration. Despite rumors of a flat-edged redesign, Apple doubled down on rounded sides and added a bigger, brighter display.

The Apple Watch has matured over the years into a health and fitness product, though Apple still pushes some social aspects. Each release has had some prominent feature attached, though this model is admittedly more iterative than Apple’s previous generations.

Apple Watch Series 7 Features

Rather than add some gimmicky new feature or sensor, Apple positioned the Apple Watch Series 7 as the epitome of its wearable revolution. It acts as the absolute maximum representation of what can fit in a comfortable wrist computer.

A redesign is still possible in the future, but for now, Apple had to consider what changes it could make in an aging design without compromising existing features.

Notably, Apple has introduced yet another Apple Watch that retains compatibility with all watch bands. Apple initially leaned heavily into the fashion aspects of the Apple Watch, which has persisted through the constantly changing band styles.


The display is larger and tougher than before

Apple pushed the display over the edge of the Apple Watch frame for 20% more screen real estate than its predecessor. Those upgrading from the Apple Watch Series 3 will see a 50% increase in display size while only increasing case size by 3mm.

The display is also 70% brighter when the always-on display is dimmed. This means information is more visible at a glance, even in a bright environment.

Many apps offered by Apple have been reconfigured for the larger display as well. For example, Calculator has bigger buttons, text messages show more content, and there is now a full-sized keyboard useful for swipe typing.

Apple says the display used on the Apple Watch Series 7 is the most durable one yet. The glass cover is thicker at its highest point, making it more resistant to cracks.


The heart rate and blood oxygen sensors take background readings to monitor your health

There are no new health features in Apple Watch Series 7. All of the health features found in the upgraded hardware exist in the Apple Watch Series 6, though that model will no longer be in Apple’s lineup.


Heart rate is the primary health feature that ties to every health and fitness metric. The infrared sensor on the back of the Apple Watch regularly measures heart rate and records its findings in the Health app.

Users can also take manual Electrocardiograms using the Digital Crown and heart rate sensor to complete an electrical circuit around their body. This measurement helps determine irregular heart rhythms and can help users decide whether they need to visit a doctor.

There is also a blood oxygen sensor built into the sensor stack. LEDs and photodiodes record oxygen content and warn users if it gets too low for a given elevation. This data can help diagnose issues with the lungs or sickness.

Fall detection

The accelerometers in Apple Watch can detect if its wearer has fallen or been involved in a collision. The Apple Watch will ask if the user has fallen and needs help when enabled.

If the user isn’t moving around for about a minute, an alarm starts counting down. As long as the Apple Watch is connected to a cellular network or an iPhone, it will notify emergency services if you’re unable to.

This feature is enabled by default for users over 55, though it can be manually toggled on for users 18 or older.


The Apple Watch will record decibel levels in any environment, and if enabled, will warn the wearer of dangerously loud noise. A complication is also available so users can view the decibel level at a glance.

A twenty-second timer will start when Apple Watch detects the user is washing their hands. The feature was added during the pandemic to encourage healthy habits.

The Apple Watch also tracks sleeping habits by default. So if you wear your Apple Watch to bed, it will measure the quality of sleep based on a combination of metrics gained from the health sensors.


Track workouts and compete with friends in the Fitness app

Fitness has become an essential staple of the Apple Watch — Fitness+ was even built around it. Track your workouts, from walking to swimming, all with a simple tap.

Automatic workout detection has improved as Apple updates its algorithms in watchOS. With watchOS 8, users can automatically start a cycling workout thanks to a combination of sensors detecting the activity.

The algorithms have also been tuned to measure calories accurately when using an e-bike. It can determine if pedal-assist is active or if the bike is moving on leg power alone.

There are many workouts users can initiate from the Fitness app on Apple Watch. They include cycling, swimming, core, HIT, and even hiking. New workouts available in watchOS 8 include pilates and yoga.

Processor, Networking, Charging

Apple says the Apple Watch Series 7 has the same 18-hour battery life as its predecessor. However, the charging capabilities have been improved with much faster charge times.

