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Annual Service Contract (ASC)

TASS offers Annual Maintenance Contracts covering a number of pre-determined visits in one year. During each visit, TASS’s Service Engineer inspects the machine, records operating parameters with special tools and reports on the health of the machine. After the study, the Service Engineer gives his recommendations in terms of maintenance as well as parts to be stocked for trouble-free operation.

Care & Maintenance

Field Support from TASS is offered through dedicated service teams in every branch across our territory. TASS’S service team comprises of well- trained Service Engineers and Service Mechanics and is headed by Service Manager responsible for ensuring services such as Pre-Delivery Inspection, Erection & Commissioning, Warranty Services, Maintenance Services, Troubleshooting and Re-commissioning of equipment.
Each branch is well equipped with Diagnostic and Special Tools and requisite Service Manuals and Parts Catalogs. TASS imparts refresher training courses on a regular basis to their Service Engineers and Mechanics so that their technical know-how remains updated and they are able to provide better value to customers.

Track Service

TASS’s Track Service provides you with an effective management of Under Carriage components. Under this support program, our SE visits the site and inspects the under carriage at regular intervals and measures the wear of track bushings, links, rollers, idlers and grousers. Based on the underfoot condition and application, customers have the opportunity of salvaging the components to get another life. Tass also provides services towards replacement of only track pins or bush rotation on tracks with the help of 100T Track pin pusher specially acquired for the purpose.

Service Camps

TASS offers a comprehensive inspection process to improve the reliability of Machines. Our team of Service Engineers equipped with all special tools conduct a comprehensive health check-up. The process includes a Systematic audit of Equipment, rectifying minor problems on the spot and prognosticating major failures/repairs well in advance, thereby scheduling preventive maintenance and controlling costly downtime. Customers get the benefit of knowing the condition of machine and their future cash outflow with respect to repairs and overhauls.


TASS’s support extends beyond field service. We maintain fully equipped Workshop facilities at Udaipur-Rajasthan to cater to major services such as:

  • Engine Overhauls
  • Hydraulic service
  • Refurbishment Services

TASS offers you the complete range of genuine engine overhaul parts and kits from TATA Hitachi at competitive prices. This results in reliability, productivity and peace of mind. Our workshop is manned by highly skilled specially trained personnel who are able to overhaul all types of engines as well as hydraulic aggregates. The engine workshop is operated by Tata Hitachi and is equipped with special purpose assembly stands and tools. A fully air conditioned set up ensures overhauling in a completely dust proof environment.
TASS’s Hydraulic Service is designed to cater to all types of repairs on hydraulic aggregates, complete overhaul of Hydraulic cylinders, & control valves. Overhauling of rock breakers is taken up on a regular basis.
We also undertake complete overhaul/repair of equipment. This includes complete disassembly of all components and rebuilding the equipment afresh with a fresh coat of paint. All such overhauls are covered by our standard Tata Hitachi warranty.


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TASS Technical Services is providing Care, Maintenance and Track Service:

  • Engine Overhauls
  • Hydraulic service
  • Refurbishment Services

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