Xbox one s trade value: Sell Xbox One S Trade-in Value (Compare Prices)

How Much an Xbox One Worth? Compare Trade-in Prices (2023)

  • Are you ready to sell your Xbox One? You may be curious how much you should ask for it or wonder about the prices of a used Microsoft Xbox One. The answer to your pricing question depends on various factors.
  • A used Xbox One will sell anywhere between $23.55 and $125.00 The price you charge for your system largely depends on the model type and generation, storage capacity, and device condition. The amount you get for your used Xbox One may also depend on where you decide to sell it.
  • We got the answer to the question, ‘how much can I sell my Xbox one for?’ Similar to selling a phone or tablet, stores and trading marketplaces buy used Xbox consoles. These include online buyback stores, GameStop, and eBay.
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  • Leading places that buy used Xbox
  • Online buyback stores: the current pricing for Xbox trade-ins
  • GameStop: Trading in Pros & Cons
  • eBay: Trading in Pros & Cons
  • In conclusion: Why online buyback stores provide the best deals

How Much Is a Used Xbox One Worth?

  • The average Xbox One with one controller is worth between $20. 36 and $71.00, if you have a Kinect you’ll get paid between $35.00 to $60.00
  • Other Xbox One models, like the Xbox One S, have a current resale price of $33.21 and $101.00
  • The most recent Xbox One X will get you the highest trade-in price, with quotes ranging between $66.36 and $125.00

How Much Is a Xbox One X Worth?

How Much Is a Xbox One S Worth?

How Much Is a Xbox One With Kinect Worth?

Xbox One With Kinect Resale Market Prices
Merchant Mint
BuyBackWorld $60.00 Compare
* Best market prices updated July 6th 2023

How Much Is a Xbox One Worth?

Xbox One Resale Market Prices
Merchant Mint
ItsWorthMore $71. 00 Compare
Gadget Traders $31.40 Compare
BuyBackWorld $30.00 Compare
* Best market prices updated July 6th 2023

Despite there being tons of Microsoft Xbox One consoles, there are still platforms where you can sell used consoles. This article will help you can’t narrow down the right marketplace to sell yours. Since there are many Xbox Ones, you might wonder how to get the most cash for your sale or trade.

A good rule of thumb in gaming is that a used Microsoft Xbox One will likely sell for approximately 60% of its original retail price.

Now, try not to forget that an Xbox One sells fast, which is great if you want high pay. With this in mind, it’s wise to try and sell quickly while the value is still high, as there is still a demand for the older models of Microsoft Xbox One.

Top 3 Places to Sell a Microsoft Xbox One Consoles

Let’s take a minute to explore all the possibilities where you can sell or trade your devices, such as from places like GameStop and buyback sites.

BEST PLACE to Sell an Xbox One: Compare Buyback Offers Online

It’s essential to compare the best prices for your gaming system from local and national buyback stores. These stores have high Trustpilot ratings and positive reviews, so you know you’re choosing a reputable site that guarantees payment for your sale.

Furthermore, an online comparison site like BankMyCell offers comparisons to see how much you may expect for your Microsoft Xbox. In addition to comparisons, you may also get a quote for an upfront trade-in value for your used Xbox One.

All you have to do is:

  1. Find the buyback store with the best deal.
  2. Ship your hardware, Xbox One games, and other devices you’ve agreed to sell.
  3. The company pays you by wiring money into your account. Your payment options are direct deposit, PayPal, or check.

These stores are great for the environment because they recycle your device. It’s great to get extra cash for your old devices should you want to upgrade along with the launch of new Xbox devices. The entire process is also accessible through your phone or computer for ease of access.

How Much Are Xbox Consoles Worth?

Are you curious about the value of a used Xbox One? The value of an Xbox One is dependent on many factors.


The first factor is the model. For example, the consoles are the Xbox 360, Xbox One, Xbox One S, and Xbox One X.

  • A launch for a new model brings new features, better pictures and streaming, more functionalities like the ability to connect to the internet, and enhanced hardware.
  • You may expect the more recent model to bring in a higher price because of the allure of these combined features and details to game enthusiasts.