The Apple Watch will charge 33% faster when connected to sufficient power, translating to eight hours of sleep tracking with just eight minutes on a charger. Apple says the battery can reach 80% in just 45 minutes.

Apple didn’t delve into the processor, but it is a new S7 SiP. The core processor remains the same as the S6, though there’s more to the chip than just the processor. The expanded capabilities for the display, fall detection, and more could easily warrant a next-generation package, hence the S7.

There is still an LTE option available for Apple Watch. It requires a cellular plan from a carrier but will likely be included in your iPhone plan for a small monthly fee.

Materials and colors

Midnight, starlight, green, blue, and (PRODUCT)RED colors are available

The Apple Watch Series 7 is available in aluminum, stainless steel, and titanium. The only model with new color options is the aluminum model.

The aluminum colors are midnight, starlight, green, blue, and (PRODUCT)RED. Stainless steel is available in silver, graphite, and gold. The titanium model retains its space black and standard titanium color.

Apple Watch compared

Apple Watch Series 7 versus Apple Watch Series 6

Existing Apple Watch owners may have a tough time choosing to upgrade to the 2021 Apple Watch if they already have an Apple Watch Series 6. The feature set and processor are roughly the same between generations, but it is the new display that steals the show.

The display is 20% larger at 41mm and 45mm with the bezels nearly cut in half. Apple also says the new display is slightly curved and thicker towards the center for more impact resistance. The always-on display is also up to 70% brighter when in the dimmed mode.

Health and fitness functions are identical. All of the new features found in the Series 7 also exist in the Series 6, so don’t expect any surprises here. The battery life is also consistent between existing models at around 18 hours during normal use.

The new color options, tougher display, and fast charging may be enough to tip the scales for some buyers, but if you already have an Apple Watch Series 6, there isn’t a single compelling reason to upgrade.

Apple Watch Series 7 review: Bigger than you think

The Apple Watch Series 7 didn’t contain a significant number of updates, but we believe the larger display makes it a compelling upgrade and the best smartwatch you can buy. The bigger case, edge-to-edge display, and curved glass make this watch look striking compared to the big-bezel predecessors.

Apple didn’t include new health sensors, didn’t upgrade the processor speed, or add new cellular technology as it has in previous models. Battery life remains the same, but the Apple Watch can be charged at a much faster rate with the new cable.


The case design is relatively the same, with slightly more curved edges and a single speaker slit versus two. The watch band connecting mechanism remains identical to the previous models.

The larger edge-to-edge display is a noticeable upgrade

The real story is the increase in display size and brightness. The display itself is 20% larger and 70% brighter when in always-on mode. These upgrades are easily noticeable when held side-by-side with an Apple Watch Series 6.

Apple altered the operating system slightly to account for the larger display. The full QWERTY keyboard is simple enough to use by tapping each letter, but it is most useful when swipe typing. We still prefer using dictation via Siri when responding in a pinch.

Two new watch faces were introduced with the latest models. Modular Duo is a compelling choice thanks to its two large complications, similar to the Infograph Modular’s single large complication. Contour is a more opinionated design with curved letters that stretch over the edge of the curved glass.

Using Apple Watch Series 7

Despite a lack of speed upgrades to the processor, everything operated smoothly. Apps opened instantly, and navigating the operating system never felt sluggish.

The Apple Watch survived a trip to the dunes

The Apple Watch can charge up to 33% faster than previous models, thanks to 5W fast charging. You’ll need the included cable and a 5W or higher charging port to do so.

Fitness aspects are unchanged with the same workout tracking, heart rate detection, and awards as previous models. Users can take an ECG, notify emergency contacts in the event of a fall, and get abnormal heart rate notifications as well.

We tested Apple’s durability and dust-proof claims by taking Apple Watch to the beach. After multiple drops in sand dunes and being nearly buried in sand, the Apple Watch Series 7 showed no signs of damage.

We believe the Apple Watch Series 7 is a net win for anyone upgrading from previous models. While owners of the Apple Watch Series 6 may have a tougher time making the jump, the bigger display that shows more content is definitely worth it.


