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audifi WiFi Music Receiver with Audiophile DAC Bluetooth 5.0 & AirPlay

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Transforms Any Old HiFi Stereo System to enable high-fidelity Wi-Fi and multi-room streaming

The Auris audifi is a WiFi music receiver that works with any amplifier or active speakers to unlock and discover a world full of music streaming services and internet radio stations, all streaming in 24-bit hi-res audio.

It can be used as a standalone streamer alongside your preferred amplifier or grouped with other players to create a multi-room listening experience.

  • Bring high-fidelity WiFi connectivity to any existing stereo amplifier, AV receiver, or powered speakers.
  • Supports WiFi, Gigabit Ethernet, and Bluetooth 5.0 with aptX HD ensuring hi-res music playback without interruption.
  • Simple setup directly inside the user-friendly 4Stream app.
  • Hi-res audio streaming with access to Internet radio stations, cloud music services, and your own local music library.
  • Create and control a seamless multi-room system with the intuitive 4Stream app.
  • Powered by audiophile quality ESS SABRE ES9023 premium DAC.
  • Features digital and analog input/output options and subwoofer out.
  • AirPlay to stream from any other music player or service as you’re not stuck using one product app.

“Auris raises Bluetooth audio quality by adopting the latest Hi-Res standard.”

“You can easily move between rooms without the music cutting out.”

“The Auris bluMe is a great and affordable way to add Hi-Res Bluetooth streaming to your home audio.”

Meet audifi

audifi unlocks the world of lossless music streaming and multi-room audio by adding 24-bit hi-res streaming to your existing vintage stereo systems or powered speakers with just a few taps of the intuitive 4Stream app for iOS and Android.

Equipped with Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity

Equipped with Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity, audifi provides the best-in-class wireless streaming experience. With state-of-the-art Bluetooth® aptX® HD, audifi can easily support 24-bit streaming directly from your phone or tablet.


Built-in high-end DAC technology allows audifi to decode and stream audio in all its lossless glory.

Control at your fingertips

Connect audifi to your existing AV receiver or Hi-Fi system and download the free 4Stream app on your phone or tablet to connect it to your home Wi-Fi network to create a powerful streaming audio system.


Instantly select sources, browse your music library, control playback and stream high-quality wireless music from the included music players or leave the app and play from any other streaming service via Airplay.

Stream everything you love

Stream from your music library or use the in-app music services, which include Spotify, Amazon Music, TIDAL, Qobuz, iHeartRadio, TuneIn, Napster and more using your iOS or Android phone.


Use AirPlay to stream from any other music player or streaming service as you’re not stuck using one product app.

Hi-Res music. Anywhere. Everywhere.

Add additional audifi streamers to other music systems or your home theater for multiroom sound, stereo pairing and multi-user capabilities. Control your music from anywhere in your home and play any song in any room or every room.

Ultra connectivity

Featuring an array of analog and digital input and output options, audifi gives you infinite playback choices. With the ability to connect to your TV or CD player for audio input, audifi ensures that your physical music collection continues to thrive.


Seamlessly stream your favorite tracks to your active amplifier, stereo receiver, active subwoofer or more and hear it anywhere in your home.

Audiophile Sound. Compact Design.

audifi features a solid aluminum body and a compact design that fits just about anywhere.


Under the hood, you’ll find a high-performance audiophile grade ESS Sabre ES9023 premium DAC and advanced circuitry that deliver a powerful, sonically-pure audio experience.

High-Resolution Audio

audify supports high-resolution audio including FLAC/WAV/AIFF and Apple Lossless (ALAC) up to 192 kHz/24-bit for more accurate reproduction of sonic details, presence and atmosphere.

OLED Display

Know the device status visually and intuitively with the integrated OLED Display. Get info when changing input modes, volume, song info and more instantly.

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Bluetooth 5.0




High-end audio codecs Qualcomm® aptX HD | aptX LL | aptX & AAC


ESS Sabre ES9023 DAC


Digital & analog connectivity


Sub-woofer Output


OLED Display

1020 Wi-Fi Audio Receiver – Listen Technologies

Venues with Listen EVERYWHERE can now offer dedicated receivers to guests who do not have or prefer not to use their own smartphone to stream real-time audio.

Listen EVERYWHERE from Listen Technologies is a simple and affordable Wi-Fi streaming solution that allows people to use their smartphones for assistive listening.

The new LWR-1020 Wi-Fi audio receiver is a dedicated assistive listening receiver for use with Listen EVERYWHERE. The new LWR-1020 Wi-Fi Audio Receivers means your guests can choose to use their smartphone or borrow an LWR-1020 audio receiver to access the Wi-Fi streamed audio.