Storage Capacity

The second factor that affects the value of your Xbox One is its storage capacity.

  • Higher storage capacities result in a higher resale. For example, a 1 TB model is worth more than a 500 GB model because it has more space for gaming potential.


The final component to keep in mind is the condition of your Xbox One.

  • Good or mint condition: If your console is in excellent condition with minor wear and tear, has no scratches or marks, works for music, has an easy controller and phone connection, and has free games, then you’re in for a better cash deal or trade value.
  • Faulty condition: However, if your Xbox One is not working correctly, is very marked up, or is in poor condition, then the Xbox One is, unfortunately, worth close to nothing.

Take a moment to check out this table to compare values for the used and new Microsoft Xbox console for accurate trade-in values.

Trading in with eBay

Are you looking to sell Xbox Ones another way? eBay might get you more cash than GameStop for a used Xbox One console.

You set the price so there is more potential revenue. However, trading requires multiple steps on this site:

  1. Create a seller account to shop and sell with buyers.
  2. Set up an active account on the PayPal platform and phone number to shop.
  3. Post a listing for the console and possible games you want to sell.
  4. Prepare the package and ship the Xbox One to the buyers for the agreed-upon prices.

A perk is that the entire selling procedure occurs on your phone or computer. Selling your console and other game stuff on eBay translates to a lot of extra work for a minimal increase in the overall sale price, so it might not be an ideal option for everyone.

Keep in mind:

  • If you’re already an avid seller with an account, then it may be wise for you to sell on this platform.
  • Starting an account just to sell your Xbox One or Xbox One S may not be worth your time.

Xbox One Trade-in Values on Gamestop

GameStop is always a good alternative for those looking to sell Xbox Ones or trade used game consoles, controllers, or video games.

However, suppose your goal is to walk out with the maximum amount of cash in your pockets for your Xbox One console. In that case, it’s not the best place to sell any Xbox One models, including the Xbox One S or the Series X.

The same principle applies to storefronts like Best Buy, where trade-in prices aren’t as high.

Keep in mind:

  • GameStop isn’t ideal if you want the most cash, but it’s perfect for an in-store trade.
  • If you desire store credits to purchase other items from the store, it’s a reasonable option to opt for their Xbox One trade-in program since they offer total buyback value in exchange for in-store credit.

In Conclusion: Online Buyback Stores Offer the Best Deals

It’s important to note that Xbox Ones sell quickly. An Xbox One trade-in ranges in price based on these factors:

  • New games and accessories are included with the listing you created
  • The console’s model/generation
  • Device condition
  • Where you sell your device

To recap:

  • The best places to sell for competitive prices are online buyback stores. Their comparison guides and websites are optimal for sales.
  • Prices are best when selling on eBay, where you can negotiate prices with sellers. However, be careful to watch out for shipping fees and other seller fees.
  • Try to avoid GameStop when looking for a cash turnaround on a console sale, but it is a valid option if your goal is to trade in for in-store credit.

Compare prices on BankMyCell.

It’s time to delete your search query, “how much can I sell my Xbox One for?” Use BankMyCell to give instant prices for your game system. Hence, you know what to expect from competitive buyers and avoid choosing the wrong quotes.

You can lock up a price for up to 30 days, giving you a guaranteed sale price. Also, you won’t pay anything for delivery with free shipping services. This way, you know you sold for the best price without lifting a finger.

Questions like “how much can I sell my Xbox One for” are a thing of the past. Instead, choose BankMyCell, where you get comparison guides for online buyback stores and a profitable sale for your used Xbox One console!

Trade in your Xbox consoles for Cash

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Pro tips for trading in your old electronics

How much money can I get for my Xbox One?

When you sell your old Xbox One through Back Market’s BuyBack service, you get the best trade-in price, regardless of when you decide to sell. That’s because we calculate the console’s resale value based on its appearance and functionality, not on market demand.

It’s easy to sell your used Xbox One to our expert refurbishers for the best and fairest price through BuyBack.

Where is the best place to sell my Xbox One?