  • Larger display
  • Two new watch faces
  • Full QWERTY keyboard
  • Faster charging
  • Very durable


  • No new health features
  • Processor is unchanged
  • No third-party watch faces

Score: 4.5 out of 5

What was rumored

The rumors leading up to the Apple event led many to believe a significant redesign was coming. Everything from a flat-sided watch to new types of bands was expected.

A flat-sided redesign is still possible

What Apple revealed is almost entirely the opposite of those rumors. Not only is the new Watch more curved, but it also uses the old band style and doesn’t have any radical new features.

This trip up is one of the more public failures of the rumor mill. More than one source had been adamant about the new features, yet none arrived.

The verdict is still out, however, as some have doubled down. Now those who perpetuated the flat-sided redesign say it is due for the “Apple Watch Series 8” in 2022.

Rumors point to a larger Apple Watch and a new rugged model, but nothing recent suggests a redesign. With only a few weeks until Apple’s fall announcements, it isn’t clear if the flat-sided redesign is happening.


Apple Watch Series 7

The Apple Watch Series 7 has an Always-on Retina display with nearly 20% more screen area than the Series 6 and the most crack-resistant front crystal yet on an Apple Watch.

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The Apple Watch Series 7 is priced identically to the Apple Watch Series 6. Some early orders shipped on October 15 with limited in-store availability. The 41mm watch with a sport band starts at $399. Customers can choose between aluminum, stainless steel, and titanium watch cases, a multitude of bands, and whether or not cellular is included.

Apple also offers refurbished Apple Watch models that have new one-year warranties and can have AppleCare applied just like new devices.

Apple Watch Series 7 41mm 32 GB – Colors, Specs, Reviews

Star RatingsStar RatingsStar RatingsStar RatingsStar Ratings

4.8 | 531

Customize your Apple Watch


Case material

Case color:

Band type

Band color:



Watch Series 7 41mm – Starlight Aluminum Starlight Sport – 32 GB isn’t available.

  • The largest, most advanced Always-on Retina display yet makes everything you do with your Apple Watch Series 7 bigger and better. Series 7 is the most durable Apple Watch ever built, with an even more crack-resistant front crystal. Advanced features let you measure your blood oxygen level,2  take an ECG anytime,3 and access mindfulness and sleep tracking apps. You can also track dozens of workouts, including new tai chi and pilates.

  • Key Features

    • GPS + Cellular1

    • Always-on Retina display has nearly 20% more screen area than Series 6

    • Take an ECG anytime, anywhere

    • Stay in the moment with the new Mindfulness app, and reach your sleep goals with the Sleep app

    Manual and tutorial


    Size (mm) 41. 00 x 35.00 x 10.7
    Weight (g) Aluminum 32.0, 42.3 Stainless Steel, 37.0 Titanium


    Pixels 352 by 430 pixels
    Display area 904 sq mm
    Display size Nearly 20% more screen area than Series 6
    Case material Aluminum or Stainless Steel (depending on model selected)
    Water resistance 50 meters4


    Battery life5 Up to 18 hours
    Built-in rechargeable lithium-ion battery
    Magnetic charging cable


    Chipset S7
    Cores 64-bit dual-core processor


    Internal memory storage 32GB

    Operating system

    iOS® 8
    Siri®6 Ask Siri to set a reminder, send an invitation, or give you directions, all without your phone.

    Wireless technology

    4G LTE Bands 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 7, 12, 13, 17, 18, 19, 25, 26, 39, 40, 41, 66
    UMTS/HSPA+ 850/1700/1900/2100MHz
    NumberSync Capable Required to use smartwatch over cellular; rate plan required.
    Wi-Fi connectivity 802.11b/g/n
    Wi-Fi capability 2.4GHz and 5GHz
    Bluetooth® technology v5.0
    SIM type Electronic SIM


    Workout Track a casual walk, an intense ride, and everything in between.
    Activity Set workout-specific goals, see full summaries when you’re done, and track how you’re trending over time.
    ECG7 Generates an ECG similar to a single-lead electrocardiogram.
    Heart Rate Keep tabs on your resting, walking, and workout recovery heart rate.