Visit the LWR-1020 Product Page

See the LWS-10 System Page

The LWR-1020 Wi-Fi Audio Receiver

Complete and Compliant Assistive Listening Solution

The NEW LWR-1020 receivers are available to order to use with existing Listen EVERYWHERE servers or in a bundled SKU for a complete ADA compliant assistive listening system. 

The LWS-10 includes a two-channel server, rack mounting kit, neck loops, ear speakers, and signage as a complete ADA-compliant assistive listening system.

Sales Flyer

The Listen EVERYWHERE System


Our patented Listen EVERYWHERE Wi-Fi servers operate on your existing network and can easily be configured to fit any venue or application, and can grow to accommodate your needs both now and in the future.

See the Servers

Private Channels

Listen EVERYWHERE private channels allow a venue administrator, professor, or IT personnel to select any or all channels as private on their network, and set up the password(s) directly from their smartphone using an Admin section of the mobile app. Listeners access an audio stream using a password, preventing other people from listening in.

Existing Wi-Fi Network

Listen EVERYWHERE uses your existing Wi-Fi network to wirelessly stream audio to your guests. End users easily connect to the Wi-Fi network, download the free app for iOS or Android, and select the desired channel. Listen Everywhere also streams directly to Bluetooth-enabled hearing aids through an iOS or Android device.

Listen EVERYWHERE Cloud Services

Listen EVERYWHERE Cloud Services offers in-app marketing features including banner ads and promotional videos, web-based remote setup and maintenance, and advanced customization.

Patented Technology

As innovators in assistive listening technology, our patent sets our audio over Wi-Fi technology apart as unique. Your guests deserve the best and that’s exactly what you get with Listen EVERYWHERE.  The Listen EVERYWHERE servers, LW-100P and LW-200P, are covered by US Patents 8,495,236, 9,055,134, 9,590,837 and 9,794,314. Additional patents pending.

LWR-1020 Receivers

The LWR-1020 receiver allows guests to choose how they want to receive the audio. They can stream the audio to their smartphone, or check out an LWR-1020 Listen EVERYWHERE receiver. 

ADA Compliant

LWR-1020 receivers allow the system to be a complete assistive listening solution when combined with the appropriate number of neck loops and ADA compliant signage. 

Easy to Use

When guests choose to receive the audio on a venue-provided receiver, they can simply plug in earbuds or headphones and hear the audio by selecting the desired channel in the Listen EVERYWHERE app.

Neck Loops

Neck loops allow hearing aid users to connect to the audio using the telecoil in their hearing aids. The ADA requires a certain number of neck loops be made available to meet compliance requirements. Try our accessibility calculator to see how many neck loops are required for the size of your venue.

The App

The Listen EVERYWHERE app allows you to fully customize and brand your guests’ experience. 

Brand and Customize

The free app is managed through Listen EVERYWHERE cloud services and can be customized to your branding. You control the colors, text banners, sliding promotional banners, custom channel names, and  welcome ad or video.

Private Channels

The private channels feature allows you to password protect one or all channels to control who has access to the streaming audio. Easily change the status and password in the admin section of the app.

Easy to Use

The app is intuitive and easy to use whether a guest is using their own device or the LWR-1020.


Accessories complement every application by adding functionality and features to customize your system based on the needs of your environment. 

See all Accessories

Venue Awareness Kit

The Listen EVERYWHERE venue awareness kit is great for communicating the availability of the Wi-Fi assistive listening system. The kit includes leave behind cards, window clings, display posters, and table tents.

Audio Receiver Protective Case

The LA-511 protective case for the LWR-1020-A1 audio receiver is strong and durable for reliable protection.

It’s Easy to Get Started

Talk with Us

Let us know how you are planning to use Listen EVERYWHERE LWR-1020 receivers.

Get a Quote

We can recommend the number of LWR-1020 receivers needed (plus neck loops and signage) to meet ADA compliance.

Communicate your accessibility with confidence knowing everyone has the opportunity to hear clearly.

How can we help?

We would love to answer your questions, provide a detailed quote, or send you more information.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does the Wi-Fi Receiver allow me to meet ADA compliance with a Listen EVERYWHERE system?

Yes! Listen EVERYWHERE meets ADA compliance when a system is paired with the proper number of Wi-Fi receivers, neck loops, and assistive listening signage. Check out our accessibility calculator to ensure you have the proper quantity of each based on your seating capacity.

Should I provide dedicated Wi-Fi Audio Receivers while still allowing guests to use their own smart phone?