Are you looking to get cash for your Xbox One, but aren’t sure how to go about it? The best way is through Back Market, where you can sell your used game console for the fairest price through our user-friendly BuyBack service.

That’s not all. You can actually sell many other game consoles via BuyBack in the same, simple way. That includes consoles like the Xbox 360, Xbox One, Xbox One S, Xbox One X, Xbox Series S, and Xbox Series X, as well as the PS4 and Nintendo Switch.

Selling your old Xbox One for the best price is as easy as 1, 2, 3!

At Back Market, we make it really easy to sell your old game console. All you need to do is complete an online assessment and give us a few details about your device and its general condition, whether you’re looking to sell the Xbox 360 Pro or Xbox One S.

You’ll then receive a price offer and, if you’re happy with it, just send your old Microsoft Xbox console to us for free. After we verify the condition of your console, we list your item so buyers can find it and buy the used device that matches their needs and budget. When the sale is complete, you receive the money directly to your bank account — that easy!

Sell your Xbox for a fair and competitive price with BuyBack

Price offers come from our network of professional refurbishers. Any price offer you get for your Xbox console is based on the condition of your item and market demand. And unlike other trade-in programs, if you decide to accept an offer you’ll get cash dropped into your bank account.

Sell your used Xbox: It’s a win-win!

It’s been a while since the first Xbox launched in 2001, and technology advances rapidly. Some of the older console models feel pretty archaic when compared to newer ones like the Xbox Series X. Yet there are gamers out there who would love to use your old Xbox. Rather than letting your console gather dust in a corner, or end up in the trash, you can make some cash! That truly is a win-win for everyone involved.

Hello! We’re Back Market, the leading marketplace for refurbished devices. Our mission? To fight e-waste by giving expertly restored devices a second life.

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Pop Culture

We purchase the game through a change of region, a wallet on a foreign account or using keys

Egor Argunov

waited 12 years for Hogwarts Legacy in Azkaban

Author profile

On February 10, Hogwarts Legacy will be released on PC and consoles.

The game is not officially sold in Russia, but it can be bought in a workaround. Here’s how to get it on PC, Xbox, PlayStation, and Switch.

What editions does Hogwarts Legacy have?

Standard edition. Includes the game and a pre-order bonus of an Onyx Hippogryph as a pet. You can fly around Hogwarts on it. Buy the game before February 10 to get the Hippogriff.

PlayStation console owners will receive an exclusive quest that will only be available on PC and other consoles in February 2024. In the quest you need to investigate the mystery of a haunted store in the village of Hogsmeade. After completing the task, the player will be able to go to the store and buy items there.

Deluxe edition. Includes the Hogwarts Legacy itself and all the bonuses of the standard edition, such as the quest for the PlayStation version. In addition, it opens access to the game three days earlier – you will be able to play from February 7th. Owners of the Deluxe Edition will also receive the Dark Arts Pack. It includes a flying thestral, a dark arts costume, and an exclusive battle arena.

11 Hogwarts Legacy items that Harry Potter fans have been dreaming of for a long time

Thestral and Dark Arts costume. Source: Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment

How to buy Hogwarts Legacy on PC

Purchasing Steam version on marketplaces. Vendors on Plati.Market and other sites like Steambuy will ship Hogwarts Legacy to your Steam account as a gift. To do this, they log into your account and manually change its region. It will be problematic to make it Russian again. Do not buy the game in this way if you are afraid of running into scammers. If you don’t want to risk your main account, create a new one and play Hogwarts Legacy there.

On average, the standard version costs from 2700 R, and the deluxe edition starts from 3200 R. Here’s how to buy the game from sellers on marketplaces:

  1. Find a reliable seller on Plati.Market or another similar site. Pay attention to the seller’s rating, the number of completed transactions and customer reviews. The higher the rating and the number of sales, the better.
  2. Paste your Steam profile link at checkout and make sure it’s public. This can be checked in the settings. To do this, go to your profile → “Edit profile” → “Privacy” → “My profile” → “Public”.
  3. Check the checkboxes in the region confirmation menu on the right half of the page. Make sure you buy the game on a Russian account. Pay for the game in any convenient way.
  4. Accept a friend request from a seller bot on Steam.
  5. Activate the gift from the seller, install the game from the library. Enjoy!