    Sensors Ambient light, accelerometer, barometric altimeter, built-in GPS, gyroscope, third-generation optical heart rate, electrical heart rate (ECG app)2, Blood oxygen sensor1

    Messaging & email

    Text messaging


    Music player Apple Music®8

    Product codes

    UPC 194252566350
    SKU 6245D
  • Magnetic charging cable

  • eSIM

    A new way to connect your smartphone to our network. An eSIM is a digital version of a physical SIM card, with some distinct advantages:

    • Faster setup—download and activate in just minutes
    • Encrypted, secure connectivity
    • Can’t be lost or stolen
  • California Proposition 65 warning

    WARNING: Cancer and reproductive harm –

Series Matchmakers 7 watch online all series in a row in good HD 1080 / 720 quality

Zhenya Kovaleva is sitting in the airport waiting room. Her voiceover sounds. Well, is that all? Welcome to adulthood, Evgenia Maksimovna. One chapter of life is over, another begins. Kapets! If someone had told me a year ago how my life would turn upside down, I would have thought that he was crazy. Although, of course, with my grandparents, you can expect anything. Yes, just a year… It started in May, no, in June. Exactly, I passed the session, and grandmother Valya and grandfather Vanya had just moved to a new house.

Kuchugury. Spouses Budko (Valentina Petrovna and Ivan Stepanovich) are busy making homemade jam. Ivan, who was instructed by his wife to pick out the bones, is fooling around, as usual, teasing Valentina. She, of course, grumbles. Their matchmaker (Olga Nikolaevna) enters the yard: hello to the new settlers! She apologizes for being a little late in the city: she stopped by to visit Yevgesha. Ivan thinks aloud: so it turns out that a friend asked Evgesha to look after the apartment, and you and Valyusha look after Evgesha. Ivan jokingly suggests putting up a 24-hour security post at his granddaughter’s entrance. Olga believes that it is necessary to look after a twenty-year-old girl: I remember very well what young people at this age need, especially if there is free living space nearby. Ivan continues to scoff. Olga: Stop it, Ivan Stepanovich, you know perfectly well what I’m talking about. Also say thank you that Katya was not in the city (this is the daughter of Olga’s current husband, Alexander Alexandrovich Berkovich), otherwise we really would have to install a round-the-clock post in the entrance. Valentina: That’s right, Olechka, you need to keep an eye on the girls so that they don’t do stupid things. And then yesterday, on a talk show, they showed how a schoolgirl gave birth to a pensioner. Ivan clarifies with Olga: in what sense is Katya not in the city? In education, Ivan Stepanovich. Katerina was sent to a summer language camp a week ago to improve her English. And why did it interest you so much? Ivan admits that he also visited Zhenya yesterday.

Ivan visits his granddaughter. Zhenya says that less than twelve hours have passed since Granny Valya’s visit to her, during which time nothing has changed radically. Ivan: But it has changed! You are a lonely young lady, and now you have an instrument in your house. Grandfather gives Zhenya pliers, a drill and a cable for cleaning the toilet, which are so necessary in the household. Then he asks his granddaughter to treat him to tea. She refers to the fact that she is in a hurry to go to the institute. Before leaving, Ivan hears the sound of water pouring in his soul: you have Katyukha there, or what? Well, of course, grandpa, she spent the night with me, and now in the shower.

After listening to Ivan’s story, Olga says: but I myself heard today how Sasha called Katya and her curator. She’s definitely in the camp. Now Valentina already has suspicions: here’s your girlfriend’s brother … She’s lying, you bastard!

Valentina visits her granddaughter, she brought her borscht, meatballs, village eggs, fresh herbs and homemade “spins”. Valentina notices that men’s clothes are hanging on the clothes dryer. Zhenya claims that she found them in a basket with dirty laundry and also decided to wash them: this is the brother of a friend, whose apartment. They both live here.

Olga laments: what a horror! Ivan does not see anything wrong with the fact that the granddaughter got a boyfriend: it’s not all the same for her to be killed by this artist. Olga: what do you say to the fact that this boyfriend is not much younger than you? In what sense? in anthropological.