Absolutely! Customers often prefer to use their own device and download the Listen EVERYWHERE app. For those guests that do not want to use their own device, the LWR-1020 receivers are easy to use. 

What’s the difference between the LWR-1020 receiver and a standard smartphone?

This receiver is a Samsung A12 smart device that has been provisioned using Samsung Knox to customize and lock down the device creating a dedicated receiver for local audio streaming. When you turn on the device, the only available application is the Listen EVERYWHERE app. 

Will guests be able to access other apps and services while using the LWR-1020?

No. This device has been configured for use strictly as a dedicated device for local audio streaming via the Listen EVERYWHERE app. It has been locked down into a Kiosk Mode, prohibiting access to all other devices services and applications. Guests will not be able to access or install applications, play games, take pictures, browse the internet, etc.

Can the content on the LWR-1020 be customized?

Yes, the content can be customized using the Listen EVERYWHERE app. The app theme colors, welcome ad video, sliding banners, channel images and logos can all be customized using our free Cloud Services tool, same as the Listen EVERYWHERE mobile apps from the App Stores. However, this device does not support offers, PDF documents, or external URL’s.

How do I manage charging the receivers in bulk at my venue?

Each receiver does come with a single charging adaptor and cable. However, for venues that need to charge multiple receivers at the same time, Listen recommends purchasing a multi-port charging station or tower such as those offered by Tripp-Lite and many other online vendors. We recommend selecting a charging station that supports USB Type-C charging and provides more than enough device slots for the number of receivers at your venue.

What is the warranty on the LWR-1020?

The warranty on the LWR-1020 is two years.

Additional Resources

The Listen EVERYWHERE server settings were preconfigured, and the system let us customize and manage our channel names, so it was easy to install and set up. We have seen excellent performance, with minimal channel-switching delays, less than 2 seconds.

James Gulke High-Tech Electric

Today, when you walk through the Sports Book at Caesars Palace, you see everyone has a smartphone, most people are multi-tasking on the phone, and almost everyone is wearing earbuds. We see this as the future of sports books, Listen EVERYWHERE makes this a truly tailor-made experience.

Vince King King Audio Video Integration and Consulting, Owner

As soon as we saw the demonstration of Listen EVERYWHERE, everyone in the organization could see the huge benefits this product offers to fans. They are able to engage with coaches and players and immerse themselves in the game in a way no other sports franchise can match. Listen EVERYWHERE helps us stand out and offer fans an experience they can’t get anywhere else in professional or minor league sports. As soon as we saw the demonstration of Listen EVERYWHERE, everyone in the organization could see the huge benefits this product offers to fans. They are able to engage with coaches and players and immerse themselves in the game in a way no other sports franchise can match. Listen EVERYWHERE helps us stand out and offer fans an experience they can’t get anywhere else in professional or minor league sports.

Jared Youngman Utah Grizzlies, Vice President

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Wireless Adapter 5.0 Audio Receiver Wireless Transmitter For Car USB WiFi 90 010 Adapter Wireless Network External Receiver WiFi


mini 2.4 / 5G 300mbps USB adapter Wifi adapter wireless LAN laptop Wifi 900 10 audio smart TV receiver three-star WIS12ABGNX WIS09ABGN


Wireless Wi-Fi audio adapter



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Audiocast M5 to DLNA Airplay adapter wireless Wifi Receiver Streamer Music Audio Music Speaker for Spotify R7J7



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Audiocast M5 for DLNA Airplay Adapter Wireless Wifi Music Receiver Streamer Music Audio Android Speaker Connection for I A5A7



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Wireless WIFI Audio Receiver For Airplay Spotify DLNA NAS Multiroom Sound Stream Bluetooth 5. 0 Music Box Optical Adapter



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M5 AudioCast wireless multi-room audio adapter receiver speaker WiFi music box for iOS /Android audio SoundMate Airmusic


5 in 1 Bluetooth – adapter wireless audio – receiver and transmitter Dual Function Bluetooth 5.2 USB Dongle for Car Headset Speaker





KN319 2 in 1 Bluetooth Receiver- adapter for audio 3.5 mm AUX


Cable USB Type C AUX 3.5 jack, 24 bit / 48 kHz. Adapter Audio Stereo, Belsis, compatible with Home Theatre, Soundbox, AV Receiver, Mixer, Car Audio, etc. 3

Wireless Wifi audio adapter


Audio converter with DAC, adapter from Type-C to Aux Jack 3.5 mm, digital audio transducer Borofone BV16, metallic gray 5mm 3. microphone: support, 4. wired control: support 5. It supports most Huawei models, and also some Samsung mobile phone models. ipad pro with interface type-c./ipad air digital single-turn adapter : with decoding chip DAC (DAC)


