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Fractal Wireless 52-64g G305-based Custom Mouse 3D Printing

This listing includes ONLY the files for the mouse, there is no physical product included with this listing.

Custom wireless mouse based on G305 PCB using elements from the S2, GPW, and XM1.

Dimensions: 116mm L x 36mm H x 61mm (Widest) / 55mm (Thinnest) W

Hole Variant
– LR44: 52g
– AAA: 61g
Solid Variant
– LR44: 55g
– AAA: 64g

The files included:
Main Components
– Top Shell [Solid/Hole Variants]
– Front Bracket
– Baseplate [Solid/Hole Variants]
Main Button Cluster
– M1 Riser
– M2 Riser
– M1 Paddle
– M2 Paddle
– M1/2 Bracket
Side Button Cluster
– Front Side Button
– Back Side Button
– Side Button Bracket
– Side Button Holder
Battery Cluster
– AAA Battery Holder
– AAA Battery Holder +
– AAA Battery Holder –
– Button Cell Battery Holder
Detailed Assembly & Print Guide

If you’d like to try out the shape prior: https://www.

The guide is included, so please follow it.
In case the guide is outdated or changed refer to the most recent document:

*This mod does not require soldering.
*Formally known as the ROYAL mouse*

*Mod Log (***Added on 8/15/21***):
Shape Changes
– Flattened base to remove the strange overhanging section in the back
– Reduced back flairs which didn’t match with the grip width
– Slightly increased grip width
– Placed M1/2 grooves slightly further apart
General Changes
– Added structural elements to improve build quality
– Improved tolerances for print consistency
– Optimized files for FDM printing
– Improved flow of instructions and clarity

*Mod Log (***Added on 10/12/20***):
– Tolerances adjusted on files
– New rechargeable battery option and AAA battery holder
– Added screw adjustment to main buttons
– Modified side button and DPI button holders for easier assembly
– Archived old files in “Old Files” folder
– Separated SLA printed and FDM printed files

*Mod Log (***Added on 5/1/20***):
– ROYAL Ultralight variant added
– New LR44/CR2032 battery holders
– Side buttons stick out more, are easily accessible
– Print cleanup holes added to the side holders
– Button adjustments
*Note: By purchasing the files, you can request the most updated version of the mouse at no additional cost, just provide your email and order receipt.

Some adjustments might be required given the nature of 3D printing.

By purchasing you agree to the following: No sharing of the files, no commercial use allowed including selling of the manufactured products based on those files and the files themselves, unless allowed by the original creator. No returns (if the content is downloaded).

ZS-Z1 3D Printed Wireless Claw Mouse 3D Print Files

This is a listing for the 3D Print Files for this mod.
This is a listing for the 3D Print Files for this mod.
This is a listing for the 3D Print Files for this mod.

-66g with 675 Battery to about 73g with AAA. Mass will vary based on battery and print material.
-Wireless using G305 Internals
-Rechargable AAA via magnetic microusb tip or 675 coin cell battery option (
-Designed for FDM printing
-No soldering required
-Magnets required. 5x2mm in listing 4.9×1.7mm by my measurements:




If you don’t have access to a 3D Printer then you can contact me about printing and sending out the pieces.

Feel free to contact me with any questions about it as well.

License agreement/ Legal:

By purchasing this product you agree to the following terms:

All purchased files/models are exclusively reserved for private and personal use. You are not allowed to share/distribute the files or physical items created with the use of these files in any way or use the files/models/physical copies, or any derivatives for commercial purposes. “Commercial Purposes” means using the model or any derivative of the model – be it in digital or physical form- for economic or financial gain. This means you cannot sell the digital model, a derivative or adaptation of that model, nor can you sell physical items made with the use of the model or make trade of it, unless the designer has given you formally his approval.

Summary – No Sharing. No Selling. No remixing to share/sell. No selling of the 3D-prints or any other physical form of the model, be it alone or as part of a product.


**Overarching FAQ Theme:**

A lot of questions can be answered by simply remembering that you’re using a G305 PCB. If you can do it on a G305 or G Hub, then that should apply here as well.

How long does the battery last?

You’ll probably get a bit of variance depending on which AAA you go for, but generally speaking you can expect somewhere around two weeks. This will depend on the amount you use the mouse of course. I suggest just charging it once per week when you go to sleep.

Will you add a version for X battery?

No. If I release a version with room for a different battery I’ll note it but I have no plans to. I prefer to avoid soldering completely whenever possible.

How are the clicks?

The clicks are generally speaking, good. I wouldn’t go in with the expectations that they blow every mouse you’ve used in the past out of the water, as most of the time you will be using the stock G305 switches, but they’re perfectly serviceable for me. I aim to allow for a little bit of adjustment with the clicks to completely minimize or eliminate pre-travel (or add it if that’s your thing I suppose).

How goes it feel?

3D printed mice can feed differently depending on the filament, printer settings, print orientation, and other factors I’m sure to forget here, but I’ll go with a sort of broad, blanket answer of: mostly smooth but with some texture. I prefer to avoid post-processing of prints and typically use them as they come off the bed. Of course you can sand the pieces down, paint them, or even add a different coating and change the texture, but I typically don’t.

What feet does it use?

Any that can fit it essentially. I typically use Tiger Arc 1s. The bottom is completely flat so you can use whatever feet you have. I don’t think it’s a big issue if you use the larger style feet and cover some holes as long as you have adhesive on your feet and maintain some contact on the solid parts.

CUMON. Lion and mouse. 3D paper crafts. From 7 years old
– Karusel


Mann, Ivanov and Ferber

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