Olga and Alexander visit Zhenya. Olga brought her granddaughter new bedding, some clothes, rubber boots (all purchased at good discounts). Zhenya says that she is already old enough to take care of her like that. Olga picks up the bills lying on the nightstand: I hope your integrity does not apply to utility bills? Zhenya does not object to this. Olga: I thought so. Sasha, you will pay today, otherwise the fines are crazy. After that, Olga discovers among the bills a gift certificate to a beauty salon: anti-aging care for men 40+. I’m sorry, but who is this for? Zhenya: for grandfather Vanya, a gift for Airborne Forces Day. Olga laughs and says that she appreciated her granddaughter’s sense of humor.

Valentina is shocked, she starts lamenting that her granddaughter has got mixed up with an elderly man. Ivan says that it’s too early to panic, you must first talk with Zhenya, he tries to go to the city. Olga claims that Zhenya is still not at home, she told her on the phone that she does not know when she will be free. Ivan calls Zhenya: we decided to make jam with the whole family, and Baba Valya took it and threw all the bones into the toilet, and the toilet bowl clogged. So you return the cable to me. Grandpa, are you kidding me? Can’t you go and buy a new one? I can’t, when the jam was cooked, I dragged sugar and tore off my back, now I’m lying flat. Then ask grandma Olya or grandma Valya. I also can’t ask grandmothers, they have already shandarakhnuli liqueurs, lying around there. So come on, help out. Zhenya sighs: well, as soon as I’m free, I’ll bring it.

Someone comes up to the cafe table Zhenya is sitting at. The girl says to him: unfortunately, our plans for the evening are changing somewhat.

Late in the evening, Valentina and Olga are guessing on cards, the combinations that fall out add to their anxiety for their granddaughter. Ivan nervously smokes on the porch, grumbling that Zhenya has not appeared for too long. Finally, a car pulls up to the gate. Zhenya was brought by the director of the local club Palych. The girl is friendly to him. Ivan: I don’t understand, did she mess with Palych? Valentina: everything fits – 40+. Olga: And I warned you, Ivan Stepanovich, that these New Year’s part-time jobs with a drunken intellectual will not lead to good. Ivan: how did I know that this Santa Claus would raise his hand to his granddaughter? Olga believes that it makes no sense to make a scandal now: we interfered in her personal life so many times, but nothing good came of it. Ivan: that’s right, it’s not with her, but with this Santa Claus you need to talk. Okay, I’ll talk to him tomorrow. Zhenya says goodbye to Palych, goes to the house. Ivan tells the ladies to hide behind the back of the sofa, and he meets his granddaughter, thanks for the brought cable. Where are the grandmothers? They drank the liquor and are already sleeping.

In the morning Ivan and Valentina arrive at the House of Culture. Fleeing from an angry fellow villager, Palych falls from a ladder and is injured. It turns out that Palych did not even think of seducing Zhenya. He is taken by ambulance to the hospital.

Ivan and Valentina go to the city, watch the windows of the apartment where Zhenya lives. There is clearly no one there now. Olga gets into the car by Budko. She made a duplicate of the keys, offers to inspect the apartment in the absence of her granddaughter. Ivan and Olga go there, Valentina stays in the car. The “burglars” are prevented from entering the apartment by the visit of some bald fat man of Caucasian appearance. Olga and Ivan are hiding on the landing on the floor above. An unknown person calls the apartment, without waiting for an answer, he leaves a bouquet of flowers with a note on the door handle and leaves.

Ivan and Olga read this love letter and come to the conclusion that it is addressed to Zhenya. A man addresses his chosen one “my singing bird”, and signs “your Tiger cub”. Ivan and Olga run out into the street, jump into the car, where Valentine is waiting for them. The matchmakers are chasing the SUV in which the fat man left. Ivan intends to deal with him. A Caucasian comes to a restaurant. Following him, Ivan, Valentina and Olga enter there.