What to expect from Hogwarts Legacy, an ambitious Harry Potter RPG

Are there other ways. If you have a foreign Steam account and a foreign bank card, you can buy the game there without any problems. Some players change the region of their account and replenish their wallet using payment services like Qiwi. It’s not safe: Steam may ban an account if it suspects it of violating the rules.

What should I do if my Steam account is stolen?

Hogwarts Legacy Release Trailer

How to buy Hogwarts Legacy on Xbox

Purchase through resellers in another region. The Russian Microsoft Store is still not accepting payment by any means. You can make a purchase from intermediary sellers. They acquire game keys in foreign regions, most often in Turkey, Argentina, India, Colombia. On average, the game costs about 4600 R. Here is how to purchase it from resellers:

  1. Find a reliable seller on Plati.Market or social networks. Pay attention to the rating, the number of sales and customer reviews. Pay for the game in any convenient way.
  2. Activate the VPN of the region in which the seller bought the key for the game. For example, Turkish. Go to the code activation page. Enter the 25-digit activation code in the field that appears.
  3. Once activated, turn on your Xbox and install a game from your library.

Purchase of the game on discs. Representatives of M-video announced that Hogwarts Legacy will appear on store shelves in late February or early March. This method is irrelevant for the Xbox Series S, as it does not have a disc drive.

In Hogwarts Legacy, players will be able to make potions with other students at the school. Source: Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment

Is there any other way. Some sellers offer to share their Xbox login information. This way they can buy the game directly without entering an activation key. But an unscrupulous seller can steal your account. Buy games only from reliable resellers. If you don’t know them, ask your friends or acquaintances for advice.

If you have a foreign bank card, buy the game from the overseas Microsoft Store. To do this, change the console region in the settings. The standard version of the game costs $69.99⁣ (R69.99).

How to buy a Game Pass in Russia in 2023

How to buy Hogwarts Legacy on PlayStation

Purchase through an account in another region. It is still not possible to buy games in the Russian PlayStation Store. Therefore, Hogwarts Legacy can only be purchased through a foreign account:

  1. Register a foreign PlayStation profile – preferably American, British or Polish. We wrote more about registering a foreign account in a separate article.
  2. Find recharge cards for your region on Plati.Market, Buk or other sites. Pay attention to the seller’s rating, the number of sales and customer reviews. Too low a price happens mainly to scammers.
  3. A $10 recharge code for an American account costs an average of 800 R on Plati.Market. Thus, Hogwarts Legacy Standard Edition for PlayStation 5 will cost approximately 5600 R.
  4. After payment, you will receive a wallet recharge code. Enter it on the PlayStation website or on the console itself in the PlayStation Store under Redeem Codes and Gift Cards.
  5. After crediting the money, go to the PlayStation Store of your foreign account. Enter Hogwarts Legacy in the search and buy the game through your account wallet. After installation, you will be able to play on the main account.

Buying a game on discs. The disk version will appear in Russian retail chains in late February or early March. This method is irrelevant for the PlayStation 5 Digital Edition, since it does not have a disc drive.

Where did the new games on discs go and where can I buy them now?

Are there other ways. Some sellers offer to buy an account with an already purchased game from them. Or provide them with your Turkish account details in order to buy a game for it for a fee. But this method is unreliable: you can run into scammers.

How to buy Hogwarts Legacy on Switch

Hogwarts Legacy will only be released on Switch on July 25, 5 months after the release on PC, PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series.

Buying a game in another region via eShop. Change the region on your Switch. We wrote about how to now buy games through a foreign eShop in a separate article.

Purchasing a cartridge game. Boxes with games for Switch are brought to Russia. They can be ordered on Aliexpress and other trading platforms. Nothing is known about the delivery dates to Russia yet.

Are there other ways. There are no other ways to buy the game on Switch in Russia.

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