Audio Adapters

19 990

Set active + passive wall-mounted HiFi stereo speakers Lumiaudio HYF -5A+ WiFi audio adapter



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Essager Bluetooth 5.0 Transmitter Receiver 3.5mm Jack Aux Audio Wireless Adapter For PC TV Headphone Car Bluetooth 5 0 Receiver



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WR320 Wireless Audio Receiver, Wi-Fi for Airplay Spotify DLNA NAS, Multi-Room, Optical, Bluetooth 5.0, Music Audio Adapter


Greenconnect GCR-53192, Adapter Video to Audio HDMI Signal Capture + Audio, HDMI 2.0 to HDMI 2.0+USB 3.0, 2 xAudio, 4K / 60Hz


– 50%

1 770


Bluetooth Receiver Cabletime 5. 1 Aux Audio 3.5mm Wireless Adapter for Car Amplifier Speaker Headphone C41 6





2022 New 3.5mm Jack AUX WiFi Bluetooth 5.0 2 in 1 Model Audio Smart Receiver audio network adapter car transmitter


3 082


Wireless WIFI Audio Receiver For DLNA NAS Multiroom Sound Stream Optical Bluetooth 5.0 Music Audio Adapter WR320 EU Plug



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Wi-Fi network M5 Audiocast wireless music adapter with mobile device support streaming audio to speakers





Adapter bluetooth blue tooth 5.0 transmitter receiver 3.5mm aux jack hi-fi music wireless audio speakerphone



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Wi-Fi network M5 Audiocast wireless music adapter with mobile device support streaming audio to speakers


Wireless wired display receiver 1080P HD WiFi TV dongle audio adapter universal smart tv playback simultaneously for DLNA Miracast screen



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adapter bluetooth blue tooth 5. 0 receiver aux 3.5mm jack wireless audio hi fi music car speakerphone



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adapter bluetooth nfc blue tooth compatible receiver 5.0 aux rca hi-fi connector stereo audio wireless auto



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Music Audio Speaker Audiocast M5 for DLNA Airplay Adapter Wireless Wifi Receiver



Wireless Audio Adapter Car Stereo Receiver Wireless Transmitter for Car USB WiFi Adapter Wireless network external





Bluetooth AUX audio adapter , receiver + transmitter U_Project QS20 Wireless: Bluetooth,


Wireless Wi-Fi audio receiver WR320, multi-room music adapter for wired Hi-Fi speakers, Airplay Spot ify DLNA NAS





Mini Wireless Wifi Adapter 300Mbps 18dBm Antenna Receiver USB Wifi 802. 11b/n/g Network Transmitter for PC Laptop Audio Aux


2 of 20

Bluetooth Audio Transmitter ATPX-HD-NFC NEW

→ Toslink / SPDIF / RCA / AUX / 5.1 /Bluetooth audio converters
→ Bluetooth audio receiver-transmitter ATPX-HD-NFC NEW


High quality wireless Bluetooth v5.0 audio receiver and transmitter.

Wireless Bluetooth audio receiver – transmitter operates in two modes: Receiver (receiver) – receiving sound via bluetooth and transmitting it via Jack 3.5mm (AUX), RCA or Toslink optical audio wires to any device that has this audio input, for example: ( amplifiers / audio receivers, car stereos). Transmitter (transmitter) – transmission of an audio signal from a TV, Media player, audio player, to any device with bluetooth, for example: (bluetooth headphones or speakers) at a distance of up to 80 meters.

No delay audio:

Easy pairing and automatic connection:

The instrument will automatically connect to the last connected device when it is turned on.

Dual Link support
It is possible to connect two Bluetooth devices at the same time (such as 2 pairs of Bluetooth headphones), so you can share
wireless audio with a friend without disturbing others.

Built-in rechargeable battery for up to 75 hours via AUX and up to 20 hours via optical. Charging time 2 hours.

With 3.5mm audio jack and digital optical toslink (input and output) provides compatibility for a wide range of devices.

  • Compatible with all Android and iOS phones and tablets, as well as with all Bluetooth audio devices

  • Supports ATPX-HD – CD quality sound without delay and distortion. Latency between device and speakers is a common problem in many wireless solutions. The aptX low latency technology in this unit reduces this latency to less than 40ms, eliminating timing issues, giving you the best audio/visual experience.

4 200 rub


  • Type
    Bluetooth audio receiver MI 6/MI 8
  • Input signal
  • Output signal
    Bluetooth, Stereo, 5.