A gangster-style music show is on the stage of the restaurant. The so-called criminal duet “Bonnie Parker and Clyde Barrow” is the soloist in it. The role of Bonnie is played by Zhenya, her partner performs in a mask. Olga again reproaches Ivan: this is how a part-time job in nightclubs can end. At this moment, Valentina discovers the fat man they were chasing. He drinks a portion of alcohol at the bar and heads for the exit. On the stairs, Ivan approaches him with a fierce look, and Valentina and Olga cut off the retreat from behind. All three threaten the Caucasian, demand that he publicly renounce their granddaughter, to whom he left a note at the door of the apartment. The man is surprised: is she here? He is escorted back to the hall, they point to Zhenya singing on the stage. The Caucasian declares that he loves not her at all, but Svetochka. I call her, but she does not pick up the phone! I came to her – she is not at home. I came here because she works here as a waitress. Olga recalls that the girlfriend whose apartment Zhenya looks after is really called Sveta, and they became friends at work. Ivan apologizes to the fat man: then I have no complaints against you, man. After that, the matchmakers leave the restaurant, deciding to leave further investigation until tomorrow.

The next day Olga and Valentina visit the Institute of Culture where Zhenya is studying. His employee Margo, a good friend of Olga, reports that Zhenya is the best in the class, she goes to a red diploma. Margo calms the worried grandmothers, saying that none of the teachers of their university starts tricks with students. However, at that moment, Valentina sees Zhenya talking to a man in the lobby, then hugging him and kissing him on the cheek. Olga: who is this? Perplexed, Margot says: this is our vice-rector. The couple leaves the school together, they get into the car and leave. Valentina almost cries: what to do, Olechka? Olga: we’re going to Zhenya’s house, it looks like a brothel has opened there.

Ivan, Valentina, Olga and Alexander drive up to Zhenya’s house. Matchmakers are very determined. Alexander delicately says that Evgenia is an adult, independent person, and she must figure out her relationship herself. If you interfere in her personal life, you can cause serious psychological trauma to the girl. Olga demands that her husband stop his “intellectual throwing.” Together they go up to the door of the apartment. Loud music comes from there. Olga opens the apartment with a duplicate key, they go inside and find a half-dressed man in the living room, chained to a column with fur handcuffs. His face is hidden by a hockey helmet. Ivan says: well, hello, student molester. He turns off the music, unmasks the “pervert”. It turns out that this is Lekha, a guy from Kuchugury. Hello, Uncle Vanya. Ivan is puzzled: how did you get here, beggar?

Katya comes down to the living room in an erotic mistress outfit. Now Alexander is already in shock: what is happening here? Katya makes excuses: we are rehearsing. Zhenya wants to shoot a clip on the Internet, there are such roles. Alexander: why are you here at all, and not in a language camp? Katya: so it’s parental day there, but you still don’t come to me, so I decided to visit you myself. Later. Alexander: Get dressed immediately! Okay, daddy.

Ivan reassures Alexander: Katyukha is already an adult, she can sort out her relationship on her own. And you don’t need to freak out, you can cause irreparable psychological trauma to the child. Frustrated, Alexander retires to the kitchen.

Zhenya arrives. Grandfather and grandmother require her to explain what is happening. Zhenya lets an embarrassed Jack into the apartment. The matchmakers greet the young Englishman, they are glad to see him. Zhenya tells how it was.

Katya suddenly comes to Zhenya. She brought Jack with her, knowing full well that he was in love with Zhenya. On the way, Jack lent Katya a jacket, and he got very wet in the rain. The guy is sent to the shower. Katya tells Zhenya: my ancestors sent me to the camp, and there part of the classes take place with native speakers. And it was Jack who got me into the carriers. An amazing combination of circumstances, so do not even doubt: this is your destiny.

At this moment Olga and Alexander visit Zhenya. Jack and Katya hide from them.

The girls, having laid the sneezing Jack under the covers, treat him to hot tea with honey. The Englishman is trying to go to the hotel, but Katya stops these attempts: you can stay with an old friend for a couple of nights, because you do not want to neglect her hospitality. And it’s time for me to run. Katya asks Zhenya to walk her to the door. She declares that for the services of a matchmaker, Zhenya is entitled to “keys to the hut”: in the camp I have already frayed that I won’t be there for a couple of days, and Alexei missed me very much. And I recommend that Jack pour vodka with pepper at night, or better – champagne with strawberries. What am I teaching you, you yourself know everything. Zhenya says that the name “Katerina” is not in vain called a hurricane.

Immediately after Katya leaves, Valya’s grandmother comes to see Zhenya.

In the morning Jack wakes up quite cheerful and healthy (Zhenya used mustard poured into her socks as a prophylactic against a cold). Jack asks Zhenya to show him the best restaurant in town tonight. Their conversation is interrupted by the visit of Vanya’s grandfather. Jack hides from him in the shower.

Zhenya finishes his story. Ivan says to his granddaughter: you are a wonderful person, Zhenyok. Couldn’t tell right away it was your Jack. Zhenya: but I didn’t know how you would react to the fact that a guy lives in my apartment, with whom we are just friends. Olga: they would react normally, we are adequate people. Jenny: Seriously? And who sent Pal Palych to a hospital bed, just because he gave me a ride? Also good people? Ivan: how do you know about Palych? It turns out that the injured Palych threatened to sue the entire Budko family if Zhenya did not find a replacement for him to work at the corporate party. So she persuaded her fellow students to do it. And Jack and I had to perform instead of them in that very restaurant. Valentina: I didn’t understand why then you kissed with your vice-rector and rode in a car with him. Zhenya: so you also follow me at the institute? I kissed the Vice-Chancellor on the cheek, because he helped me solve an unpleasant problem, which, miraculously, you again created. You arranged a showdown with the famous producer Tigran Melikyan near the restaurant. One of his good friends saw this and called his other good friends. The restaurant security guard saw this, decided not to get involved and called the police. It turned out that some of producer Tigran’s friends had expired registrations, and the police called the migration service. They decided to check the restaurant at the same time, so as not to go twice. And they detained six illegal immigrants in the kitchen and Jack in the dressing room, since it is forbidden to perform in restaurants with a tourist visa.

Chained to the column, Lech, about whom everyone has forgotten, starts whining: Uncle Vanya, you can unfasten me, otherwise my whole body is already numb. Ivan: oh, woke up, fifty shades of stupidity. Where are the keys? Lech: at Katyun. Ivan shouts: hey, lady, free your flawed one!

Olga asks Zhenya: that is, it was the Vice-Rector who helped you get Jack out of the police? Yes, he has connections. If not for him, then Jack would be deported for violating the rules of stay.

Katya frees Lekha. Relatives apologize to Zhenya. She says that there is another problem: right now, because of you, I am late for the reporting concert. The matchmakers hurriedly say goodbye and leave. Leave the apartment and Lyokha with Katya.

Left alone with Zhenya, Jack says that it was a cool adventure. Only for some reason I always get into the police with you. Okay, I’ll go, you should probably get ready for the concert. Zhenya reports that there are still four hours before the concert. Jack takes Zhenya by the hand, they want to kiss. At that moment, Alexander appears from the kitchen, heads for the door, muttering: sorry, for God’s sake. He’s leaving. Zhenya and Jack laugh.

Ivan, Valentina, Zhenya, Jack, Alexander and Katya arrive in Tbilisi. Zhenya shoots his grandfather on the phone, Ivan jokes, imitating the host of the Eagle and Tails program, who got a gold credit card.

In a taxi, Ivan tells that in his youth he promised his army friend Givi to visit him, but then Valentina’s parents opposed this. The wife calls the taxi driver, he asks the passengers to confirm that he is fulfilling their order. Ivan is talking to a jealous woman: this is Vanya Budko, you need not worry, your husband is really taking us from the airport to the hotel. The fact is that our children, Masha and Maxim, have a silver wedding this year, and they decided to celebrate it in Georgia. And we all decided to unexpectedly come and congratulate them. If you still do not believe, then come to the Tiflis restaurant tonight. Do you know this one? I know, it’s just booked there today, Asachashvili’s wedding is there. Couldn’t think of anything smarter? Give that bastard the phone, quick!

Upon arrival at the hotel, Valentina is video chatting with her daughter. Maria justifies herself: this is how we work. We thought it would work, but it won’t work until next week. Valentine: but how is it, because you have a wedding today. Maria: was, twenty-five years ago. And in general, we did not think to make some kind of event out of this. What about you, did you all come? Of course everyone! In addition to Olechka, she again has some blockage at work. Maria: okay, you settle down there, relax, and then we will come and celebrate. Ivan joins the conversation: you can celebrate there whenever you want. And we’ll start today. Hi everybody. And personally tell Max from me: horses die from work. Happily!

After finishing the conversation, Ivan cheerfully declares: Well, tourists? So, now we are settling down, such a light soul – and on a sightseeing tour of the city with the best guide of our time. And do not, Sanych, here I have such skeptical views. Yes, he is in front of you. Note that this is not expensive – for three hours fifty dollars from the nose. Can be cashless. Sanych, a card!

Ivan conducts a tour of the sights of Tbilisi for the family. Then they go to the famous Dry Bridge flea market. Ivan discovers a painting there, which depicts a beautiful girl on a horse, and next to him is an officer. Moreover, the man’s face is very similar to Valentina. Ivan laughs, makes jokes about this. Everyone else also recognizes this amazing similarity. Ivan convinces Alexander to buy the painting as a present for Masha and Max. The seller says that it was written over a hundred years ago, asking for $350 for a rarity. But he does not know anything about the artist and the characters in the picture. For more information, the seller advises contacting the museum. Katya declares that she has enough impressions for today. The youth decides to return to the hotel, while Ivan, Valentina and Alexander go to the museum.

The art historian informs the tourists that the painting they bought was probably created in the second half of the 19th century. And judging by the details of the uniform, the officer depicted on it is Russian. An art critic, after rummaging through the archive, names three Russian officers who served in the Caucasus at that time and received just such an order. The surnames Legostaev and Durnev do not mean anything to Valentina, but the Martynovs were among her ancestors. Ivan becomes incredibly excited, he is sure that the painting depicts a relative of his wife. Even Alexander’s remark that Martynov Nikolai Solomonovich is the infamous killer of Lermontov does not change anything.

In the evening Katya, Zhenya and Jack have fun at the disco. Katya answers her father’s call with a message that they have already had dinner and gone to bed.

Ivan, Valentina and Alexander are sitting in a restaurant. They are sent wine from the company at the next table. Then the old man, who is present there, expresses a desire to take a closer look at the painting bought by tourists. As a result, new facts are revealed. There were legends about this horse all over Georgia, the Grand Duke himself was interested in him. This handsome man was fast as the wind and won every race. The horse belonged to the wine magnate Karavadze. The girl may be Karavadze’s daughter, and the horse is her dowry. The man (Lekso), who translates the words of his grandfather, says: Karavazde still make wine and live here nearby, in Mtskheta. I can take you there tomorrow. Ivan is delighted with the idea of ​​visiting his wife’s unexpectedly discovered Caucasian relatives. Grandfather says that their family is also related to Karavazde. Locals and visitors fraternize, Georgians seat tourists at their table, generously treat them.

Series “Matchmakers 7” (“Svaty 7”) Series 1

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2021, Comedies, Ukraine

The plot of the series continues the fascinating story of intermarried intellectuals and villagers. Once upon a time, such different and dissimilar heroes were united by love for their little granddaughter Zhenya. However, time passed, Evgenia grew up to be a real beauty and … an enviable bride. Now a friendly family is waiting for a crazy wedding planner and new adventurous adventures!

Comedy Matchmaker 7 is a continuation of the popular multi-series, loved by the audience for its warm atmosphere, sparkling humor and charismatic characters. The director’s chair of the project was taken by Andrey Yakovlev, who also had a hand in writing the script.

Fedor Dobronravov, who played one of the leading roles, temporarily dropped out of the filming process due to health problems, but this season the actor returns to action. Together with the characters, the audience will travel through time and see what Ivan and Valentina were like in their youth. In addition, viewers will learn about the birth of love between the Budko spouses.

The role of young Ivan Stepanovich went to Fyodor Dobronravov’s son Victor.